Tattnall County was established in 1801.  Its geographical core
and its county seat are "Reidsville", located approximately 70
miles west of Savannah, Georgia.  Tattnall's cities are:  Collins,
Cobbtown, Manassas and Glennville.  Glennville is best known
for its Sweet Vidalia Onions and touts itself as the largest grower.

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The Glennville Public Library  408 East Barnard Street    Glennville, GA 30427 
(912) 654-3812 -- To email the library, click HERE

The Tattnall County Library 129 Tattnall Street Reidsville, GA 30453
(912) 557-6247 To email the library, click

Tattnall County was created in 1801 from parts of Montgomery and Washington Counties. Georgia's 26th county was named for Josiah
Tattnall, the governor who signed the legislation creating it.

In case any of you are not familiar with Vidalia Onions, they are so sweet they do not need anything to go with them, just wash them,
chop them in quarters, boil them until they are tender (ok, but a little butter in there), but not much, and it is a wonderful vegetable dish
fit to accommodate the best ham.  They also make wonderful pickles, relish and are good on sandwiches, hotdogs, burgers, just about
anything but desserts. 
Visit the Vidalia Onion Website for some wonderful southern recipes using Vidalia onions as main ingredient.
Plantation Sweets in Cobbtown is a large grower of the vidalia's.
The Vidalia Onion

Mural In Cobbtown depicting the locomotive coming through. Very unusual, you almost won't believe it's a mural. 
In addition to the unusual mural, this town and surrounding cities seem to have a very high rate of "ghost" sightings.  Yes, you read
it correctly, "GHOST SIGHTINGS".  Visit here to see who has been ghosting around.
As of the 2000 census, the city of Cobbtown had a total population of 311.  [Was that with or without the ghosts]?
All joking aside, there appears to be several unique things to see in Cobbtown, it looks like a picture-perfect place to be.


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