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8 Feb. 1843
Strayed or stolen....2 mules...signed James H. Shorter,Columbus

On the rode from Lumpkin to Irwinton..saddle bags,containing ,title to
Lot #389/7 dist,Randolph Co.....signed Willis Green..near Vernon,Troup
Co. Ga..

Sherif Sale;
Edy, of John S. favor of Josiah Dickinson...

Household good, of Sparkman Britt...favor of Lewis S.

15 Feb,1843

Legal Notices;;;
Troup Co..
Elizabeth Dean..tolls before me N.L.Atkison..JP
one black pony...appraised by Henry S.Hames and Barnabas Legraves...
signed..John E.Gillespie..Ordinary..

8 Rev.R.T.Marks..Robert Brown to Mrs. Mary Fleming..

31 Rev..James Whitten...John H. Hogan to Miss Sarah E.
Hallam,dau of Jeremiah and Mary Hallam,all of Harris Co...

Died..Troupe Co. 12 Jan.1843.. James S.Porter..age 42 ...

Notices;; Ran away or stolen from John Ardis,Russell Co. Al. A Negro
named Joe
30/40 age...

Lost in Columbus 10 Feb.,a pocket book w/various bank notes..signed
Thomas K. Henson,Heard Co...

22 Feb.1843
Strayed,  bay horse... John Malpass...Elmore, Talbot Co....

Muscogee Co.
Estate Sale..
Lot # 218/9 of Thomas P.Bryan,cec'd...Theophilus Bryan

1 March 1843

Coweta Co...21 Feb Rev. William Timmons..Peter Helton to Miss
Nancy Newman....

William C.Bissell,14 Feb. 1843....native of  Norwich,Vermont...Resided
18 years in Ga...

Sheriff Sale
Marion Co..

Lot # 147/31 of Nathan favor of P.Ray...

Lot # 35/30dist.. property of Thomas favor of Solomon
Wall..Signed Jeremiah Wilchar..Deputy Sheriff..

Harris co...
2 lots in hamilton.1 adj.. John of John favor
of G.G.Bedell..pointed out by David Read...

Lot in 6th of Charles favor of Rufus
Broome vs  said
Robertson ,,,John P. Herndon,security...

8 March 1843

15 Feb.1843  by Rev. W.W.Roberson..George Sanders of Crawford Co. to
Miss Catherine M.Stubbs,of Bibb....

14 Feb. 1843  by Rev.Mr Arnold..Franklin S.Jenkins..of Miss
Martha A.Jackson of Hillsboro,GA...

19 Rev.E.L. Wittich..Col Wiley H. Pope of Forsyth Miss Mary
E.C. Pearman of Morgan co.GA...

25 Feb. his home near Wynnton,near this city..Bird
B.Mitchell..age 65..Served war 1812...He recieceda a severe wound,that
was a source of pain to the end of his life...

Twiggs Co. Ga....11 Jan 1843 ...Edmund Hodges..age 79..

Sheriff Sale;;
Stewart Co.
1 Negro man of of John favor of Charles
H.Auston vs Samuel Tompkins,John Smith,thomas J. Stell.. signed Daniel

Grand Jury
Meriwether Superior Coourt ..Feb. 1843 term..
William D.Tinsey
Jones Fuller
John H. Walthall
Joseph H.Gaston
Jordan Gant
Bishop Clement
Wood Moreland
Terrell Fielder
John Sutton
William Turrentine
Simeon L. Brantly
Hezekiah McGruder
John Hodnett
John S. Ragland
Charles B. Harriss
William Sasser
John C.Phillips
Nathan Trruett
Edward W.Anderson
Alston G.Harris
Robert Cade
Thomas E.Hardaway


15 March 1843

Russell Co. Al...28 Feb. 1843 by Rev.B.M. Ware..Benjamin L.Day to Miss
Elizabeth Quarles...

In Athens 21 Feb.1843 by Rev. Mr Bowman..Alex A.Croom of Fla. to Miss
Julia M. dau. of  Rev. Alomzo Church,D.D.  of Athens.

