Columbus Enquirer 1832-1835



March 1832

3 March 1832
Maj. William P. Ford and Miss Ann A. Bailey, at Fort Gaines ,23 Feb.1832  by Rev Samuel Johnson, Maj. Ford of Talbot Co.

24 March 1832 
Hiram Brooks and Miss Sarah F. Mitchell, in Harris Co., Wed last by J. Bedell, Miss Mitchell 2nd daughter  of Maj. John Mitchell.  Mr.  Brooks of Apalachicola, Fl.

 24 Mar 1832
Creditors of the estate of Henry  B. Thornton pay William S. Thornton, administrator

31 March 1832
Married.. James G. Godfrey and Miss Mc Pride 9 March 1832 by Rev. S. K. Hodges ,all of this place

April 1832

7 April 1832
Died. Mrs. Margaret Jeter age 40, in this town, 5 April 1832, moved from Lincoln Co. 

June 1832

30 June 1832

Married 26 June 1832 by Rev. Isaac Boring,  John Spearman esq. of Jasper Co. to Miss Mary Ann Butt of Muscogee Co. 

21 July 1832
Married at Clinton, Jones Co. 18 July 1832 by Rev. Thomas Thweatt, George W. Dillingham, esq. merchant of Columbus to Miss Lucy Elizabeth Ticknor, daughter  of the late Dr. Orray Ticknoe of Jones Co.

25 Aug. 1832
Married 17 Aug.1832 by Henry C. Dawson esqCapt. Michael N. Clark to Miss Pamela Hale all of Columbus

25 Aug. 1832 Married ,Harris Co. 18 Aug. 1832 by Rev Mr. Smith
Mr. Joseph Johnson to Miss Elizabeth Smith
, all of Harris Co.

July 1832

28 July 1832
Mirabeau B. Lamar Esq. a candidate to represent this state in the Representative Branch of the next Congress.
Same notice for Col. John Milton.

October 1832

13 Oct.1832
Died In Hamilton, Harris Co. 5 Oct.1832, Pendleton J. Bedell age 31, he left widow and 3 children.

27 Oct.1832
Died.. 20 Oct 1832 Nathaniel P. Bond esq. attorney, former of Savannah, for some time Solicitor General of the Eastern Circuit. funeral sermon was preached by Rev. Mr. Baker

November 1832

13 Nov. 1832
Died in Columbus on wed. last James H. Westmoreland a local resident

26 Nov.1832
Died at Apalachicola, Fla. 26 Nov.1832 Arietta S. Jenkins wife of Capt. John Jenkins, formerly of New Brunswick, NJ

January 1833

5 Jan. 1833
Died in Columbus 14 Nov. Mrs. Adeline E. Pinkson, wife of G. B. Pinkson and dau. of George and Mary  Chatfield. Member of the Methodist Church 9 years.

Died.. at Roanoke, Stewart Co. Mrs. Catherine McColl, wife of John  McColl, age 48, leaving a large family...Native of Wilmington NC, Her oldest son had died less than a month ago. 

Married in Centerville, Talbot Co. Ga. 22 Jan. 1833 by John Haynes esq. Dr. Hamilton P. Snead to Miss Bersheba  F. Walker ,both of Centerville.. Columbus 18 Jan. 1833 
Mrs. Mary Ivy, wife of Mr. McGirt Ivy, age 39


February 1833

9 Feb.1833
A new post office ,established at Mr.. James G. Salisbury's, in Randolph Co. GA., called Salisbury Post Office.

A new post office in Wetumpka, on the Coosa River in Ala. Mr. Ebenezer Pond esq., appointed post master..

William D. Price esq. has been appointed post master in Apalachicola ,Fla.

2 Feb. 1833
Married, Wed. last by Rev. Jesse Boring, Rev. Andrew Hamill to Miss Maria R. Torrance of Muscogee

March 1833

9 Mar. 1833
Died.. 23 Feb 1833 Mr. Samuel Goodall, formerly of Milledgeville, but for the last 2 years a resident of Columbus, age 42 (he left an "interesting family")

16 march 1833

Elected 2 March 1833 following officers, of town Fort Gaines, GA. William C. Huson. commissioners  James Buchannon, Solomon V. Wilson, John Dill, Josiah S. Patterson, Samuel  Gainer (Samuel Gainer).

