Columbus Enquirer 1837- 1841   


14 Dec. 1837
Married, Talbot Co. GA. 5 Dec. 1837 by Rev. James Perryman,
H.F. Wimberly of Columbus, to Miss Anna C. Wood .

Married, 7 Dec.1837, by Rev. T. F. Montgomery, Capt John M. Gamble to Miss
Martha P. Buchanan all of Talbot Co.

Married, 10 Dec. by Rev. T.F. Montgomery,Dr. James Y. Gardner to Mrs.
Nancy G. Gullet all of Talbotton.

Dec. 21 1837
Married 13 Dec. by Rev. George Granberry, William T. Crawford to Miss
Rebecca Ann Pollard, all of Harris Co. GA.

Married in Troup Co. 3 Nov. by Rev. Morrison, John S. Holmes of
Barnesville, Pike Co., to Miss Matilda, dau. of John Hardin, of Troup Co.

1 Jan. 1838

Miss Joana Thoutman,of Ga.,is said to have originated the Texian flag.
On the departure of the Ga. brigade of volunteers for Texas, she
presented them a flag with a single star, the first ever seen in Texas.

8 Mar. 1838
Post offices in GA.
Post Office at Prston,Marion Co. has been discont'.
New post masters appointed;
Benjamin Brown, Kendall,Heard Co.
Richard C. Story, Shiloh, Troup Co.
D. N. Pitman, Marshallton, Forsyth Co.
John A. Maddox, Reidsville, Tatnall,Co.
George Gunby, Hickory Flat, Cherokee Co. 
Moses Padgett, Ellerslie, Harris Co.
Joseph A. Lesoner, Goose Pond, Oglethorpe,Co.

From the Montgomery (ALA) Journal In the southern part of this Co. on
Friday 16 Feb. William Kerr shot and killed Elisha Moseley.

Cassville, GA. Mrs. Bowles was murdered at her residence on Pine Log, in
this Co.*** 26 Feb. by a young negro girl, belonging to the deceased.
*** (assuming this is Muscogee Co.) Do you readers know???

15 March.1838

Died; H. S. Smith,of this city, 5 Mar.1838;

Died in Talbotton, 6 Mar. Phillip Long, age 39.Left a large family.

Died, Monroe Co. GA. 15 Feb. William Jernigan, age 50.Leaves wife and
several children. Member of Baptist Church.

19 April 1838
Letter at Post Office; Chamver's Co. Al
MICHAEL LA WALL letters left at the Chambers Co. Al  Post Office
19 April 1838
Archibald Mason
Thomas McDaniel
Wiley Mies
James B.Moore
Joseph Mobley
Samuel R. Moss
Alford Potter
Johnathan Ray
Martha Saterwhite
George M.Smith
Martha Smith
William Strozer
John Teoney
T.I. Thomaston
Benjamin Waldrep
Henry Williamson
William H. Young
David Neel
Jacob J. Owen
Louisa Pratt
James Roak
James Reynold
John Sessions
Thomas J. Smith
Andrew Stenson
Elizabeth Taylor
W. P.Thompson
Lee Turner
Ruffin J. Walton
G. L. Wilkinson
William Wimbiesh
H. Martin and J.Covly
C. H. P. McCormich
Mckinney McRoy
Henry Morris
Hawk Musil
Sarah S. Nelson
Robert Owen
James M. Putman
Malinda Robinson
Margaret Read
James Simms
S.R. Smith
Jones Stepheanes
Daniel Taylor
Joel D. Tramel
David Williams
John Wise

18 Jan. 1838

Married Troup Co. GA By Rev. Thomas Samford, Willis Lyle, to Miss Mary Ann
E. eldest dau of Richard H. Brady.

Married Troup Co. Ga, by Rev. Richard Q. Lane, Henry S. Hames to Miss Mary
S. dau. James Lovelace.

Married Muscogee Co. by Magirt Ivey, Phares Ray to Miss Molcey

Married 19 Dec.1837 at the house of Col Mahone,by Rev.
T.F.Montgomery,Dixon W.Darnell to Miss Carolina A. Owen,dau of Mrs.Moss
all of Talbot Co.

Married, 28 Dec. 1837 ,(all same as above) David Cottenham to Miss Ann
M. Owen,dau of Mrs .Moss,Talbot Co.

25 Jan.1838

Married, Chambers Co. Al. 3 Dec. 1837. George Washington Sayres to Miss
Martha Washington Tullis. (that is what it says)JMC

Married, Meriwether Co. 16 Dec/1837, by Rev. Robert Roper, Colo Stephen
W. Stonnaker, formerly of SC. to Mrs. Malinda Victoria Melissa
Chandler, formerly of Al.

Married; 18 Dec.1837,at the home of S. M .Jackson, by Rev. Thomas
Goulding, James U. Jackson of Augusta to Miss Melvina C. Williamson of

15 Feb. 1838
Married ,Butts Co. GA. 25 Jan 1838 by Edward Waever, Wilkins D. Whakey of
Troup Co. to Miss Malinda Lindsey of Butts Co.

Married, Meriwether Co. 5 Dec. 1837 by Rev. Creed Culwell,  Jesse
Williams to Miss Mary Ann Mitcham.

