Research in Pickens County

Trivia:  Did you know that some stated the name was actually a joke?  Some claim it was because this
county was the best of Gilmer and Cherokee County property - "the pickings" if you will.

Please remember the following elements that will give you a timeline of
where you should look for information if your family is from this area.  You will want to look at the established date
of the counties in the surrounding areas as well as the boundary changes and dates those took place (see below).

Pat Bryant's publication:  GA Counties - 'Their Changing Boundaries' which was later revised by Ingrid Shields (who was Atlanta's SOS, 1983), shows the following information:

                    "Their Changing Boundaries"

Took area from Cherokee County

05 Dec 1853 

Took area from Gilmer County

05 Dec 1853 

Gave up area to Dawson County

22 Dec 1857 

Took area from Gilmer County

13 Dec 1858 

Gave up area to Gordon County.

19 Dec 1860 

Took area from Gilmer County.

18 Apr 1863 

Took area from Cherokee County.

19 Mar 1869 

Gave up area to Cherokee County.


To learn more about the area and the times check here for some interesting readings. georgia_mountain_parkway.html


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