GEORGIA BAPTISTS - Sketches of Early Members 

ABELL, Alexander Pope - b. Charlottsville, Va., July 23, 1817, son of Rev. John S. & Lydia B. Abell, he was married at the age of twenty to Miss Ann McLeod. They moved to Savannah in 1872, where he was elected Clerk of the New Sunbury Association. Their only son was killed in CSA. Their daughter married R. S. Morgan.

AMOS, Elijah Moore - b. Montgomery county, Ala., son of Capt. Charles (W. 1812) & Phalba Amos, orphaned early, he was reared by his uncle, Elijah Moore Amos, for whom he was named, in Knoxville, Ga. On Dec. 21, 1841 he was married to Miss Lucinda Ansley. In 1855 he was ordained by the Knoxville Baptist church, and served there as pastor, later living in Whitfield county; then to Forsyth, Monroe county. Four sons and four daughters.

ANTHONY, Anselm - b. in Va., June 9, 1778, son of Joseph Anthony (RS), and 2nd wife, Ann Clark. Soon after RW, they moved to Wilkes county, Ga. Married in 1806 to Sarah Menzies, of N. C. Three sons and five daughters by this marriage. Sarah died 1830 and in 1835 he m/2 Miss Catharine Blakely, of Wilkes county, Ga. He served as pastor in Wilkes; Hancock; Morgan and Gwinnett counties. He was a large, muscular man, weighing well over two hundred pounds; black hair and eyes. He died in Polk county, Jan. 1868, age eighty-nine.

ARNETT, H. J. - b. Dec 30, 1848, Screven county, Ga., his maternal g-father was Solomon Ziegler, one of the Salzburgers of Effingham county. He was a teacher; tax-receiver, and later a Baptist minister. Married Oct 28, 1875, Miss Georgia Dixon, of Screven county. Had issue.

ATKINSON, William Dawkins - b. Greene county, Ga., Nov 17, 1818, son of Lazarus & Mary Ellen Lane Atkinson. Moved with parents to Chamber county, Ala., 1837; returned to Ga., graduated at Mercer University, then located in Penfield, Ga., in 1848. Grandson of Nathan Atkinson, RS, and Betsey Whitehead. His maternal g-f, Wm. D. Lane, R.S., was a member of Ga Senate from Putnam county for many years. Mr. Atkinson was ordained at Monticello, Ga., Sept 1848, served churches in Monroe; Jasper; Harris; Talbot; Macon; Walton; Greene; Glynn; Pierce, and Tattnall counties. He m/1 Miss Eliza Jane Loyall, of Monticello; m/2 Mrs. Mildred Crook, of Hamilton, Ga; m/3 Mrs. Lydia Gignilliat, of Marietta, Ga. Six children - two by each marriage. Mr. Atkinson died in Blackshear, Ga., Oct 17, 1879.

BABER, Robert - b. June 5, 1824, Rutherford county, N. C., the youngest of eight children. When twenty-three he moved to Marietta, Ga., and was unfortunate in his choice of associates, spending the next four years of his life in the company of rough and rowdy companions. In 1850, soon after his marriage to a daughter  of Harris Jackson, he joined the Baptist Church of Marietta, and was baptized by Rev. Elijah Northcut. He became a minister and served as pastor at Powder Springs, Ga. Seven children - three of whom died young.

BAILEY, S. S. - b. June 25, 1811, Rutherford county, N. C., studied medicine and after graduation, practiced for many years. He was married at the age of twenty-four to Miss Julia Thompson, and they lived at various times in Habersham; Whitfield; Cobb; and Walker counties in Ga. Served as a representative in the State Legislature from Habersham; and as Senator from Murray county. In 1874, at the age of sixty-three, he became an ordained minister of the Baptist church. Had issue.

BAKER, Joseph S. - b. Liberty County, Ga., Aug 17, 1798, the only son of second marriage of his father, although there were several half-brothers, one of whom was the distinguished Presbyterian minister, Rev. Daniel Baker, D. D. Joseph S, Baker attended Yale College but became dissatisfied and transferred to Hampden Sidney in Va., where he finished; later received the degree of M. D. Practice in Va., married there to Miss (???)McRobert. Dr. Baker was reared a Presbyterian but later joined the Baptist church and became a minister. In 1840 they moved to Columbus, Ga., where Mrs. Baker died, leaving. two sons. In 1842 he m/2 Mrs. Sarah R. Bennett, of Liberty county, Ga. In 1848 he started a newspaper, the "Atlanta Luminary, afterwards the "Atlanta Intelligencer," the first newspaper ever published in that city. In Dec 1850 he moved to Jacksonville, Fla. where his eldest son, Joseph McRobert Baker, a lawyer of talent, was residing. In 1865 he moved to Quitman, Ga., where he died, July 23, 1877.

BARROW, James - b. Dec 25, 1801, Washington county, Ga., son of Moses Barrow. After the death of his father, his mother married Charles Thompson. In 1825 he married Lucy Bivins, of Baldwin county, Ga. They settled in Talbot county where he worked as a mechanic and part time preacher; then moved to Carroll county in 1842, and was ordained at the Carrolton church in 1850, serving as Missionary in Western Ga., and Eastern Ala. His wife was fatally burned in 1873, leaving two sons and three daughters.

BATTLE, Cullen - b. in Edgecombe county, N. C., Mar 11, 1785; moved to Hancock county, Ga., in 1818. His early years were spent as a physician with a successful practice. He was baptized in 1827 and was for many years a deacon of that faith. Removed to Ala in 1836. His distinguished son, Dr. A. J. Battle, was at one time President of Mercer University. Dr. Cullen Battle died at Eufaula, Ala. 1879.