Married at home of Mr. Upton, by Rev. Thomas Samford John Dougherty to
Miss Mary Ann Farmer, both of Columbus.

22 March 1838

Died at the home of his son ,in Troup Co. 12 March .John Porter, age 77,
Member, Methodist Episcopal Church,40 years.

5 April 1838

Post Offices in GA;
new, at Cedar Branch, Campbell Co.;
Equity, Muscogee Co., has been discontinued;
new Postmasters;
M. H. Goss, Flat Shoals, Meriwether, Co.
E. Caroll, Blairsville, Union Co.
Peter Northern, Wallace, Jones Co.

married; in Trinity Church, Columbus, by Rev. Seneca G. Bragg, of Macon 
the Rev. William D. Cairns, Rector of the Church, to Mrs. Lucy Elizabeth

Married; 21 March 1838 by Rev. Richard Q. Lane, William P. Lyle, to Miss
Mary P. Turner, all of Troup Co. GA.

From Jacksonville (FL) 21 March ,a woman of the name of
Rollinson seen George A. Gillett and other killed at Ocean Pond, Columbia
Co. by Indians.. Gillett's family ,wife,4 children,5 blacks, and a woman
and 4 children were all murdered..

12 April 1838

New Post Office; Piedmont, Harris Co. Ga, halfway between Columbus and
Hamilton. Henry A. Yonge ESQ. Postmaster.

From Irwinton Herald; A tailor by the name of McLean was murdered by one
Nathaniel Venerable last week in Georgetown, GA.

19 April 1838;

NEW PAPER; The Georgia Mirror, Florence ,Stewart Co.

Married; 5 April by Rev. Moses Gunn,Thomas J. Harrel,to Miss Sarah M.
Whatley, all of Chambers Co. Al.

Died; 5 April, Francis Asbury Wheat, son of Moses Wheat, of Chambers Co.
age 26, left, father, mother, bro,sister,wife and infant.

Died; 10 April Talbot Co. Elijah Johnson age 60. 

Died; Chambers Co. Al. Mrs. Huldah Sorrell, consort of Green J. Sorrell,age
20.Left husband and children.

26 April,1838

Married; 19 April, in Montgomery Co. Al. by Rev. Hilliard, John E. Davis
of this Co. to Miss Sarah C. dau. of Rev. Benjamin F. Cropp.

17 May 1838

Married; by Rev. Thomas Samford. Col. Hines Holt, to Miss Sarah A. C.
Terry, all of Columbus.

Died.7 May Mrs. Sarah McGee. consort of William McGee, Columbus.

24 May 1838
 Married; by Rev. W. Hellison, Rev. Winfields Robison of the GA.
 Conference ,to Mrs. Susan Harris, dau of John Ellison Sr. of Talbot
 Died; 25 April 1838 at his home near Columbus, Garland Dawkins ,Esq.
 age 50, left wife and 6 children..
 Died; Marion Co. Harris Johnson, age 54.
 31 May 1838
 E. Sigourney Norton, formerly alderman of this city, yesterday committed
 Married; by Magirt Ivey, Esq. Daniel Walling to Miss Susannah Beall, all
 of this city.
 Died; 25 April, near Whitesville, Harris Co. GA. Mrs. Eliza
 Mullins, consort of Elisha Mullins, age 20.
 7 June 1838
 Married; by Rev. Thomas Samford, Joseph E. Webster to Miss Caroline E.
 Ward, all of this City.
 Married; In Salem, Russell Co. Al. 31 May ,John M. Perry to Miss Margaret
 White, dau of Jonathan White ,formerly of Meriwether Co. GA.
 14 June 1838
From the Macon Ga. Messenger. An Irishman, Florence McElcoddy was killed
 by being thrown from a horse.
 21 June 1838
 Died. In this city, Mrs. Matilda ,consort of Alderman H. Brooks. Left husband and 3 children.
 Died; in Irwinton, Thomas B. Mulford. Esq. age 41.
 Died; in Irwinton Ala. Mrs. Eliza Baird, age 55 years.

21 June 1838

Died; Harris Co. at the home of Mrs. Mary Walker,20 June.David
E.Walker.(no relationship is given)

12 July 1838

Married, 9 July by Rev, Samford , L. Sambrill esq to Miss Ann
America,dau,of Rev. Dr. Pierce,all of Columbus.

Married; In Irwinton, Al. 26 June, by Dr. Gilbert, David C. Kolb,to Miss
Emily Frances,dau of Gen.R.C. Shorter.

Married; Randolph Co.Al. 14 June by Joseph W.Furlow,esq. Thomas K.
Smith to Miss Eliza E. only dau. of Hugh Hawthorn.

19 July 1838

Married; In this City, by Rev. William D. Cairnes, Hiram Young, formerly
of Bangor,Maine, to Miss Annette Palmer of New York.

26 July 1838

Married; At Oak Grove**, 11 July 1838, by Rev. W.D.Matthews,Rev.
Philemon Ogletree.late of Harris Co.GA. to Mrs.Eliza A. Tigner,of the
former place**,in Meriwether Co. Co.

