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Welcome to our Digital Reading Library Digital Library Collection of Historical Georgia History Books

Here you will find many hours of enjoyment reading histories on various counties in Georgia, diaries about the civil war, and hundreds of articles from old newspapers.  "Oh, you came here for genealogy reasons." "That's o.k., check our list to see if the history of your county is online yet, if so, it is a wonderful source for finding family information and learning about the life that people led in those particular counties.  If you don't find your book online yet, don't despair, you can check our county sites for your family information, and don't forget those newspapers, you just might find where your great-grandfather went to visit Aunt Pearl over in Milledgeville or Atlanta, or where Uncle Donald was actually a member of the Mountain Rectifiers (well that might be a story you wouldn't want to tell, but again, you should - history is history, and history written is never forgotten, or at least that's what my online friend Wally says.  That is also our purpose for this library, to ensure that histories are not lost to our coming generations, just as we are finding how valuable these books are to us, so too will our coming generations.  So preserve the memories of your family in a written form and make sure you tell about the good times, and the bad, your children and their children and their children, etc. won't live to experience many of the things you do today, so make sure you tell them about your life growing up, what you remember your parents and grandparents & extended families telling you about their lives, it will be something that will be cherished for each of their lifetimes.  Ok, that's enough from me right?  Well, do go grab a cup of coffee, tea or cappuccino because the books below are going to take you awhile to read. 

I almost forgot, if you have a published family history book you would like included here,
we will gladly add it to the collection. 

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Last Added History

History of Jefferson County, Georgia by Z. V. Thomas - Oct. 2006

*Welcome to 2007*

Do you have any old books that are out of copyright that pertain to
Georgia history?  If so, would you consider sharing those with
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Recollections & Remembrances - Whole Lot of History Going on Here...

We have divided these into two categories -
History by Counties or State History
Diaries, Memories & Misc.

Georgia History Books

Bartow County, Georgia 12/2005
Barbour County, Alabama 12/2005
Dodge County, Georgia 12/2005
Walker County, Georgia 12/2005
History of Troup County, Georgia 12/2005
History of Upson County, Georgia 12/2005
History of Columbus, Georgia 12/2005
History of Worth County, Georgia 12/2005
History of Gordon County, Georgia 12/2005
History of Wilkinson County, Georgia 12/2005
Women on the Frontier 11/30/2005
History of Pickens County, Georgia 12/01/2005
History of Cherokee County, Georgia (being typed)
History of Georgia
History of Baldwin County Georgia

History of Clinch County

History of Coffee County

History of Dougherty County

History of Irwin County
History of Floyd County (Rome)
History of Atlanta
History of Jefferson County, Georgia   10/2006
History of Savannah & South Georgia (in process)
Historical Collections by White
Voyage to Georgia
Colonization of GA/SC   Vol II
Southern Recorder - Milledgeville News

Ten Years on A Georgia Plantation

History of Georgia Baptists
Georgia Governors
Diary of Julia Johnson Fisher
Memoirs of a Southerner
War Stories & School Incidents for Children
Georgia Academy For The Blind

Early Medicine in Atlanta & Other Early History
Georgia's 59th Volunteer Infantry Regiment
1909 Confederate Veterans Magazine
Georgians in Arkansas
Confederate Veterans Magazine
Wills and Estate Records
Ft. Pulaski
Early Georgia Tax Records for the Early Colonies (Camden, Warren, Richmond, Warren,...) 300 plus records.
Church History & Records of Members - Semi-Centennial of Second Baptist Church of Atlanta 168 pages of very informative and relevant materials for those researching families in Atlanta.

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