Long County, was originally the western part of St. John's Parish and then became a part of Liberty County, one of the original eight counties of Georgia in 1777. Sixteen years later, the eastern part of the county became a part of McIntosh County when it was formed in 1793. This portion remained a part of McIntosh until 1880, when all of the area was returned to Liberty County. The western boundary of Long County is the Altamaha River, and this major waterway was prominent to its early history. Long County was named for Dr. Crawford W. Long, a Georgian who discovered the use of ether as an anesthetic. Dr. Long is one of two Georgians in the National Hall of Fame in Washington, D.C. and was so honored as the great benefactor of mankind.  There is a Crawford W. Long museum in Jefferson, Georgia that contains many of the original items used by Dr. Long in his scientific and physician capacities.  You can visit them online to get an idea of what items you will see there.  Take a guess as to what the picture to the left of this text depicts before you go to their site.