2 Aug. 1838

Peter W. Grayson,esq. of Texas committed suicide at Bean's
Station, KY.Grayson was on his way from Texas to Washington, as the
Minister from the government of Texas to the US. The act, it is said, was
committed with much deliberation. Mr.Grayson was a native of KY. died. 17
July 1838.

Died; 23 July 1838 at the home of Dr. Joseph Reese in Stewart Co. GA.
Rev. George A.Happell,age 34.

9 Aug. 1838

Published in 'DARIEN TELEGRAPH" 31 July 1838.Two families in Ware Co.
Ga. Killed by indians, Mr. Wilde and family. and John Davis and family. Not
more than 20-25 miles fom Waynesville. Davis had formerly been in the

Married; in Bratteborough,VT. 25 July by Rev. Charles Walker,I.C.Plant
of Columbus,Ga. to Miss Charlotte,dau of Lovett Walker,of Leominster,Ma

16 Aug 1836

Died; Irwinton, Al. 3 Aug. 1838 Louisa Kierkpatrick, wife of
E. Kirtpatrick,age 29.

Died;Americus, Ga. 9 Aug. 1838 Sidney M. Pegg age 27.

23 Aug.1838

Libel for divorce, Randolph Co. GA. Superior Cout. John C. Morris from
Mary Eliza Morris. Mary outside the county, and court ordered

Simon Lasa of Columbus, advertises that his wife Ellen Lasa has left his
bed and board. 23 Aug. 1838.

6 Sept. 1838

Married; 6 July 1838,John D. Jordan of Columbus, Ga. to Miss Harrriet B.
Ousley, dau of Major Henry Ousley, of Lincoln Co. KY.

Married at West Point, Troup Co. GA. 30 Aug.1838 by Dr. C.C. Forbes,John
Durham to Mrs. Susan C. Rhoades."Had no Cake", and could not send the
printer's fee.

13 Sept 1838

Died; Troup Co. GA. 2 Sept. 1838.Mrs. Ann D., consort of Uriah C.
Sample, age 29.

27 Sept. 1838

Married; at the home of Mark Jackson of Upson co. 5 Sept.1838 by Rev.
T. F. Montgomery ,Adam A. Gamble of Talbot Co., GA. to Miss Frances K.
Elder of Upson, Co.

Married; In Cambridge, Ma 6 Sept. 1838 William R. Jones esq. merchant of
this city, to Miss Emeline Wyeth of Cambridge.

Died; 16 Sept. 1838 of Appoplexia, Talbot, Co. at the home of DR. A. L.
Acee, Col. Alexander R. Buchannon. age 38,left wife,6 children.

4 Oct. 1838

Married in Lincoln Co. KY. 5 Sept.1838 by Rev. Root, Thomas P. Grimes
of Columbus to Miss Martha D. Luckey of Lincoln Co.

Died; Heard Co. 26 Sept 1838 Mrs. Susannah Pinckard ,GA. consort of Major
Thomas Pinckard, age 39.


11 Oct. 1838

Died near Centerville, Talbot, Co. Ga. 10 Sept 1838.Mrs. Frances D., wife
of James Callier, age 33, 4 children.

Died;25 Sept. 1838 at his home in Russell Co. Al. Col. Tandy Key. age
61.Formerly of Jackson Co. GA. widow and large family.

18 Oct. 1838

Married in Lafayette, Al. 3 Oct. 1838 by Henry L. McGregor, esq.
Y. Q. Gresham, to Miss Amanda F. dau. of John Stillwell, esq.

24 Oct. 1838

Richard Jones warns other of a dancing master named Allen Robinson or
Robertson said to be from Montgomery or Tuscaloosa, who left owing Jones

31 24 1838

Sale of lands in the Creek Reservation at Talladega, Al. are
announced. Also lands in Coosa, Benton, Randolph, Russell Cos. Al.
7 Nov. 1838

Daniel V. Palmer, jailed in Jones Co. for the murder of James
Gunn,escaped.23 Sept 1838

Married in Harris Co. 30 Sept 1838 by Elijah J. Mullins, Wilbourn
Moncrief to Miss Emily Hopkins all of Harris Co.

14 Nov. 1838

Married; 1 Nov. 1838 by Rev. Samford, William M. Lee of Lincoln Co. Ky to
Mrs. Mary Ann Jeter, of this town.

Married at Irwinton, AL 1 Nov. 1838 by Rev. W. M. Tryon, William B.
McKleroy, of LaGrange Ga. to Miss Martha, dau of Gen. R. Shorter of

Married; 25 Oct. 1838 near Centerville, Talbot Co. GA. by Rev. C.A. Brown,
James M. Stanford, to Miss Martha C. dau of James and Elizabeth Mason.

Married by Rev. A. Culpepper, at home of Major J. Lawhon, 1 Nov..
1838, Daniel Lawhon, to Miss Matilda Powell all of Lee Co.

Married; 6 Nov.1838 at home of Jeremiah Hallums by Rev. Dow Perry, James
P. Durr to Miss Nancy Moore. All of Harris Co. Ga.