Near Pine Grove 2 March by Albert P.Roberts,esq..Napoleon B.Taylor..of
Russell Co. to Miss Sarah A...eldest dau of Mjor Singleton York of Macon
Co. Al.

Hartwell Bass esq..Russell Co. Al. 11 March. 1843..age 46..Leaves wife
and children...

Grand Jury,Sumter Co. Nove Term 1842
William L.McKee
John T. McCrary
Morgan Rogers
Hartwell H.Sims
John Countryman
Eason Smith
David W.Irvin
William W.Forehand
William W.Barlow
Marshall Duglass
John T.Moore
John J. Hudson
Quincey Bass
John Woods
John S.Hames
John H.Harper
John E. Hodges
Reuben Tucker
Hugh Brown
Neil McKay
James Glass

22 March 1843

9 March Rev. George W.Carter..Francis James Robinsion,formerly
of Washington Miss Lacrinda Eliza youngest dau. of Dr. A.C.
McKinley,all of Lexington,GA..

Troup co. GA..14 Mar,1843 ..Horatio S. Whitfield..age 45..

Troup Co. GA..Mrs.Nancy Whitfield applys for letters of admr'
of Horatio Whitfield..signed W.Wilson..Ordinary

29 March 1843

5 March Fort Hill,Burke Co. by Rev. F.H.Goulding..Col.
P.B.Connelly of Jefferson co. to Miss W.A.Belt...

18 March John G. Coleman esq..William R.Minton to Miss Susan
L.Kelly .all of Hancock Co..

In Meriwether  Co.  18 of March...William B.VanWinkle,esq.
also on same day,Major Elisha Kendell

On 20th March 1843..Robert A.Jones esq
Long time citizens of the same community...

Sheriff Sale;;
Stewart Co.;;

1 mare and of John favor of John

Lot # 71/24 Dist..1 horse and of Needham
favor of Dickerson and Rice...Calvin B.Seymour..

Lost .March 31 1842...$80..Was rolled up in a roll and was dropped in
Hamilton or somewhere on the Columbus Road below..signed L.M.Biggers...

Grand Jury..Harris Superior Court.. March Term..1843..
James Ramsey
John B.Hatchett
William Hudspeth
Edwin O'Neal
Thomas Hickson
Thomas M. Burford
James J. Little
Joseph Vardaman
Daniel Hightower
Ozias Stovall
Jesse Kimbrough
John J.Rowe
Elijah Cook
James Cox
William W. White
Thomas Kimbrough
Silas J.Dowdell
Stephen Borders
William A.Slaughter
Morrel Baker...

24 May 1843

Twiggs,Co. GA..5 May 1843...Gen. Ezekiel Wimberly..age 60.


Left my bed and board without any just cause,,,my hubsand Alexander
Thompson..who I was lawfully married by Squire McKendree..
Thompson left this city,, parts unknown to his loving and devoted wife,,

He is age 24 or 25..Reward offered....signed Elizabeth G.Thompson...

Grand Jury ,Troup Co. April term...
Lazarus W.Battle
James Bradfield
Leonard H.Young
Joseph T.Moreland
Young Hall
Charles H.Griffen
Johnson Hicks
Abner Glanton
William C.Brazeal
Nathan B.Dozier
Archibald W.Gentry
Brice C.Johnson
Walker Dunson
William E. Mavurs
John W.Robertson
Archibald M.Harrist
Adolphus J.Sale
Thomas Hightower
John W.McGehee

Troup Co. GA...Benjamin Sheppard Jr..appiled for letters of admr' to the
estate of Benjamin Sheppard,dec'd.. Signed..Wiley Wilson,ordinary...

31 may 1843

Sheriff sale
Harris co. GA...

Lot # 362/20 of William Hollis in favor of John W.Cooper

Troup Co. of John favor of John Douglass...

Estate sale
Muscogee Co..
Lot # 140/17 dist...sold as the property of Richard Dean,dec'd...signed
Elijah Dean admr'..

Marion Co...John D.Mathews and Lewis J.Mathews appiled for letter of
admr'..on the estate od Francis D.Mathews...dec'd...   signed..Burton W.

