Codes used in the 1880 Mortality Schedule for Georgia

This document is a companion to the transcriptions of the 1880 Mortality
Schedule of Georgia. Each county schedule has been loaded into its
respective county directory.

This schedule was to record every death which occurred beginning
June 1, 1879 and ending May 31, 1880.

The data on each person is listed in the following order:
    County - Census Family No. - Name - Age - Sex- - Color -
    Married/Single/Divorced/Widowed - Birthplace -
    Father's Birthplace  Mother's Birthplace - Profession -
    Month of Death - Cause of Death - Length of time in County -
    Comments (Where illness started, etc.)

Where there was a question as to the spelling of a name I have
placed a '?' behind the name. Where the person providing the information
was not sure of the age or place of birth of the deceased or the
birthplace of parents a ')' has been entered.

Some enumerators listed the Family Number or identified Physician Returns
as 'PR' in the Family column.

Where the enumerators had indicated the individuals color as 'Mu' for
Mulatto someone has overwritten a B for Black on most of the
entries.  The following designations for race are used herein:
B = Black; I = Indian; M = Mulotto; and W = White.

1880 MORTALITY SCHEDULE      HT  Haiti                  RI  Rhode Island
FOR GEORGIA                  HV  Hanover Germany        Ru  Russia
                             IA  Iowa                   SA  Saxe-Coburg 
BIRTHPLACE CODES             IC  Iceland                SC  South Carolina
                             ID  Idaho                  SD  South Dakota
                             II  India                  SE  Sea
                             IL  Illinois               SH  Schleswig
                             IM  Isle of Man            SL  Scotland
CODE   LOCATION              IN  Indianna               SN  Sweden
                             IR  Ireland                SP  Spain
                             IT  Italy                  SW  Switzerland
AA   Australia               IY  Indian Territory       SX  Saxony Germany
AF   Africa                  JA  Jamaica                TN  Tennessee
AK   Alaska                  KS  Kansas                 TX  Texas
AL   Alabama                 KY  Kentucky               UN  Unknown
AN   Arapahoe Nation         LA  Lousianna              US  United States
AR   Arkansas                MA  Massachusetts          UT  Utah
AS   Alsace France           MD  Maryland               VA  Virginia
AU   Austria                 ME  Maine                  VI  Virgin Islands
AZ   Arizona                 HI  Michigan               VT  Vermont
BA   Bahamas                 MK  Mecklenburg            WA  Washington
BH   Bohemia                 MN  Minnesota              WE  West Indies
BL   Belgium                 Ho  Missouri               WI  Wisconsin
BN   Baden Germany           MS  Mississippi            WK  Waldeck
BR   Bremen Germany          MT  Montana                WL  Wales
BV   Bavaria                 MV  Monrovia               WR  Wurttemberg
BW   Brunswick               MX  Mexico                 WV  West Virginia
CA   California              NA  Nancy France           WY  Wyoming
CD   Canada                  NB  New Brunswick
CH   China                   NC  North Carolina
CN   Cherokee Nation         ND  North Dakota
CO   Colorado                NE  Nebraska
CT   Connecticut             NF  Newfoundland
CU   Cuba                    NG  None Given
CW   Choctaw Nation          NH  New Hampshire
CZ   Czechoslovakia          NI  Nicaragua
DC   Dist. of Columbia       NJ  New Jersey
DE   Delaware                NM  New Mexico
DM   Denmark                 NP  Naples Italy
DO   Dominican Republic      NR  Norway
DR   Darmstadt Germany       NS  Nova Scotia
DT   Dakota Territory        NU  Nassau
EI   East Indies             NV  Nevada
EN   England                 NY  New York
EU   Europe                  NZ  New Zealand
FL   Florida                 OH  Ohio
FN   Finland                 OK  Oklahoma
FR   France                  00  Ontario
GA   Georgia                 OR  Oregon
GE   Greece                  PA  Pennsylvania
GT   Germany                 PL  Polemca
HB   Hamburg  Germany        PO  Poland
HC   Havana Cuba             PR  Prussia
HD   Holland                 PT  Portugal
HG   Hungary                 PU  Puerto Rico
HI   Hawaii                  PZ  Pfalz
HN   Holstein Germany        OB  Quebec
HS   Hesse-Darmstadt         RH  Rhineland Germany