21 Nov.1838

Married; 19 Nov. 1838 by Rev. Samford, Edward Barnard, to Miss Lucy T.
Barrow, both of this City.

Married; 20 Nov. 1838 by Rev. J. Roberts, George H. Wynn, to Mrs.
Clarissa T. Ormsby of Girard, Al.

Died; at Traveler's Rest, Dooly Co. GA. 26 Oct.1838, Mrs. Mary, consort
of David Jones, age 51.

28 Nov. 1838

John McClure was killed in Mobile by Frank Duffie 21 Nov.. 1838.

Married 6 Nov. by Rev. Benjamin Buchanan, Miss Ann R. Hill to William
Henderson, all of Harris Co. GA.

Died; at his home in Muscogee Co. 14 Nov.1838 Col Churchill Gibson, age

5 Dec. 1838

Married ,Fort Gaines, GA. 28 Nov. by Rev. John Burwell, Felix L. Ashley of
Montgomery, Al. to Miss Carolina Matilda Thager,dau of Rev. Samuel
Johnson of Columbus.

12 Dec. 1838

Married; 3 Dec. by William D. Crirns, Homer Hurd, to Miss Angelica
L. V. Ruse.

Married; in Hamilton,4 Dec. by Rev. Richard Dozier, William A. Bedell to
Miss Sarah A. Switzer, dau of Judge Switzer. all of Harris Co.

26 Dec. 1838

Muscogee Co. Superior Court convicted the following ;
John Fox, horse and negro stealing-20 years;
William Harvell,robbery-7 years.
Western Harvell -negro stealing-10 years
Lorenzo Dow Glenn, horse stealing-10 years
Thomas Howard-horse stealing-10 years
Mayberry Howell-negro stealing-7 years

2 Jan. 1839

New Commissioners elected.
John Bethune ,of the city 
Osborn Ely, of the upper section
J. R. McCook,of Halloca
Dr. W. S. Chipley, of the city
Capt. John Patterson.of Upatoie

A new post office in Chambers Co. Al. called "Shannon", T. Shannon is
appointment postmaster.

From Tazewell, Ga. 17 Dec.1838,a letter from Samuel Halley, reporting the
murder of Charles B. Hardin of Pond Town, Marion Jacob Carter, who
shot a pistol ball, into his chest, he expired without a word. It appears
that Hardin's residence was Paulding Co. Ga. 

16 Jan.1839

The partnership of R. T. Marks, S.W. Flournoy and S.T. Chapman owners of
the Enquirer ,has been ended. Marks retired, due to bad health.

Married; 27 Dec 1838 in Meriwether Co, Ga. by Rev. W. D. Matthews, George
Powell of Gwinnett Co., to Miss Margaret N. Boozer of Meriwether Co.

Married; 3 Jan.1839 by Rev. W. D. Matthews in Meriwether Co. ,Reuben
J. Trippe of Troup Co. GA. to Miss Martha Pattridge of Meriwether Co.

Married at the same place and time, William Evans of Troup Co. to Miss
Dorothy Pattridge.

Married;6 Jan 1839, by Rev. J. Roberts, James E. Roper to Miss Savannah
G. Tilley ,all of this city.

Married; 1 Jan.1839 by Robert Fleming, Thomas E. Gray to Miss Maria Ann
Webster, au. of Seaborn Webster, dec'd .all of Talbot Co. GA.

Married; 30 Dec. 1838 by Rev. J. Roberts, Hezekiah Noble to Mrs. Frances
W. Mulloy, all of this city.

Married; on the same day, by same, Mosses M. Simmons to Miss Margaret
Chastean, all of this city.

Married; 3 Jan,1839 by Rev. David Wimberly, Rev. Joseph T. Tally, of
Harris Co. GA. to Miss Margaret H. Glenn of Stewart Co. GA.

Died; at his home in Ala. 4 miles from Columbus.12 Jan.1939 William
Redd,  formerly of Greene Co. GA. age 64.

30 Jan.1839

Married; 7 Jan. by Rev. James T. Sally, Rev. E. W. M. Rice of Ala. to Miss
Lavinia P. Ballard of Stewart Co. Ga.

Married; 27 Dec.1838, at home of John Colquitt, by Rev. J. Roberts, William
Terry to Miss Martha Jones, all of this city.

Married; 20 Jan. at home of George Grieves, in this Co., by Rev. Dr.
Goulding, Peter Crichton, to Miss Ann Grieves.

Married; sme time and place, by same, James Ranklin to Miss Agnes

6 Feb. 1839

Married; 30 Jan. by J. T. Crawford, E. D. Hooper to Mrs. Nancy
Fitzpatrick, all of Harris Co.

Married; 29 Jan. by Rev. James Perryman Jr., John H. Walton to Miss Mary
T. Worthen, dau of Elijah Worthen, all of Talbot Co.

13 Feb. 1839

Mr. M. Daily, partner in a coffee house with Mr. Clare, was shot and killed
by Thomas Jemison, a wealthy young man not more than 18 years, but of
reckless, dissipated character, at Tuscaloosa. Jemison escaped.

