Columbus Enquirer Page 3


4 Aug. 1841

Married; 28 July , by Rev. D R.Goulding,  Israel W. Roberts of Montgomery
Al., to Miss Hester A. Willers...

Married; Meriwether Co. 1 Aug.1841  by John W. Shepherd,esq..George
W. Mitcham  to Miss Henrietta McClendon...

Sheriff sale...
Sumter Co.
Lot #98/15 of Richmond B. Goar.In favor of Rebecca
A. Daniel vs Goar. .John W. Cowart sec...

The Franklin Hotel, lots #..73,209,179,203/27 dist..a lot in the 16
Dist, known as the William S. of of John J.
favor of H. Atchison, James M. Barron, Mathew McCuller, William W. Townsend..
signed John H. Blount, Sheriff...

Talbot County;
Sheriff sale;;;
Lot where on Peter Baugh now lives,17 of of
favor of Fort S. Jackson vs Michael Lawler...Creed
T. Strong,endorser..James Ferguston, sec...

11 Aug. 1841

Married; 5 Aug.1841,by Rev. L Pierce N. Howard, esq of this city to Miss
Elizabeth ,dau of Gen. Anderson Abercrombie, of Russell, C. Al.
(looks like the name of the groom was left out) 

Died..6 Aug.1841.. at the home of James Crowder...Mrs. Caroline
McGehee, consort of Samuel W. McGehee.. of Barbour co. Al. .left husband and 2 children. age 22,4th dau of James Crowder.

18 Aug.1841

Died; 4 Aug. Milledgeville.. Col. Samuel Rockwell. Masonic and
Military honors

25 Aug.1841

Married; Corinth, Heard Co. 15 Aug.. by Rev. Samuel Lane.. Jefferson C.
Moerland of Russell Co .Al. to Miss Charlotte Cox..

Cass, Co..Estate Sale.. Lot # 28/22 dist.. sold as property of Joseph
Coppage, dec'd.. Natty Madox admr'..

Brought to jail in Marion co.... Negro boy named Bill,ca 12 years...says
he belongs to David Kaigler of Randolph Co. GA.

Marion Co.
Sheriff sale..
Lots # 67,68,in Tazewell.. property of Norman favor of Reed
and Talbot...

Lot # 133/3 of Preserved favor of Charles
Bell vs Luke Johnson and Barefield...

Troup co. Ga. ..Estate Sale... Lot# 148,147/14 Dist.. property of
Washington Traylor, dec'd...Jordan Traylor , admr'...

B. H. Reynolds, offers for sale his plantation in Russell Co. Al...8 miles
from Columbus..1 mile above old Federal Road.. on Little Uchee
Creek..Call on Newton Freeman, who lives on the premises or myself in
8 Sept. 1841

Married; 2 Sept. 1841  by Rev. J. Roberts, Sampson Cox to Miss Mary
Armita Clark.

Married; 26 Aug.1841...home of Brittan Sims,esq.. by Rev. Joseph
Bankston, Samuel E. Hannon to Miss Susan P.Sims, dau of Brittan...

Married; 2 Rev. Dr. L. Pierce, William C. Wright to Miss
Evelina Abercrombie of Russell Co. Al.

Married; 4 Sept.1841,Clinton GA. 4 Sept 1841  by Rev.George
FPierce, Americus C. Mitchell of Barbour Co. Ala.  to Miss Mary E.
Billingslea of Clinton..

Died;  Troup Co. Ga. 26 Aug.1841  Benjamin A. Cox,age 50..left  wf and 7

Died; Chattahoochee,25 Aug.1841..George W. Smith, merchant of St Joseph..

Harris Co. Ga. Hiram McCollers tolls before me James Cox, JP...1
horse. appraised by William Crawford and Winget
Vinson...D.R.Stone, ordinary..

Harris Co. William Y.Barden, admr' of estate of Robert Holland,ask for
dismission of letters...William Johnson, ordinary..

Marion Co.  Mary V.P Short and William A.B. Lamm, applies for admr' to
estate of William Short.. Burton W. Dowd,ordinary

Sanke Hill Plantation for sale, 2250 acers, upper part of Stewart Co. GA.
Signed James Boykin

$40 Reward;; for delivery of Elijah Rice to the sheriff of Dade Co.
GA. signed P .J.Thursby

15 Sept 1841

Cass Co GA.
Tax sale;;
Lot.#28/22Dist..sold as property of Eliza Josephine
Coppadge, dec'd..signed Notely Maddox.. admr'

Russell Co .Al
Estate of Thomas Bryan.. signed Daniel Royall, John E. Bacon.Michael
W. Murphy..(no other infro' on this," orphans")JMC

Libel for Divorce
Meriwether Co. GA
Aug term 1841
Elijah Goolsby vs Elizabeth Goolsby
defendant not in the state...

29 Sept 1841

Died ;At Fort Gaines, Gaines Co...23 Sept 1841..Col.Leonidas
King, formerly of Darlington, So C.

Russell Co. Al.
For Sale.. Plantation. on river road to West Point..8 miles from
Columbus...320 acres...George A. Walker.. Columbus..

Sheriff Sale
Talbot Co.
Lot in 24 Dist.. property of Howell Short.. in favor of Archibald mathews
vs. William McDaniel. .Harris McDaniel. Howell Short..

Lot# 122/16 dist..adj. land of L. Colbert and J.P. Hammock.. property of
James Thompson. .in favor of David G. Ray vs James Thomson and William
W. McNeil.. J.C. Maund, sheriff..

