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Tenth Street Lassiter Stovall

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These Cemetery surveys, compilations and photos were made by Davine V. Campbell and Helen Hudson
All Copyrights Reserved 2006 by the above named Compilers/Surveyors/photographers

Surveyor's notes:

Tenth Street-Stovall-Lasseter Cemetery in Vienna, Ga. on 10th Street. Cemetery No. 2 in Watts Powell Bk. Vol. II
The Cemetery is listed by Watts Powell as 10th Street - Stovall Cemetery. There are no Stovall markers in the cemetery, only Lasseter Family members.

Helen S. Hudson and I, Davine V. Campbell will refer to this small cemetery as:

Overall View of the cemetery as we enter the gate.

View of Mrs. G. I. Lasseter's broken-built-up marker.

Another View of Mrs. G. I. Lasseter's broken marker

Her husband's CSA marker on the ground in the background.

Mrs. G. I. Lasseter - Born July 6, 1845 - Died - May 6, 1887.

Gideon Lasseter - 1st Lt. 18 GA INFANTRY CSA April 24, 1840 - Aug, 23, 1896

Built-up marker of Virgilome Lasseter, son of Mr. ad Mrs. G. I. Lasseter.

A close up view of Virgilome or possibly something else after Virgil.

It is certainly not a common name, if you have any further info on this name, Please contact us.

Name Broken Off, either son or daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. I. Lasseter Born Oct. 5, 1870 - Died July 22, 18[81] @ 11 years of age.

In Memory of JANE A. LASSETER June 17, 1813 - Nov. 16, 1896

Additional Information Below

Pile of Brick in 10th St.-Stovall-Lasseter Cem.

Is this a grave or rubble?

Rocks, partially covered in 10th St.-Stovall-Lasseter Cem.

Grave or Rubble, Discarded Bricks/Stones ?

[Note: According to a Bible Record in Vol. III of Watts and Nora Powell's "Historical & Genealogical Collections of Dooly Co., Ga."  Jane Beddingfield, daughter of Giddeon Beddingfield, was born June 17, 1813 - died June 16, 1898. She was the widow of Shemuel Lasseter, son of Isaac and Faithy [Parker] Lassiter.  Shemuel Lassiter was born in Edgefield, S.C. Dec. 23, 1814 and died in Dooly Co,., Ga. March 11, 1867. There is NOT an existing marker in this cemetery for Shemuel Lasseter even though he is probably buried there.


Gideon I. Lassiter and Sarah Smith were married 13 AUG 1865 in Dooly Co. Ga.

Information Submitted by Winnette Stinson, November 2006. 


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