For those of you researching for your ancestors in Clinch, you should subscribe to the mailing list for Clinch County and discuss your ancestors there.  Clinch County was established February 4th, 1850, from lands ceded from Ware and Lowndes Counties.  The original county seat was Polk, but later moved to Homerville.  Governor Towns who won the race against General Duncan Clinch named the county for his opponent in the Governor's race. George White's Historical Collections of Georgia "page 399" states the following:  This county is bounded N. by Irwin and Telfair, E. by Ware, S. by the State of Florida, W. by Lowndes.  Named after General Duncan L. Clinch.   The rivers are Allapha and Suwannee. Magnolia is the county site, distant from Milledgeville 210 miles.

Among the citizens residing in this county at the time of its organization were --Benjamin SEMMONS, J. C. KIRKLAND, Sameul REGISTER, John TOMLINSON, Sen., John ROBERTS, J. J. ROBINS, E. H. MORGAN, John NORTH, Wm. STARLING, Abraham REGISTER, H. SEARS. 

The newspaper for the county is the Clinch County News.   Cities and towns in Clinch are: • Homerville Municipal ComplexHomerville (County Seat) • Cogdell  • Council  • DuPont  • Edith • Fargo.
The address for the Courthouse is:  Clinch County Government - 100 Court Square •Homerville, Georgia • 31634-1469 • Phone: (912) 487-2667 • Fax: (912) 487-3658

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Clinch County Courthouse, Homerville

People of Clinch County

Raiford Chatman Davis (Ossie) Ossie Davis in The Green Pastures, photographed by Carl Van Vechten, 1951


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