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Macon County Georgia Obits
By Davine Campbell

I am reformatting the Obits and will be attempting to make sure we have all the obits that are indexed on these pages. I plan on linking the indexed name to the obit it's self.  This is a large project and will take months if not a year to complete.  Please be patient.  This is my volunteer job. I still have a real job and do this in my spare time. Margie

The easiest way to find a obit is to check the Obit Index  first .  We are striving to get all the obits linked from the index to the obit.  If you find a obit not yet linked then check the alpha page and do a page search using your browser bar.

Click Edit the click on "Find on this page", type in the surname you are looking for and click until you get a message asking if you want to start from the top.  Eventually all obits will be sorted on the page and linked from the index. We hope you find what you are looking for. 

Obit Index

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 Obits Posted to
GenConnect, Ancestry Boards, Mail list and Macon County GAGenWeb site

Many obits were posted to the Old Gen Connect boards and some were lost due to a server problem.  The GenConnect boards were not a part of the Macon County GeorgiaGenWeb county site.  A very important lesson has been learned from this. What is sent to to be  added  to the county site is also stored on my computer and no matter what happens I will have a copy of the data.  It is important that you submit your data to the county site. The message boards are nice for queries but you must remember I have no control over the data if it is not sent to me for the Macon County site. Data you place on the boards is not forwarded to me to place on the counties. Submit your data today!!!  I confess to being human and I do make errors.  If you spot one please let me know. 

"When I get a little money I buy genealogy books and microfilm, and if any is left I buy food and clothes."
Margie Daniels

Send your information to Margie Daniels margie@majorinternet.net to be included on the Macon County site.

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Material on located on this site belongs to the contributor, copyrighted for their compilation and many are private records not found in any public domain records.  The data remains the sole property of the submitter and does not become a property of any organization.  The submitters have not entered into any agreements with the CC's of this site or their space provider to have permanent use of any material on this site.

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