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All Photos In This Group Were Made By Davine V. Campbell during 2006.
All Copyrights 2006 Remain With The Photographer/Contributor Listed Above.

Beginning View of Row 1

Survey starting at the back fence.

Row 1-1

Tolula Gilbert

1874 - 1879

Row 1-2

E A. Gilbert

July 9, 1841

Aug. 14, 1899

Row 1-3

M. G. Gilbert

Feb. 23, 1872

Jan. 2, 1909

Row 1-4

Virginia M. Gilbert

July 8, 1844

June 29, 1910

Gilbert Lot - Row 1

Row 1-5

R. W. Gilbert


Another view

R. W. Gilbert Marker

Row 1-6

Lucy Della;, wife of R. W. Wilkes

July 10, 1857

May 30, 1913

Row 1-7

R. W. Wilkes

Oct. 15, 1862

Jan. 13, 1904

Row 1-8

George Wilkes

No Dates

Row 1-9

Louiza Wilkes

No Dates

Row 1-10

Emmer Wilkes

No Dates

Row 1-11

R. C. Wilkes

No Dates

Row 1-12

George L. Wilkes

1932 -2000

Metal-Funeral Home Type Marker

Row 1-13

Lonnie Lee Wilkes

1929 - 1976

Metal-Funeral Home Type Marker

Row 1-14

Baby Wilkes

No Dates

Row 1-15

Baby Wilkes

No Dates

Row 1-16

Infant of Mr.& Mrs. O. W. Wilkes

No Dates

Row 1-17

Infant Daughter

of Mr.& Mrs. O. W. Wilkes

No Dates

Lot - Row 1

Overall View of Wilkes

Beginning View of Row 2

The first crypt is made of brick with a smooth cement slab on top with the engraving. Please notice the date of year 1861 on the side, made of brick.

Row 2, Close Up of Crypt

A Close-up view of the 1861 formed with clay.

Side View Same Crypt

James G. Oliver, Sr.


Row 2-20

Row 2-20

Top of Crypt - James G. Oliver, Jr.

Row 2-20A

Louisa, wife of J. G. Oliver, Jr.

Born Aug, 14, 1827

Died Oct. 14, 1902.

View of the end of the crypt of James G. Oliver, Sr. This was such an interesting sight, I didn't want to miss any part of it.
The message is ready to The top of the James G. Oliver Crypt. I have been told by one of his descendents, that he died in South Georgia in 1859. Apparently was moved to the Oliver Cemetery in 1861. I could not read any dates on this marker.

Crypt of JAMES G. OLIVER, JR. [Born January 29, 1817 - Died August 7, 1856] "He died a Universalist"


All Photos In This Group Were Made By Davine V. Campbell and Helen Shirah Hudson in 2006.
All Copyrights 2006 Remain With The Photographers/Contributors Listed Above.

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