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McKenzie Cemetery Photos

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All Photos By Davine V. Campbell
All Copyrights 2006 Reserved By Photographer/Contributor

We located this cemetery from the wooded side, rather than the roadside. We then had to make our way
back to the road, cut a path to get to the gate which was on the roadside. 10-19-2006

This mailbox is a reference to finding the Malachi McKenzie Cemetery on Hwy 90, South of Byromville.
If you come to this mailbox, turn around, go back about 1000 ft in the wooded area that you see and very
near the telephone pole in the background of this picture. [see first photo below]

Davine V. Campbell

Back side of cemetery. No existing gate.

Another view of the cemetery as we first found it.

The front gate had a fallen tree that we had to climb under.

McKenzie Family Marker

Malachi McKenzie - Apr. 5, 1814 - Apr. 10, 1879

Mary McKenzie - June 10, 1816 - Sept. 8, 1892

The only marker in the cemetery with names, dates.

Another View

Malachi & Mary McKenzie's marker to show the shaft for the missing top piece, found on the ground.

Top piece of Marker

Malachi & Mary McKenzie burial site marker.

Footstone for Mary's Grave.

Footstone for Malachi

Far Back Corner

View of the Malachi & Mary McKenzie burial ground.

Hidden Marker

This view shows how difficult it was to find the marker, both footstones.

Front Corner,

next to the road view of Malachi & Mary McKenzie Cemetery

The last view of the cemetery

This cemetery is in much need of attention. It will take a big Boy Scout Troop to take care of this problem.

Webmasters note:  When I viewed these photos it made me appreciate even more the work that Davine and Helen have done and are doing. They are often faced with extreme conditions  while surveying and photographing cemeteries.  Not only the threat of redbugs, snakes, spiders, but they also face physical injury while climbing around through over grown weeds and fallen trees, or falling into a sunken area of ground.  We certainly owe these ladies a sincere thank you for this hard work. They spend their time and money to bring us these surveys and photos. Thank you both so much.

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