Nathan BRYAN Will

Georgia, Macon County

In the name of God Amen. I Nathan Bryan of said county, being
far advanced in life, but of sound mind and disposing memory feel
it to be proper, and right, both with respect to myself and
family to make the following disposition of the property with
which a Kind Providence has blessed me, and therefore do make
this my last will and testament hereby revoking any and all other
wills by me at any time made.

Item 1st
I resign my soul to God, my body to the grave ________ alone for
salvation in the merits of the blessed saviour Jesus Christ.
After my death, I desire my body shall be buried in a decent and
christian like manner.

Item 2nd
It is my will and desire that my executor, _________ after named
shall pay all my just debts.

Item 3rd
It is my will and desire that my beloved and affectionate wife,
and my youngest son, Jasper N. Bryan shall jointly have and enjoy
the use of the homestead whereon I now live in said county
containing about 1250 acres of land. This same said settlement
being bounded on the south by the Mill Creek, on the west by
Flint River, on the North by a branch known as the Pitts Branch,
on the East by lands of Bluett McCarty, the Pitts Branch is to
be the North line running west or nearly so until it comes to a
sudden bend or crook therein and changes its direction or course
in nearly a southward direction. My intention is that said line
shall run due west from said crook to Flint River and all on the
south side of said line, said settlement so jointly given is to
embrace except as herein after excepted--this settlement of land
is to be jointly used and enjoyed by my wife and the said Jasper
Bryan for and during her natural life, then to go to and become
the property of the said Jasper and it is further my will and
desire, that my beloved wife accept the joint use of said
settlement of said settlement of land with the said Jasper for
and during her life, for and in leave of any right to dower in
the lands of which I may did, seize and possed of-

Item 4th
I do further give and bequeath to my said wife, and Jasper Bryan,
all my stock, cattle, hogs, sheep, many horses and stock of every
description---household & kitchen furniture, beds, bedsteads,
bedclothing, provissing and personal effects on the place of
every discription-I give the same together with the carts,
waggons, farming implements and tools of every discription to
their joint use for and during the natural life of my said wifeŞthen to be equally divided between my sons, John L Bryan, Francis
M Bryan, Jasper N Bryan, and my daughers Melissa Carson and Susan
Massee and to my son Jackson Bryan's children one share thereof
unless my daughter Susan Massee shall not have received before
that time two thousand dollars under the provissions hereinafter
made in this will, in which event, said stock and other property
of so much then of as may be necessary to be sold by my executor
to pay to her said sum of said stock and other property be
sufficient after that purpose, and if more than sufficient, the
remainder thereof to be equally divided between her and my other
children & grandchildren as aforesaid share and share alike.

Item 5th
To my son, John L Bryan, I give & bequeath the settlement of land
whereon he now lives in said county containing some 1050 acres,
and is bounded on the south by a branch known as Pitts Branchİon
the west by Flint River, on the north by lands of James A Miller
and the east by lands of George Slappey except 50 acres or
thereabouts off of lot of land No. 109 in the first district of
said county not included in said boundary and lying south of said
Pitts Branch--this I also give him, and likewise give him so much
of lot No. 108, in the said first district as lies south of said

Item 6th
To my son, Francis M Bryan, I give and bequeath lot of land No.
204, and the north half less 20 acres of lot No. 195, each lot
lying and situate in the first district of Macon County-having
heretofore given the said Francis M Bryan and conveyed to him
about 600 acres composing a settlement whereon he now resides of
lots Nos. 223, 223, & 212, less 25 acres and 25 acress off lot
211; all in the first district of said county, and conveyed the
same to him by deed and which it is my will for him to have. I
cannot give him more land than what I have already done.

Item 7th
To my son Jackson Bryan's widow, Elizabeth Bryan and her 4
children, John Calvin, Jacob N., Susan & Julia Bryan, my
grandchildren, I give & bequeath the settlement of land in said
county whereon they now reside composed of lots of land Nos. 213,
214, 215, & 221, each lying and situate in the first district of
said county. This settlement of land I will and desire may be
enjoyed jointly by the said Elizabeth and her said chidlren by
the said Jackson Bryan for and during her natural life then to go
to and be the property of the said children-if living-if all of
them shall then be dead without issue, then the same to go to and
be equally divided between my children share & share alike.

Item 8th
To my affectionate daughter Melissa Carson & her children I give
no land under this will having heretofore given her the
settlement of land on which she resides except so far as it
confirms what I have heretofore done in procuring for her and her
children the settlement whereon she and her children reside. It
is my will that she have and enjoy the same together with her
children accordin to the terms and provissions of the conveyance
to her and them of the same.

Item 9th
To my affectionate daughter, Susan Massee, I give no land, having
heretofore advanced to her and her husband, Drewry W Massee, so
much as I suppose makes her something like equal to my other
children. It is however my will that my executor pay her out of
the provission made for under the 10th clause of this will the
sum of two thousand dollars, if the effects mentioned therein be
sufficient for that purpose, otherwise to pay her at the death of
my said wife from the sale of the stock and other property
mentioned in the 4th Item or clause of said will, the ballance of
her sum of two thousand dollars if the same be sufficent for that

Item 10th
After my death it is my will that my executors collect in all my
rights and credits, and they with the proceeds thereof, together
with all money that may be on hand & together with all my
property of every kind & description not already disposed in & by
the foregoing provision of this will shall pay off the said Susan
Massee the said sum of two thousand dollars if the same be
sufficient for that purpose, and if more than sufficient, to
divide the surplus between my children equally share and share
alike, the issue of any children dead at the time to draw one

Item 11th
And exposing great confidence in my sons, John L Bryan, Francis
Marion Bryan, and Jasper N Bryan, I do hereby nominate and
appoint them my executors in and to this my last will and
In witness whereof I have hereonto set my hand affixed my seal
this the 23d day of October in the year of our Lord 1867.

Nathan Bryan

Signed, sealed, published and declared to be the last will and
testament of Nathan Bryan in the presence of the undersigned
subscribing witnesses hereto, at the special instance and request
of the said testater and in the presence of said testator and in
the presence of each other, and each subscribed their names
hereto in presence of each of the other subscribing witnesses
this 23d day of October 1867.

Wm H Robinson

James W Josey

Little A M Carty

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