6 Oct. 1841

Married; 30 Rev. W.D. Matthews,Rev. Miller H.White of the
Goergia Conference,to Miss Sarah T. Bennett..

Died; 5 Sept 1841..Mrs.Winneford Bivins,consort of M.L.Bivins,age 25..
husband and 2 babes...

Died; In Girard,Al. 27 Sept.1841 Jacob Tomlin..age 70..leaving an aged

Died; In Glennville,Barbour Co. Al..28 Sept 1841 Mrs. Elizabeth
Blake..the mother of Henry Blake,her only son,who was murdered in Feb.
by George W.Lore...

Died;; In Green Co.GA. 13 Sept; Littleberry Tuggle..age 30..wife and 2
little children..

13 Oct. 1841

Married; In Talbotton 23 Sept 1841 by Rev. T.F.Montgomery,Josiah
Jordan,of Stewart Miss Mary Ann Fanning...

Married; 5 Oct. 1841 by Col.Levi B.Smith to Miss Mary Gullet all of

Died; 4 Oct.1841..William Gilbert..age 63...

Troupe Co.. Greenberry C.Barrow tolls before me John Hall
mule..appraised by Moses Day and George W.Kilgore..signed Joseph

20 Oct. 1841
Married; 1 Oct. 1841 in New Haven Conn. William C.Clapp,to Miss Martha
Bardwell,of Montague,Massachusetts....

Died;13 Oct. In Florence, Stewart Co...Henry W. Woodwaed, formerly of
Maryland. .age 38..wife and 3 children...

Died; Stewart, Co.  2 Oct. Susannah Snelling, consort of Richard J.
Snelling..age 30..husband and 6 children..

Died; 13 Oct.1841..near Glennville.. Barbour Co. Al.  John Tyus. age 44..

27 Oct. 1841

Married; Butts Co. GA..21 Rev.J ames Carter,William A. Elder
of Indian Springs to Miss Cynthia, second dau of Richard Barlow...

Married;14 Oct Rev. John Wimbish, Orrin Brown, formerly of
Canada, to Miss Virginia C.Harris,dau of M.W. Harris,of Oak
Bowery, Chambers co. Al.

Libel for Divorce;
Hancock Co. GA. Oct.term 1841
John Giles vs Lucy Gils. Defendant not in the state...

3 Nov.1841

Died; 15 Oct. Samuel Cooper age 87.born Maryland. .Rev...
Settled in GA 51 years ago... leaves children...

4 Aug. 1841

Married; 28 July , by Rev.DR.Goulding,  Israel W.Roberts of Montgomery
Al.,to Miss Hester A.Willers...

Married; Meriwether Co. 1 Aug.1841  by John W.Shepherd,esq..George
W.Mitcham  to Miss Henrietta McClendon...

Sheriff sale...
Sumter Co.
Lot #98/15 of Richmond favor of Rebecca
A.Daniel vs Goar..John W. Cowart sec...

The Franklin Hotel,lots #..73,209,179,203/27 dist..a lot in the 16
Dist,known as the William of of John
favor of H.Atchison,James M.Barron,Mathew McCuller,William W.Townsend..
signed John H.Blount,Sheriff...

Talbot County;
Sheriff sale;;;
Lot where on Peter Baugh now lives,17 of of
favor of Fort S.Jackson vs Michael Lawler...Creed
T.Strong,endorser..James Ferguston,sec...

11 Aug. 1841

Married; 5 Aug.1841,by Rev. L.Pierce N.Howard,esq of this city to Miss
Elizabeth ,dau of Gen. Anderson Abercrombie,of Russell,C. Al.
(looks lkie the name of the groom was left out)jmc

Died..6 Aug.1841.. at the home of James Crowder...Mrs.Caroline
McGehee,consort of Samuel W.McGehee..of Barbour co. Al..left husband and
2 children..age 22, 4th dau of James Crowder.

18 Aug.1841

Died; 4 Aug. Milledgeville..Col. Samuel Rockwell.Masonic and
Military honors

25 Aug.1841

Married; Corinth,Heard Co. 15 Rev. Samuel Lane..Jefferson C.
Moerland of Russell Co.Al. to Miss Charlotte Cox..

Cass,Co..Estate Sale.. Lot # 28/22 dist..sold as property of Joseph
Coppage,dec'd.. Natty Madox admr'..

Brought to jail in Marion co.... Negro boy named Bill,ca 12 years...says
he belongs to David Kaigler of Randolph Co. GA.

Marion Co.
Sheriff sale..
Lots # 67,68,in Tazewell.. property of Norman favor of Reed
and Talbot...

Lot # 133/3 of Preserved favor of Charles
Bell vs Luke Johnson and Barefield...

Troup co. Ga...Estate Sale... Lot# 148,147/14 of
Washington Traylor,dec'd...Jordan Traylor,admr'...

B.H.Reynolds,offers for sale his plantation in Russell Co. Al...8 miles
from Columbus..1 mile above old Federal Road..on Little Uchee
Creek..Call on Newton Freeman, who lives on the premises or myself in

3 Nov.1841

Talbot County; Sheriff Sale
Lot # 170/22 Dist... property of Taliaferro Rush and Jehu
favor of Asbury Burkes...

Lot # 109/16 Dist.. property of Lewis W. favor of John

1 Negro child..1 bay of Lang favor of
Hillard H.Sullivan, and  Joseph Day admr's of estate of Samuel
Winfry,dec'd... vs John Hancock..Lang J.Hancock,sec on appeal

10 Nov. 1841

Married; In Augusta GA. 28 Oct. by Rev. W.T.Brantley,Dr. Albert Rees of
Americus,Sumter Co. to Miss Sarah Ann Lamar..