BATTLE, Jesse Brown - b. Hancock county, Ga., Sept 3, 1788, son of William Battle (RS), and wife, Sarah Whitehead. He was married Feb 23, 1815 to Miss Martha Rabun, eldest daughter of Gov. Rabun.  In 1818 he was ordained by Revs. Jesse Mercer and B. M. Sanders. He served as pastor at Mt. Zion, Hancock county; Island Creek; Bethel; Darien and Beulah. He died at the home of his son, John R. Battle, planter of Sumter county, Ga., at an advanced age. They were parents of nine children.

BECK, Andrew J. - b. Aug 6, 1850 - Hancock county, Ga. Graduated at Mercer University with the highest honors of his class. Served as President of Houston Female College, Perry, Ga., which position he relinquished to become pastor of Baptist church, Marietta, Ga. Twice married, first to Octavia Warren, daughter of Dr. E. W. Warren; second to Miss Edith M. Alling, Aug 5, 1879.

BECK, Thomas J. - b. Buncombe county, N. C., Dec 7, 1806, son of James and Nancy Beck; came to Ga in early manhood; was ordained, Warren county, Ga., 1835, and served as minister of churches in Greene; Taliaferro; Warren; Wilkes and Columbia counties. In 1831 he was married to Miss Nancy Burdette, of Wilkes County. They had six children. Mr. Beck was about five feet, ten inches tall, well proportioned, blue eyes, and classic features. He died Sept 2, 1862, in Warren county, of typhoid fever, contracted in Va., while there caring for his sick and wounded son in the CSA.

BEDGEWOOD, Nicholas - b. in England 1730 - at the age of twenty-one, in 1751, served as assistant to Mr. Whitfield of the Orphan House. Joined Baptist church in Charleston, S. C., and baptized by Rev. Oliver Hart, the pastor. He was ordained in 1759 and served as minister in Georgia - later moved to South Carolina, where he married and became pastor of Welch Neck church. Had issue.

BLACK, Joseph Edgar - b. Jan 29, 1844, in Screven county, Ga., the first child of J. J. & J. C. BLACK. He was ordained at Turkey Branch church, Effingham county, Ga., in 1872 by Revs. James Middleton; Wm. W. Lee and John Edwards; served as pastor at Jessup, Wayne county, and Steam Mill church, Appling county. In 1866 he was married to Miss Mary A. Burns, of Screven county. Six children.

BLAKEY, B. A. - b. Wilkes county, Ga., May 25, 1826. Married Miss Mary J. Jackson in 1848, and they moved to Gwinnett county. He served as Commissioner and Judge of the Inferior Court; also represented his county for many years in the State Legislature. Five children.

BLALOCK, F. M. - b. Oct 29, 1845, Crawford county, Ga., the oldest son of Henry & Nancy (Matthews) Blalock. Henry Blalock was b. in S. C., and moved with his father to Crawford county in 1832, where he was married to Nancy Matthews. F. M. Blalock joined the CSA in 1864 and served until the close of the war, returned home and engaged in farming. He was ordained in Nov 1873 by Revs. J. H. Campbell, D. D; B. L. Ross and D. H. Moore. Served as pastor in Crawford; Houston and Talbot counties. At twenty-one Mr. Blalock was married to Miss A. F. Wilkinson, of Monroe county.

BLEWETT, William J. - b. Anson county, N. C., Mar 12, 1812 - moved with his parents to Decatur county, Ga., in 1833. Ordained about 1835 at the Cotton Hill church in Randolph county, by Elders A., and J. O. Cumbie; after which he preached along the Ga-Fla line. He m/1 about 1840, Miss (???)Malcolm, daughter of Dr. Malcolm, of Gadsden county, Fla. She did not live long after marriage, and about 1850 he m/2 Mrs. (???)Everett. They lived near Thomasville, Ga., until about 1870, then moved to Caldwell county, Tex., where he died in 1874, survived by his widow and three sons.

BLITCH, Benjamin - b. Nov 1811, Effingham county, Ga., was m. to Miss Harriet Wilson in 1832, and in 1835 they moved to Fla., where he farmed. They returned to Ga., and he united with Little Ogechee church, Screven county, and was ordained in 1853 by Revs. M. N. McCall; J. Wheeler; W. S. Moore; L. M. Brown, and W. Cooper. He served as minister in Ware; Pierce; Appling and Tattnall counties. Fourteen children. Eight sons and six daughters.

BOTSFORD, Edmund - b. in England 1745 - arrived in Charleston, S. C., 1766 - united with Baptist church of Charleston, Mar 13, 1767, baptized by Rev. Oliver Hart, under whose instructions he prepared for the ministry, and was licensed to preach in Feb 1771. He was invited to preach in Ga by the Tuckaseeking brethren, and remained there for one year, also preaching throughout the surrounding areas. He was ordained Mar 14, 1773, in Charleston, by Rev. Oliver Hart, assisted by Rev. Francis Pelot, of Ga. Rev. Botsford was married in 1773 to Miss Susanna Nun, of Augusta, Ga., native of Cork, Ireland. During the RW, in the spring of 1779, Edmund Botsford left Ga for S. C., going later to Va., and never again made his home in Georgia.