23 may Rev. J.B.Payne..Henry M.Thompkins Miss
Henrietta M.dau of John Bethume...

25 May Rev.Nathan Hoyt D.D...John J. Gresham,esq..Mayor of
city of Miss Mary E. dau. of Thomas W. Baxter of Athens...

All persons are cautioned against trading any accounts with my wife
Nancy Blackstock,I will not pay...signed Matthew Blackstock..Macon

7 June 1843

Married..1 June 1843  by Rev. Mr Story..A.K. Leonard of Talbot co. to
Mrs..Elizabeth Harvey of Russell Co. Al...

In Madison,GA..29 may Rev.Samuel K.Talmadge...John Grieve
McHenry,of Miss Harriet Caroline Taylor,2nd  dau. of
Hon.William S.Stokes...

In Geenborough 30 May Rev. Boman..James H.. McHenry of
Madison   to Miss Sarah,eldest dau.of Dr. Thomas N. Puollain... her son house near Darien..Mrs Sarah Spalding of Sapelo
Island,,age 65..leaving hubsand of 48 years......

5 April 1843

In Girard ,Al.  23 March... By  P.G.Clay esq..Francis D .Harris, to
Mrs.Martha Hutson

21 Rev. S.Armstrong..John G. Harris ,of Russell Co.Al. to Miss
Rush of Macon Co. dau of Capt. C.G.Rush..

30 March,  in Russell Co. Al. by P.G.Clay,esq..William J.Barr of Houston
Co. Miss Harriet Bird,dau of William Bird esq..

In Henry Co.GA..4 April, by Rev. Mr. Williams ..George H.Tuttle.merchant
from Fort Miss Elizabeth Virginia,eldest dau.of A.T.Dawkins

9 March Rev. Mr Carter..Francis James Robinson,formerly of
Washington, Miss Laurinda Eliza,youngest dau. of Dr. A.C.McKinley
all of Lexington,Ga...

In Girard.. 31 March..Lewis townsend,age about 40...

Troup Co.GA.
Isaac Brooks tolls before me Gillum mare..appraised by
William A.Stanley,Henry Brooks..Signed..John E.Gillespie..Ordinary

12 April 1843

29 Rev.Mr Williams..F.C.Johnson to Miss Rebecca R. Foote...

30 home of John McKamie in Troup Rev. C.W.Key..John
McCoy of Ala. to Miss Martha Elizabeth Turner ...

Estate Sale...
John admr'   Monoah D.Robison...

Marion Co.
David N.Burkhalter  vs  Eliab Jones..Benjamin S.Collins  John
Keese..Stacy B.Collins..Robert B Collins.. George B.Collins..William B.
Collins..Epsey Bray.. James N. and Mary Hodgens..Collen R>Locket..bill
for discovery...

Mrs.Nancy Newsome,formerly Mrs Howard..Whose maiden name was Nancy
Musselwhite..died the Co. of Washington..This is to give
notice to the heirs...where abouts unknown...
Attorney John J.Long...Fenn'sBridge Post Office...

19 April 1843..

29 March at Glennville,Al. by Rev. Mr.Pilby.. Robert Howard of Miss Cornelia R.A..eldest dau of Harmong  Lamar esq...

At Mount Meigs,Montgomery Co.Al.  at the home of his son-in-law,Benjamin
W. Walker...14 April ..Gen James Watson..resident of this City(Columbus)
where he was interred. age 56. Born Cumberland Co. NC..Resided Baldwin
Co...until 1832...

At Apalachicola 16 April...Rev. G.R.W.Smith of the Me Church..age 22..

Married...13 April...near LaGrange by Rev. C.W.Key..Col Alfred P.King.of
Mount Meeigs,Al. to Miss Elizabeth T.Freeman...

$500 reward..
Stolen..9 April 1843
12 or 13 negroes..
Sylvia-35/40 age...
Tena -35/40 age
Matilda-24 age
Lindy   15 age
Abram,Isaac,Jacob are brothers
Sylvia is the mother of  Matilda , Mindy and the 3 brothers......
a boy
Prime-18 dark mulatto
Shed-12 age
Washington 6 age-light complexton...-he is the son of Matilda and
grandson of Sylvia.
From my plantation east end of Perry Co.Al..on the Big Oak Mulge Cr..
Signed Alfred Fuller..Marion,Perry Co.Al..