Died; 31 Oct. 1841,George Smith,a native of Scotland.age 48...

Lost; on the stage road from Talbottom to Columbus...a large pocket
book...containing notes on...Balock Bullock,   L.B.Bass,Simeon W. Driver
William Driver...Washington Bond,  James Bond,  Henry Murphy,  Matthew
Murphy,  George M.Smith,,signed James Bond,Talbotton...

8 Dec. 1841

Died; Tazewell,Marion Co. GA...19 Nov.1841 Arthur Washington Battle,son
of Joseph and Rhonda Battle,age 26..wife and 3 children...

Troup Co. Sheriff sale
3 of John P. favor of Inferior Court of
Troup Co...Thomas Davis ,sheriff..

Harris Co.
Lot # 220,243/20 of Echilles K. favor of
David W. Robinett vs John W. G. Gordon....James Anthony.. John
G. Turner, secs..

22 Dec. 1841

Died; Hamilton, Harris Co. 11 Dec. Mrs. Lucy M. consort of Dr.
J. M. Vason.. age 20....

Harris Co.   My wife Lydia Watson has left my bed and board.....I
forewarn all persons from having any dealings with her...Michael
M. atson...

29 Dec.1841

Died; Barbour Co. Al. 15 Dec.1841...Lazarus N. Pickett, son of Thomas C.
and Mary Pickett. .age 23,,wife and 1 child..

5 Jan.1842

Lost in Columbus or on road to Talbotton, a pocket book...containing
notes drawn on...Thomas Davis...John W. Patterson...Drury Mims. .Eli B. W.
Elijah Corley.. signed Joel Forrester...

My wife Judith Ann Capehart, has violated the marriage contract, I have
ceased to live with her, forewarn all persons for trusting her on my
account...I will not be liable... John Capehart, Harris County

Troupe Co. Court of ordinary...
Lot# 144/11 dist. property of of Wyllie Chappel, dec'd....for benefit of
heirs...Gabriel H. Cappel, Peter Northen, Admrs'

12 Jan 1842

Married...5 Rev. R. T. Marks, Recey Gunn to Miss Emily
M., eldest dau of P. T. Bugg..

Married;; 28 Dec.1841   by Rev. Thomas H. Dawson,  at the home of Edward
Bowdre of Columbia Co.,  John F. Jackson of Athens to Mrs. Mary H. Bowdre
of Macon Co. GA...

Sheriff Sale
Marion Co.
Lot #129/3 dist.. property of Kinneth Stewart. .in favor of Charles A.Bell
William Yarborough, sheriff..

19 Jan.1842

Married; Russell Co. Al. 19 Dec. 1841, by Rev. Mr. Armstong, G.W.
Harper,merchant of Auburn,Macon Co.Al. to Miss Ann Eliza,dau of William
Barnett,formerly od Muscogee Co.

Married;  Near macon 10 Jan.1842 ..Walter T.Colquitt,to Miss Harriet
M.Ross,dau of Luke Ross..

Married; 9 Rev. Dr.Pierce,Major George W.Ross to Mrs.Eliza

Married; 6 Jan.1842.. by Rev. Robert Fleming,Elias H.Beall of Talbotton
to Miss Martha E.Neal,Talbot Co....

Died; Talbot Co. 15 Jan. 1842,Loderick Leonard.age 56..

Troup Co.   Elizabeth Hendon applied for admr' to the estate of
Hartsfield Hendon....Wiley Wilson..Ordinary..

Sheriff sale
Talbot Co.

Lot in 22nd dist..wheron William Stamper now of William favor of Miller,Ripley and Co. vs William Bransford,Joseph
B.Wynn,John W.Landrum

Sheriff Sale
Sumter Co.
House and lot know as the Franklin Hotel,occupied by John J.Britt..the
William S.Ramsey of favor of
H.Atchison,James M.Barron,Matthew McCuller vs John J.Britt..John
H.Blount sheriff..

2 Feb. 1842

Died 20 Jan.1842... Dr. Robert E.Brodnax..age 50,forerly of
Waynesboro,Ga...lived many years Columbus...

Died; 26 Jan.1842   Mrs Martha Wells,wife of S.G.Wells..age 43..native
of SC...dau. of Terry Evans ,of the Rev.,who yet lives....

9 Feb 1842

Troup Co....
S.N.Davis  tolls before me Gillum Scogin, horse...appraised by
J.N.Boyd,Gideon Willbanks...   Joseph Laws,Ordinary

9 March 1842

I forewarn any person trading for note given to me by George J.

Stewart Co,Grand Jury...Nov. term 1841

John Thornton
Hohn T Pturney
J.G. Eckles
George T Marshall
John Talbot
Andrew Barnes
Peter Scott
Joab J.Durham
henry Starr
Major C.West
Tomlinson Fort
Samuel Passmore
Eaton Holomon
George B Perry
William Nelson
Elijah Pearce
Richard Kidd
John Blackshear
James Webb
(does anyone know for sure,that men had to own property to serve on
juries)JMC  (please post answer to the list)

Lost in Columbus ,road leading to Col. Woolfolk's plantation,a package of
notes on Robert Wright.. Samuel Avery...James D. Tarver...Jesse
Smith...David McDaniel. .John Sawyers...signed A.H. Traver

Meriwether Co.
Rolin Grant tolls before me,Willis Rowland horse...appraised by
Samuel Carlisle..John C. Willingham

23 March 1842

Notice;;Lost on the stage road from Talbotton to Pleasant,a pocket
book,containing $3,720.00..signed William C. Jones....