30 Jan. in North Tuscaloosa, a shoot-out took place between Vance
Johnston, Deputy Marshall from Mobile, and Messrs. Simonton in serving a
fi fa. Killed was John Garwood, wounded M. Ball, Mr. Stegdall and Mr.
Johnston of the Mobile party, and Joseph Simonton of N. Tuscaloosa.
Mr. Mason wounded Mr. Clare in a shooting at Tuscaloosa, and fled.

Married 23 Jan.. by Rev. W. D. Mathewa, Wilkinson Sparks to Miss Mary Ann
Simpson, all of Harris Co. GA.

20 Feb. 1839

John Chapman was convicted of murdering his wife,sentenced by Judge King
in Bibb Co. superior Court,to be hanged 22 March 1839.

Married; 6 Feb. by Rev. J.Y.Alexander, Micheal C. Summerlin,of
Franklin,heard Co. to Miss Sarah H.Beedles of Coweta Co.

27 Feb. 

Jailbreak at Columbus where Thomas Thurston,charged with forgery;
William Ross,charged with horse stealing;
Davis snow,charged with robbery. 
David Measles,charged with manslaughter escaped. 
The sheriff pursued them as far as Carrollton,on their way toward TN
line at Gunter;s N.M.C.Roberson was still in pursuit.


6 March 1839

In Garard,Al. Jonathan Roberts was killed by Franklin Word,merchant of
the town,in self defense,....

Moses Mathews of Stewart Co. Ga. was killed on his plantation ,when a
tree fell on him. 

Killed in ambuse 19 Feb. was Major William Y.Fryer,of Monticello,Pike
Co.Al. while on his way to Irwinton on the Lewisville road. A young
man,Mr.Conner found the victim.Killer is unknown.

13 March 1839

Married in this city 6 March by Rev. Alexander Spear, T.(Thacker?)
Vivian Rutherford, to Miss Eliza Mithchell,dau of Isaac Mithchell,of
this vicinity.

Married in Meriwether Co. 3 Feb. by Rev. W.D. Matthews,Ivy Morris to
Miss Mary J. Christian.

Married in Stewart Co. GA. 7 Feb. by Thomas Coran, John N.Simpson, to
Miss Mary Sapp.

Died, Capt. Charles A. Redd,  formerly of Greensboro GA. 3 Feb. age
55, Leaving family.

GEORGIA RECORDS; The Rev. Charles W. Howard, the agent appointed by the
state to collect documents connected with our early history, from the
public offices in England ,has returned after accomplishing in a great
measure to his satisfaction, the object of his agency. We have not had an
opportunity yet of looking at the 20 Volumes of documentary history
which he has collected, but have no doubt that it will be found by
historiographers of Georgia a rich mine for the illustration of the
most interesting portion of our history.

20 March 1839

Coroner's Inquest was held in Savannah over the body of a German named
Frederick Glysner. knifed,by a person unknown.

Married in Troup Co. Ga. by George Pye, James B. Moore to Miss Nancy

Married 14 March bt Rev. Richard Dozier, James L. Pollard of Harris Co.
to Miss Caroline Marshall of Talbot Co. GA. 

Married in Talbot Co. 14 March by Rev. W. D. Matthews, John T. Bustin to
Miss Lucy,eldest dau of J.C.Goodwin,a ll of said Co.

10 April,1839

Died; At her home in Harris Co. 30 March,Mrs Nancy Bedell,relic of John
Bedell esq. late of Jones Co. Ga.age 43.

17 April 1839

Another jailbreak last Sunday when Thomas Thurston,charged with forgery;
William Ross,horse stealing;
David Snow,robbery
J.Cunningham,under divers charges 
Escaped at Columbus.
1st three were recaptured in the Cherokee Nation,Cunningham was
recaptured yesterday.

Died; Talbot Co.GA 8 march,William S. Robins,age 37. Left a family.

24 April 1839

Married 21 April, by Rev. J.Roberts,Andrew J. Wilkerson to Miss Martha
Brennen,all of Russell Co.Al.

Died; 18 April; Russell Co.Al. Mrs. Lodioska,consort of Augustus
J.Brown.age 35, leaving husband and 8 children.

8 May 1839

Died; Near LaGrange, Mrs. Susan,consort of Thomas A. Newsom and dau. of
W.Womack. Hamilton,Ga. Home of her father.

22 May 1839

Married in Columbus 16 may by Rev.S.K.Hodges,John Dozier,esq,to Miss
Emily,dau of Daniel Huff.

Died; at Irwinton,Al. 13 may ,home of her father, Gen. Reuben
C.Shorter,  Mrs Emily Frances Kolb ,consort of David Cameron Kolb of

5 June 1839

Married; 30 May by Rev. L.Pierce,David Ridgway of New orleans,to Miss
Martha Kimbrough,eldest dau of William H.Kimbrough of Columbus.


12 June 1839

Mrs. Sarah M.,wife of Jack Thorington,of Montgomery committed suicide 24

Eli Haynes was murdered by his brother,Charles Haynes,in the lower part
of Muscogee Co. Upatoie...

19 June 1839
Married 6 June at Kinchafoona ,Marion Co. Ga. by Rev. William
D.Cairnes,Reuben C. Shorter,son of the late Eli S. Shorter,to Miss
Katharine L.dau of Capt. Charles Ward,late of the US Army.

