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Here you can read and enjoy books @ your convenience with no late fees, no rushing to get overdue books back to library, or not being able to check them out because History books are considered Reference Books. 

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History of Rome, GA - Floyd County

My apologies, one of these files was corrupt and I left off one section previously when I uploaded.  These are now fixed.  October 2006. 

First Section 

Second Section left out by mistake Pages 101-200

Second Section - now 3rd section

Third Section - now 4th section

Fourth Section - now 5th section

Fifth Section - now 6th section

Sixth Section   - now 7th section -- This file has been repaired and reuploaded (Oct. 2006)

This book totals over 600 pages in each 6 sections.  It is a very easy and interesting read, containing great genealogy information, along with many historical facts and some humor.  A well written history that is sure to provide you with hours of enjoyment. 

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