Meriwether Co.  Thomas E.Hardaway,admr' of Jeremiah Powel..Mary
Lawler..Martha Harrill..Elizabeth Wood..Jeremiah and as guardian for
John Wood..has applied for dismission from said estates....signed Robert
A. Jones..ordinary

Troup Co. Elizabeth Dyson applied for admr' on estate of of Jacob
Dyson..signed Wiley Wilson..ordinary

Troup Co.  Willaim Garrard applies for admr' on estate of Jacob

31 March 1842

Sheriff sale...Harris Co.
House and lot near Ellersile Post Office..adj lands of Isaac
McEllhaney..James of William favor of
John E.Harris

Sheriff sale...Meriwether Co.
Lot # 238/11 of Richard favor of Alston
M.Boyd,endorser vs Precious Coker,principal,Robert J.Stewart...Willis
Huddleston...Richard Mills...

Lot # 104 /10 of John L. Cochran..John Neal vs Joseph
H.Burks..Stephen Williams..Cochran...and Abraham J.McAfee..

Stewart Co. Sheriff sale
Lot # 65/19 of Jonathan B.Dingler,in favor of Matthew

Coweta Co. Sheriff sale...
Lot # 242/1 of Mark M.Shipp,,in favor of Willis

1 negro ,name Sam, of Isham S. favor of E. in possession of Richard M.Hackay...

9 Feb.1842

Married; 6 Rev. Dr.Goulding..J.Canter to Miss Eliza
Williams,dau of Isaac Williams..of NC...

Married;24 Jan. Rev. Rr.T. Marks...Robert Boyd to Miss Mary M.
second dau of James McMurray...

Married; Washington Co. 27 Jan his honor James R.Smith..Dr.
John Stone, to Miss Martha A.Glenn..both of Hancock Co.

Married; 27 Jan.1842... Samuel Field,of Liberty to Miss Anna W.dau of
Isham H. Saffold,of Washington Co...

16 Feb.1842

Died; 1 Feb.1842... Mrs Sarah Jane Persons,wife of Dr. James
T.Persons..dau of Thomas and Rebecca Berry...age 26...leaves one small

Lost on the road from Talbotton to Columbus....a large pocket
book...with notes made payable to J.C.Maund....From Zachariah
Boothe...Thomas Baily..William Holt...B.Hill..A.F.Owen..John
B.Hicks...John T.Booth...John Sealey..Thomas Howell...William
R.May...A.G.mathews...H.P.Smead...A.Baggarly...John S.Wilkerson...signed
J.C. Maund,Talbotton.GA..

23 Feb.1842

Married; 17 Feb. 1842 by Rev. Moses Gunn..Jeremiah J. Kelly to Miss
Nancy dau of Leonard Pratt,all of Harris Co..

2 March 1842

Married; Barbour Co.AL.. 10 Feb. Rev. John.W.Norton...William
B.Saunders  to Miss Eliza Williams...

Married; Pleasant Exchange,Coweta Co. 10 Jonathan
Raines,Esquire...Dr. James K.Cooksey of St Cloud,Heard Co. to Miss
Lavinia ??...

Sheriff Sale
Meriwether Co.
Lot # 244/1 of Samuel favor of Edward Mussey
vs.William S.Sinclair and Gray...

Harris Co. Sheriff sale;;
Lots # 404-405 392/20 of James Weldin.. in favor of
David L. Adams vs. Weldin and John W.  Simmons...

Stewart Co. Sheriff sale..
Lot # 191/20 of Julius favor of Sarah Walker
..C. Hutchison.. Covington Brooks.. admr' of Matthew Walker,dec'd... vs
Robert G. Caruthers.. Green D .Sims...Levy made and returned by Randolph

Lots # 133,156/23 of Neil favor of Joseph
Aycock..thomas R.Lamar..Abner McGehee..vs John D.Pitts.. Lewis
Dupree..Neil Robinson...Samuel Johnson..James W. Dunaway security on

Sheriff sale'
Troup Co.
Lot # 162/12 of John favor of Wiley
Wilson..Rufus Broome..David Fuller ...vs John Bird...William
McGee..Roderick Barnes..William H. Keisler...

2000 lbs seed cotton.. property of Alfred Spence. .in favor of Rufus

Lot # 116.15 dist.. property of Charles A. favor of Joseph
Wilson vs Charles A. and David M. Dickson...

28 April 1842

Apalachicola, April 11,1842..We arrived  in this city last evening, after
a very pleasant passage down the river. We have chartered the schooner
"Floridan" and shall leave tomarrow, directly for the port of
Galveston.. Below we send you a list of the "Texan Emigrants"

John J .B. Hoxey.........Georgia, Physician
William R. Shivers......""""",Lawyer
Thomas Y. Reed........."""    Merchant
John B .Arnold........""""    """""
William H. Barker......"""   Gentleman
F. H. Berry.............New York  Painter
A.D. Bround..........Georgia     Merchant
James H. Brown.........Alabama     """
W.H .Blalock...........NC    Painter
E.L. Burns............Georgia   Gentleman
Thomas Callhoun......New York  Tailor
P.W. Clayton..........Gerogia   Gentleman
J.B. Cade............Georgia   Mechanic
W.S.Cross..............Va.       Tailor
George W. Carter.......SC       Stage Driver
Andrew English........SC      Blacksmith
John Erwin............PA      Mechanic
P.K. Edgar.............New Jersey    Mechanic
George W. Gordon.......GA              """
Thomas Hoxey..........GA          Lawyer
James L. Holt.........Ga           """
A .C. Johnson..........Ga     Merchant
A.F. Lawrence.........Ala.    Dancing Master
P.H. Lee..............SC       Merchant
Andrew Lee...........SC        """
Charles S. Lewis......England   Farmer
B. M. Mims.............SC       Merchant
N. J. Moore............ALA     Physician
W.T. Reid.............GA       Mechanic
J.C. Richardson.......GA        Saddler
Augustus Stewart.....SC         Clerk
Benjamin J. Smith.....GA        Farmer
D.F.Thom.............Ga       Merchant
J.W.T raywick.........Ga        """
R.M.D Williamson.....Ga        Farmer
Jackson Wilborn.......SC       Racer
William Wilers........GA       Mechanic
P.Yarborough..........GA       Merchant