1880 MORTALITY SCHEDULE      FE Ferryman                 SA Salesman
FOR GEORGIA                  FH Foundry Hand             SO Steamboat Hand
                             FL Farm Laborer             SD Saddler
PROFESSION CODES             FM Farmer & Preacher        SE Seamstress
                             FS Feeding Stock            SF Sheriff
                             FW Factory Worker           SH Shoe Maker
                             G  Convict Guard            SI Sailor
                             GA Gambler                  SK Store Keeper
CODE  PROFESSION             GD Gardner                  SL Stiller
                             GM Gen. Merchandise         SM Saw Miller
                             GR Grocer                   SO Sportsman
A  Artist                    H  Hatter                   SP Speculator
AC Accountant                HD Horse Dealer             SR Spinster
AP Apprentice                HM Harness Maker            ST Student
B  Boarding                  HO Hotel Porter             SV Silver Smith
BA Bar Keeper                HP House Painter            T  Teacher
BB Banker/Broker             HS Hostler                  TA Tailor
BC Barber                    HT Hotel Keeper             TC Timber Cutter
BD Bridge Builder            J  Judge                    TE Telegrapher
BE Basket  Maker             JP Justice of Peace         TG Traveling Agent
BG Book Agent                KH Keeping House            TM Turpintine Man
BI Bailiff                   KM Knitting                 TN Tanner
BK Bookkeeper                KS Knitting Socks           TP Tramp
BM Brick Mason               L  Laborer                  TR Trader
BO Boating                   LA Laundress                TS Tin Smith
BR Brakeman                  LB Land Broker              TT Teamster
BS Blacksmith                LD Liquor Dealer            TX Tax Reciever
BU Butcher                   LK Lighthouse Keeper        U  Undertaker
C  Cook                      LW Lawyer                   V  Vagabon
CA Cabinet  Maker            M  Merchant                 W  Watchman
CB Cotton Broker             MA Stone Mason              WA Waiter
CE Civil Engineer            MC Mill Cleaner             WC Wood Chopper
CF Cotton Factory            MD Milliner                 WD Well Digger
CG Convict Guard             ME Mechanic                 WM Wheel Wright
CJ County Jailer             MI Miller                   WM Wagon Maker
CK Carriage Maker            MK Mill Worker              WO Wood Mechanic
CL Clerk                     ML Mail Contractor          WW Wash Woman
CM Cotton Mill               KM Miner
CM Child's Nurse             MR Mill Right
CO Cosmopolite               HS Mother Superior
CP Cooper                    MV Midwife
CR Carpenter                 N  Notary
CS County Surveyor           MM Nurseryman
CT Commercial                NU Nurse
   Traveller                 0  Overseer
CV Convict/Prisoner          P  Physician
CZ Asylum                    PA Pauper
D  Dentist                   PB Plough Boy
DE Depot Worker              PD Patent Dealer
DG Druggist                  PE Performer
DI Distiller                 Pr Painter
DM Depty Marshall            PH Postmaster
DR Doctor                    PM Printer
E  Engineer                  PR Preacher/Minister
ED Editor                    PS Prostitute
F  Farmer                    R  Repairman
FA Fatilognist?              RR Railroad Worker
FD Farm Domestic             S  Servant


ASCITES - Cancer of the ovary.

APOPLEXY - Sudden loss or impairment of the power to feel or think
        or move, caused by injury to the brain when a blood vessel
        breaks or the blood supply becomes obstructed.

BILIOUS FEVER - Caused by the over production of bile by the liver
        and characterized by indigestion, nausea, dullness, dizziness,
        or other disorders.

BRIGHT'S DISEASE - A kidney disease characterized by albumin in the urine.

BRONCHITIS - Inflammation of the lining of the bronchial tubes.

CHOLERA - An acute disease of the stomach and intestines, characterized
        by vomiting, cramps, and diarrhea.

COLIC - Characterized  by severe pains in the abdomen.

CONGESTION - Too much blood gathering in one part of the body.

CONSUMPTION - A wasting disease of the lungs or other part of
        the body; Tuberculosis  of the lungs.

CONVULSIONS - A violent, involuntary contracting and relaxing of the
        muscles; Spasms.

CROUP - An inflammation or disease of the throat and windpipe
        characterized by a hoarse cough and difficult breathing.

DENTITION   A growth of teeth; Teething.

DIPHTHERIA   A severe contagious disease in which a false membrane grows
        over the mucous membrane, usually in the throat or nose.

DROPSY - An abnormal accumulation of watery fluid in certain tissues or
        cavities of the  body.

DYSENTERY - A painful disease of the intestines, producing diarrhea
        with blood and mucus.

ENTERITIS - An inflammation of the small or large intestine
        characterized by diarrhea, cramps, loss of appetite, and loss
        of weight; caused by food poisoning, typhoid, or dysentery.

EPILEPSY - A chronic nervous disease whose attacks cause convulsions and

FLUX - An unnatural discharge of blood or liquid matter from the body.

GRAVEL - A small hard substance formed in the bladder and kidneys.

HEPATITUS - An inflammation of the liver caused by a virus or poor

HIVES - Characterized by itchy skin and patches of red.

HYDROCEPHALUS - Fluid build up in the brain; Water on the brain.

INANITION   Weakness from a lack of food.

JAUNDICE   A disease that causes yellowness of the skin, eyes, and
        body fluids, and disturbed vision.

LOCKJAW   Tetanus of the lower jaw.

MALARIA   Characterized by periodic chills followed by fever and sweating.

MEASLES   An infectious disease characterized by a bad cold, fever, and
        a breaking out of small red spots on the skin.

MENINGITIS - Disease resulting in the inflammation of the membranes
        surrounding the brain and spinal card.

PNEUMONIA - Disease resulting in the inflamation of the lungs

PUERPERAL FEVER - Fever related to childbirth.

QUINSY - Tonsillitis with pus; Very sore throat with an abscess in
        the tonsils.

REMITTENT FEVER - Fever that lessens at intervals.

SCARLET FEVER - A very contagous disease characterized by a scarlet
        rash, sore throat, and fever.

SCROFULA - A form of tuberculosis characterized by the enlargement
        of the lymph glands, especially those in the neck.

SPASMS - A sudden, abnormal, involuntary contraction of a muscle or

SYPHILIS - A contagious verneral disease.

TETANUS - Caused by bacilli entering the body through a wound and
        characterized by violent spasms, stiffness of many muscles, and
        even death.

THRASH or THRUSH - A contagious disease of infants characterized by
        white patches on the lining of the mouth, throat, and tongue.

TYPHOID - A fever with intestinal inflammation, caused by a germ taken
        into the body with food or drink.

WHOOPING COUGH - Characterized by fits of coughing that end with a
        loud, gasping sound.

WORMS - A disease caused by worms in the body.


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