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Walden Family Cemetery Photos

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All Photos In This Group Were Made By Davine V. Campbell and Helen Shirah Hudson in 2006.
All Copyrights 2006 Remain With The Photographers/Contributors Listed Above.

View of the Walden Cemetery from the Road.

Very fancy gate on the chain link fence protecting this very old cemetery.

Beginning View of row 1, Starting at the West side of the Walden Cemetery.

F. B. Wood - Born Oct. 13, 1887 - Died Jan. 11, 1893

A. J. Wood - Born - Jan. 6, 1850 - Died Feb. 15, 1896

Husband, of Sarah L. Walden Wood.

Sarah L. Wood - Born Masr. 21, 1850 - Died May 28, 1896.

daughter of Irvin Walden and wife, Martha Walden, 1850 Dooly Co., Ga. Census

Walter F. Wood - Born August 10, 1892 - Died Aug. 15, 1899.

Stone in the Wood Lot - Indicating a grave. No Info

Beginning View of Row 2 in WQLDEN FAMILY CEMETERY

Originally, a VERY NICE CRYPT.

It is broken into so many pieces, we don't find any pieces with writing on them although we feel sure that at one time, this was marked.

ALSO, we do not find a marked grave for Irvin Walden and his wife, Martha, so keep that in mind as you try to figure out these three burials.

Another view of the 1st nice crypt that we found in this WALDEN CEMETERY.

This marker, flat on the ground between the 1st and 2nd crypts, has a lot of writing but no name that we can see.

2nd of the Three Nice crypts found in Walden Family Cem. with no visible name or dates.

3rd of the Three nice crypts found in Walden Cemetery with no info.

Another view of the Three Broken Crypts in Walden Cemetery

Rock - to the right of the 3rd crypt, probably indicating a grave. No Info

Another cement piece, 2nd from the right of the 3rd crypt, indicating a grave - No Info.

Two rock/stone markings, one at head, one at foot, indicating a grave. No Info.

Upright Cement/Stone marking, indicating a grave - No Info.

Overall View of Row 3 in WALDEN FAMILY CEMETERY.

Super nice base for a child's marker with a nice footstone but there is no existing marker with names/dates.

Another Baby Crypt with a slab type name piece on top but we don't think it belongs to this slab. The broken edges don't match and are of another material.

The tiny slab, found of top of the Baby Crypt reads:

Mattie May, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Brown Born July 30th 1888 - Died Oct. 2nd [Broken]

Foundation for an adult crypt probably. there are broken pieces placed inside, we think, for safe keeping. No Info.

The Broken pieces placed in the Crypt foundation read:

Daug. 2 mos. 3 days. and nothing more readable.

View from the NE Corner of the WALDEN CEMETERY.

Please notice, the WALDEN NAME is very hard to find, therefore, we hope to discover, with your help,

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