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Contributed by:    Kurk & Cathy Sturdivant
Last Will and Testament of Robert R. Bullard Dooly Co, GA

I Robert R. Bullard, being of advanced age but of sound and disposing mind and memory knowing that I must shortly depart this life deem it right and proper that I should make a disposition of the property with which a kind providence has blessed me.  I so therefore make this my last will and testament hereby revoking and annulling all others.
First: I desire and direct to be buried in a decent Christian like manner.
Secondly: I desire and direct just debts be paid without delay
Thirdly: I give my beloved wife Martha Ann one half of lot land number 82 in the 7th Dist of said co. the same being the east half, or in lieu of the lot, its value of it should I die possessed of a house and residence anywhere else and if not possessed at the time of my death to have five hundred dollars in money or other property otherwise especially disposed of as she may elect said land or money to be used and enjoyed during her natural life or widowhood only, and in the event of her marriage or death then to revert back to the children hereinafter married.
Fourthly:  I give my wife one year's provision suitable to the size and circumstance of my family, one horse, buggy cow and calf and sow and pigs to be selected herself from amongst my stock.  One bed with suitable bed clothes and a sufficiency of the household and kitchen furniture for my wife and family. The property devised in the articles thirdly and fourthly to my wife is the full extinguishment of her whole right of dower in my real estate.
Fifthly: I give my dau Caroline (Has already rec'd $300.00 paid by me to her) the sum of $150.00 in the full extinguishment of all right and claim or interest to my estate both real and personal.
Sixthly: I give my son James Bullard and dau Elizabeth T. Crumpler and Sarah E. Hughes, Emma M. Bullard and Laura N. Bullard all my estate both real and personal not already given to my wife Martha Ann and daughter Caroline share and share alike.  My son James and Elizabeth first accounting to my estate for $500.00 each which said amounts have already been advanced to them in land.
Seventhly: Property conveyed to my daughters in this will shall remain and be items separate property free from debts of this testament or any future__ and if they or anyone should die without issue the property of such deceased child to revert back to my estate and be divided share and share alike between my children there in life or the natural heir of their body.
Eighth:  Constitute and appoint my friends James J. Bullard and John Hughes Executor, Signed 8/18/1873
Witnesses: W. Graham, J o v. Hill, J. J. Stovall, CC Lilly.

State of GA, Dooly Co-Whereas Robert R. Bullard did on the 18th day of Aug 1873 sign read and declare and publish my last will and testament I am desirous of altering and changing the said will in this to wit that since the making of the will  I have given my dau Sarah E. Hughes 100 acres of land valued at $500.00 which sum I desire she should account to my executors before claiming any other part of my estate.  Also that my dau Emma M. and Laura N. Bullard should each be paid the sum of $140.00 out of my estate which they inherited from their grandfather Robert D. Martin's estate and in taking their distributive share said sum will not count against them as it was their money.  I hereby appoint James J Bullard and William H. Davis of Dooly Co, in lieu of John H. Hughes formerly appointed as my exec to carry of said will and codicil as above.  Signed Sep 10, 1873.  Witnessed by J. L. Godwin, J. E. Lilly and B.A. Wood, Sr.

Dooly Court of Ord. June Term 1874 now comes James Bullard exec of the last will and testament of Robert R. Bullard of said county, deceased.

 Submitted by:
              "Kurk & Cathy Sturdivant" <>



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