Civil War 


Macon County, Georgia Civil War Units

  • 4th Regiment, Georgia Infantry, Company I, Macon County Volunteers
  • 12th Regiment, Georgia Infantry, Company C, Davis Rifles
  • 25th Regiment, Georgia Infantry, Company K, Wise Guards

  • 62nd Regiment, Georgia Infantry, Company C
  • 62nd Regiment, Georgia Infantry, Company K



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What if you could talk to someone who lived at the time of the Civil War? You would probably have a hard time understanding some of the things they said. Below is a list of words and phrases used during the Civil War. The words in parentheses is the meaning. Where do the terms come from? Which ones are still in use? What new words do we use today that mean the same thing?

1. Chief cook and bottle washer (person capable of doing many things)
2. Sheet iron crackers (hardtack)
3. sardine box (cap box)
4. bread basket (stomach)
5. greenbacks (money)
6. graybacks (Southern soldiers, lice)
7. Arkansas toothpick (large knife)
8. pepperbox (pistol)
9. Zu - Zu (Zuoave soldier)
10. fit to be tied (angry)
11. horse sense (smart, on the ball)
12. top rail #1 (first class)
13. hunkey dorey (great!)
14. greenhorn, bugger, skunk (officers)
15. snug as a bug (comfortable, cozy)
16. sawbones (surgeon)
17. skedaddle (run, scatter)
18. hornets (bullets)
19. bully (hurrah! yeah!)
20. possum (a buddy, pal)
21. blowhard (big shot)
22. fit as a fiddle (in good shape, healthy)
23. Uppity (conceited)
24. scarce as hen's teeth (rare or scarce)
25. grab a root (have dinner, potato)
26. tight, wallpapered (drunk)
27. bark juice, tar water (liquor)
28. nokum stiff, joy juice (liquor)
29. hard case (tough)
30. bluff (cheater)
31. jailbird (criminal)
32. hard knocks (beaten up)
33. been through the mill (done a lot)
34. quick-step (diarrhea)
35. played out (worn out)
36. toeing the mark (doing the job)
37. Jonah (bad luck)
38. goobers (peanuts)
39. Sunday soldiers, kid glove boys, parlor soldiers (insulting words
for soldiers)
40. fresh fish (raw recruits)
41. whipped (beaten)

Sources: "The Life of Johnny Reb" by Bell Irwin Wiley
"The Life of Billy Yank" by Bell Irwin Wiley

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