BOYKIN, Francis (b. in Va., Maj. in RW), son of William Boykin, moved to Baldwin county, Ga., in 1800 - was married to Catharine Whitaker, and became a prominent member of the Hephziba and Oakmulgee Associations. He died in 1821. Three children: Dr. Samuel, m/1 Sarah Maxwell - one son; m/2 Narcissa Cooper, dau. of Thomas Cooper - they were parents of eight children. James m/1(???)Owens; m/2 (???)Rutherford; Eliza m. William Rutherford.

BOYKIN, Thomas Cooper - b. Jan 1, 1836, Baldwin county, Ga., fourth child of Dr. Samuel and Narcissa Cooper Boykin, attended Mercer University, also U. of S. C., at Columbia, where he graduated in 1856. He owned large farming interests. Married Miss Belle Alexander in Huntsville, Ala., Apr 13, 1858. They lived in Russell and Shelby counties in Ala. He was ordained in Russell county, Apr 9, 1855 by Revs. J. H. DeVotie; S. Boykin; and J. W. P. Brown. He was recalled to Ga., his native State, by the Sunday School Board. Had issue.

FLEMING, Robert - b. Aug 3, 1797 in Warren County, Ga. He became a teacher and minister, being ordained in Warrenton in 1830 by Revs., B. M. Sanders; Jonathan Davis; Elisha Perryman; J. P. Marshall, and J. H. Walker. He was also a writer for religious journals and periodicals, and had several books published, among them were "John's Baptism," "The Confederate Spelling Book," "The Life of Humphrey Posey," "The Georgia Pulpit." Mr. Fleming was married three times, m/1 Elizabeth Gunby; m/2 Charlotte D. Sherwood; m/3 Mrs. R. A. Harris, and outlived them all. He died at the age of 83 on Mar 29, 1880, at the home of his eldest daughter, Mrs. E. G. Owen, in Navasota, Tex.

FORTSON, John Henry - b. Elbert County, Georgia, Sept 28, 1837, son of Jesse M. Fortson. He entered Mercer University in 1858, but his education was interrupted by the war, as he volunteered in CSA, however, being of a frail constitution and his physical inability to remain in service, was discharged after having served only four months. He returned to his home and was ordained in November 1862. In 1864 he was married to Miss J. I. Anderson, daughter of Hon. E. R. Anderson, Wilkes County, Ga. Nine children.

FOWLER, James S. - b. Dec 20, 1818, son of Zephania and Martha (???) Fowler, he became an ordained minister in 1858, and in 1871 served as Moderator of the Washington Association. On Dec 10, 1840, he was m. to Miss Sarah Brinkly - they had five daughters. Rev. Fowler died Apr 10, 1872 at his home in Warren County, Georgia.

FRANKLIN, George - b. in Va., c1744, moved to N. C., where he was married to Miss Vashti Mercer, half-sister of Rev. Silas Mercer. They came to Ga with the Mercer family in 1774. In 1789 he was ordained at Little Briar Creek church by his father, Rev. William Franklin; Rev. Silas Mercer, and Rev. John Newton.

FULLER, Samuel T. - b. Mar 31, 1842, Bibb County, Ga., son of W. H. & M. E. (???)Fuller, educated at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and was married Jan 1, 1874 to Sophronia A. Johnson, of Hamilton, Ga., becoming an ordained minister in September of the same year. Had issue

GAULDEN, Charles S. - b. May 5, 1812, Liberty County, Ga., son of Rev. Jonathan & Rhoda (Paisley) Gaulden. He was educated at the U of Ga., and studied law in Savannah, Ga., removed to Lumpkin, Stewart County, Ga., and became quite successful in the practice of law. For many years he served as deacon of the local church, and in 1855 became an ordained minister. On Mar 27, 1846 he was married to Charlotte LeSuer, Stewart County, Ga. They were parents of seven children. Rev. Gaulden died Oct 8, 1894, Quitman, Ga.

GEIGER, Washington L. - b. Effingham County, Ga., Nov 17, 1835, became a farmer; teacher, establishing Excelsior Academy, Bulloch County; a missionary and a minister. He m/1 Catharine C. Tillman, Nov 17, 1858, daughter of Hon. James Tillman, seven children. He m/2 Julia Peevey, January 1880.

GIBBS, Thomas Alexander - b. Mar 8, 1821, Hancock County, Ga., son of Thomas Alexander and Martha (Maddox) Gibbs, who were married June 2, 1819, Greene County, Ga., graduated from Mercer University and held several offices of trust in his County and State, and joined CSA at the call for men of his age. He married Julia Cornelia Mallary, of Greensboro, Ga., May 26, 1842. Their oldest son, Cornelius Mercer Gibbs, was killed in CSA in 1862. Mr. Gibbs served as deacon of the Baptist church for many years. Seven children.

GIBSON, Jacobus Watts - b. 1805 Oglethorpe County, Ga., son of James Hugh & Sarah Foster Gibson, m/1 in 1830 Sarah Jane Freeman, daughter of Samuel Freeman of Greene County. They moved to Coweta County a few years after marriage; were parents of five sons, all of whom served in CSA, and four daughters. Mr. Gibbs m/2 Mary Powell Page, one daughter by this marriage. He served as Clerk of Macedonia Baptist church for many years, and died Oct 4, 1874, Newnan, Georgia

GILBERT, H. D. - b. Oct 3, 1849, Murray County, Ga., served as pasto?? for several Baptist churches, and also as Moderator of the North Ga. Association. He married Miss N. C. Hansucker, Dec 23, 1869. Had iss??

GORDON, Zachariah H. - b. Mar 10, 1796, Wilkes County, N. C., son of Chapman Gordon, removed to Jones County, Ga., at age of nineteen. He became a noted minister of the Baptist faith, and he and Malinda Cox were married Apr 26, 1826. Several children, one son, the famous and gallant John B. Gordon, General CSA.