May 1833

18 May 1833
  Married Monday last by Joseph T. Kilgore, esq. Capt. Paton Vincent to Miss Polly Jones both of Columbus..

June 1833

1 June 1833..Married. Thurs last, by Rev. Jesse Boring...Sampson Hall to Miss Helen  Sandres both of Columbus...

22 June 1833
On Sat. last an Indian was apprehended at Columbus and jailed, charged with the murder of  Mr. Charles T. Phelps, formerly of Apalachicola.  Mr. Phelps had left Columbus about the 1st of August, and had not been seen since he borrowed a horse from Mr. Gison of Roanoke and promised t return him on the day he left Columbus .Some 15 days latter the horse was returned without saddle or bridle.

 29 June 1833
  Married..21 June by Rev. Samuel K. Hodges...Edward S. Harris esq. to Mrs. Mary Church both of Troup co. GA.

 July 1833

30 July 1833
  Married at Mount Pleasant in Carroll Co. 16 July by Rev. Stegall, Thomas McGuire, merchant, to Miss Susan B. G. Lavender, all of Carroll Co.
 15 July 1833
Died at Ft Mitchell Al. 15 July Mrs. Eliz McIntosh, age 38,wf of major James S. McIntosh of the U.S. Army...


10 Aug.1833
  Died 26 July Dr. Gabriel S. Fisher age 28 .survived by widow and 1 child.
  17 Aug. 1833
  On Monday morning last Major Joseph T. Camp of Columbus was killed by Colonel John Milton. There had existed for some time a controversy between these two Milton had understood that Camp had threatened to shoot Milton on the street.. On Mon. morn, was standing in the street near General Howard's  store and saw Camp coming down the street. Milton stepped into the store, picked up a double barreled gun and shot Camp

September 1833

14 Sept. 1833
  Married Sept 3 by Elder Arthur Dupree. Doctor Adam G. Clements of Meriwether Co. to Miss Mary W. H. Park of Harris Co. Ga.
  28 Sept 1833
  Married.. in Harris Co. 18 Sept by Rev. S. K. Hodges  Marion D. Mahone  to Miss Eliz H. Yarbrough, eldest dau of James Yarbrough esq.

November 1833

23 Nov. 1833
 Died at Apalachicola, Fla. 2 Nov. Ann Eliza Gammage, wife  of major Thomas T. Gammage
  30 Nov. 1833
  A riot took place in Milledgeville 19 which Henry Byrum was killed by shot gun blast of Robert McCombs. Also shot was William Ward, who is expected to recover...
  We understand that Cherokees have killed the workman and burned the mills which Col. Goodman was building near Ellijay in Gilmer Co. Ga.

December 1833

Hamilton Academy trustees announce that Rev. William B. Richards will conduct "the male dept." and Miss Harriet H. Benham "the female dept" of the Academy for the next year. William C. Osborn secretary 23 Dec. 1833..

Sale of town lots announced in Irwinton  Ala. located on the west bank of the Chattahoochee River, on a beautiful elevated plane, about 50 miles below Columbus. At present it is the 2nd town on the river in point of commerce...Plats of the lots can be seen on the premises, said William Wellborn...

January  1834

14 Jan 1834

letters of dismission asked by Hardy Mitchell, administrator of the estate of Andrew Shadinger, dec'd of Troup Co. GA. 

7 Jan 1834
Letter of dismission asked by Uriah Dunn and Wiley Newberry, administrator of the estate of Jesse Kelly Troup Co.

Ezekiel Perry applied for letters of admin' on the estate of Joseph Sessions ,dec' Stewart Co....

Lewis Pilcher applied for letters of adm'r' on the estate of John S. Martin , of Sumter Co.

23 Jan. 1834.
Guardian sale by B. H. Cameron on behalf of orphans of Stephen H. Gilmer..
  Adm'r sale by William G. Andrews and George Scott on the estate of Lewis
 Sims, dec'd of Coweta Co. 

