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Wilkes Family Cemetery

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All Photos By Davine V. Campbell
All Copyrights 2006-2007 Reserved By Photographer/Contributor


View of the WILKES FAMILY CEMETERY on Popular Springs Road, East of Dooling, Ga.

It is located in the wooded area in this grain field opposite some communication towers.

Wilkes Family Cemetery as we entered the wooded area.

Beginning View of Row No. 1 - Wilkes Family Cem.

Taylor Wilkes - Dec. 26, 1846 - Dec. 6, 1885

Ellen Wilkes - June 17, 1846 - Dec. 14, 1910. Marker is broken, the lower section was turned over with the date down in the dirt.

Another view of the entire marker and base of Ellen Wilkes.

Miss Ola Wilkes - Dec. 4, 1878 - Aug. 23, 1956

Unmarked Adult Slab next to Miss Ola Wilkes.

Unmarked Adult Slab next to Miss Ola Wilkes.

Beginning View of Row 2 - Wilkes Family Cem.

Unmarked Adult Bricked Slab next to a tree.

Lyda P. Wilkes "Our Mother" - Apl. 13, 1845 - Dec. 31, 1901

Henry C. Wilkes "Our Father" - Nov. 3, 1844 - Apl. 15, 1899

Beginning View of Row 3 - Wilkes Family Cemetery

Josephine Patton - 1842 - Oct. 22, 1923

Josephine Patton - 1842 - Oct. 22, 1923

Another View of Josephine Patton's Marker.

John D. Wilkes - March 4, 1809 - Aug. 1, 1881.

Some of this info was taken from Watts Powell Bk. Pg. 371. There is a cedar tree growing in front of this marker, making it impossible to get a good picture.

John D. Wilkes' marker from the other side of the cedar tree.

From this View of John D. Wilkes marker, we see that he was a Mason.

Sarah Wilkes, wife of John D. Wilkes

Sarah Wilkes - Top portion of her broken marker.

The information portion of Sarah Wilkes' marker:

Born October 6th, 1816 - Died February 27th, 1857. Aged 40 years, 4 months & 21 days.

George W. R. Wilkes

b. 11 Feb 1857 d. 29 Aug 1857, 6 mos, 18 days

son of Maj. John D. Wilkes and Sarah Wilkes

Thomas Murray Wilkes, Son of Jno. D. & Sarah Wilkes

Died Feb. 1, 1861 - Aged 10 years & 15 days.

This notation is on the bottom of the Thomas Murry Wilkes' marker. I can't read it but it probably is the name of the person who placed this marker.

Another View of the Thomas Murry Wilkes Marker.

Another View of the Thomas Murry Wilkes marker showing the big "sink" in front of the marker.

Beginning View of Row 4. Please appreciate this view as it was very difficult to get to a good spot to take this picture.

James F. Patton - Mar. 1, 1831 - May 12, 1911

Another View of James F. Patton's marker show the fallen top portion and the base.

D. C. Patton - Jan. 26, 1838 - Jan. 4, 1900

[David C. Patton, son of Pernetta Patton]

Mary Wilkes, wife of S. B. Wilkes - January 9th, 1777 - July 24th, 1856 @ Age 79 yrs. 6 months & 15 days.

Another View of Mary Wilkes' marker.

Overall View of the Wilkes Family Cemetery from the back corner of the cemetery.

Trunk of a Cedar Tree used to mark this cemetery. Indicates how long this cemetery has been in use.

Another View from the back corner of the cemetery.

View of the cemetery site as we go back to the car.

View of the communication towers across which helped us to locate The Wilkes Family Cemetery.



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