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Whitmill B. Hill
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Co. A 10 Batt'n Georgia Infantry
Bunt Hill
Cards filed: Hill, Whitmill B.
Card#: 45631581, 45631684, 4563189?, 45638906 At bottom of document:
See also 12" Ga Inf as Bunt Hill

First card:
Bunt Hill
Private - Capt. James D. Frederick's Co.
Age - 18
Appears on Company Muster Roll
Roll dated: Griffin Ga, Mch 14, 1862
Enrolled for duty: Mch 4, 1862
Where: Macon Co Ga
By Whom: James D. Frederick
Period: 3 years or the war
Second Card:
Bunt Hill
Private - Co A (Macon Co Guards)
Appears on Company Muster Roll for March 4 to June 30 1862 Present/Musician
Third Card:
W. B. Hill
Musc/Co A 10 Batt'n Georgia Infantry
Regimental Return - August 1862
Alterations since last return among the enlisted men Date - Aug 25, 186?
Place - Macon Ga
Remarks - Transferred to Co C 12 Regt Ga Vols
Fourth Card:
Whitmill B. Hill
Musician Co A 10 Batt'n Georgia Infantry Appears on Company Muster Roll for August 1862 Last Paid:
By Whom: Capt R. N. Brown
To what time: July 1, 186?
Remarks: Transferred to Co C 12 Reg Ga Vols Aug, 25, 1862

Co C 12 Georgia Infantry
Card #: 45649938, 45650024, 45650096, 45650161, 45650219, 45650277, 45650335 and 49008946.
At bottom of document is:
See also Whitmill B. Hill
10 Battn Ga Inf
Bunt Hill
Private - Co C, 12 Reg't Georgia Infantry
Enlisted: Aug 31, 1862
Where: Macon Co Ga
By whom: J. T. Carson
Period: For and during the war
Bunt Hill was on the Company Muster Roll aug 31, 1862 - Sept, 1862 Wounded at Sharpsburg, Sept. 17, 1862 was at Camp Winder, Richmond, Va
He was on the Company Muster Roll Nov. to Dec 1862, shown as present.
Bunt Hill was on the Co C, 12 Reg't Georgia Infantry Company Muster Roll as:
Present July and Aug 1863
Present Sept and Oct 1863
Appointed Musician Sept 1, 1863
Present Nov and Dec 1863
B. Hill , Private, Co C, 12 Reg't Ga
Appears on a Register of Receiving
Wayside Hospital or General Hospital No 9 Richmond Va
Admitted: May 18, 1864
Disposition: Jackson
Date: May 19, 1864
B. Hill
Co C 12 Reg't Ga
Jackson Hospital
Richmond, Va
Brigade: Dolds/Doles
Complaint: Amp 3 fingers, left hand / VS left hand / mini ball
Admitted: May 22, 1864
Transferred: May 27, 1864
Where: Columbia , S. C.
B. Hill
Co C 12th Ga Vol
Receipt Roll
General Hospital No. 1, Col, S.C.
July 13, 1864
Present on Company Muster Roll July and Aug 1864 Receipt Roll Dec 27, 1864
bunt Hill
Pvt Co C 12 Regt Ga Inf
Appears on a list of Prisoners of War
Paroled: May 1 to 11, 1865 at various places in Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland.
Date: May 1, 1865
By whom given: Simon Snyder
Where: Staunton Va

Winchester, VA., May 1st 1865.
I B. Hill of C 12th Ga Infantry C. S. Army, do hereby give this my Parole of Honor, that I will not take up arms against the United States Government until I am regularly exchanged. And that if I am permitted to remain at my home I will conduct myself as a good and peaceable citizen, and will respect the laws in force where I reside, and will do nothing to the detriment of, or in opposition to the United States Government.
Bunt (his mark) Hill

Age: 20
Height: 5' 10
Complexion: Dark
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue

Sworn to and subscribed before me, this 1 day of May 1865 Simon Snyder Provost Marshal General Macon County

[This Whitmill Bunt Hill was the son of John Hill of Macon County. His Pension Application will also be posted to this mailing list.]



The undersigned respectfully represents, and solemnly swears, that he was enlisted at Oglethorpe, Georgia on the 15 day of March 1862 In Captain Thos.
Carson's Company, of 12 Regiment from the State of Georgia, and served in said Company; that while serving and in the legitimate discharge of duty he was on the 6th day of May 1864, Williamsburg (?) VA wounded by a minnie ?
ball and that as a direct result of said wound, he is now unable to perform manual labor; that he is not a pensioner of any other State or the United States;that he has resided continuously the last twenty years in the STATE OF FLORIDA, and respectfully makes this claim for the pension authorized by the Act approved February 16th, 1885, and amended June 7th, 1887.
W. B. Hill applicant

Sworn and subscribed before me this 1st day of December 1887 ; Council A.
Bryan , Clerk Court Leon Co
P. O. Tallahassee, Leon County, Fla

WE SWEAR that Whitmill B. Hill, the above applicant is personally well known to us, that we served with him in said Captain Thomas Carson's Company, and were present with said Company on said 6th day of May 1864, and believe all the statements made in above affidavit are true and occurred as represented.
W. A. Wicker
Slaughter (his mark) Hill Sworn to and subscribed before me this 23 day of February 1888 F. T. G **** J. P

