Jasper N. Bryan, Sr Will

Georgia, Macon County

I, Jasper N. Bryan, Sr., of said state and county being of sound
and disposing mind and memory do make this my last will and

Item 1st--I want all of my just debts paid.

Item 2nd--I want everything kept together until my youngest child
becomes of age, as a general support for all the family-unless it
becomes necessary to sell to pay the just debts of the estate.

Item 3rd--I want my wife Amanda J. Bryan to have an equal share
with each child in lieu of a dower.

Item 4th--After my youngest child becomes of age, I leave it to
the sound discretion of the two executors hereinafter named
whether the estate shall be sold or divided.

Item 5th--I also want the two executors to act as guardians for
the minor children.

Item 6th--I hereby constitute and appoint my oldest sons Nathan
C. Bryan and Edgar C. Bryan, Executors of this my last will and
testament. This the 23rd day of April 1892.

Jasper N. Bryan, Sr.
Signed, sealed and published by Jasper N. Bryan, Sr. as his last
will and testament in the presence of us the subscribers who
subscribe our names hereto, in the presence of said testator and
of each other, he signing in our presence and we signing in his

John L. Bryan, F. M. Bryan
N. P. & Exoff. J.P J. G. Cummin

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