Below is a chronological history of many of the Hills that ended up in Taylor, Macon, Schley & Marion, and other middle Georgia Counties. For the sake of space and time I had to be brief and only included excerpts of some of the data.

The patriarch of a great deal of the Hill’s in these middle Georgia Counties was Thomas Hill. His wife was Comfort Hill, although I am not sure if she is the mother of all of the children or not. The first written record I have located so far is the following deed, although a census record indicates at least one of the older sons was born in Virginia sometime in the 1740’s.

On October 15, 1761, Thomas Hill purchased 700 acres in Halifax County North Carolina on the South side of Coneto pocoson, joining Hills corner, Edmonsons line, Marmaduke Norfleet, Colonel Conner, and little Conneto pocoson.

He sold some of this land in 1763, and in his will dated 1768, he left the balance of the land to his 3 eldest sons.

July 14, 1768 North Carolina, Halifax County Will #144 Page 236 Last Will & Testament of Thomas Hill abstract: I Thomas Hill of North Carolina in the County of Halifax …I give and bequeath unto my son George Hill….Dwelling plantation w/150 acres…son Slaughter Hill…150 acres ..1 slave, …my James Hill 100 acres…my Daughter Nancy Hill cow & calf..Cumfort Hill (wife) …..Rest of my children namely Anas Hill and Mosses (sic) Hill and Thomas Hill and William and Elizabeth Hill and Nanny Hill

To relate who is who in future paragraphs, I am going to number the male children. I did not number the female children, since I have be unable to locate who they married or what happened to any of them after their fathers will: 1 - George Hill; 2 - Slaughter Hill; 3 - James Hill; 4 - Moses Hill; 5 - Thomas Hill; 6 – William Hill

In 1774, the land that the boys had inherited from their father in Halifax County North Carolina, fell into the newly created Martin County North Carolina. Shortly there after, James Hill (3) & his wife sold his inheritance.

On December 19, 1776 per the Martin County North Carolina Deed book A, page 161, James Hill (3) and wife Nancy sold his inheritance to George Cockburn for 35 pounds, 100 acres beginning a pine the south side of Conoho Pocosin, it being a corner tree in Thomas Hill's old patent line, then to Edmondson's line, to Davidson's line and to the first station.

The following year Slaughter Hill (2) & his wife sold their property and it is believed they then as a family moved to Bladen County North Carolina.

December 12, 1777, Deed Book A, Page 195 - Slauther Hill (3) and wife Elizabeth to Sterling Savage for 80 pounds, 150 acres being the plantation whereon the said Hill lived, beginning a corner tree Little Coneto Swamp, marked trees Thomas Edmondson's line to Richard Knights' line, then to Robert Savage's line and various courses to first station.

In 1779, Slaughter Hill (2) received a land grant in Bladen County North Carolina, which wasn’t recorded until 1787 when that part of the county became part of the newly formed Robeson County North Carolina.

May 4, 1779 Robeson County North Carolina deeds: Book A, Page 153-154 State of North Carolina land grant No. 1236 To whom these presents shall come greeting Know Ye that we for and in consideration of the sum off (sic) Fifty Shillings for every hundred acres hereby granted paid unto our Treasury by Slaughter Hill (2) have given and granted and by these presents do give and grant unto the said Slaughter Hill…150 acres lying and being in our County of Bladen on the west side of Ashpole on the great branch Beginning at a white oak and pine in John Smiths line running N17W26 chain to a cypress then N80W25 chain to a white oak then S10W67 chain to a stake then N50E to the Beginning…

In early 1786 the Hill family sold the land that George Hill (1) had inherited, since he apparently died leaving no heirs per the following deed:

January 6, 1786 Martin County North Carolina Deeds: 948 (A-550) (Poor copy of deed on file) ... we Comfort Hill (mother), Slaughter Hill (2), Moses Hill (4), Thomas Hill (5) and William Hill (6) of the County of Bladen..To Nehemiah Staton of the County of Martin... dated January 6, 1786; 65 pounds for 150 acres land in Martin, .....Coneto swamp containing one hundred and fifty acres.. sd (land) granted granted by patent for Thomas Hill (Oct. 15, 1761) given by will to his son George Hill the dwelling plantation of said Thomas Hill b(egins) at Sterling Savage's line made by Slaughter Hill and ( ) Savage. beginning at Sterling Savage’s corner (pine?) ……………..