GOSS, William Rabun - b. Apr 19, 1819, Elbert County, Ga., son of Rev Horatio James & Elizabeth (Roebuck) Goss, became a Baptist minister, as did three of his brothers, namely: Benjamin; I. H. (m. Mary E. Gordon, Mar 5, 1840), and Horatio James, Jr. Rev. William R. Goss married three times and was the father of eight children; m/1 Priscil?? Eavenson, in 1841; m/2 Miss E. A. Mitchell, in 1847; m/3 Mrs. L. F. Chandler, 1878.

GRAY, John D. - b. July 24, 1808, London, England, emigrated with his parents to America in 1818. He built the first Railroad in the U. S?? the Charleston & Hamburg, and engaged extensively in railroad buildir?? He m/1 Ann Amelia Gnech, Charleston, S. C., May 1, 1843, five childre?? m/2 Mary Jane Moore, of Greenville Dist., S. C., daughter of Samuel Moore, seven children by this marriage. He was an ordained deacon o?? the Baptist church. Mr. Gray died at his home in Graysville, Ga., Nov 17, 1878.

GRISHAM, Joseph - b. Abbeville Dist., S. C., Nov 17, 1789, became an outstanding merchant; m/1 Agnes Watt, of Abbeville Dist., S. C., several children; m/2 Mary L. Steele, of Pendleton Dist., S. C., several children by this marriage, one daughter, Elizabeth, became the wife of Gov. Joseph E. Brown, of Georgia. Mr. Grisham became an ordained Baptist minister in S. C., in April 1838, and in 1851 moved to Cherokee County, Ga., where he resided the remainder of his life. He died April 9, 1857.

GUNN, Radford - b. May 13, 1797, in Va., son of Richard Gunn (RS), and Elizabeth Radford; he moved to Oglethorpe County, Ga., with his parents while quite young. On August 27, 1813, at the age of 16, he was married to Margaret Rhodes. Four children by this marriage. Mr. Junn joined CSA, serving with honor to himself and Country; contracted 

a disease from which he never recovered. He became an ordained Baptist minister early in life. He m/2 Sophia Beck, in 1840. Mr. Gunn died at his home in Warren County, June 15, 1866.

GWALTNEY, Luther Rice - b. Nov 10, 1830, Isle of Wight, Va., son of James Lancaster and Mildred (Holliman) Gwaltney; became a teacher and minister, serving in Va; N. C; S. C; Tenn; Ga; and Ala. He m/1 Louisa Davidson, of Charlotte County, Va., two children of this marriage; m/2 (???), of Edgefield, S. C., several children. Dr. Gwaltney served the Baptist church of Rome, Ga., for 8 years, and in 1876 became President of Judson Female Institute, at Marion, Ala.

HALL, James Hamilton - b. Meriwether County, Ga., Apr 16, 1836, son of Alexander Jr. & Elizabeth (Brown) Hall. His maternal g-parents were Reuben & Elizabeth (Lang) Brown. The parents of James H. Hall were Presbyterians, but he became an ordained Baptist minister in August 1861, although a lawyer by profession. On Nov 22, 1859, he was married to Sarah R. Hall, of Greene County, Ga. Seven children. Rev. Hall died at Newnan, Ga., July 18, 1903.

HAMILTON, David Blount - b. July 30, 1834, Harris County, Ga., son of Joseph Hamilton, graduated at University of Ga., at the age of 20, studied law with Judge Underwood, Sr., and admitted to the bar in 1855 and practiced his profession in Rome, Ga., where he was married to Martha Harper, Nov 25, 1856. Mr. Hamilton enlisted CSA, and later became a minister; served in the State Legislature from Floyd Co., had issue.

HANKS, Robert Taylor - b. Apr 23, 1850, Pickens County, Ala., son of Rev. A. M. Hanks, who had moved from S. C., to Ala., where he m. Miss C. L. Sanders, the mother of the subject of this sketch. In 1869 Robert Taylor Hanks moved to Dalton, Ga., and studied law with his uncle, Col. J. A. R. Hanks, but gave up the legal profession to become a minister. He was married to Mattie Bernard Jones, May 30, 1877, Dalton, Ga. Had issue.

HARDIN, Martin B. - b. Sept 23, 1836, St. Joseph's, Fla., the son of Edward J. & Jane Louise (Barrett) Hardin, and g-son of Henry Hardin (RS), who died in Warren County, Ga. Martin B. Hardin became a minister, serving churches in Ga., Ala., and Tex. He was twice married, first to Harriet Susan Taylor, Columbus, Ga., Nov 20, 1856; m/2 Josephine Law, daughter of Rev. Josiah S. Law. Children by both marriages.

HARDMAN, W. B. J. - b. Nov 22, 1822, Oglethorpe County, Ga., son of Elbert and Lottie (Barrett) Hardman, who were m. in Oglethorpe Co., Jan 4, 1818. The subject was a physician; minister; Moderator for Serepta Association; director of the Northeastern R. R., and large stockholder. His wife was the former Miss E. E. Colquitt; they were married in 1851. Several children.

HARRIS, Juriah - b. 1784, Northumberland County, Va., came to Columbia County, Ga., at the age of nineteen where he lived the rest of his life. He became a wealthy planter with large tracts of land and many slaves; and also served as pastor at several churches, one of which was old Kiokee, the first Baptist church ever constitut in Georgia, where he was pastor for nearly forty years. On Feb. 12, 1807 he was m. to Mrs. Elizabeth (Shaw) D'Antignac, and they were parents of: Robert Y; James M; Dr. Juriah; Mary m. William D'Antign?? Louisa m. Dr. L. A. Dugas; Caroline m. Dr. H. R. Casey. Juriah Harr?? died in Columbia County December 1868, age eighty four.