Grand Jury  Heard Co.April term
William Barrett
William Stewart
Willie S. Ferrold
Larkin Fernby
John Crosby
William Norton
William C.Redwine
Thomas K.Hanson
Iassc Stephens
Nathan Fornby
Josiah M.Lyon
James Howze
John W.Wood
John T.Smith
John M.Proctor
Wiley Glover
John Thompson
Jesse Winchester
Lewis Barker
George W.Darden
Zadock T.Simmons
Jeremiah C.Culberson

Sheriff Sale.
 Stewart Co.

Lots # 132,133,124,125/25 Dist.
property of Larkin favor of Wiley Lane & Co....John
 J.Miller ,Joseph J.Miller admr's of John Miller,dec'd...vs Seaborn
A.Smith ..admr' of Larkin Reynolds,dec'd...,,John and Robert
 Reynolds,John Wells,William D.Ethridge,Willis Little.....

 Harris Co.
Lot # 170/5 of Johnson favor of Henry King...

 Lot # 76/4 of James favor of Orville A Bull...

House and lot near LaGrange on road to Greenville..where Aaron Thomason
 now of Daniel favor of Greenberry G.Howard
 who sues for the use of Isaac C.Beall


 At Wynnton 19 April by the Rev. William D.Cairnes...George Hargraves Jr.
of this city...Miss Virginia,dau of Hon.John Forsyth...

Libel For Divorce
 Talbot Superior Court March term 1843
William Williamson vs Frances Williamson
 Rule of Perfect Services
Sheriff 's return..that the defendant does not reside in this state...
 signed...George N.Forbes,,, Clerk

 Libel For Divorce
 Stewart Co. April term 1843
 Eaton Holleman vs Eliza Holleman
Rule to Perfect Services
Defendant does not live in this state...

Talbot Co.
 John D.Chambless tolls before me,,James H. Carter..JP..
2 mules...signed Henry Jones,Ordinary

 Talbot Co. Grand Jury..April term
Jesse Carter
 Dickson Cureton
 William Evans
William Blanton
 Grief H.Ferguson
 Green B.Jackson
 Robert Carson
 James G. Gamble
 Howell Short
 James J. Jamison
 Dixon W.Darnell
Lewis Wimberly
 Daniel P.Swindle
 George W.Amos
Horace Holtsclaw
William J.T.Mitchell
John McMichael
Thomas J.Riley
 Daniel Weathers
Andrew McCants

 10 May 1843

 In Robeson Co.NC..11 April.. by Rev.J.R.McIntosh..George P.Swift of
 Upson Miss C.Adelaide Jewett...

 15 April.. by... Rev. T.F.Montgomery..M.A.Harvey esq..of
 Miss Susan,dau of Dr. David Kendall of Upson Co.

 In Princeton Factory near Athens,GA..15 April William Williams..age 58..


Stolen ;16 miles sw of Columbus,GA. in Russell
 horse...signed..Robert Hartness,six miles sw of Crawford.Al...

 Harris co.
 Elbert Bins vs James L.McEntire vs Nancy McEntire and John
 Little,executors of Joseph McEntire,dec'd,,,,bill of discovery

 17 May 1843

1 may Rev.James B.Payne,,,J.M. Hampton, Miss Arianda,dau
 of Henry Pruett...

Died;  13 May 1843..Mrs Ann Jones,consort of Andrew P.Jones,age 42.Left 5 children ,youngest ,a few months old...

 Died..Monroe,Walton Co. 8 May..age 83...Henry Hardin esq...Was a Whig and Rev.War ,Vet.


19 July 1843

Harris Co. GA
Alexander S. Huey..admr' of Robert Huey,has applied for letters of
dismission from said estate..
Signed William Johnson.ordinary

Muscogee Co.
William Harrison,applied for letters of admr'...of estate of John
signed N.McLester,ordinary

26 July 1843
19 July Rev.Goulding..Benjamin F.Marshall,esq...of Mobile to
Miss Caroline A. eldest dau of Major H. Howard...