Guardian sale by N. Johnson, of land belonging to Augustus F. Jordan, a
minor, of Troup Co. 25 Jan. 1834

February  1834

1 Feb 1834
adm'r' sale of James H. Westmoreland's estate in Muscogee Co. by Michael N. Clark adm'r' 

22 Feb.1834
Thurs last by Rev. Baker...Alfred C. Boswick of Hawkinsville to Miss Henrietta C. Macoll, dau of John Macoll, a merchant of Columbus..

Married the same evening by Rev. Baker ...Harvey Hall to Miss Jane C.
all of Columbus..

March 1834

1 March 1834
ANOTHER REV. SOLDIER GONE... died at his resident at West Point.. Troup Co. GA. age 72...Littleberry Gresham esq. In the late (1812) war he served under Gen. Adams against the hostile Creeks. leaves widow and 10 children.

29 March 1834
Grand Jury presentments of Troup Co. GA. William Crew applied for letters of adm'r on the estate of Arthur White, dec'd. .late of Burke Co., in Muscogee 

15 mar.1834.
Guardian sale of land of Hiram Pearson, illegitimate, sold by order of the court of Washing Co. ,by David Williams, guardian 

3 Mar/1834
adm'r' sale by Thomas M. Dennis of the estate of Joseph White, of Stewart Co. 

8 Mar.1834

Andrew Park vs. Mary Park, libel for divorce. Defendant a resident of Muscogee Co. To be heard, Meriwether superior Court Nov. term 1833 (copied as is). JMC

29 Mar.1834
Grand jury presentments of Troup Co. Ga.

Guardian sale by Gabriel Moss, on the estate of of Frederick Freeman, dec'd. Hancock Co. GA and also for the benefit of Martha F. Freeman. Mar. 1834..

Adm'r sale by Zachariah Bailey of estate of William Smith dec'd...of Randolph Co. (GA)

Guardian sale by John W. Shurley of land belonging to John N. Bridges, a minor of Randolph Co.

Divorce between Sarah Goodwin and John A. Goodwin, Tolbot Superior Court
March term 1834 John A. Goodwin was not found in county. 

April 1834

12 April 1834
on Thurs last by Rev. Benjamin Pope...Simon Patillo to Miss Harriett Kirkland, all of Columbus..

Died in Columbus Co. 2 April 1834 Mrs. Jane Odam, wife  of John Odam age 19 years..

Adm'r sale by John Ward, of estate of Aaron Thomson, dec'd of Burke co. Ga.

Divorce action.. Sarah Goodwin vs. John A. Goodwin, n Talbot Co. Ga, Superior Court march term 1834..

26 April 1834 
Married in Quincy Fla. 8 April 1834 by Rev. Jesse Cole...Dr. H. H. Brown of Columbus, GA to Miss Mary Dearborn of Quincy.

May 1834

24 May 1834
Fight between John Hatcher and Joseph Sawyer at Marion, Twiggs Co. GA.2 May 1824 ended in death of Hatcher. Both has families..

Died  in Harris Co. GA. 10 may 1834 William Langham,78,native of VA.  served in the Rev. War under Washington and was wounded.  About 1798 he moved his family to GA.

Mary Ann Powers, applied for letters of adm'r
on the estate of Edward Powers,  late of Heard Co. Ga..5 may 1834

June 1834

1 June 1834
Guardian sale. by George W. Heard, land belonging to Olive Heard, orphan
of  Stephen G. Heard, dec'd Troupe Co. GA.

Adm'r' sale by Wade H. Turner and Richard Q. Lane of the estate of Esom
Turner, dec'd Troupe Co. GA.

6 June 1834

Married: Harris Co. Ga. 23 May 1834 by Rev. Mr. Hand, Dr. A.M. Walker of
Columbus to Miss Ellen E. Moughon, eldest dau of Major John Mitchell.

Died : of apoplexy 3 June 1834 Joseph F. Murray, native of NC recently of

14 June 1834
died; in the vicinity of Columbus 9 June 1834 Mrs. Anna Elizabeth Wynn age 23 wife of William L. Wynn. dau. of Pierce and Phoebe Lewis.