HARRISON, James P. - b. Sept 26, 1844, Randolph County, Ga., son of Hon. Warren Harrison, who was Secretary of State from 1850 until his death in 1854, during the administration of Gov. Towns. In 1859, at the age of fifteen, James P. Harrison began his apprenticeship in the Southern Recorder office in Milledgeville, later being employed in th?? newspaper and public printing departments of the Federal Union of tha?? city. In 1866 he moved to Forsyth, Ga., and established the Monroe Advertiser which was highly successful, and in 1873 he removed to Atlanta, formed a joint stock company and purchased the Franklin ?? Printing House and the Christian Index. At the age of  twenty Mr. Harrison was m. to Miss Mary A. Lea, of Charleston, S. C. Had issue.

HARVEY, Raymond S. - b. Aug 6, 1819 in Liberty County, Ga., son of Benjamin Harvey, who died within a few years after his birth, and his mother was then married to Rev. James Williamson in 1829. Rev. Williamson was a well educated man and from him Raymond S. Harvey received a good English education. In 1858 Mr. Harvey became an ordained minister in Montgomery County and served as minister in that county and several adjoining Counties in Georgia and in Florida. In 1851 Mr. Harvey was m. to Caroline A. Wilson, daughter of Henry Wilson, of Telfair County. Several children.

HENDRICKS, John - b. 1800, Stokes County, N. C. His father, William Hendricks, an Austrian gentleman, came to this country to avoid religious persecution and settled in Stokes County, N. C., where he was m. to a young widow, Mrs. J. F. Barnwell. The family removed to Greene County, Ga., in 1808. John Hendricks became a wealthy planter and an ordained minister of the Baptist faith. On July 5, 1825 he was m. to Elizabeth Elliott, daughter of Cornelius & Frances (???) Elliott, of Oglethorpe County. They were parents of 4 sons and 4 daughters. Mr. Hendricks was a tall, dignified man with black hair and eyes. He died June 18, 1856 in Rome, Ga.

HOGUE, Robert Jasper - b. Mar 8, 1820, Greene County, Ga., son of Jeter Anson & Martha (Grier) Hogue, and g-son of Moses Grier. In 1847 Robert J. Hogue was licensed to preach by the Mount Olive Church in Sumter County and in 1858 was sent to the Indian Territory as Baptist Missionary to the Choctaw Indians. On Oct 12, 1843 he was m. to Clarissa Jenkins, daughter of Royal & Sarah (?) Jenkins, of Sumter County, Ga. Had issue

HOLCOMBE, Henry (RS) - b. September 22, 1762, Prince Edward County,Va., son of Grimes & Elizabeth (Buzbee) Holcombe, and g-son of John Holcombe. His parents moved to South Carolina when he was quite young, where he, before attaining majority, entered the Revolutionary army, attaining the rank of Captain. In September 1785 he was ordained and became a distinguished preacher with extraordinary success. He was 6 feet 2 inches tall, with great personal magnetism, graceful, and with polished manners. Dr. Holcombe was called to the Baptist church in Savannah in 1799, and took a leading part in some of the greatest reforms and benevolent enterprises of our State. He was the founder of the Savannah Female Orphan Asylum and Mount Enon Academy. In 1786 he was married to Frances Tanner. Had issue. Dr. Holcombe was called to the First Baptist church in Philadelphia in 1812 and remained there until his death in May 1824.

HOLMES, Adam Tunno - b. 1803 at Sunbury, Liberty County, Georgia, son of James & (???)(Kell) Holmes. His parents also had two daughters and two other sons, viz., Dr. James Holmes, of Darien, Ga., and Capt. Isaac Holmes, who died in Mexico. Adam T. Holmes was an educator and also an ordained minister of the Baptist faith serving churches in several counties and in Decatur and Atlanta. He was elected President of the Baptist Female College at Cuthbert, Ga., and later served as President of Central Institute, Lynchburg, Ala. Dr. Holmes was m. to Mrs. (???)Nelson, of South Carolina. Had issue. He died Sept. 29, 1870 in Atlanta, Ga.

HOLMES, Wiley T. - b. Wilkes County, Ga., Aug 31, 1814, and in 1856 became an ordained minister. He moved to Jefferson County and was instrumental in constituting several churches. In 1831 he was m. to Elizabeth Hunt. Rev. Holmes d. Oct 23, 1876 in Washington County, Ga.

HOOTEN, Enoch M. - b. 1838, son of James Hooten, a Virginian by birth, and Susannah Kidd, native of North Carolina. His parents were strict Presbyterians and at the age of seventeen he became a candidate for the ministry by the Flint River Presbytery, Newnan, Ga. When war came, he joined the ranks of his country's defenders and was seriously wounded at the battle of Fredricksburg. In 1865 he joined the Baptist church and in November 1866 became an ordained minister. Mr. Hooten was a rather tall, well proportioned man, with blue eyes, fair complexion and auburn hair. In 1856 he was married to Sarah C. Shaw, of Jasper County. Twelve children.