Harris Co. Ga Superior Court  March Term 1842
Jury Members....
James Ramsey
Reuben Ransom
James Fuller
John Edwards
Thacker V. Walker
William M. Myhand
Butt L Cato
Willis W. M. Dowdy
Robert A. Fleming
John Fife
James Barr
Abner Dunagan
Michael H. Goss
Robert Fife
Samuel Pitts
Jesse M. Vason
Ozias Stovall
Isaac Partridge
Lobert Lett
Daniel Hightower
Asberry F. Johnston
William Mitchell

7 April 1842

Married  5 April Rev. Dr. Goulding...Benjamin W. Walker of Macon
Co. Al. formerly of Campbell Co. Miss Mary E. dau of General James
C. Watson...

Died.2 April 1842....George R. Hurlburt.. age 41...Native of

Stewart Co.   William Greer tolls before me Daniel W. Howell JP... 1
horse. .appraised by James Oliver, Brittian Farrer...John
E.Gillespie.. Ordinary..

Muscogee Co. GA..Sheriff Sale..
Lot # of James C. Holland. .in favor of Lewis Dowdell and
L .B .Moody

Talbot Co. Ga. Sheriff sale..

Lot # of John S. Martin.. in favor of William Douglass...

Lot # of John favor of James B.Hamilton

Lot # of S.F. Whithurst.. in favor of D. Smith

Lot #. of Willis Cox. .in favor of Philip Steed..

16 June 1842

Estate Sale
Meriwether Co.
Perishable  property of John Wells,dec'd for benefit of heirs and
creditors...Moses Jones admr'..

Sumter Co....
Moses Dobbins applies for letters of admr' of Eli
Dobbins...signed Edmund Nunn,Ordinary..

Sheriff Sale
Coweta Co.
Lot # 185/1 of John favor of Daniel
R.Mitchell..Property in possession of James Vance..signed Richard

Talbot Co.
75 acers where William Reaves now of Stephen
favor of William Sears..

23 June 1842

Muscogee Co.
John Brassil tolls horse..appraised by Matthew Hall and John

Sheriff sale
Stewart Co.

Lot in 18/ of William favor of Archibald
Nicholson,C&G.H.Tieley vs said Hunter,Robert Reeves,Asbury Cowles and
Matthew Wright,sec...

30 June 1842
Married...21 June Rev. Isaac Lesson..Elias Simpson of Columbus
to Miss Anna dau of Capt H.A.Blankman of Philadelphia...

Sheriff sale
Meriwether Co.
Lot # 169/ of Uriah favor of William D.
Alexander vs William Lindsay,said Williams...

2 horses..carriage property of Joseph favor of William

Harris Co.  Purnell Collins,admr' of Eli Collins..applies for
dismission..signed William Johnson,Ordinary..

7 July 1842

Married...28 June Rev. C.A.Brown..Dr. H.P.Smead from Miss Priscilla Hurt..dau. of Benjamin Hurt of Ala.

Meriwether Co.  Charles L.Durpree tolls befoe Me, Robert McCrary JP..
(one flea bitten gray mare) appraised by James A.
Perdue..W.M.Eaves..signed John Robinson,ordinary...

Marion Co.
Estate sale..
of Thomas Everingham..admr' Mary Everingham..

Brought to jail..Greenville,Meriwrther Co..A Negro man,21 by name Merritt,says he belongs to Benjamin Williams ,of Green Co. Ala. signed  P.G.Sinquefield,jailor

14 July 1842

Died...6 July the residence of Robert Horton..John T.Nelson.age
30. Emigrated from England 8 years ago...

Married...7 July 1842..home of James S.Turner..Coweta Co... by William
Riddle esq...John Kilgo..of Troup Co... to Miss Rebecca A.Turner...dau
of James S..

31 Aug.1842

Sheriff Sale
Meriwether County
Lot #136/10 Dist..Property of Enoch favor of Wiley

Coweta Co.
Lot #50/4 of Joel favor of James Wood...

Lots, 101,102/2 of James Garner and William
favor of William Amis vs Elijah Garner,James Garner,principals and
William Whitten,sec..signed Peter B.Terrell Dep. Shiriff...

Harris Co. 15 Aug Rev. George Granberry..Dr.J.M.Vason to Miss
Sarah Elizabeth Crawford..

At same place and time...Major Osborn Cook was married to Mrs.Elizabeth

Married 25 Aug.1842  by Rev.B.M.Ware..Joseph C.Barksdale of Barbour Miss Elizabeth W. dau of Drury Mims of Russell Co.Al...

Died..Summerville,Russell Co.Al. 28 Aug.1842 Mrs. Martha B. wife of
Joseph M.Terry...

Died..Troup Co.GA...7 Aug.1842..residence of Henry West,esq...Mrs
Harriet Brockman,consort of James L. Brockman..age 20.been ma 8

7 Sept. 1842
Legal Notices
Telfair Co.GA...
Estate Sale...
Lot # 413/7 of John W.Hays..dec'd..benefit of, heirs and
creditors..signed Moses Jones admr'...

