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Sergent James C. Yarbrough [d.July 26, 1862 Wright's Brigade Hosp.@ 22 yrs.] Burial Unknown
John Jeter Yarbrough [d.July 1945 @ 72 yrs. @ Marshallville] Roberta Cem.
"Infant" Linda Jeanne Yawn [April 1949 - June 1949] Cedar Valley Ce
Melvin C. Yoder [1941 - 1971] Montezuma Mennonite Cem.
Melvin L. Yoder, Jr. [d. 9-9-1967 @ 21 yrs. Auto Accident in Ohio] Montezuma Mennonite Cem.
MRS. RUDIE W. [Lydia  Schrock] YODER
Mr. Simon L. Yoder
Ashley Young [d. Dec. 1944 KIA @ Leyte] Burial - Unknown

Mrs. John [Elizabeth Price] Young [d. Jan. 1874 @ 80 yrs. near Montezuma] Young Family Cem.
Miss Sarah V. Young [d. 11-15-1980 @ 81 yrs. @ Thomasville,Ga. ] Felton Cem.
Mrs. Seaton T. [Mattie Arline] Young 1860 - 1944] Felton Cem.
Thomas Riley Young [d. Aug. 1959 @ 67 yrs.] Bryon Cem.
William E. Young [d. Jan. 1955 @ 57 yrs. @ Cairo,Ga.] Laurel Hill Cem. Thomasville, Ga.
Mrs. Willie O. [Mattie Wilson] Young [1874 - 1941] Felton Cem.
Wilson Graham Young [d. April 1857 @ 17 yrs.Macon Co. per Macon Messenger]Burial-Unknown
Henry Dave Youngblood[d. Dec. 1975 @ 57 yrs. @ Montezuma] Mt. Olive Cem.-Taylor Co.
Mrs. Henry David [Iris Dunmon] Youngblood [d.9-5-1999 @ 79 yrs.] Mt. Olive Cem. - Taylor Co.
Mrs. David H. [Beulah Lee Wilson] Youngblood, Sr. [1896 - 1959] Mt. Olive Cem.-Taylor Co.
Joe Youngblood [d.Sept 1918 @ 52 yrs.] Potterville, Family Burying Grounds ??
Joseph Benjamin Youngblood, Sr. [1927 - 1982] Oglethorpe Cem.
Wm. K. Youngblood [1921 - 1984] WWII Marshallville Cem.
W. L. Youngblood [d. March 1915] Age Unknown Andersonville Cem. [National or City ??]
Mrs. Wm. T. [Virginia Joiner] Youngblood [1876 - 1948] Oglethorpe Cem.


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