Effingham - a county in the E. part of Georgia, has an area of 480 square miles. It is situated between the Savannah and Ogeechee rivers, which respectively form its boundaries on the E. and W.; the former separates it from South Carolina. The county is also drained by Ebenezer creek. The surface is level, and partly covered with forests of pine and cypress; the soil is sandy, and, with small exceptions, unproductive. Indian corn, rice, and sweet potatoes are the staples. Lumber is one of the chief articles of export. In 1850 this county produced 87,794 bushels of corn; 37,252 of sweet potatoes, and 257,901 pounds of rice. It contained 21 churches, and 208 pupils attending public schools. It is intersected by the Central railroad. Named in honor of Lord Effingham, a British officer who resigned his commission rather than take arms against the American colonies. Capital, Springfield. Population, 3864, of whom 2016 were free, and 1848, slaves. 1854 US Gazetteer, page 352.



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