Adm'r' sale. by Edwin and John O'Neal, estate of John O'Neal, dec'd of Talbot Co. GA.

28 June 1834
Rev. John Baker, Pastor of Presbyterian Church at Columbus, died at Lovingston, VA 15 June 1834, while on a tour for the benefit of his shattered constitution, which he may be truly said to have worn out in the service of his master"

Married: near Columbus, 15 June by Rev. Mr. Hodges, William D. Hargroves, esq. to Mrs. Woolfolk, widow of General Sowel Woolfolk...

July 1834

12 July 1834
Died ,Friday last.. Hon. Lucius Q. O. Lamar, Judge of the Okmulgee Circuit, shot himself in the head....

Died in Columbus. 5 July 1834 Chest Nuley, merchant, leaves wife and large family, in St. Marks or Pensacola, Fla.

19 July 1834
Married in Columbus on Thurs evening by Rev. Jesse Boring, Mr. Joseph Harley, formerly of Tallahassee, Fla. to Miss Emily Downing .Late of Augusta, Ga

Married in Augusta 10 July 1834 by Rev. Bishop Andrew, Isaac Dubose of Mobile Al to 
Miss Emily Powers, of that city.

Married 11 July by Rev. Mr. Davis ,Rev. Samuel K. Talmadge to Miss Ruth
Sterrett, daughter  of Dr. Sterrett ,
dec'd, formerly of Louisville.

August 1834

16 Aug.1834

Married at Fairfield, Putnam Co. GA 5 Aug.1834 by Rev. John Collingsworth, Henry Mims of Columbus to Miss Mary Jeter of Fairfield.

Sept. 1834

6 Sept. 1834
Grand Jury for Stewart Co. August  term; Foreman: Thomas J. Stell,  James Hillard,  Samuel H. Luckie, John Talbot,  Drury M. Lesure,  Nathaniel Mauxley,  Sampson Bell,  James Bonner,  John Flinn,  Jared Erwin,  Warren A. May,  John Grimes,  Galba Mathews,  Westley Vinson Jacob,  Cravey James Parker,  Thomas C. Curry,  John D. Caton,  Loverd Bryan,  Richard J. Snelling,  Thomas Williams,  Mathew Wright

New county seat of Henry Co. Al. Abbeville  commissioners.. John Sowell, Benjamin Kirland,  Joel Vickers

20 Sept 1834
William W. Lambert and William W. Davis in a duel at Lynchburg VA.. fired shots in the air, no blood was drawn....

Dr. E. F. Leitner was appointed Curator of the Museum of Comparative Anatomy of the Medical College of the state of SC....

Mr. William Stogner, native of SC and formerly a student of Dr. James Francis Lee, of VA, offers his services as a teacher signed Columbus...

A women named Holder, was jailed in Fayetteville NC, charged with beating her 10 year old son to death...

William Tracy Gould announces the opening of his law school in Augusta, Ga.

Orphans Court, Chamber Co. Al.
Adm'rs of Littleberry Gresham  vs ..heirs , Elizabeth Gresham  widow; Lemuel Gresham; William R. Gresham; Felix Gresham; Greenberry Gresham; Pascal Gresham; Leroy Gresham; Young Q. Gresham; John B. Whately in right of his wife  Cynthia; Anthony Cozart in right of his wife Elizabeth; Simeon Parker in right of his wife Nancy, all above age of 21..petitioning for
sale of lands and division of the proceeds...(on how I wish could find this on one of my lines) JMC

13 Sept 1834
Married in Stewart Co. GA.21 Aug.1834 Thomas J. Garrot to Miss Charlotte H. Collins formerly of Baldwin Co. Ga.

Died at Columbus 4 Sept 1834 Henry PL Garrison, age about 26,he was a father, husband and a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church...

13 Sept. 1834

Died  Rev. John Collingsworth age 51 at Eatonton, Putnam Co. Ga. An Itinerant Minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

Died at Fort Mitchell Al, 7 Sept 1834 John Quigley, Houston Co. GA. 