Troup Co. GA...
Anderson Colley tolls before me, R.F.Thomason horse..appraised
by John Thomason..signed John E.Gillespie,Ordinary...

Died...Baldwin Co.13 13 Aug.1842 Thomas B.Tunstall,late clerk of the
House of Rep' Al.age 54..

Died 26 July 1842...residence of J.S.Porter,Troup Co. GA..Mrs Charity
Porter..age 45..wife of J.C.....

Died Randolph Co. Ga...recently of Troup Co.GA..age 47 (a detailed obit)
will send on request>>>>

Married..21 Aug Jonathan Davis..Col Zadoch Jackson of Mis  Mary Ann,dau of John Johnston Sr. of Lee Co.GA...

Married..Monroe Co.GA. 16 Aug. Rev. James Carter..Col William
Long of LaGrange to Miss Sarah M.Taylor dau of Job Taylor...

14 Sept. 1842

Married..4 Sept 1842  by Rev. Mr.Williams..William W.Smith of Flint Hill
to Miss Mary Baugm of Cessetah,Chambers Co.Al...

Married; 6 Sept John Starr,at Oak Bowery,Chambers Co.Al..Dr.
William Sharp pf Salem,Russell Miss Sarah B.Allen of Chambers
Co.Al. New York 11 Aug.1842..William Wallace Reynolds,formerly of

21 Sept.1842

Died..Troup Co GA..2 Sept 1842..Robert Curtiss,esq...

28 Sept. 1842
Sheriff Sale
Sumter Co.
Lot # 18/17 of Hachaliah favor of Joseph
Beck,Eli Melton, vs  said McMath,James H
Harrison,James Parker,Newnan McBain,William W. Barlow...

Lot # 114/15 of Ezekiel favor of John
W.Cowart,Allen B. Chastain vs said Taylor and John Taylor..

Troup Co.
Lot # 20/15 of Silas Brooks,principal,John W. Brooks
sec.on appeal...William Brandon in favor of William O.Saffold..signed

28 Sept.1842

Sheriff Sale
Troup Co.
Lot # 20/15 of Silas Brooks..principal..John
Brooks...sec.William favor of William O.Saffold..Signed

Marion Co. 
4 negroes,Frankey,women 25..Kinchen boy 6..Charles 4..Peter
of Benjamin favor of Henry G.Lamar..Wesley Williams..Hezekiah
K.Lamb..vs Garrett W.Hunt..sais Sims..Joseph Whigham..Wiatt
A.Hunt..Barford Peacock and Lewis Hunt sec.on appeal..

Lot #152/5 of George W.Hillman,Randolph Ivey favor
of Collen R.Lockett,Walker Perry..

Stewart Co.
Lot # 250/19 of Robert favor of Peter Solomon vs
said Rabb,maker,William M.Harkwick..Samuel Passmore, endorsers...

Lot # 96/ of William favor of Abram Moore...

405 ac/22 of Lewis G.Dupree,in favor of Jesse L.Bull vs
said Dupree.Lewis Dupree sec...John D.Pitts sec on appeal..Property
pointed out by James M. Mitchel esq...

Winfry's Corner property of A.B.C.Winfry in favor of Guy Thompson vs
John D.Pitts..Lewis Dupree..and Joseph Reese sec...

Meriwether Co.
Lot # 51/11 of Matthew Leverett,admr' of G.Molone,dec'd
in favor of Freeman McClenden..James A.Beeks...

Lot # 143/10 of Isaac favor of James
Posey,admr' of William M.Clark dec'd...

Coweta Co.

Lot # 162/3 dist.adj B.D.Johnson,John Cruver,William of
Anderson Hunt favor of John Cruver,R.W.Sims..signed Richard

Harris Co.  Lot whereon James Blackmon now of said favor of Pryor and Crawford...

Stewart Co.
House and lot in Lumpkin,2 Negroes,Charlotte,30..Martha of
Daniel favor of Gillian and Howell vs said Mathison and

Harris Co. Grand Jury Sept term 1842
Jesse Roberts
Lott Dodson
John Davidson
Stephen Pace
William H.Dendy
John Patillo*
Osborene Crook
John Brooks
Elisha Mullins
Lewis Pitts
James Simpson
Adolphus G.Elam
Grief W.Epps
John Sholars
George B.White
James B.Henderson
John Pattillo*
Thomas J.Winston
John Passmore
Samuel Huey
Williamson Switzer
Joel Hood
Henry C.Kimbrough
Thomas A. Hightower

5 Oct.1842

Harrison Co..
Estate sale...sold as property of Benjamin A.Fox.dec'd..signed John
J.Fox..Samuel D.Fox...

12 Oct. 1842

Died: Montgomery 13 Sept 1842..Mrs Mary Jane Boon age 56..

Died: Clayton.Barbour Co.Ala. 20 Sept 1842..Mrs Elizabeth T. wife of
Col. J. McCaleb Wiley..age 31..(there was an infant son died on the
18th,Evan Randal)

Died 5 Sept.1842 ..residence of Milo Abercombie esq..age
25..De.Alexander Hunter ,late of Butts Co.Ga...

Married: Macon Co Al. 4 Oct.1842 by Rev. T.Gleen..H.S.Creamer of Miss Elizabeth J,dau. of John McKenley..

Married: Olive Branch,Meriwether Co. 27 Rev.
W.D.Matthews,,A.B.Colquitt of Talbot Co. to Miss Margaret H. youngest
dau of James Sewell Sr. ...

