From "History of Bethel Association Including
Centennial Meeting", by Alexander Lee Miller

Alex W. Bealer, who was a member of the Bethel Association and
one of its most distinguished ministers, died at Blakely, Georgia
in 1921, ending a most profitable pastorate at the Blakely Baptist
Church. The Association said of him at its session in 1921 held
with the Bluffton Baptist Church that:

"In the death of Alex W. Bealer, the State of Georgia,
loses a sterling citizen, a devoted minister, a gifted
writer, and a man whom multitudes loved.  While the last
days of his life were spent as pastor at Blakely the entire
State claims him as a worker and a friend.

Beginning his ministry in Atlanta, he served successfully
at Cartersville, Thomasville, Eastman, Valdosta, and
Murfreesboro, Tenn.  To one of his cordial nature and
liberal spirit, the extensive acquaintance thus gained meant
an unusually wide reaching influence, for none who knew him
but to feel the kindliness of his life and the potency of his faith.

He generously and affectionately labored for Georgia's highest
good and his work as District Organizer in the 75,000,000
campaign shows his remarkable worth and power, in the
development in that part of the work assigned to him.

Twenty nine years of his life was spent in endless and tireless
effort in coordinating the activities of his pastorate, to the
crowning of Christ as King.  The poem below is the last poem
that came from his pen and is an expression of what he expected
beyond the River:

I wonder if I'll find
Beneath celestial skies,
Where gleaming rivers wind,
The things that please my eyes
And fill my inmost Soul with peace.

I'd like to see the sun
Peep up behind the trees
Where gleaming raindrops run
And where the droning bees
Their minor music never cease.

I'd like to see the sod,
Fresh from an April rain,
And like the breath of God,
I'd like to meet again
The fragrance from the heavens rare.

I'd like to smell the bays
That grow on Southern land
Besides the gleaming ways
Where the honeysuckles stand
To feed the hungry senses there.

Beneath the queenly trees
On which magnolia live
I'd face the heavenly breeze
And there I'd gladly give
My soul to mediation sweet.

I'd like to see the day
Fade out behind the west --
The stars come out to play --
And then, of all the best,
The silver moon I'd like to meet.

And how I'd like to see,
Close to the riverside,
Ten thousand children free
All running far and wide
Across the blooming meadows there.

I'd like to hear them sing,
Led by an angel fair,
The glories of their King
To fill the listening air,
With strains of rythmic music rare.

I'd like to see the light
That shines upon the street,
When children with delight
Their fathers' coming greet
And place their welcome on his face.

Ah! me, I love to dream
That these and even more
Upon my soul shall gleam
When on that heavenly shore
I step at last to take my place.
Georgia Death Index, 1919-1927


Georgia Death Index:
Name: Alexander W. Bealer Death Date:
28 Jun 1921 Gender: County of Death:
Early Certificate: 14443-C

1920 Census Lowndes Co. Ga ed 128 sheet 9 page 174
202-215 Bealer, Alex W.	     m w head 59  SC SC SC Preacher
	 Fannie  	  f w wife 50 	Ga. Ga. Ga.
 	 Alex W. J.   	  m w son  27 	Ga. Ga. Ga.
 	 May???           f w wife 20 	Ga. Ga. Ga.


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Bealer, Alexander Winkler 1860-1921
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 "Who's Who in American History." Volume 3, 1951-1960.
Chicago: Marquis Who's Who, 1966. (WhAm 3)


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