October 1834

12 Oct 1834

Married 12 Oct. near Lawrenceville by Rev. Rumbo...Col William H. Houghton of Franklin,  Heard Co. attorney at law, to Miss Eliza Ann Bennet  of Lawrenceville (Lawrenceville, Gwinnett Co.?)

25 Oct.1834
Died in Troup Co. GA.. in his 90th (or 80th)year, Mr. Jacob Stillwell, Rev. soldier. Fought in the Carolina. Member of the Baptist Church...left wife and large family...

Died in Meriwether Co. GA. 8 Oct. 1834 Mrs. Hester A. Allen wife of Rev. James Allen Sr. 66th year.. Member of Methodist Church...

November  1834

29 Nov 1834
James Ball, one of the bar keepers at Lafayette Hall, was stabbed and killed by Mr.. Samuel Bennett. Inquest verdict was self defense. Quoted
from the Recorder (may be the Milledgeville's Southern Recorder).

15 Nov.1834
John M. Carter of Milledgeville committed suicide. He had run a drinking shop called a confectionary and had recently become habitually intemperate  quoted from the Georgia Journal...

1 Nov.1834
Married in Milledgeville, Ga. 10 Sept by Rev. Charles Wallis Howard, John D. Stewart of Columbus to Miss Cephalie Olivia De Launay of same place.

15 Nov. 1834
Married 4 Nov. 1834 near Columbus, by Rev. S. K. Hodges, Battle A. Sorsby esq. of Columbus to Miss Elvira Cook, dau of James C. Cook esq. of
Muscogee Co. GA.

22 Nov. 1834
Married at Centreville 13 Nov.1834 by Rev. John J. Groves, Efford C. Collier to Miss Elizabeth , dau of Rev. West Harris all of Talbot Co. GA.

29 Nov.1834
Married 10 Nov.1834 at the home of Major F. A. Butt of Troup co. GA. by S. T .Johnson, Colonel William Hudson of Lowndes Co .Al. to Miss Mary Anna 3rd dau of the late John Ellington esq. of Abbeville Dist SC.

Died in Columbus 19 Nov. Mrs. Eliza Watson age 39, wife of General James C. Watson.

Died 5 Nov. 1834 at her father's (Colonel John Mills' residence in Rutherford Co. NC, Mrs. Harriet Camp, wife of the late Major Joseph T. Camp of Columbus, She left 2 small children..

Dec. 1834

27 Dec. 1834
The house of Hosea Holly, of Covington Co. Al. was burned ,and his wife, and small child ,were all cruelly murder. Done by two negro women belonging to Mr. Holly, who was absent ...

6 Dec.1834
Married 27 Nov. 1834 by Rev. Wesley  Davis, Robert G. Johnson to Miss
Elizabeth Odum
both of Muscogee Co.

Jan. 1835

9 Jan.1835
Rev. Davis, was fired upon by an Indian about 12 miles from Columbus, n an assassination attempt. He was shot in the arm and will recover.. 

A few weeks ago a little child in Russell Co. al. was shot through ...several have been shot at and narrowly escaped with there lives...

16 Jan.1835
Dennis N. Owens, convicted for the murder of  John Manson, Bibb Co. GA, was hanged at Macon 
26 Dec.1834

30 Jan.1835
George Leviston  Jr., Editor of the Liberty Republican, and assistant Postmaster at Liberty, Ind, was recently detected opening a letter and purloining its contents-a $5 bill. He was arrested and held on bond of $400.

30 Jan 1835
Died in Troup Co. 17 Jan 1835 Mrs. James M. Holt  wife of William Holt age
34, 5 children. Member of Methodist Church.
23 Jan/1835

Dr. Moses Sheftall, an old and respected citizen died suddenly in Savannah. He had been one of the inspectors of the revenue..

Married..18 Jan. at the Baptist Church by Rev. Thomas J. Hand, William W. Nickols to Miss Sarah Ann Field.


13 Feb.1835
Married 9 Feb. Lewis Anthony to Miss Martha Taylor ,dau of A. Taylor all of Muscogee Co.

Died at LaGrange of apoplexy 4 Feb.1835 Rev. Thomas W. Stanley, former Rector of the female Seminary ,age 46 minister, Methodist Episcopal Church..

