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Mr. Allen Odom    [1884 - 1925] Pine Level Cem.

Berryman H. Odom, Sr.    [1880 - 1954] Bertha Dozier Cem.
Mrs. Berryman H. [Lula Law] Odom, Sr.    [1886 - 1969] Bertha dozier Cem.
Mrs. E. W. Bert Howell] Odom    [d. Dec. 1953] Age unknown - Cedar Valley Cem. UNMARKED
Ed Odom    [1880 - 1945] Kelley Family Cem.
Mr. Genie Odom    [b. ca. 1874 d. Oct. 1932] Odom Cem. UNMARKED
Henry Cleve Odom    [1920 - 1956] WWII  Cedar Valley Cem.
J. C. Odom    [d. March 1937] Age unknown - Burial Unknown Motorcycle accident
Mrs. Joe [Alice Odom] Odom    [d. 8-28-1951 @ Warwick @ 81 yrs.] __om Cem. [Odom ???]UNMK'd
MRS. LINDA [Chambley] ODOM
Josh Cleveland Odom    [d. 4-4-1949]  Odom Cem.
Miss Mildred Lucille Odom    [1903 - 1992] Bertha Dozier Cem.
Savage Odom  [d. 6-9-1941 @ 24 yrs.] Struck by train- Funeral-Bartlett Church-Churchyard Cem. ???
Mr. Shepard  A. Odom    [ d.March 1935] CSA Marker [No Dates]  Odom Cem.
Mrs. Shepard A. [Julia Parks] Odom    [d. June 1937 ] Odom Cem. UNMARKED


Miss Elizabeth Reid Ogburn    [1858 - 1901] New Hope [Little Vine] Cem.-Reynolds,Ga.
Mrs. John [Pheribie Price] Ogburn    [1826 - 1902] Bethlehem Cem.-Taylor Co., Ga.
Miss Mary P. Ogburn    [1857 - 1907] Pine Level Cem.
Otis Eldridge Ogburn    [1894 - 1963] Hillcrest Cem. Reynolds, Ga. Taylor Co.
Mrs. W. H. [Louise Dixon] Ogburn    [d. July 1941 @ 71 yrs.] New Hope [Little Vine] Cem. Reynolds


Mrs. Ruby Eloise [Vining] Baldino Oglesby    [1934 - 1989] Oaklawn Cem. Ft. Valley, Ga.


"Little" Joel Kevin Oldham    [May 14, 1959] only date  Felton Cem.


Charlie Mullins Oliver    [1872 - 1937] Ideal Cem.
Charlie M. Oliver, Jr.    [d. 10-2-2000 @ 80 yrs.] Lockwood Cem. in Ideal
E. Pluribus Unum Oliver    [d. 11-30-1860 @ 1 yr. 10 mo. & 9 dys.]Mt. Vernon Cem.s/o John T.Oliver
John T. Oliver, Jr.    [1926 - 1930] County Line Cem.
Joseph Oliver    [d. March 1881 Kicked by a mule] Age & Burial unknown
Mrs. Kate B. Oliver
Marvin T. Oliver    [1906 - 1942] Ideal Cem.
Myrtle Oliver    [d. March 1930 @ 11 yrs of Blood Poison] Pleasant Grove Cem. UNMARKED
Oscar G. Oliver    [d. May 1955 @ 65 yrs.] Mt. Vernon Cem. UNMARKED
Mrs. T.  P. [Sallie Vann Jones] Hill  Oliver    [1841 - 1900] Oglethorpe Cem.
Thomas Edwin Oliver    [1899 - 1967] County Line Bapt Cem.
Wm. Henry Oliver, Jr.    [1833 - 1907] CSA Mt. Vernon Cem. Schley Co., Ga.

E. Paul O'Shields

"Little" Oscar Osteen    [ - d. Oct. 1919] Red Hill Burying Ground - UNMARKED

Master Sgt. Raymond Overby

Claude McLendon Ozier

Oscar L. Ozier    [d. Sept 1940 @ 55 yrs.@ Decatur, Al.] Prob. Decatur, Al.
Robert Edgar Ozier    [1880 - 1963] Felton Cem.
Mrs. Robert Edgar [Daisy Copeland] Ozier    [1892 - 1953] Felton Cem


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