Revolutionary Soldiers Pension List from Hall County, Georgia


as of 1835, pursuant to a report to Congress mandated  by resolutions made in 1834-1835


Listed by name, rank, place of service, pension start date, and age



ALLRED, Elias SR., Pvt. Infantry and Cavalry, NC Militia, Nov. 13, 1833, age 76


BAKER, Beal, Pvt. SC Militia, April 10, 1834, age 78


BLACK, John, Pvt. SC Cont'l Line, June 20, 1822, age 75, died July 23, 1824


CARR, William, Lt. SC Militia, Oct. 5, 1833, age 90


COILE, James, Lt-Captain SC Militia, April 17, 1834, age 84


COLLINS, James SR., Pvt.-Sgt. SC Militia, May 23, 1834, age 73


CRAWFORD, Arthur, Pvt.-Sgt. SC Militia, July 30, 1833, age 71


FLEMING, William, Pvt. NC Militia, Jan. 20, 1834, age 73


FLEMING, Robert, Pvt., SC Militia, April 10, 1834, age 75


GILMORE, James, Pvt. NC Militia, Oct. 16, 1833, age 73


HAMES, John SR., Pvt. NC Militia, Jan. 9, 1834, age 83


HAMILTON, John SR., Pvt. SC Cont'l Line, April 6, 1820 Transferred from Pendleton District SC.


McCLUSKEY, James, Pvt. Infantry and Cavalry (no unit given), Oct 26, 1833, age 79


MOORE, John, Pvt. NC Cont'l Line, July 30, 1833, age 77


NICHOLSON, John, Pvt. NC Militia, July 30, 1833, age 72


PARKES, Benjamin SR., Pvt-Ensign NC Cont'l Line, May 14, 1834, age 88


PAYNE, Nehemiah, Pvt. NC Militia, April 10, 1834, age 100


RYLEE, James, Pvt. NC Militia, April 13, 1833, age 78


SHAW, Basil, Sgt. Maryland Militia, Dec. 7, 1833, age 73


SMITH, Enoch, Pvt. GA Militia, April 9, 1834, age 76


WEST, Benjamin SR., Pvt. NC Militia, Jan. 17, 1834, age 75


WELCHEL, John, Pvt. NC Militia, Oct. 5, 1833, age 78


WHITMORE, Howell, Pvt. NC Militia, Jan. 24, 1834, age 67


WILMOTH, William, Pvt. NC Cont'l Line, Jan. 17, 1833, age 75


YORK, William, PVT. NC Cont'l Line, Jan. 27, 1824, age 72, Died June 29, 1830




Revolutionary War Rejected Pensions


Listed by Name of Applicant and Reason for Denial



MARTIN, Ann, widow of Benjamin/For proof of service


CARR, Elizabeth, deceased, widow of William Carr, brought forth by heirs of/Husband died in 1835, Widow died in 1839--no claim


WEST, Nancy, Widow of Benjamin/ Barred by act of April 30, 1844.


HAMMOND, John/Did not serve six months


BROWN, Joseph/Needs further proof from the books of the Auditor(Comptroller) -General of South Carolina


KENDRICK, Abel/ For further explanation


LOGGINS, John SR./Narrative imperfect. Papers afford no basis but conjecture for computation of service.


MOONEY, John/For further statements and formal papers with which to declare this claim.


WILLIAMS, Nathan/For proof from records in Raleigh





Compiled by Jacqueline King

background by Donna Brand