Dies 4 Feb. Columbia Co. SC, General Wade Hampton age 61.


March 1835

13 March 1835
Trial of William Peddy charged with murder of Griffen in heard Co. GA. Superior Court ended with his acquittal.

28 March 1835
Broke jail...Patsey Hays ,in Hamilton, Harris co. .Liberal reward offered for her capture by William C. Osborn, Jailor..

13 March 1835

Died in Columbus 14 march 1835 Mrs. Annabelle  Martin, age 51 consort of Barkley Martin.

Died at Talbotton 12 mar.1835, Colonel John Birch age 40, survived by wife and several children member of Methodist Church.

Died in Centerville, Talbot Co. Ga.28 March  Mrs. Barshabe F. Smead, wife of 
Dr. H. Smead, age 18..


April 1835

17 April 1835
INDIAN OUTRAGE.. Mr. William Fannin, was killed by an Indian in Russell Co. Al.

Postponement of guardian's sale under court order ,Washington Co. GA.,l and in Columbus, Muscogee Co. Lot 63 of 7th dist. the property of Miram Person, an illegitimate, guardian David Williams..

Guardian sale.. by Thomas Berry, of William Berry orphan of Isaac Berry, dec'd. of Troup Co. Ga/

Jones Co. GA April term 1835 grand jury, indicted James Holliday for the murder of Swafford Stallsworth. Holliday was found guilty..
2 April 1835

Married in Talbot Co. Ga.24 mar.1835 by Rev. Mr. Groves, Harrison M. Osgood merchant of Talbotton, to Miss Susan Leonard, 2nd dau of Roderick Leonard esq.

10 April 1835..
Died Milledgeville 2 April Henry W. Malone

Died- Newton, Baker Co. GA. 19 April Joel L. Scarborough  esq. age 42 of
bilious pleurisy.

died 3 April Mrs. Cecelia McQueen, consort of Robert McQueen ,4 children ,member of Presbyterian Church...

May 1835

1 May 1835
Post office has been discontinued at Milford, Monroe Co. GA. A post office has been established at Tobanana, Randolph Co. with K. McKinzie esq. as postmaster..

Jones Co. grand jury, indicated William Hudson, formerly of Baldwin Co. for negro stealing, he admitted his guilt, sentenced to 5 years in the Penitentiary...

29 May 1835
New Post Office in Coweta Co. GA. called Willow Grove. Henry Keller esq., postmaster...

1 may 1835

Medical College of GA. Commencement held at the Baptist Church, Augusta, the following received degrees "Doctor of Medicine" John W.Wilde, President of College;
James H. Dillard SC
Samuel B. Clarke GA
Z. C. Williams GA
William Little GA
Edwin L. R. Antony GA
George W. Bolton Ga
Daniel Mc Abansby Ala
John A. Oliver Ala
Philip M. Shepard Ga
Hugh O. K  Nisbet GA
Roderic Morrison Miss.
Alexander Spencer GA
Joseph Gailuchat SC
John McTyre GA
James T. Magruder Ga.

Married in Gerard, Al by Judge Martin ,Warren P. Cannon of Columbus, GA to Miss J. Mosely of Gerard..

June 1835

5 June 1835 North Ala. Female Academy located at Locust Dell, near Florence, Lauderdale Co. is under the direction of N. M. Hentz.

Exaction of Thomas King III took place in Camden Co. GA. 8 May 1835.he had confessed his guilt.

12 June 1835
Advertisement of the Washington Seminary of Talbotton, GA. under the
superintendency of  Dr. J. Y. Gardner and M.L Barron, with the female school
under Miss Thatcher and Miss M. Cool..

26 June 1835
New Post Office in Troup Co. GA. 6-1/2 miles north of LaGrange called Shiloh, William T. Pike, postmaster..

19 June 1835
Married in Columbus 11 June by Rev. Samford, Mr.John S. Allen to Miss Laney E.Peters ,all of Columbus...

Married 17 June by Rev. Hodges, John N. Harris and Miss Martha Hardin, all of Columbus..
7 Aug 1835

Married. at Milledgeville
July 1835 Col R. M. Johnson of Ky, to Miss Georgiana Democracy, of this
state it is 3rd marriage  of the Col's and it is hoped will be his happiest.