HORNADY, Henry Carr - b. Feb 22, 1822, Jones County, Ga., son of Isaiah & Lavinia (Robinson) Hornady, he enjoyed better than average educational advantages, and was blessed with a remarkably retentive memory and aptness in learning. He m/1 Miss Emily Cherry, in 1844. In 1848 he became an ordained minister and served churches in Americus, LaGrange and Atlanta, and for a few years served the general agency for Mercer University. After the death of his first wife he was married to Miss A. M. Smith. Had issue.

HOWELL, W. M., the son of Hiram and Mary (Crittenden) Howell, was b. in Twiggs County, Ga., July 20, 1828. His early education was received in Stewart County, Ga., and later at Union University, in Tenn. On Oct 19, 1858 he and Miss H. N. McKeithen, of Stewart Co., were married. They moved in 1859 to Ala., where he was ordained at Daleville. After serving churches in Ala., and Fla., Elder Howell and family returned to Ga., where he served churches in Stewart and Randolph Counties, making his home at Cuthbert. Had issue.

HUFF, Jonathan - b. Aug 1789, Warren County, Ga., and in spite of limited educational advantages became a minister of note, serving many years as Moderator for the Hephziba Association. In 1807 he and Sarah McMath were married. They had 10 children. After her death he was married to Mrs. Mary Patterson. No issue of this marriage. Rev. Huff died Nov 25, 1872, in McDuffie County, not far from his birth-place.

HUNTER, John Alfred - b. July 28, 1838, Coweta County, Ga., son of John & Abigail (Johnson) Hunter, who had moved to Ga from S. C. John A. Hunter entered CSA in 1862 and served until the end of the war, then settled in Newnan, Ga. Mr. Hunter became a successful business man and also had farming interests. On Nov 24, 1870 he was m. to Susan Rebecca Burch, daughter of Robert Sims & Martha (Reid) Burch. One son and four daughters, all members of the Baptist Church. Mr. Hunter died Dec 25, 1916 at his home in Newnan.

HYMAN, J. J. - b. Sept 21, 1822, Warren County, Ga., served as chaplain, 49th Ga Regt., CSA, one of the best in Gen. Lee's Army. Later he became a teacher as well as minister and served as Principal of Mt. Vernon Institute. In 1852 he and Miss S. F. Barnes were married. Had issue.

IRWIN, Charles Mercer - b. Nov 11, 1813, Wilkes County, Ga., eldest son of Isaiah Tucker and Isabella (Bankston) Irwin; g-son of Christopher Irwin (RS) & Louisa Tucker and g-son of Lawrence Bankston (RS), and Nancy Henderson. He entered the U. of Ga in 1832, later transferring to the U. of Va., where he studied law. On Nov 11, 1834 he and Harriet E. A. Battle were married by Rev. Jesse Mercer. He practiced law in Washington, Ga., also became a large land and slave owner. Mr. Irwin was medium size, of handsome appearance. He became an ordained minister and also served as Agent for Foreign Missions for Ga. Had issue.

IVEY, Benjamin Henry & John Augustus (twins) were b. Apr 4, 1848, in Warren County, Ga., sons of Oliver & Amanda (Ellis) Ivey. The family later moved to Buena Vista, Marion County, Ga., where the twins grew up. They entered Howard College in Ala in 1871 but returned to Ga in 1872 and entered Mercer U., where both graduated. Both became Baptist ministers. John Augustus m. Nov 12, 1878, Alice Michell, of Taylor County. Benjamin Henry m. Apr 12, 1877, Mattie Thompson, of Gordon, Ga.

JACKSON, George L., son of John & Sarah (Whitefield) Jackson, was b. Feb 6, 1811, in Screven County, Ga. For more than 30 years he was a Baptist minister, also served as clerk and Moderator of the Middle Association. Rev. Jackson m/1, in April 1836, Elizabeth Zeterower, of Effingham County; m/2 Mrs. A. E. Thorn, of Burke County, in Dec. 1862. Had issue.

JACKSON, R. H. - b. Oct 12, 1829, in Greene County, Ga., son of Isaac and Elizabeth (???)Jackson. He became a Baptist minister and in addition served several years as Treasurer and Moderator of the Western Association. On Jan 14, 1847 he and Mary E. Hall, of Greene Co., were m. Several children.

JACKSON, Hartwell - b. July 5, 1777 in Va., son of Drury Jackson (RS) and Nancy Mayfield. After the death of his father, his mother moved with her small children to Ga. He and Elizabeth Bostwick, of Wilkes County, were m. Jan 13, 1801. They had 10 children. After the death of Elizabeth, he m/2 Margaret Bradford, also of Wilkes County, and they had 13 children. Mr. Jackson was a Baptist minister. He died in Oconee County, Ga., July 15, 1859.

JANES, Absalom - b. in Wilkes County, Ga., July 8, 1796. He served as State Senator from Taliaferro County; as trustee of Mercer Institut later Mercer U. Mr. Janes had talents of a high order, with a strong, active, and discriminating mind. In 1816 he and Cordelia Calloway, daughter of Isaac Calloway, of Wilkes County, were married. Had issue Mr. Janes died Sept 25, 1847

JEWEL, Edgar - b. Nov 25, 1832, Oglethorpe County, Ga., son of William Jewel. He was ordained at the age of 25 and served as a minister of the Baptist faith for many years. Mr. Jewel was of fair complexion, with blue eyes and light hair. His wife was the former Miss C. C. Lawrence, daughter of Allen Lawrence. Had issue.

JENNINGS, L. R. L., b. in Va., Mar 22, 1823, son of Littleberry Jennings and his 2nd wife, Eliza Ivey. His father died shortly before his birth. Mr. Jennings moved to Ga in 1848 and entered Mercer U. in 1849, late in the following year he left and became an evangelist in S. C., under the auspices of the Home Mission Board. In 1851 he was m. to Sallie E. Stowe, of Eatonton, Ga. After her death he was m. to Sardinia Gunn, who died in Jan 1879, and in Nov. of the same year he m/3 Mrs. Carrie C. Hilliard.