Died; Major Hardy Crawford of Harris co.GA. 4 June, in the "4-th" year
of his life.He represented the Co. in the past legislature.

Died;Talbotton 27 May, Mrs. Elizabeth E. consort of Charles Wynn,and the
dau of Rev. John Millinor,age 30.left children.
Newberry Dist SC. The Columbia,SC papers will please publish the above.

Died; DeKalb Co.7 May John McDaniel,age 59.

3 July 1839

Married; 21 June by Thomas Culbreth,John B.Bussey of Montgomery Co. to
Miss Jane C.Hill of Russell Co.Al.

Married; 20 June by Ryal Black,G.S.Traylor to Miss Martha Ann,dau.of
Alexander Allison,all of Troup Co.

Married; 20 June at home of E.Black in Meriwether Co. by Rev.
B.Homer,A.L. Merchman of Troup co. to Miss M.A.C.Williams.

17 July 1839

Married; Barbour Co. Al. by Hugh N.Crawford,Francis S. Jackson, Solicitor
of the 6th Judicial Circuit, to Miss Eliza D.L. Booth.

Died; Decatur, DeKalb Co. Ga, 22 June, Mrs. Aviline Choice, wife of Cyrus
Choice .age 33

Died; Talbot Co. 9 July Philemon Owen, age 60.2 sons 1 dau.

Died; in Columbus 28 June Robert McQueen, formerly of SC. age 42

24 July,1839

Green B. Musselwhite was shot in the streets of Milledgeville 13 July by
John L. Ragsdale .Coroner inquest declared the shooting self-defence.

2 August 1839

Married; Russell Co. Al. 18 July , by Rev. Laney, Charles Abercrombie, to
Miss Elizabeth Martin, all of that Co.

7 Aug.1839

Died; 29 July Mrs Julia Elizabeth Evans, wife of John Q. Evans, of Harris
Co. age 20. Left a baby 10 days old.

6 Jan. 1841

Marion Co. Superior Court..
Benjamin F.Kemp vs Jonathan Poe, John Vance, Hawkey L.Towns,Reubin
Reynolds, William,John,Thomas Stinson,admr of Joseph ,Charles,
Reuben,John, Morgan, William, H. Sarah, Mary Kemp, Madison Carter and
Reuben Reynolds;in right of his wife...
G.E. Thomas ,Solicitor for complainant...

Married; At Long Cane Troup Co. GA...22 Rev. Mr. Samford,
Robert W.Wilkinson of Talbotton to Miss Elizabeth I. Hill 2nd dau of
John Hill esq....

Died; Hamilton,Harris Co.GA..26 Dec.1840..Mrs Nancy G.Barden,consort of
Nathaniel Barden...age 24..Left husband and 3 children..

Sheriff's Sale;
Sumter Co.
Lot # 220/29 of Littleton favor of william
S.Vann vs Littleton P. and Allen Dorman,one in favor of william Haddock
vs Littleton P. Dorman,principal,and Wright Minis,sec.on appeal,one in
favor of Lynch M.Thurman..

Lee County,,sheriff's sale...
Property of Thomas favor of Nelson and Francis D.Clayton,
admrs of D.Clayton dec'd...vs.Tjomas Martin,Samuel Denton and Green

Troup Co. Ga
Sheriff's sale
House and lot in West Point near Hollis of Eli E.
Haralson,in favor of Mordecai Jacobs vs Eli E. and Elijah Haralson...

Talbot Co.Ga
Sheriff's Sale..
Town Lot # 7 of Bartley Whitehurst,James Cottingham in favor
of Amon W.Langdon...

6 Jan. 1841

James Abercrombie, lost calf skin pocket boot in Columbus or Girard...

William Cline,lost a pocket book,containing a note signed by,,Dr. James
E.Scott of West Point..and one drawn by Jacob M.Guerry...

Muscogee Superior Court...Ansal L.Watkins and Eli B.W. Spivey vs Seaborn
Thron and Anderson Spear..Bill for relief and injunction...A.Levison

Horrid Murder...$500 reward.. Johnson Hammock...murdered Absalom Macon Co.Al..

Dooly co. be sold....
Lots # 90,111/9th of John J.

Estate sale;;Thomas Co.A...
Lot # 80/14 of Stephen Daniel,dec'd...William

Muscogee Co. Arthur B.Davis,applies for letters of admr', estate
of Benjamin P.Traver,late of Russell Co......N.McLester,Ordinary

Harris Co. Ga..Estate sale... Elbert B.,,Columbus,,and Selina
Dunn,minors of Waters Dunn,Dec'd... William Copeland,Guardian...

Married;;; Harris Co.GA... by Rev. W.D.Matthews 23 Dec. 1840.. Rev.
Thomas J.Fears to Miss Katharine Ann,2nd dau.James Ramsey esq....

13 Jan. 1841

Married; 7 Jan. 1841..Talbot Co. by Rev. Charles A.Brown,William
Thomas of Talapoosa Co. Al. to Miss Elizabeth,eldest dau of Reuben

Troupe Co. Ga....James W.Taylor tolls before me,Jonathan Taylor JP..
1 horse..appraised by Samuel P.Turner and Jeremiah Baily...

