Needham Massey

Needham Massey, according to a deed in Houston Co., Ga. was in Jones Co., Ga. on 6-13-1823, still there on 12-22-1825 but had moved to Houston Co., Ga.[before Macon Co. was formed] by September 11, 1827 when he purchased Land Lot No. 45 in the 8th Dist. of Houston Co., Ga. where the house that he built in 1827, where he raised his children, where his wife died, he remarried, he died and is buried on this lot.
Needham Massey's brother, Warren B. Massey witnessed a deed with Needham on 10-15-1827. They are both in the1830 Houston Co., Ga. census. Warren is probably buried in the Massee Family Cemetery on Lot 45/8th but there is no marker now. I have been told by a fellow who lived on the next farm over for many, many years, that when he was growing up, that was a big cemetery with lots of markers. Today there are only two.
Needham Massee/Massey
1 males 10-15 1 female under 5
1 male 15-20 3 females 5-10
1 male 40-50 Needham 1 female 10-15

1 female 15-20

1 female 20-30

1 female 40-50 Sarah Little Massee
1830 Houston Co., Ga. census
Warren B. Massy
1 male 15-20 No females
1 male30-40 Warren {appears to be a younger brother]
1838 Tax Digest shows Needham Massee, Sr. owning 2308 acres in 8th Dist. Orig. Houston, Now Macon Co.,Ga.
but Warren died about 1835 leaving one daughter and one son, Duncan G. McKeva Massey. There was a Needham Massee, Jr. paid Poll Tax but no property. The family story goes that when Warren died, that Dr. Drewry W. Massee,
son of Needham Massee, took Warren's two children back to North Carolina to their uncle, Drury Massee, Jr.
1840 Census Macon Co., Ga. 543rd Dist-Marshallville area
Needham Massee, Sr.
1 male 20-30 1 female 10-15
1 male 50-60 Needham 1 female 15-20

1 female 50-60 Sarah L. Massee
34 slaves - 39 Total 18 Agri.
Going back - I have the Marriage Records of Johnston Co., N.C. 1767-1867 and Drury Massey does not appear.
BUT - in 1790 Census of Newbern Dist. Johnston Co., N.G.
Drury Massey
1 Free White Male 16 & up
4 Free White Males Under 16
3 Free White Females

1 Slave
NO DRURY MASSEES in 1800 Census NC
1810 Census Index of N.C.
Drury Massey Lincoln Co. N.C.Pg. 415
Drury Massey Lincoln Co., N.C. Pg. 428
Drury Massy Cumberland Co., N.C. Pg. 596
1820 Census Index of Georgia
Needham Massee - Jones Co., Ga.
I will work on this more, later DVC

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