A second item that should be noted is that James Hill (3) their brother did not sign. This to me indicates that he is also dead, although his suspected widow is still in Robeson per the 1790 census.

1790 U. S. Census, Robeson County North Carolina -
(2) Slaughter Hill 143-0-0;
(5) Thomas Hill 102-0-0
(3+) Nancy Hill 022-0-0 (widow of James Hill-3)
(4) Moses Hill 112-0-0
(6) William Hill 113-0-0

Dozens of land deals were being done by the Hill’s, and they owned literally thousands of acres in this area at any given time. It also must be noted that Robeson County North Carolina is on the boarder with Marion County South Carolina, and several in the family owned property in both states.

1800 U. S. Census, Robeson County North Carolina:
(2) Slaughter Hill 31201-02001-02:
(2.1) Whitmill Hill 00010-10100 (son of Slaughter-2);
(3.1) William Hill 00100-00000-00 (son of James-3);
(4) Moses Hill 00110-01110-01;
(5) Thomas Hill 10010-00010-00;
(6) William Hill 21010-01010

1810 U. S. Census, Robeson County North Carolina (unless otherwise noted):
(2) Slaughter Hill 01101-00010-01
(2.1) Whittmill Hill 20010-21010, (son of Slaughter-2)
(2.2) Noah Hill 10010-00100, (son of Slaughter-2)
(2.3) Jacob Brewer 20100-10100, (married Margaret Hill, d/o of Slaughter-2)
(2.4) Reddan Varnam 00101-10101-00, (married Temperance Hill, d/o Slaughter-2)
(3.1) William Hill 10010-20010-0-0 (s/o James-3. Wm was enumerated in the Marion South Carolina census in 1810)
(3.2) James Hill 10100-22010-01, (son of James-3)
(4) Moses Hill 10011-10111-1-6
(5) Thomas Hill 00101-10010-00,
(6) William Hill 00301-00001,

In 1818 Slaughter Hill (2) of Robeson left the following will and died.

October 27, 1818 From Robeson County North Carolina 1818 - Last Will & Testament of (2) Slaughter Hill (excerpt only) …I give and bequeath to rebecca (sic) my dear beloved wife.. (note this is his second wife who he married between 1801-1810, and as far as I can tell did not have any children by her.) ……….Secondly .. I give to my well beloved son (2.6) Moses ….My will is this property when sold and the money collected after my debts being paid that it be divided into five shares equally between (2.1) Whitmael Hill (2.5) John Hill my son and my beloved daughter (2.4) Temperance Varnom and my son (2.2) Noah Hills children and my daughter (2.3) Margeret Brewer wife of Jacob Brewer and I moreover mke (sic) and constitute my Brother (4) Moses Hill and my son (2.6) Moses Hill … Signed: (2) Slaughter Hill Witnesses: Charles Staten, (5) Thomas Hill (by mark), (2.1)Whitmall Hill (by mark), (2.6) Moses Hill, Stephen B. McLeod

During the 1820 Robeson Census, many people in this area were skipped or not counted, leaving a lot of guessing to be done.

1820 Robeson County North Carolina Census, (Microflim M33 / 84)
(2.4) Reddin Varnon 300010-21011;
(3.1) William Hill 000110-10101 (son of James-3, enumerated in Marion SC);
(3.2) James Hill 300010-11010-3 (son of James-3);
(6) William Hill 000011-00001;
(6.2) William Hill 100100-10100 (son of William-6);
(6.3) Josiah Hill 300100-20100(son of William-6);

1820 Marion County South Carolina Census showed:
William Underwood 110010-31010 (including for reference, since they came to GA about the same time as the Hill’s.. A (unknown) Josiah Hill married his daughter, and at least 3 Hill’s married John Underwood’s daughters. John Underwood was William’s son)

December 20, 1826 Robeson County North Carolina deeds: Book U, Page 35 Stephen Grantham & (3.1) William Hill, Jr. To (6) William Hill, Senr. - State of North Carolina Robeson County: Know all men by these presents that we Stephen Grantham and William Hill, Jr. administrators of the Estate of (5) Thomas Hill Dec’d, hold bargained sold ad delivered a certain Negro girl by the name of Mindy unto (6) William Hill Senr. for and in consideration of the sum of $210.75 …..Test: Ebnezer Thompson, (3.2) James Hill