Married..Cusseta Al. 9 Dr.thomas W.Blakely,esq..Misael E.Lamb to
Miss Julia Ann,dau of William P. and Rebecca Holifield

9 Nov.1842

 Died; 25 Oct.1842..Mrs Rhonda Odom,consort of John Odom,of Russell
 Co.Al...age 67..left a large family...

 Harris Co.  Benjamin Henry applied for letters of admr; on estate of
 Keziah Henry...William Johnson,Ordinary...

16 Nov.1842
 Married...27 Rev. L.Prece..George G.Henry of Mobile to
Miss Eliza P.dau of Edward Carey..of this place.

Talbot Co. 3 Rev.Hiram Powell..Allen T.Maxwell to Miss
Cynitha Susan Careker...

 Strayed from William T.Cox..10 miles miles south of

 Talbot Co. Patrick L.Williams tolls,before me,Dickson Cureton
 horse..appraised by James Johnson,Jacob A.Clements..signed Henry

Talbot Co.,,Harris Slade,applies for guardianship of...Joshua J. and
John B. Harris..orphans of Roland Harris..signed Charles H.Stillwell

 23 Nov. 1842

 Married. Twiggs Co. 8 Nov 1842 by Rev. F. D. Lowry..Joseph J. Boynton of
 Lumpkin, Miss Penelope, dau. of Benjamin Bryan, of Twiggs Co.
 Married.. 17 Daniel D. Ridenhour. John H. Hood to Miss Eliza  E. Beauchamp, all of this Co.

 Harris Co.
Estate sale... property of John Talley, dec'd. William T. Talley admr'...

 Marion Co. Ga. William A. Black tolls before me Kinneth Stewart  horse...appraised by William C. Wheeler, Eli Smith...Burton W. Dowd, ordinary...

Stewart, Co.  Jane Thomason applies for letter of admr' ...Richard Thomason...M. Gresham, ordinary...

Muscogee Co.
Sheriff sale.. lots # 99,100,180/6 of Jesse Wall, ,in favor of George W. Short. W. Carey guardian...

Negro girl, Patience property of Henry B. Horton, in favor of J. B. Green & Co. and Central Bank...

30 Nov.1842

 Sheriff sale... Sumter Co.
 one Negro man,Chance,30 of Thomas favor of  Jesse C Jackson...

Lot # 63/dist of John Joiner .in favor of James M. Barron...

Lot # 52/27 dist. property of of Charles Pickett. favor of Davis Smith.

Meriwether Co.

Lots # 20.51/ of Mathew Leveritt, admr' of Gilbert Malone, estate .in favor of James O. Beeks, Freeman McLendon, Alston
M. Boyd, Wiley Hopson, James M. Leslie

30 Nov.1842

Married; Home of Stephen W.Beasly,esq.,Troup Co. GA..20 Nov.
Stephen W. Beasley,esq...Troup Co. Ga... 20 Rev. Caleb W.
Key..James M. Amos Miss Julia Ghaston......

on same Rev. Key...Dr. Bennett H. Perkins of Miss
Sardinia Zenoria,4th dau. of James Amos esq.of Troup Co....

Lost..note signed by William P. Jones ,payable to Joel Ford..signed by
J.C.Picket..Stewart co.GA...

All persons are cautioned against trading for  a note signed by me and
payable to John O'Brien...signed Richard Coleman,Muscogee co. GA....

Randolph Co.(GA),mule strayed  from place of Mansfield Torrance...

Lost 12 Nov. on road between Stephen Pace's and Mitchell"s
Mill....pocket book..with notes on Benjamin F.Nunnaly...Newman
Pounds...Dudley Willett...Enoch Willet ...John M. Guerry...David
Binns...Henry Cash....R.W. Armour...signed James Eidson..Harris Co...

7 Dec.1842

Married..In Twiggs Co..8 Nov. Rev. F.D. Lowry..Joseph J.
Boynton of
Lumpkin, Miss Penelope ..dau of Benjamin Bryan of Twiggs co...

Died..In Macon..2 Dec.1842...Mrs. Frances Rowland,consort of Col. Isaaac
B. Rowland..

Died..24 Nov...In Macon  1842..John Jepson..age 40..a native of Green

Died ..In Macon  ..2 Dec..1842  Col. David Ralston,native of Abbeville
Dist SC...citizen of Ga. since 1809..age of the original
founders of M acon...

Died..6 Nov. 1842...Mrs Eveline Evans,eldest dau of B.B.
Degraffenred.left husband  and infant...

Died...31 Oct... Harris Co...Mrs. Mary Ann Whitehead,wife of John
T...eldest dau of George Osborn..age 21...

7 Dec.1842

Legal Notices
Marion Co.
sold as property of James M. Godley,dece'd......Signed ..Leroy
Calloway,John M.Godley..Admr's...

Stewart Co.
Jane Bailey,admr' of John Bailey ,has applied to me for letters of
dismission from said estate....signed M.Gresham,Ordinary

14 Dec. 1842
Married..Pike Co. 30 Nov. Rev. Lyman W.Corbin...William R.
White to Miss Mary Ann Crawford...

Legal Notices..
Sold as property of Robert Applewhite,dec'd...signed Jesse

Sheriff's Sale
Muscogee Co.
levied on property of Henry D. favor of Edward Barnard...

House and lot #499 in of Julia favor of
Parres J.Tillinghast..

Talbot Co..
lot #..264/23 of Robert favor of Drury
Averett..George Gregory...E.Beall & Co.