JOHNSON, William - b. Jan 9, 1803, Barnwell Dist., S. C., son of William & (???)(Johnson) Johnson, dau of James Johnson from Ireland. William, the subject, became a minister serving churches in S. C., Ga and Fla., and was an owner of an orange grove in Fla. On Feb 26, 1824 he was m. to Permelia Hamilton. They had 12 children. After her death he m/2 Mrs. Susan Edmonds, who only lived for a short time. He then m/3 Georgiana Tyson, and they had 3 children. It was his uncle, Col. Richard M. Johnson, his father's brother, who killed Tecumshe

Rev. Adiel J. Moncrief, Jr., was b. in Bullock Co., Ala., Dec 10, 1903, and was married to Oreon Bostick in Raleigh, N. C., Oct 7, 1930, now living in Fla., religious editor, Tampa Tribune newspaper. His father:

Rev. Adiel J. Moncrief, Sr., b. Monroe Co., Ga., Aug 2, 1873, educated at Gordon Institute and Mercer U., a gifted speaker, he won many oratorical contests during college days. Served pastorates in Ga., N. C., and Ala., also served as the head of Cox College, College Park, Ga., for a time. On Feb 25, 1903 he was m. to Roslyn Stella Patterson in Union Springs, Ala. In addition to the son already named, they also had a daughter, Roslyn. He died June 22, 1960, Decatur, DeKalb Co., Ga. His father:

Rev. Adiel Lumpkin Moncrief, b. Mar 23, 1831, at Penfield, Greene Co., Ga., attended Mercer U., while it was still located at Penfield, becoming an ordained minister in 1855, moved to Pike Co., taught school and preached on Sunday, later served pastorates in Taylor, Crawford and Monroe Counties. Rev. Moncrief and Elizabeth Jane Moore were m. Dec 7, 1856, Monroe Co., Ga. Several Children. Rev. Moncrief died June 21, 1924, Marshallville, Macon Co., Ga. His father:

Rev. David Harvey Moncrief, b. Dec 19, 1808, Penfield, Greene Co., Ga., attended the "old field schools," of his day. He was a farmer in early life, becoming an ordained minister at the age of 40. During the war he assisted in raising and organizing companies for the Confederacy. Apr 22, 1830 he was married to Nancy Ann Price, Greene Co., Ga. Several children. Rev. Moncrief d. Aug 31, 1883, Greensboro, Ga. His father:

William Alexander Moncrief, b. Dec 28, 1785, Currituck Co., N. C., m/1 Sarah Elizabeth Nicholson, Oglethorpe Co., Ga., Nov 19, 1807; m/2 Nancy Bowles, Greene Co., Ga., Sept 6, 1849. Several children each marriage. Mr. Moncrief died Aug 20, 1873, Greene Co., Ga. His father:

William Alexander Moncrief, b. Currituck Co., N. C., May 23, 1744, served as R. S., of N. C., m. Feb 23, 1765, Martha Ferebee. Planter and large slave owner. Several children. He died 1795, Halifax Co., Co., N. C. His father:

William Alexander Moncrief, b. c1715, m. Elizabeth Simmons. Several children. He died c1765. His father:

William Moncrief, b. c1673, m. Margaret (???). Three known children. He d. 1792, Currituck Co., N. C. His father:

John Moncrief, b. c1650, m. (???)c1668. Five known children. He died 1712, Currituck Co., N. C.

Rev. David Herbert Moore, b. Dec 5, 1815, Edgefield Dist., S. C., son of Joseph Iddings & Jane (???)Moore, moved to Ga., was Baptist minister in Monroe, Pike, and Crawford Cos., Ga. In Monroe Co., on Nov 22, 1838 he was m. to Mrs. Susan (Callaway) Jarrett, dau. of Edward & Elizabeth (Spratling) Callaway. Mr. Callaway served as Rep. to Ga. Legislature from Monroe Co. Rev. & Mrs. Moore had several ch., their daughter, Elizabeth Jane, m. Rev. Adiel Lumpkin Moncrief. Rev. Moore d. in Monroe Co., Ga., May 9, 1885.

    SLADE, Thomas B., born, Martin Co., N. C., June 26, 1800. His father was a Brig. Gen., in War of 1812. The subject graduated from U. of N. C., in 1820 with first honors, then studied and practiced law with his father. In 1824 he moved to Jones Co., Ga., where he and Anne Jacquelin Blount were m. Apr 1, 1824. In 1828 he became principal of Clinton Male Academy, and with the exception of the last two years of the war, he spent 50 years engaged in educational activities, including a professorship at Weslyan in Macon. He was ordained in 1835, and devoted much time preaching to destitute churches. Three sons and four sons-in-law served in CSA. The youngest son, John, being killed at the battle of Sharpsburg. Several children.

    SMITH, Isaac - Born Chatham Co., N. C., Oct 14, 1796, son of Colesby Smith (RS) & Anna Henry, came with parents to Ga., at age of two. In July 1824 Isaac Smith became an ordained minister. His wife was the former Assenia Brantley. They were parents of several children, four sons became ministers and one son a physician. Rev. Smith died at his home in Washington Co., May 7, 1860.