The following deed proved Archibald Hill was part of the Robeson Hill’s:

February 28, 1827 Robeson County North Carolina deeds: Book U, Page 210 (excerpt), (2.4) Reddin Varnum To Stephen Grantham – 100 acres in the County & state aforesaid on the West side of Ashpole Swamp beginning at a Turkey Oak near the Swamp Dempsey Barfields beginning Tree & runs thence 30 W 31 C & 63 links to a stake among three turkey Oaks and a water Oak pointers Thence S 60 E 31 C 63 links Thence N 30 E 31 C 63 links Thence direct to the beginning Surveyed for Robert Edwards in May 1768 Signed: (2.4) Readin Varnum Witnessed: Lewis Herring, Archibald Hill Recorded: November Term 1828 Then was this deed proved in open court by the oath of Lewis Herring and ordered to be registered Neill Buie Clk 6th January 1829

There were many Hill land deals being done during this time frame. It appeared they were selling land in preparation for moving to the newly acquired parts of Georgia. By 1830, many of (2) Slaughter Hill’s children and grandchildren were in Marion County Georgia. The full transcription of it can be found at:


1830 Census, Marion County Georgia
(2.4) Redin Varnom 1001001x-010201x; (note. Reddin re-married in 1827 in Robeson after his first wife (2.4) Temperance Hill had died – He is enumerated in 1830 close to Archibald who witnessed his deed in 1827)
(2.5) John Hill 110011x-110001x;
(2.6) Moses Hill 200101x-00001a;
(2.1.+) Archibald Hill 10001x-10001x;
(3.x) Wiley Hill 1011001x-010001x (believed son of (3) James Hill, may have been called Wiley Wise for a period of time)

1830 Census, Bibb County Georgia
(2.1.+) Slaughter Hill

1830 Robeson County North Carolina Census showed:
(2.1) Whitmill Hill 001000010x-00010x
(2.3) Jacob Brewer 001120010x-11200010x;
(6) William Hill 0010001001x-0000000010x
(6.2) Josiah Hill 0120010x-0120010x
(6.3) William Hill 2200010x-2010010x
(unknown-widow of ?) Crissey Hill (40-50) 220x-00010010x;
(3.2) James Hill 00110010x-01100010x

1830 Marion County South Carolina census
(3.1) William Hill 0000101-000110001
(3.1.1) David Hill 10001-00001 (son of (3.1)William, g/s of (3) James Hill)

1830 census of Jefferson County, Florida,
(4) Moses Hill 0000000001x-000000001x

February 15, 1831 – James G. Parks (Estate) (from: Misc. Estate Records of Houston County Georgia, Annual Returns Book “A” 1824-1833, page 50 in said book) Page 128-132, 15 Feb. 1831: John Fletcher, Administrator, an accounting of the notes and book accounts that came into his hand. (names of interest to the Hill quest) William Underwood, Redding Varnum, Archbald Hill, John Underwood, John Hill, Silas Taylor, Moses Hill, Wiley Hill, (NOTE: There are many other names in this list not noted here. A lot may be found in the 1830 census of Marion County, GA, also came from Robeson NC or Marion SC and many had land dealings with the Hill’s)

(2.1) Whitmill Hill sold his property in Robeson and moved to Georgia

November 28, 1831 Robeson County North Carolina deeds: Book W, Page 156-157 (excrept), Whitmill Hill of Robeson North Carolina To David Rowland of the same, $500 for 4 tracts, 325 acres, dated 11/28/1831

1832 Georgia - Cherokee Land Lottery of 1832, (from the book)
Page 20, (2.1.+) Archibald Hill of Mitchell’s District of Marion County Georgia, Drew Lot # 194, Union County Georgia, 7th District, 1st Section.
Page 99, (2.1.+) Slaugther Hill of Mizell’s District of Talbot(?) County Georgia, Drew Lot # 240, Gilmer County Georgia, 8th District, 2st Section.

I have never found any evidence that they ever occupied that land from the 1832 Land Lottery.