I CERTIFY that I have carefully examined the above applicant W. B Hill who is to me personally well known to be the man above represented and find that he has lost 1st and 2nd joint of third finger of left hand. Also what appears to have been a severe wound of left hip from a rifle ball resulting in the loss of use of said hand and use of left leg for prolong exertion or hard labor.
W J Green, M. D.
Surgeon Date Dec 1st, 1887

STATE OF FLORIDA, County of Wakulla
We, the Board of County Commissioners of said county, do certify that we have carefully investigated the statements made in the within affidavits, and are satisfied by evidence produced before us, that the within described applicant is the veritable Whitmill B. Hill who enlisted and served in Captain Thomas Carson's Company C Regiment , from the State of 12 Georgia, that he is, by reason of wounds received in line of duty, while serving, unable to perform manual labor, that he is a citizen of this county, has resided in this State continuously for the last twenty years, and that he is not receiving a pension from any other State, or from the United States.

Done at Crawfordville, the county site this 2nd day of April 1888
J. W. Adams
President of the Board of County Commissioners
G. R. Whaly
G. R*****

Attest: Geo R. Smith

Filed in the Adjutant General's Office Apr 7, 1888 Not allowed June 29, 1889

By Mrs. Jane Hill
Wakulla County
Widow of W. B. Hill
of Fredericks Company
Doyles Ga Regiment
July 16, 1903
July 20, 1903
C. H. Duk????
Pay from July 16, 1903 at rate of $96.00 per annum

Wakulla County
On this 27th day of June 1903 personally appeared before me a Clerk Circuit Court in and for said county and State Mrs. Jane Hill aged 59 years who , being by me duly sworn according to law, makes the following declaration in order to claim the pension provided by Act of the Legislature, approved June 6, 1903, for indigent widows of deceased and aged Confederate soldiers and
sailors: I am the lawful widow of William B. Hill who enlisted March 1861 in Captain Jas D. Frederick Company A Doyles Regiment of the State of Ga and who while in actual service and in the line of duty as Private was on the 9"
day of May, 1864 at Wilderness in the State of Va___________________ that I was legally married to said soldier prior to the first day of January 1885 at ___________in the State of Florida; that I have been a bona fide resident of the State of Florida continuously since the day of January, A. D. 1890; that I do not own property, real and personal, to the value of $800 in this or !
any other State, and am not otherwise enabled or in position to earn a livelihood, and have no income from any source sufficient for a livelihood; and that I have not purposely disposed of my property for the purpose of availing myself of the provisions of this Act.
Sworn to and subscribed before me this 27th day of June 1903.
Mrs. Jane Hill
J. M Towles (?) Woodville Fla
Clerk Circuit Court Wakulla County


County of Leon

On this 27th day of July A.D. One Thousand Nine Hundred and Nine, personally appeared before me a Clerk Circuit Court in and for the County and State aforesaid, Elizabeth Jane Hill a resident of Tallahassee County of Leon State of Florida, who being duly sworn according to law, makes the following declaration in order to obtain a pension under the provision of Chapter 5885, Laws of Florida, approved June 7, 1909.

That she is the widow of W. B. Hill who enlisted under the name of W. B.
Hill on the 15 day of March , 1862, in company Carson's 12th Regiment of the State of Georgia and who was honorably discharged at May 6th 1864 on account of wounds.

That she was lawfully married to the said W. B. Hill under the name of Eliza Jane Levy in the County of Leon, State of Florida on or about______ day of
1866 and that she was not divorced from him and that she has not remarried since his death, which occurred on the 28th day of August, 1900, in the County of Leon, State of Florida.

That she is a resident of Leon County, Florida, and has continuously resided in the State of Florida since the____ of __all her life.

That she does not own property, including real estate, personal property, mortgages or other collateral securities, stocks or bonds in this or any other State to exceed in value the sum of Five Thousand Dollars.

That the following is a true and correct statement of all property owned by me in this or any other State:
Real estate, located at 80 acres Waukulla and 40 acres in Leon County Fla =
120 $ 360.00
Personal property NONE
Cattle, horses and other stock NONE
Stocks NONE
Bonds NONE
Mortgages, notes and other securities NONE
Total $ 360.00

That she has heretofore been granted a pension from the State of Florida under Certificate No. 2020. That she is not a pensioner of any other State.

That her Postoffice address is Tallahassee County of Leon, State of Florida.
Eliza Jane Hill (signed her name)
(1) J. C. Barnett
(2) N. E. Bassett

Sworn and subscribed before me this 27th day of July A. D. 1909; and I hereby certify that the above declaration, etc., were fully made known and explained to the applicant before swearing; and that I have no interest, direct of indirect, in the prosecution of this claim.
Henry T. Fellkell
Clerk Circuit Court

Form B
County of Leon
We, the undersigned citizens of Leon County, State of Florida, do hereby certify that we personally know Eliza Jane Hill, who is an applicant for a pension under the Laws of Florida, and that from our own personal knowledge, and from the best information available, we believe that the applicant does not own property to exceed in value the sum of $ 5,000, and that the statements made by her relative to the value of her property are true and correct.
W. A. DeMilly (?)
Wm. Olhuis (?) Sworn and subscribed before me this 27th day of July 1909
Henry T. Fellkell
Clerk Circuit Court This application was filed in the Pension Department on Aug 17 1909 and was approved Sep 10 1909 at the rate of $ 120 per annum.


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