Allen Simmons Family Bible
Submitted By Debbie Lynch

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This is believed to be the family Bible of Allen G. Simmons and Mary "Polly"
Cleveland Simmons. It is a King James Version, Published by Sumner and
Goodman in 1846.The Bible is not completely intact but has several entries
that are legible. The Bible was apparently passed down with each generation
adding to it's contents.

The Bible is currently in procession of  their Great Great Grandson, James
Green McManus, Jr. of Macon, Georgia.

Submitted by Deborah Ann McManus Lynch, of Warner Robins, Georgia, daughter
of James & Phoebe McManus.


A G. Simmons 7-19-1795
Mary Cleveland Simmons 9-1-1801
William Allen Long 7-31-1816
Mary Jane Simmons 11-5-1818
David Wright Simmons 10-28-1821
Premelia Jarrett Simmons 5-18-1823
William Cleveland Simmons 11-29-1824
Allen Jackson Simmons 10-13-1826
James Marion Simmons 5-29-1828
Georgia Ann Simmons 7-15-1830
Caroline Sophia Malissa Simmons 5-27-1832
Cornelia White Simmons 6-9-1834
John Washington Carter Simmons 7-29-1835
Thomas Jefferson Simmons 6-25-1837
Augustus Clayton Simmons 3-29-1839
Rhodia Edna Simmons 1-15-1842
Robert Augustus Long 8-31-1851
Mary Julia Simmons 3-4-1852 (Parents:
David W & Eugenia Long)
Samuel Long 12-3-1852 (Mother:
Malissa Simmons Long)
James Green McManus 7-31-1865
Clara Malissa Long 7-1-1878 (Parents:
Samuel & Ida Long)
Thomas Augustus Long 2-26-1881 (Parents:
Samuel & Ida Long)
Martha Augusta Long 7-7-1883 (Parents:
Samuel & Ida Long)
Annie Lou Long 10-17-1885
Allie Long Wynn 3-1-1887 (Parents: Samuel &
Ida Long)
Edna Long 1-7-1890 (Parents:
Samuel & Ida Long)
Mollie McCrary Long 2-8-1892
Sammie Taylor 9-7-1918
James G. McManus, Jr. 7-7-1927 (Parents:
James G. & Martha Augustus McManus)
Josephine Phoebe (Cripe) McManus 9-26-1930 (Spouse:
James G. McManus, Jr.)


A. G. Simmons & Mary Cleveland 1-20-1820
William Cleveland Simmons & Penelope Matthews 11-19-1846
D. W. Simmons & Eugenia Raines 5-9-1850
J. M. Simmons & Frances E. Hollis
J. H. Long  & Malissa C. Simmons
Thomas J. Simmons & Pennie Hollis
John B. Maynard & Georgia A. Simmons 12-21-1860
George M. Bazemore & Edna R. Simmons 12-17-1861
David W. Simmons & Mary Jane Dennis
J. J. Stoval & Mary Julia Simmons
James G. McManus & Martha Augustus Long 1-22-1911


Cornelia White Simmons 6-15-1834
Permelia Jarrett Simmons 9-9-1847
Allen G. Simmons 1-4-1859
Mary Simmons (spouse: Allen) 4-16-1859
Allen Jack Simmons 6-1-1875
Mary Jane Dennis Simmons 12-18-1879
Robert Augustus Long 10-12-1880
Augustus Clayton Simmons   (Drown in Dooley Co.) 3-18-1881
Mary J. Stovall 2-19-1882
J. M. Simmons 1884
Tom J. Long 1-17-1886
J. W. Simmons 3-18-1886
William Allen Long 10-16-1898
Malissa M. C. McGee 7-9-1899
A. G. Simmons 12-1912
Samuel A. Long 9-10-1916
Sammie Taylor 5-8-1922
Tom J. Long 11-10-1930
James Green McManus, Sr. 5-7-1935
Allie McManus Wynn 12-20-1935
Ida Hollis Long 10-18-1939
Clara Hollis 5-11-1953
Martha Augustus Long McManus 1-1959


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