August 1835

14 Aug.1835

Henry Frost, Dean of Medical College of the state of SC, announces the staff; John E. Holbrook, John Wagner, S. Henry Dickson, James Moultrie Jr., Thomas G. Prioleau, Edmund Ravenel, Henry R. Frost, John Bellinger, all M. D. 's.

21 Aug 1835

A bale of cotton raised by J. H. Hammond of SC was sold in Augusta recently for 22 cents per pound (that must have been a good price to make this paper) JMC

Sept.  1835

18 Sept 1835
Died ,Columbus, 13 Sept.1835 Mrs. Mary Mims, consort of Henry Mims, and dau. of William and Mary Jeter, age 20.member of Presbyterian Church..

25 Sept. 1835
Died in Troup Co. 18 Sept, of inflammatory fever, Henry Rogers age 58 ,husband and father..


23 Oct.1835

Rev. Nathan S. S. Beman, Presbyterian minister and teacher, formerly of Mount Zion Academy, Hancock Co. GA, but lately preaching in Al. is denounced in print as an abolitionist..

Married, in Harris Co. GA. 19 Nov .1835, by Judge J. Harper, Wm N. Thom to
Miss Elizabeth Huff, dau of Major James Huff, all of Harris Co.

2 Oct.1835
Name of PO in Houston Co. formerly known as Mangham's and lately Wilkes PO, has been changed to Marshallville, A.D. Kindrick postmaster....

married in Columbus 17 Oct. 1835 by Rev. Thomas Samford, James N. Goodman to Miss Julia A. M. Cotton, all of this place.

Died ,Muscogee, Co., of dropsy, Henry Pitts. He had just returned from a tour to Tenn.

Died, in Russell Co. Al.26 Oct. 1835 Drury Spain age 56.

30 Oct.1835
Died. at the house of her father Moses Butt esq, Muscogee Co. Mrs. Eliza A. Dozier,age 22, wife of John Dozier .

27 Nov. 1835
Married 22 Nov.1835 at the Baptist Church at Bethel, Muscogee Co. ,by Rev. Dr. Buchahhan, Allen J. Mims of Columbus to Miss Rebecca S. dau. of Rev. John Landeum of Edgefield, SC.

Married, 22 Nov. 1835 by Rev. M. Samford, Robert C. Owens of this place to 
Miss Avarilla
J. Cox of Al.

Married in Sumter Co. 1 Nov.1835 by Rev. George Chavers, Henry Key to Mrs. Sarah Carter of Sumter Co....


11 Dec.1835

$100 reward for delivering to the civil authority of Muscogee Co. GA. one David Measels who murdered William Riley .reward has been offered by Shepherd W. Riley.

4 Dec. 1835
Died in New Orleans 15 Nov.1835 Jacob P. Turner of Baldwin Co. GA.. age 46, in that city on a visit.

23 June 1836
New Post,  established in Marion Co., Kitchafoona Post Office,  Junius Jordan,  Postmaster..

30 June 1836
Elections in the army;
J. N. Williamson, Col. Newton*
Augustions Beall, Lt Col. Warren*
Mr. Couper, Major of 2nd Regiment of Vol. Infantry Newton*
Thomas Bell, Col. Upson*
Mr Thomas, Lt Col. of ?.
Capt. Bush, Major, Talbot*
Julius C. Alford, Major, with rank of Lt Col., in Independent Battalion of
Cavalry, Troup*

Married in Troup Co. 19 June 1836 by Rev. Mr. Harris, Henry F. Williams of
Newman to Miss Mary Ann, dau of E. Holtzclaw, of Lafayette, Al.

Died;21 June 1836,of diarrhea, James Brown ,age about 40,a drafted man
from Monroe Co. he was buried with honors of war by the Columbus Guards.

Died;i n this city 20 June 1836 ,at the home of Judge Colquitt, Thomas J.
Cooper, one of the soldiers from Monroe Co. GA. Was buried with honors of
war by Columbus Guards.

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