6 July 1843,,,at Summerville,by Rev. Payne V.Meigs Miss
Henrietta H.dau of of Charles D.Stewart,esq....

Died...At the White Sulphur Springs,in Meriwether Co..6 July 1843..Mrs
Eliza Alford age 39..Consort of Hon. Julius C. Alford..

Brought to jail of Marion Co.,a negro man,Allen, who says that he
belongs to George W.Kelly of Randolph Co.  signed John

2 Aug. 1843
1 Aug.1843 by Rev. Goulding..Robert S.Stockson to Miss Eugenia,dau. of
the late Dr. R.E.Brodnax....

30 July 1843 by Rev. Pleasant Hill,Al,,.
S.M.Grayson,Esq,,merchant of this Miss Cornelia F.  dau of
G.W. Dillard esq...

Sheriff's Sales
Troup Co.
202 acres -4th of James Brewer,in favor of S.Griswold &

202 Acres-4th of  Thomas favor of Abner

signed..Collin R.Lockett Sheriff

Marion Co.
Lot # 210/31 of Asey favor of John Scott..

Meriwether Co.
10 acres adj.. Gibson F.Hill,Doctor Turrentine,Nathan
William favor of Isaac.C.Bell...

Harris Co.
Lots # 28,29/3 of william favor of James
culberson,Ann P.Flaanig and Henry Long,admr's of James W.
Fanning,dec'd...  vs said Huff and William N.Thom..Pointed out by
W.B.Proyer...William A.Bedell,, sheriff.....

Stewart Co.
House and lot in Lumpkin, adj..Willard of John R.
Bartee.. in favor of Hollis Boynton..
signed  John V.Price,dep.sheriff..

9 Aug.1843

Married..In Columbia Co. 27 July Rev. Josiah Lewis..Dr. Thomas
H. Dawson to Miss Martha A.Hardwick..

16 Aug.1843
Married...30 June  by Rev. Noah Smith..Henry Miss Amanda
M.A. dau of Elijah Kirkpatrick of Lumpkin,Stewart Co.Ga.

23 Aug.1843

Legal Notices

Talbot Co.
Robert S.Adams,,appiled to me for letters of admr' on estate of James
Adams...signed Charles H. Stillwell,ordinary

Meriwether Co.
Joseph and John Watson,appiles to me for letters of admr'.. on estate of
David Watson...
signed.Davis C.Gresham,  ordinary

30 Aug. 1843
Legal Notices

Stewart Co.
Mary Doster,appiled for letters of admr', on estate of Benjamin
Doster..signed, M.Gresham .ordinary...

William A.Bell appiled for letters of admr'..on the estate of Jacob J.
Hollingsworth.signed M.Gresham,,ordinary.

Died. Ranndald McNeill.age this city..

Estate sale..
Talbot Co.
Lot # 268/23 of Peter Campbell..signed N.H.Campbell ,admr'

Uoson Co..
Estate sale
5 of Daniel Hicks..dec'd...signed leroy McCoy..admr'

6 Sept 1843
Legal Notices
Muscogee Co.
Daniel Parkman tolls before me, justice of the pease(not named)   1
horse..appraised by Thomas Burnson,Miles Moore.
signed.. N.McLester ..ordinary

13 Sept.1843
At his home in Coweta Co.Ga..Young Stokes,esq age 72.(no date given)...

Randolph Co.GA...
estate sale
Lot # 187/1 of Thomas Howard,dec'd..signed  Rhesa

20 Sept 1843
Near Enon,Macon Co.Al.7 Sept ..Major Jasper G. Banks.age 27

At his home in Dooly Co.  3 Sept..Arthur A.Morgan,late judge of the
Southern Circuit..age 42..

At his home in Russell Co. Al..13 Sept..Jonathan A. Hudson,formerly of
this city..age 40..

Thomaston,Upson co. 10 Sept.  George Carey..was a member of

Macon Co.GA.. 29 Aug.   John Hannon,esq..age 60..