Stewart Co. Sheriif's Sale...House and lot in of
Gillis favor of Henry W. Jernigan...

2 Lots... property of John G.Rice in favor of M.J.Lawrence...

Troup Co.
Estate Sale...Horses, wagons, hogs, etc. property of James
M.Smedly,dec'd..Admr's A.W.Ferguson and B.B.Lyle..

20 Jan. 1841

Elbert Co. 7 Jan.1841..
A pocket book containing notes on Milton S.Booth and John M.Wright,sec.
made payable to Austin T.Ward..
1 note on John F.Boyd,payable to William G.Ward...
1 note on William S.D.Whitman payable to William G. Ward...
signed.. William G.Ward, Muscogee

Marion Co.
Brought to jail in Tazewell, a negro fellow age 21,says his name is
Sebron and belongs Thomas Dixon of Stewart Co. He had in his possession
written in pencil and signed by Thomas Dixon..Signed.. Thomas

Muscogee Co.
Libel for Divorce..
Matilda Hudson vs James D.Hutson

27 Jan.1841

In Girard Al. 24 Jan.1841.. by William B.Martin,William Williamson to
Miss Elizabeth B.Hunt...

Married..Russell Co.Al. 14 Jan. 1841..By Rev. James Dixon,Charles Floyd
of Chambers to Miss Sarah M.dau of James Bennett.

Harris Co. James Walker,applied for letter of Adrm',estate of William
McLoughlin ..signed Wiley Wilson,Ordinary...

Sheriff's Sale.
Troup Co.
Lot #237, 275/5 of Benjamin favor of
A.&W.Park vs Robinson and Jane Worthy,exers of Thomas Worthy,dec'd...

Talbot Co.
Sheriff's Sale.
Lot # 155/ of Jesse Stallings and Lewis favor
of Marion Bethune..

Lot # 17th Dist..Formerly occupied by Joseph of Samuel favor of Benjamin Hurt vs John Landrum and Samuel

Marion Co.
Sheriff's Sale..
Lot #19/30 of William W. favor of Wiley
Williams and Brothers..

Lot # 34/30 of James favor of Ezekiel

Lot #93/3 of Amos favor of Young S.Joiner vs
Amos Johnson,Daniel Sells and Sarah Joiner,endorser

Horse and of William favor of Daniel
Hightower vs William McCorkle and R.W. Matson....

Harris Co.
Sheriff's Sale
2 acres where Jane Bauthe formerly lived,on road from Columbus to
Whitesville in 19 of Alfred favor of
William T.Reed,for use of James Ramsey...Green Stephens,sheriff..

Lot. # 387/20 of Wych favor of Henry King.

3 Feb.1841

Stewart Co.. Benjamin Doster..applys for letters of Admr'.. Estate of
Robert Allen..signed M.Gresham,Ordinary..

Elizabeth and David G.Puckett,applys for admrm',estate of Edmund
Puckett...signed M.Gresham....

John Mitchell applys for letters of admr' of Benjamin Mitchell..
signed M.Gresahm...

10 Feb. 1841

Died; Pleasent Hill,Talbot Co. 14 Jan.1841 William Hall..age 28..

17 Feb.1841

Married... 9 Jan.1841 by George W.Turrentine,esq. Robert M.Yarborough,to
Miss Margaret P.Burt...

Married.In Columbus ,13 John J.McKendree esq..Paton
H.Pinckard to Miss Matilda A.Stone,both of Dadeville,Tallapoosa Co. Al.

Harris Co. My wife,Mary Roberts..having left my bed and board without
provocation...I will not be responsible for any debts, and forewarn all
persons from harboring or trading with her...signed..William Roberts...

Commissioners of Russell Co. Ala.
John Segar
Hartwell B.Green
Henry Moffett
William D.Hargrove

24 Feb.1841

Married; At Bellvue,by Rev.T.F.Montgomery,Robert E.Owen to Miss Caroline
Crittenden,dau of B.G.Crittenden,all of Talbot co....

Cass Co.
Estate sale;
Lot # 56 /15 of Samuel Williams,dec'd...William Peabody
and Mary A.Williams admrs'..

Randolph Co.GA...Major Stanley vs Francis S.Jackson,Benjamin C.Jackson
and Harbert H.Haney bill for discovery,relief and injunction..
signed.. William Taylor..Justice Superiot Court.

3 March 1841

Married..18 Feb.1841,near Greenville,Meriwether Co.,at the home of
Freeman McLendon by Rev.W.D.Matthews,Newnan Thornton to Miss Georgia Ann

Notice...Saddle bags were stolen or taken by mistake from Howard's
Tavern..12 Feb.1841...containing notes on the following..
Bulford Moore
James Daniel
Lydia Summers
William C.Davis
William H.Lovjoy
Archibald Smith
William R. Moore
Londen Payne
Burwell Collier
Morgan Jones
Davis Foster
Henry Mangham
William Atwell
Samuel Clark
Stephen Miller
signed by John Massengale

Marion Co.
Sheriff sale..

