Slaughter Hill - CSA Records

Company C, 12th Regiment Georgia Infantry Private / Private Joined June 15, 1861 in Macon County, Georgia by Capt. McMillan for the duration of the war.

Questions for the Applicant

State of Georgia, Macon County

Slaughter Hill states he was living in Montezuma, Macon County, Georgia.He says he was born Oct. 10, 1840 in Macon County Georgia and that he joined Company C 12th Regiment Ga Volunteers about June 10th 1861 in Marshallville Georgia and served nearly 4 years. He was discharged at the close of the war at Appomattox VA. He did not have a present occupation and had not earned any money by his own labor. But he had worked at farming and as a bridge watchman since 1865 and was seeking a pension due to infirmity and poverty. He states he has suffered from ruptures and rheumatism for 13 years and also has symptoms of dropsy.

He has no income and returned nothing for taxation and has been supported by his people. He further says he has a wife and daughter. The daughter is 30 years old and an idiot, very troublesome and expensive and of no help. They have no homestead. He at this time has not received a pension.

Sworn to and subscribed before J. S. Elmore Ordinary of Macon County on 27th day of Jan 1898. Signed Slaughter Hill by his mark.

Doctor's Report:

1898 - He has a double Inguinal Hernia and ________ supported by a truss, incapacitates him from getting about= These hernias are so large and have _________ so long that __________is ________ to _________ on = He is also a constant sufferer from chronic rheumatism which at times causes __________suffering= His general condition is bad due in part to chronic Malarial toxemia which produces ___________ symptoms as a result of Malarial poisoning= Signed by C. H Richardson M. D. and W. J. Hicks M. D..


Medical statements:

1899 - Severely afflicted with rupture and Rheumatism

1900 - Suffers with Rheumatism and dropsy and ruptures

1901 - Has ruptures and rheumatism

1902 - Afflicted with ruptures and rheumatism

1903 - Has rupture and is feeble

1904 - Sypalistic Rheumatism and general debility

1905 - He is feeble from general debility

1906 - Afflicted with rupture, syphillic rheumatis 

1907 - nothing written in

The witness for Slaughter Hill on his application for 1898 was J. J. Easterlin who stated he knew Slaughter Hill and that he lived near Montezuma. He says he has known Slaughter Hill since 1861 and that Slaughter lived in Macon County and had all his life. J. J. Easterlin said during the whole war Slaughter Hill  was a good soldier and was discharged at the surrender at Appomattox VA. He knew that Slaughter had no income because he lived near him and knew of his condition. J. J. Easterlin said that Slaughter Hill was in very poor physical condition and had no occupation with which to earn an income and relied almost entirely on the help of friends for his support.


Sworn and Subscribed before J. S. Elmore Ordinary of Macon County Georgia on the 1st day of February 1898. Signed by J. J. Easterlin


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