27 Sept. 1843

Early Co. Ga.  7 Sept. by Rev. Warner..Col. Josiah S.Patterson of Fort
Gaines to Miss Elizabeth J.McDonald..

23 Sept.1843 ..Capt Francis M. Marks..age 40..leaves wife,children,

10 Sept. at  Lanier,Macon Co.Ga..Dr.John J. Miller.

14 Sept.. Greene Co.GA..Dr. Thomas G.Jones..age50

2 Sept...Hancock Co. Jeremiah Sanford..age 69

Libel for Divorce
Marion co.
Nancy Battle vs Henry Battle
Defendant does not live in state...signed Burton W. Dowd,clerk..

4 Oct.1843
Legal Notices

Estate Sale
Muscogee Co.
cattle,wagon,household  of Robert Beal...dec'd.. for
benefit of heirs and creditors...Signes..N.H.Beal... admr'

Harris Co.
Isaac Partridge, appiled for letters of admr' ,estate of William Henry
Signed... William Johnson,ordinary..

Talbot Co.
All person having demands ,or indebted to the estate of James
Adams..come forwarded..
signed ..Robert S. Adams..admr'..

In Russell Co.Al.  by Rev.R.T.Marks,, 28 Sept. 1843...James V. Jones
esq..of Burke Miss Elizabeth,youngest dau. of Joel Hurt of
Russell Co.

At Upatoie,  26th of Sept. by Rev. R.T.Marks..John L.Cheatham   to Miss
Ascenath Adaline,dau of Capt. John Patterson,all of this county...

19 Sept..1843  Hugh McDonald  age 35,  late one of the Assistant
Marshals of this city...died of congestive fever...

Sheriff of Pike Co. Al..notifies the public that on the nite of the
24th..the following convicts broke jail...
Peyton Parker...manslaughter..10 years..age 45.
John Q.A.Martin..assualt with the intent to commit rape...20 years..
Elvy Neighbors...7 years..negro stealing..age 28..
Robert E.Kyle,charged with running mortgage property..age 35
Signed   Wiley White...sheriff of Pike Co,.

11 Ocy.1843
At Wynnton 5 Oct. 1843 by Rev. Lovick Pierce..John A.Jones esq   to Miss
Marty Louisa
eldest dau of Col. Van Leonard..

25 Sept by Rev. John Miller..Henry F.Slatter of Montgomery,Al,  to Miss
Elizabeth H. 2nd dau of Samuel Benson,( of this City)**..."Baltimore
( I am assuming the ma.was in Columbus)**

7 Oct. Mrs. Mary Irving Williams,wife of Rev.Albert Williams..pastor of
the Baptist Church...age 27  .

Died..29 Sept.. Jasper Co. GA..Col.Stephen Mobley  age 63..

Died; 27 Sept..Tuscaloosa,Al  .27 Sept  .Col. Peter Donaldson,age
66...proprietor of the Bell Tavern..and a much respected citizen...

Died.. Mobile..21 Sept. Rev. Jacob Henry Schroebel,pastor of Baptist

18 Oct. 1843

9th Oct..,near Florence,Stewart Co..Major Jesse L.Bull..age 28...

1st Oct. at the home of Judge H.C. Sapp,in this Co...Alexander Fry..age
about 35...

11 Oct.. at her home in Eufaula,Al. Mrs. Lucy Moore..age about
68..relict of the late Edward Moore,,,dau of Capt John Mills..all eaely
and long residents of Wilkes Co. GA..

Libel for Divorce
Talbot Co.
March Term 1843
Mary Broadwater  vs Anderson Broadwater.
Anderson,does not live in state...

