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All Photos By Davine V. Campbell
All Copyrights 2006 Reserved By Photographer/Contributor

THARPE CEMETERY in Dooly Co., Ga. Located about 1 mile North of Unadilla on Hwy 41. turn west on Tri-Co. Road. Cemetery is on right.


Beginning View of Row 1

Infant HUDSON - No further info.

Unmarked Childs Slab - Notice the fairly current flowers. Evidently someone knows who this child is.

ROCKS ONLY to Indicate 2 Graves


James P. Tharpe Born June 25, 1890 Died Nov. 29, 1924

[Very difficult to read.]

Aaron Tharpe

Born July 17, 1860 Died Jan. 11, 1914

Mrs. S. C. Tharpe

Born May 7, 1853 Died Aug. 2, 1921

Mrs. Sarah M. Clemmons

Born Nov. 29, 1846 Died Aug. 13, 1923

A little better view of Mrs. Sarah M. Clemmons

Sarah L., wife of Elbert Kersey

Died July 23, 1916 Age 28 years.

Elbert Kersey

Died Sept. 13, 1914 Age 24 years.

Robert A. Kersey

Sgt. US Army - World War II

Born Apr. 4, 1914 Died Sep.25, 1978

Overall View of Tharpe-Clemmons-Kersey Lot


next to Alice Chambers, w/o C. R. Tharpe.


Alice Chambers, wife of C. R. Tharpe

Died Aug. 8, 1920 @ 24 yrs.

Two Unmarked Children's Slabs

possibly in Carr Family.

Notice the flowers on the first one.

Charlie Carr

Born March 1907 Died. July 1907

Little Sister Carr

1909 [only date]


Next to Carr Children

I am guessing it is their mother.

Adult Slab with the only readable words:

Mrs. Vernon C___________ ??????

STONE - Partial upright & broken part on ground-No Info

Mary Tharpe

Born 1855 - Died Nov. 22, 1921

Two Upright [Head & Foot] Indicating a Grave - No Info

Broken Upright + irregular stone on ground - Indicating a Grave - No Info

Two Slabs in Tharpe [?] Lot - Flowers on both - No Info.

W. R. Tharpe

May 3, 1886 - Mar. 10, 1919

This view of this Tharpe Lot indicates to me that the two unmarked slabs on the left of W. R. Tharpe are probably closely related to him. The one on

Two Rocks/Stones [Head & Foot] indicating a Grave - No Info

ROCK indication of a Grave - No Info

ROCK to Indicate a Grave - No Info

Sink with Plant - Indicates a possible Grave - No Info

Sarah Tharpe

Born april 5, 1824 - Died August 5, 1907

"In Loving Remembrance" of Sarah Tharpe, The Mother of A. Tharpe Born april 5, 1824 - Died August 5, 1907 @ 83 yrs. 4 mos.

Beginning View of Row 3 - Tharpe Cem. Dooly Co., Ga.



View of Gordon Markers to show the similiarity.

UNMARKED ADULT SLAB. Probably, R. A. Gordon, husband of Jane E. Gordon. It is next to her marker.

Jane E., wife of R. A. Gordon Born July 16, 1845 - Died Sept. 4, 1911.

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All Photos In This Group Were Made By Davine V. Campbell and Helen Shirah Hudson in 2006.
All Copyrights 2006 Remain With The Photographers/Contributors Listed Above.

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