21 Dec. 1842
Married...Near Long Cane,Troup Co.GA..13 Rev.
T.F.Montgomery..Joseph T. Montgomery esq..of Miss Julia
F.Cameron,dau of Thomas Cameron...

Strayed from my plantation in Baker Co. 2 mules...signed Samuel

28 Dec.1842
Married...In this city.....18 Dec.1842..Major Hamilton Goode of Stewart
Co., Miss Ann Eliza,youngest dau. of Joshua Hickey of Cumberland

Married in this city...22 Dec. by Rev. Goulding..Anders Anderson to Miss
Petrea Larson...

Married..In LaFayette,Chambers Co.Al..15 Dec. Rev. T.P.C.
Shelman..Johnson J. Hooper to Miss Mary M.  dau of Greene D.Brantley...

Died...9 Dec.1842...Mrs Mary Francis Cook,consort of the late Col. Henry
H.Cook..died at the resident of her brother,the Rev. John E.Dawson in
LaGrange ,age 35...

Lost ,21 Dec.. in Columbus..notes given by John and Henry Evans and
William McGintie..signed  Henry Snellings...

4 Jan.1843
Sheriff's Sale
Marion of Daniel Sells,in favor of Charner B.Strange vs
Luke Johnson and Daniel Sells..

levied on property of favor of William H.Pitts vs
M.Baggett and William A. Davis....

levied on the property of John favor of James H.Cotten
signed  Jeremiah Wilchar,Deputy Sheriff...

Stewart Co...
1 negro woman named of James favor of Oswell
Holly vs Hamlet and Matthew Wright.

Lost between HamiltonHarris Co... and Dallas Col. note made
payable to John Capehart..signed by Robert Weldin of Harris Co...
Signed..John Capehart,Harris,Co..

Married...In this city..20 Dec. Rev. Goulding..George
S.Hawkins, esq
of Apalachicola,  Mrs J.Sullivan...

Married in this Co...20 Rev.Caerey C.Willis...Samuel
Johnson to Miss Keziah..second dau of Thomas Motely...

Died..In San Felipe,TX...10 Oct.1842..Mrs Anne H. Hill,wife of William
P. Hill...formerly of GA...Mrs. Hill was a native of Hartdord Conn. and
has many friends there...
Posting/with the permission of publishier
Tad Evans
1506 Stillwood Dr.
Savannah,GA 31419

11 Jan 1843
Married..2 Rev. Cairns...J.Amory Deblois to Miss Emily
Jane Ruse...

5 Jan the home of John D.Howell,by Rev. Thomas
Goulding..JohnC.Ruse to Miss Musidora Adella Poter...

4 Jan John J.McKendree esq...Alexander Thompson to Miss
Elizabeth Reynolds..of Cuthbert,Randolph co.GA....

3 Jan Green McCrary,esq...William Miss
Emeline Pickard...

Stewart Co.
Philander Thompson tolls before me,Isaac L. Streetman, horse..
appraised by Hollis Boynton...signed ..H.Dennard.. Ordinary

Lee,Co GA.
William W.Gilmer and Zadock Jackson applied for letter of
admr' of John Johnson..signed Ashley Phillips..ordinary

18 Jan. 1843
In Savannah 11 jan. Rt.Rev.Bishop Elliot...Joseph editor of the.."Savannah Daily Republican"  to Miss
Laura J. youngest dau. of William B.Bulloch..
Reward for...a negro named Wade.. age 30...signed Henry Hurt..Russell

Meriwether Co...Mark H. Crowder tolls before me..John
horse..appraised by  Henry F.Scott and Thomas Walker...signed John

25 Jan 1843
Libel for Divorce
Stewart Co. GA.
Superior Ct July term 1842
Jeptha Picket vs Mary Pickett
defendant does not reside in this County..
signed James Clarke,Attorney

Muscogee Co. John B.Hoxey vs Amason A.Jones...foreclosure.....

1 Feb.1843

At home of Mrs Mary Cotten..Monroe Co. 16 Jan. 1843 by Rev.
J.R.Kendrick..Dr.John J.B.Hoxey of this Miss Caroline E.

In Eufaula,by Rev. William P.Pattisson..12 Jan 1843..Col. John Gill Miss Mary Jane...only dau of Dr.Cullen Battle...

 Meriwether co. 16 Jan. 1843....Mrs Harriet Gates..wife of Bennett H.
Gates...age 22..leaving hubsand and children...

Sheriff's Sale
Marion Co.
Lot # 153/12 of Michael favor of Joseph
Pruden vs said Watson,Thomas Burge, Thomas S.Brown,Benjamin Hurt...

Meriwerher Co. Julius S. and Rebcca Pardue applies for letter of
admr' of James A.Pardue..Signed Robert A.Jones ordinary..

Reuben W. Rainey,applies for letters of admr' of John F.
Rainey...signed Robert A.Jones ordinary...

John T. Owens and Jackson Tyner Jr. applies for letters od
admr' of Jackson Tyner Sr...signed robert A. Jones...

$10 reward one away near Fort Perry,Marion Co...signed John

8 Feb.1843

 2 Feb.1843 by Rev. Willaim D. Cairns..Richard P. Spencer to Miss Laura
J.,eldest dau of  William P. Yonge...

23 Jan..1843.. by Rev. Dr.Pierce..Nathan H. Beall,esq..of Houston Co. to
Mrs Martha F.Beall of this city...

At the house of Robert Johnson the Rev. George W.Parker...William
Johnson to Miss Nancy Williams

at same place and time James Massey esq...Stephen Johnson to Miss
Caroline Tate.....


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