John Gus' Historical Places to Visit & Confederate Resting Place


John Guss writes the following:

We are a very proud community dating back to the early 1800's. We have a tremendous amount of history which we are now beginning to compile and take notice. We have begun by forming an historical society for Pierce County. Here visitors and citizens of the community alike will be able to have the opportunity to learn more about the community than what they have currently observed. There are already several restoration projects taking place such as the city jail built in 1894, the Civil War prison site where over 5000 Union soldiers who had been previously imprisoned at Andersonville, were held while General Sherman marched his forces to seize Savannah, the promotion of the 1875 courthouse, Shiloh church, the first church in Pierce County, the Brantley Brick Warehouse built in the early 1900's, the Blackshear Presbyterian Church dating back to 1872, homes dating to the Civil War, and much much more.

Anyone wanting to help or contact the Historical & Genealogical Society may do so at the following address:

Pierce County Historical and Genealogical Society - Contact: President - P.O. Box 443 - Blackshear, Georgia 31516 -- Visit the office and genealogical library located in the Blackshear Railroad Depot next door to the Chamber of Commerce.

John Guss "Historical Places to Visit"


Confederate Soldiers Resting in Pierce County by Gus

Bethlehem Baptist Church in Patterson

        O. T. Blitch - 7th Georgia Cavalry - Company G - C.S.A.


Ramah Primitive Baptist Church

James Hyers - C.S.A.

James Christopher Columbus Davis, Born Feb 1, 1838.  He served with Company K, 54th Georgia Infantry, Army of Tennessee. He died Aug. 6, 1923, near Mershon, Georgia. Contributed by:  Reavis E, Dixon - Waycross, Ga. June 21, 2004


Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church


Ben James Primitive Baptist Cemetery


Blackshear City Cemetery:


Enon Primitive Baptist Church:


Youmans-Davis Cemetery


Foster Cemetery-outside of Offerman