August 22, 1833 Robeson County North Carolina (6) William Hill, Sr, Last Will & Testament (not witnessed) …..I Give and bequeth unto my younger Son (6.3) Josiah Hill….I also give and bequeth unto my Son (6.2) William Hill ….my eldest Son (6.1) Edward Hill (Note: He is believed to have had daughters, but did not name them in his will. The will was not witnessed and was subject to some controversy in the courts-Edward never married and died intestate in 1846. Williams descendants stayed in the Robeson area; Majority of Josiah’s descendants were in Florida by 1850, some passed through Georgia)

September 12, 1836 Last Will & Testament of (4) Moses Hill, Jefferson County FL, Will Book B, page 345, Will: 12 Sep 1836, Jan 21, 1837 (Dates and information given to me by another researcher. I have not seen the actual will. Another researcher looked for it in the FL state archives and could not find it) to daughter Elizabeth Stevens …to Granddaughter Civil Susannah Powell, wife of W.G. Powell…..to Granddaughter Joanna Caroline Newsom, wife of David Newsom …..to Grandson Thomas Hill Steven…..

1840 Census, Robeson County North Carolina
(6.1) Edward Hill 00000001x-12;
(6.2) William Hill 1211001x-0121101x-1
(6.3) Mary Hill 01011x-0001001 (widow of (6.3) Josiah Hill, s/o (6) William)
(unknown) John A. Hill 10001x-10001x;
(2.3) Jacob Brewer 00002001x-00101001x
(2.3.1) Jesse Brewer 200001x-01001x (son of Jacob & (2.3) Margaret Hill Brewer)
(2.3.2) John Brewer 100001x-210001x; (son of Jacob & (2.3) Margaret Hill Brewer)
(3.2) James Hill 00000001x-000110001x (slave 141x-411x);
(3.2.1) Griffin Hill 10001x-01001x; (son of (3.2) James Hill, gs/o (3) James Hill)

1840 Census, Macon County Georgia
(2.1) Whitmill Hill 0000000001x-20001x;
(2.1.+) Archibald Hill 321001x-0010001x;
(2.1.+) Slaughter Hill 111011x-210001x;
(2.5) John Hill 3110101x-23111x;
(2.6) Moses Hill 3300001x-000001x;
(3.x.1) Jesse Hill 20001x-00001; believe son of (3.x) Wiley Hill
(3.x.2) Burwell P. Hill 10001x-10001x; believe son of (3.x) Wiley Hill
(6.3.1) Griffin Taylor 11002x-11002x; (married Elizabeth Hill, d/o (6.3) Josiah Hill
(unknown) Josiah Hill 100101x-01001x (married William Underwoods daughter, Sarah who died prior to the 1850 census)

1840 Marion County South Carolina census
(3.1) William Hill 00001001-000010001;
(3.1.1) David Hill 010001-010001 (son of (3.1)William, g/s of (3) James Hill)
(3.1.2) Joel Grainger 000001-210001 (married daughter of (3.1)William, g/s of (3) James Hill)

1850 U.S. Census, Robeson County North Carolina -
HH #642 Wilson Page 23 SC, Colin 22 SC, Augustus 18 SC, Viney A. 16 SC, Milly Hill 84 b. Robeson (unknown who Milly is tied to, however several of the Hill’s married into the Page family, including (4) Moses, (3.x) Wiley, (3.1) William, possibly others)

For the sake of space, I am not going to include the children in the households, only the heads. + = +family or other folks listed in the household:

HH #652 (unknown) John A. Hill 36 Robeson NC; +family
HH #718 (3.2.1) Griffin Hill 31, +family
HH #719 (3.2) James Hill 65, +family
HH #720 (3.2.2) Nancy Stephens 34, + (d/o of (3.2) James)
HH #811 (6.2.5) Andrew Hill 24; + (son of (6.2) William)
HH #814 Davis Flenn 16; (6.2.6) Milly (Hill) 20; (daughter of (6.2) William)
HH #819 (6.2.3) Solomon Hill 27; +wife (son of (6.2) William)
HH #820 (6.2) William Hill 50;+
HH #821 (6.2.2) Ann J. Hill 24,+ (widow of William III, (son of (6.2) William)
HH #822 (6.3.2) Roderick Hill 36;+ (son of (6.3) Josiah Hill, g/s (6) William)
HH #823 (2.3.2) John Brewer 42;+ (son of Jacob & Margaret Hill Brewer)
HH #824 (2.3.1) Jesse Brewer 45,+ (son of Jacob & Margaret Hill Brewer)