Grand Jury Talbot Co.Sept 1843 term
Chappell Cox
William Holt
James C.Leonard
Elijah Worthen
Thomas Greer
Nathan Bussey
Gren B.Clay
Elisha Bustin
William R.Parker
Nelson Flournoy
John T.Lokey
Jermiah C. McCants
Mark A. George
Richard W.Rolfe
John J. Boynton
Robert S.Kendrick
Eldridge C. Butts
Edmund A. Golbert
John J.Cook
James Collins
Greene Huff
Thomas B.Turner
Jonathan B.McCrary
Robert H.Dixon
Jesse J.Wallace
Robert Snellings
Henry Pead
James Hough
Loel H.Burt
Samuel C.Crank
Samuel Fuller
John R.Russell
Thomas Nelson Jr.
Francis Leanard
Benjamin T.Emanuel
Moses Boyton Jr
William Thornton
William Fisher
Henry Callier
James Arrington
James Fergurson
John B. McCoy
Darius Scott
Joseph Goodwin
Robert Hinton
14 June 1843

13 Rev. Thomas Goulding...Leonard S. Miss Sarah
L...dau of William H Kimbrough..

Stolen from my stable 7 miles southwest of LaFayette,Chambers Co.Al. ..a
bay mare...
signed Clement Forbes...

Estate sale;;;
Troupe Co. GA
Lot # 177/7 dist..sold as property of William Dyson  dec'd..for benefit
of heirs....signed..Elizabeth Dyson,, Admr'

Muscogee Co.
Caroline E.M.Smith..appiled to me for adrm' on estate of Roland

21 June 1843

Meriwether Co. 11 June Rev. Groves..James Miss
Adelade C. Gachet..Macon Co.Al.

Athens.. 8 June Rev. Nathan Hoyt D.D.....L.S.Craig of Richmond
VA. 1st Lt Army..stationed at Jefferson Barracks, Miss
Elizabeth W.H. 3rd dau of Rev. Alonzo,D.D. president of Franklin

Legal Notices...
Libel for Divorce
Stewart Co.GA
Superior Ct. April term
Benjamin C. Riggin vs Mary Riggin
Mary does not live in this state;;
signed M.Gresham,Clerk

Brought to Hamilton Jail ..10 June 1843
Negro boy 14 or 15 years...Frank..belongs to David Love of Morgan, Co
but was hired to his brother Henry Love of Ruessell Co.Al..signed
William A.Bedell sheriff...William C.Osborne jailer...

28 June 1843
Married...27 June Rev. Goulding..Lemuel T.Downing esq..of the firm
of Thomas and Miss Eugenia ,eldest dau of Hon.Grigsby

20 June 1843 by William G.Hayes,esq..Elisha J.Trammel to Miss
Martha,youngest dau of David Bishop,esq..all of Russell Co.Al.

Stewart Co.GA..Asaph Hall vs Henry Morliss..Forecloser of mortage...

Grand Jury..Muscogee Superior Court..Spring term..
James C.Cook
Edmund P.Hill
Robert A.Ware
John N.Randle
Austin M.Walker
James S. Norman
John D. Carter
Davis Wright
Joseph S.Smith
Edward J. Hardin
Philip A.Clayton
John J.McKendree
Abreham Levison
Richard T. Marks
Robert S. Stockton
Thomas J.Shivers
Ansel L.Watkins
Robert H.Greene
George C.Sherwood
George Hargraves Jr.

5 July 1843

29   J.Render esq..William R. Favor to Miss Mary E. dau of
Major Alexander Hall..all of Meriwether Co.

At his home on Upatoie,in this county...27 June 1843..Capt John
Patterson age 54...Moved here from Burke Co. in 1834...War of 1812
..served in Floyd's Army as a pvt. in the Jefferson Co. Mounted
Vol's...Left wife and children...

Russell Co. Al.. Trustee sale...Pursuant in a deed of trust,excuted by
Joel Reese ,I will offer for sale in Crawford,Russell Co.Al... 25
slaves..(.gives names and ages)..signed..Stephen B.Marshall..Trustee

12 July 1843

At her home in Columbia Co.GA..28 June ...Mrs. Elizabeth Hardwick..age

Grand Jury..Stewart Co.Ga.April term 1843
William P.Carter
James Perkins
George M.Champion
Joseph L.Weston
Joseph Shaw
Nathan Clifton
Tomlinson Fort
Archibald Spear
Davis G.Rodgers
James B.Simpson
William Shields
Benjamin Brown
Andrew Burns
James Pace
Whitfield H.Cain
Cullen Roberts
Ivey W.Gregory
Richard R.Roby
Asil P.Rood...



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