Cemetery List
Clay County, Georgia


Bethel Cemetery

312915N 0850107W
Bluffton Cemetery 313132N 0845224W
Bryant-Neves Cemetery 313146N 0845551W
Campground Cemetery 313921N 0850127W
Enterprise Cemetery 313438N 0844959W
Fort Gaines Cemetery 313619N 0850311W
Judson Cemetery 313706N 0845634W
Lee Family Cemetery between Bluffton and Fort Gaines  
Midway Cemetery 314543N 0850428W
Mount Gilead Cemetery 314040N 0850030W
Mount Vernon Cemetery 313613N 0845823W
Mount Zion Cemetery 313233N 0845753W
New Bethel Cemetery 313011N 0850134W
New Lowell Cemetery 314347N 0850530W
New Park Cemetery 313608N 0850310W
Pecan Cemetery 313825N 0845918W
Rose Hill Cemetery 313639N 0850242W
Saint James Cemetery 314643N 0850613W
Shiloh Cemetery 314346N 0845758W
Singletary Cemetery 313930N 0845806W
Vincent Cemetery 313126N 0844912W
Wesley Cemetery 313537N 0845553W

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