1850 U.S. Census, Marion South Carolina -
HH #569 (3.1) William Hill 67 Farmer
HH #570 (3.1.2) Barnabas Powell 38; Betsey (Hill) 38;+ (daughter of (3.1) William)
HH #571 (3.2.1) David Hill 48,+ (son of (3.1) William)

1850 Census, Muscogee County Georgia
HH #143 (3.x.1) Jessee Hill 39 SC,+ (son of Wiley Hill)
HH #175 (3.x) Wiley Hill 63, Marion Co?, SC, Susan (Page) 53 Marion Co?, SC;+
1850 Census Halloca District, Muscogee County Georgia
HH #68 (3.x.2) B. P. Hill, 30, SC, Male, + (son of Wiley Hill)
HH #69 Merady Wise 66 SC, John Hill 12, (son of B(urrel).P(ope?)+

1850 Jefferson County Florida
HH #80 (4.1.1) William G. Powell 42 M Farmer 200 NC, Civil L. (Stevens) 36+, (d/o (4.1) Elizabeth Page Hill, who married Ebenezer Stevens, Elizabeth was d/o (4) Moses Hill)

1850 Henry County Alabama:
HH #1016 (2.4) Readen Varnum 65 Farmer, NC;+

1850 Washington County Florida:
HH #101 (6.3.1) Griffin Taylor 41 M Farmer $400 NC, Elizabeth (Hill) 34 NC, (daughter of (6.3) Josiah Hill)
HH #101 (6.3) Polly Hill 58 F SC+ (widow of (6.3) Josiah Hill)
HH #102 (6.3.3) Everitt Hill 35 M Farmer NC,+ (son of (6.3) Josiah Hill, g/s (6) William)

1850 U.S. Census, Burelson Texas
HH #75 (3.3.3) William J.(ames) Hill 38 M farming 300 NC,+ (son of James Hill, g/s James Hill, came thru GA, went to MS where he married and then to Texas)

1850 Census, Macon County Georgia
HH #371 Josiah Hill 38, Merchant, 1,500 NC (all have ditto marks on the birthstate of NC), William E. 10, Harris? L. 8, Henry C. 6, Elisa 22, NC, Martha Page 16, NC – (he is supposed to be the widower of Sarah Underwood, d/o William Underwood. Assuming that is correct, I do not believe that the children were born in NC, since Wm Underwood and many of the Hills were already in GA by 1830- I do no know his relationship to the Hill’s but he is most likely one of them)
HH #400 Levi Barfield 46, SC,+ Catherine 14, (she first married John A. Watson in 1858 in Taylor County who was killed in the war. She then married Archibald Hill in 1866 after his first wife Samantha Barfield died)
HH #409 Charles Herrin 22, (2.3.4) Pennia (Brewer) 35+ (she is the daughter of Jacob & Margaret Hill Brewer)
HH #410 (2.1.+) Slaughter Hill 46, Farmer, 25000, NC,+ (he is the brother of Archibald Hill, per court case, see below - 1859)
HH #420 Thomas Hill 29, NC, (unknown how he fits in as of today), Sarah 23, (she is believed to be the daughter of Jacob & Margaret Hill Brewer)+, (2.3) Margaret A. Brewer 66, NC
HH #654 (2.5) John Hill 62, NC+
HH #655 Winey Barfield 60 NC, Orra Barfield 24? (2.1.+ Slaughter Hill named his children by Orra in his will written in 1861, never married her)
HH #667 Alcey Hill 45 F NC, (unknown how she fits in, but considering the names of her children, she is part of the Hill clan) Slaughter 10, Wm. 8, Samuel 6, *Saly Melvin 38 NC (*believe she could be a daughter of Reddin & Temperance Hill Varnum, although it is only a theory at this time), Wesley " 8 GA, Jane(?) " 6, Elizabeth Hays 65

