Blackshear-History Behind the Name

submitted by: Pierce County Historical and Genealogical Society

The city of Blackshear is named after General David Blackshear who is a well noted individual in Georgia and American history. During the War of 1812 he was instrumental in designing and constructing a road through the area of where the city stands today. However, there is much more to this prominent figure. David Blackshear originated from the east coast of North Carolina in Jones County. His roots span back to Germany. He served in the American Revolution at the age of twelve years old, fighting in one of the first battles of the war, the Battle of Moores' Creek Bridge, NC.

After the war he became a surveyor and went into Georgia where he had been granted land for service in helping America win the war. He established a home in the settlement of Springfield in Washington County, now Laurens County. When the United States was at war with England during the War of 1812, David Blackshear answered the call once again. He was promoted to major and then general. After the war he returned home and became a planter. He was quite successful in growing grape vineyards and orchards. He was later called upon to enter politics and served in the Senate at Milledgeville, the former capital of Georgia, from 1816 until 1825 when he voluntarily gave up his office. He is known for adopting three principles to his success:

1) Never spend any money before you get it.

2) Never pay other people's debts.

3) Never pay interest.

On the very day America had claimed its independence David Blackshear passed away at 74 years of age on July 4, 1837. He is buried in a cemetery where the settlement of Springfield once stood on the northern outskirts of Dublin, Georgia. (1910 Buckeye Road).

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