    SMITH, J. M., born July 13, 1838, Washington Co., Ga., son of Isaac & Harriet (???) Smith, who were parents of 15 children. The subject became an ordained minister and served the Mt. Vernon Association for 2 years as Moderator and clerk. He was a Lt. in Co H, 28th Ga. Regt., serving his country for four years. On June 30, 1863 he and Edna Burnett were m. in Washington Co. They were parents of 6 ch.

    SMITH, John A., born in Va., Feb 3, 1806, the family moved to Spartanburg Dist., S. C., where he grew up. In Oct 1822, he was m. to Levina Cooper. They became parents of 9 children. As a licentiate Mr. Smith preached at churches in Campbell Co., Ga., and was ordained in 1855, serving Enon & Bethelem churches as pastor. He m/2 Miss Susan A Cooper, and they had 2 sons.

    SPEAIRS, William J., born in Jasper Co., Ga., Oct 31, 1837, attended school in Ala., and after returning home was m. to Matilda F. Carolton, Mar 11, 1858. He was a lawyer and minister. Several children.

    STANSBERRY, J. M., born Mar 10, 1830, Knox Co., Tenn., son of Solomon & Fannie (Gibson) Stansberry, g-son of Luke Stansberry (RS). When the subject was 14 the family moved to Whitfield Co., Ga. Mr. Stansberry became a teacher and ordained minister, served as principal of Euharlee Academy, Bartow Co., for several years. In Sept 1856 he was m. to Mollie Johnson, Knox Co., Tenn. They were parents of three daughters. After death of 1st wife, he m/2 Mattie Head, Whitfield Co., Ga., Feb 1873, they were parents of a son. Mr. Stansberry was a large man, about 6' tall, with dark hair and blue eyes.

    STEED, William Pullen, born Columbia Co., Ga., Nov 4, 1799, son of Leonard Steed & Mary Pullen (m. Col., Co., Apr 6, 1797), became an ordained minister, serving Sweet Water church in Warrne Co., for 20 years. His eldest son, Epenetus A. Steed, became a well known educator and minister, both in Miss., and Ga. He married (???)Powers, dau. of Maj. Clem Powers, of Effingham Co., Ga.

    STEPHENS, L. W., born June 3, 1826, Abbeville, S. C., son of Fielding & Catharine (???) Stephens. The family moved to Ala., and the subject lived for a few years in Pontotoc, Miss., then entered Mercer U., at Penfield. In 1854 he became an ordained minister serving churches in Elbert, Hart and Lincoln Cos., Ga. His wife was the former Mrs. Susan Jones. 3 children.

    STEELEY, W. R., born Baldwin Co., Ga., attended Mercer U., was ordained 1845, married 1st Mrs. (???)Coates, they were parents of 3 daughters, and 1 son; m/2 Mrs. (???)Lee, Pulaski Co., Ga.

    STEVENS, Carlos W., b. Sunbury, Ga., Sept 30, 1823, son of Oliver & Eliza S.(???)Stevens, educated at Walthour Academy, Franklin College (now U of Ga), and Mercer U., becoming a minister and teacher. Married Louisa Gonder, Oct 29, 1851; one dau. Mr. Stevens died at Sparta, Ga., Oct 31, 1866.

    STEWART, J. D., born Aug 2, 1833, Fayette Co., Ga. His parents came from N. C., to Ga. A lawyer by profession, he was elected Mayor of Griffin; as Representative to Legislature, Chairman of House Judiciary Committee and Judge of Court of Ordinary, Spalding Co. Mr. Stewart also served as minister. He and Susan A. Dickinson were married Dec 19, 1855. 5 children.

    STILLWELL, Jacob M., born Jackson Co., N. C., Aug 22, 1820. In 1846 he entered Mercer U., became an ordained minister in 1850, serving churches in several counties. In Dec 1849 he was married to Mary T. McNeil, dau. of Judge McNeil, of Morgan Co. They were parents of 9 children. Mr. Stillwell died of typhoid fever at Stone Mountain 1877.

    STOKES, William H., born Dec 26, 1798, Laurens Dist., S. C., the 6th child of 10 children born to his parents, John Stokes and Mary Hale. He became a teacher, farmer and minister. He and 1st wife, Elizabeth Carter, were m. Mar 1, 1821, Laurens Dist., S. C. 3 children, After her death in 1826, he moved to Ga., became principal of the Academy at Forsyth. In 1833 he moved to Washington, Ga., as assistant editor of The Christian Index. Mr. Stokes, with William A. Mercer, in 1834, began publication of "The Temperance Banner," the first temperance paper published as far south as Ga. He m/2 Miss M. D. Williams, in Oct 1829, who died of consumption; their 2 children died in infancy. He was married a third time but this wife lived only a short time. In Aug 1842 he m/4 Mrs. M. E. Evans and they moved to a farm in Hancock Co. In 1854 he moved to Texas, near Marshall, later moving to Ellis Co., Tex., where he died Mar 12, 1862. Mr. Stokes was a handsome man, of medium height, a large and massive head, with thick dark brown hair, expressive blue eyes. He was father of 9 children.

    STOUT, Thomas Henry, born Orange Co., Va., July 23, 1835, son of Samuel H. & Mary E. (???) Stout. He moved to Ky., then to Ga., and entered Mercer U. At 23 he was ordained at Macedonia church in Walker Co., Ga. Mr. Stout also served churches in Early, Calhoun, Randolph, Lumpkin Counties, and in Georgetown, Thomaston, Talbotton, and Beuna Vista Ga., also at Brundidge and Troy in Ala. He and Ellie J. Kidd, of Troup Co., Ga., were married in Aug 1855. 6 children.


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