1850 Census, Marion County Georgia
HH #146 (2.3.3) Hamilton Brewer 33, NC, (2.1.x) Nancy (Hill) 20, Ga+ (Hamilton is the son of Jacob & (2.3) Margaret Hill Brewer – Nancy is the daughter of (2.1.+) Archibald & Samantha Barfield Hill)
HH #154 (2.1.+) Archibald Hill 47, SC; Martha (Samantha Barfield) 43, SC; Wisley (Wesley) 19 (married Rebecca Ham), Joel 16, (married Appy Underwood, was killed in the war); Elbert 14, (married Nancy Catherine Murray) Burton D., 12; (no children, married twice), Slatter,(Slaughter) 9 (married twice); Hamilton 8; (married 5 times), Priseva 6, (married Lucinda Duncan); Amos, 4; (lost track, died young?, killed in war?)
Mary 2; (married John Wesley Brewer, son of Moses Brewer, g/s of Jacob & Margerett Hill Brewer.)
HH #155 Lewis Hill, (eldest son of Archibald Hill) 21, Farmer, $100, SC,+ Mary (Joiner), 19, GA+

Proof that Archibald Hill of Taylor & Slaughter Hill of Macon were brothers:
Taylor County Superior Court Records – 1859 (transcribed and posted by Virginia Crilley) Excerpt: “Slaughter Hill sworn says he never bought a horse from John Barefield, has a brother named Arch Hill knows no other Arch Hill, did not sign the notes that have been in exhibited to John Hudson always write his name and never made his mark. The notes aforementioned were ? read to the Jury by the prosecution.”
I have not found written proof on who would be the father of Archibald & Slaughter Hill, but through census analysis and studying all the Robeson Hill families I can make an educated guess. Per the 1850 Census’s, Archibald was born about 1803 & Slaughter was born about 1804.

The 1810 US Census had the following categories: Males <10, 10-16, 16-26, 26-45, 45 up, repeated on Females, then All other free persons except Indians not taxed, & Slaves

Both Archibald & Slaughter would fall into the <10 category. Referring back to the Hill’s from the 1810 census, the following are only ones that have at least 1 male child the correct age to be Archibald or Slaughter:

Robeson County North Carolina
(2.1) Whittmill Hill 20010-21010, (son of Slaughter-2)
(2.2) Noah Hill 10010-00100, (son of Slaughter-2)
(3.1) William Hill 10010-20010-0-0 (s/o James-3. Enumerated Marion SC)
(3.2) James Hill 10100-22010-01, (son of James-3)
(4) Moses Hill 10011-10111-1-6

(2.1) Whittmill Hill 20010-21010 is the only one that has 2 boys the correct age listed in his household. He moves to Macon Cty GA after 1831 and lives on Land Lot #95 (per 1838 tax digest) which adjoins property owned by Slaughter Hill. Lot #95 was part of the property that was left in Slaughter Hill’s will to Orra Barfield. A deed states that Slaughter Hill bought that land from Alsey Hill, have not found out how Alsey acquired the land?

(2.2) Noah Hill 10010-00100, (son of Slaughter-2) Noah is a problem since he died before his father, leaving no will. Still he only had one son listed the proper age.

(3.1) William Hill 10010-20010-0-0 (s/o James-3. Enumerated Marion SC) His son was named David per many documents including his will. David’s age fits this category.

(3.2) James Hill 10100-22010-01, (son of James-3) This boy was a son from his wife’s first marriage. James left a will and much documentation.

(4) Moses Hill 10011-10111-1-6 He left a will and only named one daughter. Not sure who this boy was, however there is a very good chance that it is his grandson, Thomas Hill Stephens. By this time, his daughter was filing for divorce from her husband Ebenezer Stephens who apparently was opposed to working for a living. The papers stated that “…he also left her and her Children without any support only to depend on the goodness of her friends, he was absent six months and when he returned he was still without any preparations for the support of this Family, and appeared more despaired? than when he left - he stayed a few days and went away again and has not returned” that was filed in November of 1808. Moses witnessed and testified in this case, so I believe his daughter and grandchildren were living with him in 1810.

Based on the above, I feel that Whitmill Hill, son of Robeson Slaughter is the father or Archibald Hill of Taylor & Slaughter Hill of Macon, but would still love to have a smoking gun.

Anybody got the Hill family bible? Happy Hunting - Keith

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