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Lewis Family

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Dooly County , Georgia

Surveyed 2006 by:   Helen Hudson & Davine V. Campbell
Cemetery No. 28 in Watts & Nora Powell Bk.

Located on the West side of Hwy 90 just North of Vienna . Enclosed in a cement block fence. Clean.
Earliest Grave is 1890, probably established then.



LEWIS, Almer L. July 11, 1899 - Oct. 28, 1900 4-10
LEWIS, “Little Infant” Next to Mollie F. Lewis Jan. 13, 1903 4-8
LEWIS, E. Eugene Sept. 22, 1874 - Mch. 1, 1958 3-7
LEWIS, J. Charles May 27, 1861 - June 8, 1927 2-4
LEWIS, James M. June 28, 1891 - May 15, 1893 4-11
LEWIS, Jasper F. Dec. 18, 1831 - Oct. 29, 1915 1-2
LEWIS, Minnie L. Jan. 23, 1869 - June 14, 1940 1-3
LEWIS, Mollie F. May 18, 1885 - June 21, 1893 4-9
LEWIS, Pearl Hope Nov. 1, 1877 - June 30, 1890 1-1
LEWIS, Stonewall J. June 27, 1864 - June 6, 1949 2-6
LEWIS, William B. Mch. 1, 1872 - Oct. 7, 1944 2-5

Photos of existing tombstones and markers 



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