1 of M.J. favor of James A.Delenger vs

Lot # 92/96 of John Dupree,in favor of George W.B. Towns
vs John Dupree and Hilliard Dupree..

Lot # 167/26 of James favor of John J.Hudson
vs James Harrison..sec..Hachaliah McMath..Green B.Brown,sec. on stay of
execution,James W. Kendle vs James Harrison,principal, 

3 March 1841

Sheriff Sale ;Marion County

Lots # 98,127,176/27 dist...
Town Lot in Americus...1 negro man Meshack age of John favor of John G.Coleman vs John J.Britt,Mathew Britt vs
John J.,George W. Towns vs John J.,Stephen Herring,sec... Henry W.
Conner vs. John B. McCarter... in favor of James M.Barron vs John J.
Arnold Godwin vs John J......

Sumter Co.
Sheriff Sale
Lot-28th Dist,adj.. lands of James of
Mordecai J.Holly,Moses favor of John Rowan...

Lot; 16th of Jacob favor of William
P.Malone,Edwin Montgomery,admr' vs. Jacob Little,Richard Salter and
Daniel N.Little,Adam Hardin,James T.Hunt,William D.Britt,sec's on

Troup Co. Sheriff Sale
Negro woman,Mary age 22..Augustus,age 7..Isom age of William favor of Thomas Stocks,exec' of John Heard,dec'd vs
William Robertson,James R.Stringfellow and Joseph C.Weeks,sec...

17 March 1841

Meriwether Co.
Estate Sale... Lot # 127/3 Dist... sold as property of Louisa
Davis,minor of William Davis,dec'd...Signed Elisha Trammell,guardian.

31 March 1841

Died; At the home of James H.Shorter,esq...24 March 1841... David
Golighty,age 30...highly valued member of the bar...

Russell Co. Al. Strayed or stolen ,near Dover Post Office..1
mare..signed James Ratcliff..

Troup Co. Reward $250.. John T.Pinckard...for the murder of George
W.Carter..27 Feb. 1841...Pinckard,age 23/25... Signed,..Jesse and
Littleberry Carter...

Sheriff Sale...Marion Co..
Lot #3rd Dist Called Wilcher's Mills.where Jeremiah Wilcher now of Reuben favor of James Clark.

Lot 31st dist...where Alexander Adams lived... property of John Sealy..
in favor Robert McCarthy vs John Sealy,Thomas H.Hill,David G.Worsham

Lee County
Sheriff Sale..
Lot # 241/3Dist... property of Henry favor of William
T.Lotten,George W.Collier vs John Jarvis,and Henry T.Blake and Bolen
Shell,as endorsers....

Talbot Co.
March term 1841
Libel for Divorce
Mary Orrange vs George W.Orrange...

Carroll Co.GA..
Estate sale..
Property of Arthur Smith dec'd ...Admr' William Dougherty...

7 April 1841

Married; 23 March 1841.. Macon Co.Al. by Rev. Thompson Glen, Benjamin
Gardner, editor of the "Southern Shield" to Miss Eliza ann.dau of
Samuel Harwell...

Married.. At Oakbowery,28 March 1841 by Rev. W.K. Patton..Rev.
G.W.MCoy of West point GA. to Miss Susan Caroline,dau of John Friten.

21 April 1841

Married.. 15 April 1841...Col. James Wimberly of Macon to Mrs. Hannah

Married; 15 April by Rev. J.Roberts..M.Wlliam Lamar to Miss Sarah

Talbot County;Sheriff Sale...
Lot # 132/16 of William Cox,Jacob Sistrunk,William S. favor of Thomas Jourdan...

Lot # 153/17 Dist. property of James favor of Henry
Kandal,Isham,James Whittle vs. James Johnson and Hamilton Jourdan...

5 May 1841

Married..27 April Rev. T.Goulding D.D...Francis McMurry to Miss
Cgarlotte L.Goulding...

Married.. 2 May Rev. J.Roberts..Irvin Watkins to Miss Elizabeth

Died... Heard Co. 9 April 1841 Major Samuel Cole...

Lee County..Sheriff's Sale..
Lot #23/ of Peter Richardson,in favor of John Simpson..

Lot # 2/32 of Henry favor of H.F.Rose

Lots # 79,82,83/81 of Jeptha favor of
Oswell Holly..

Lot # 213/18 of Leroy favor of Thomas

12 May 1841

In Trinity Church 27 Rev. Dr. Cairns..Joseph S. Pruden to Miss
Ann Jane S.Orr..

Married;In LaGrange,22 April 1841 by Rev. Thomas Samford..Col. James
M.Beall to Miss Martha only dau of George Heard..

Died... Hanilton,Harris Co. 6 May 1841..Mrs Mary Craig,consort of Martin
J.Crawford..age 17...

19 May 1841

Married.. 16 May Rev. J.Roberts,,John Diamond to Miss Sarah

Died; Florence,Stewart Co.GA. 13 May 1841.. Col Felix G. Gibson..leaving
wife and family...

Died;; Hamilton,Harris..27 April 1841..mrs. Elizabeth H.Stone,relict and
consort of Daniel R.Stone..age 27..4 children,youngest 13 day old...


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