Columbus Enquirer 1836- March 1838


15 Jan.1836

(editor's note) William Ward, Lt. Col. under J. W. Fannin, Col. Commandant, and Capt. William A.O. Wadsworth all perished together in the massacre at Goliad, by forces of General Urrea of the Mexican Army on 27 march 1836...

Married in Columbus, GA by Rev. Mr. Normat, Col. S.R. Bonner to Miss Marion A. Huguenin.

Married in Talbotton by Rev, Mr. Lanier, the Rev. Jos. T. Tally of Harris co. GA

22 Jan. 1836
Indians fired upon ten men dining at the house of Erastus Rogers, sutler, at Camp King, in Fla. and killed Gen. Wiley Thompson, the Indian Agent, Lt. Constantine Smith, Erastus Rogers, the sutler, Seuggmenttal Holtzler, (copy is faded, this name may not be right)...

Feb. 1836

12 Feb. 1836
Married 28 Jan 1836 by Rev. Mr. Hamilton, James Van Ness, esq., of Columbus, GA. to 
Miss Caroline T. J. Leslie, dau. of the late James Leslie, Esq. of Abbeville Dist. SC.

19 Feb.1836
Died-at Columbus, Ga. Capt John Canson, of the steamboat, " Native Georgian", a citizen of Fort Gaines...

26 Feb. 1836 

Married 18 Feb. 1836 by Rev. Samuel K. Hodges, James R. Houghton to Miss
Elizabeth Hicks
both of this city..

Citizens of Bryan's Ferry,6th dist. of Muscogee Co. GA. on 5 Feb. deny the rumors that William Bryan and Mark S. Elam and their families had aided the Indians who recently set upon the militia at the Ferry.
John H. WatsonJohn VictoryH. C. Sapp, Nath. KnottsJ. L. Harp, Wm. Austin,
Leroy Williams, John Townsend, Wm. Borin, Archibald Bonnell,  Burrel Smith,  Wm. Brewer

March 1836

11 March 1836
Married in Harris Co. 8 March 1836 by Rev. Wesley Davis, Robert B. Wells,
to Mrs. Mary Ann Clements both of Harris County..

18 March 1836
Death of  James M. Thomas of Jones Co., who drowned 5 March 1836, in the Tallapoosa river about 3 miles below the Oakfuskey town.. Jeremiah Doss of Tallapoosa ,Co. witnessed the drowning. Quoted from "Alabama Journal"

U.S. Dist Attorney at New Orleans has been ordered to initiate criminal proceedings against Mr. William Christy as having been engaged in transporting volunteers to Texas..

Married at La Grange, Troup co. GA.8 Mar 1836 by Rev. Otis Smith, Howell Lewis, son of Judge N. Lewis ,to Miss Sarah Beall. dau. of Gen. Elias Beall, all of La Grange.

Married 25 Feb. 1836 by Rev. J. Y. Alexander, John C. Perkins to Miss Sandall Ann Parks, all of Coweta Co. GA.

Married at Hawkinsville, 3 March 1836 at the home of James Bright, by 
B. W. Bracewell
esq. , J. J. Gatlin of Muscogee Co. to Miss Bertha McColl, dau. of John McColl of Columbus, GA.

25 march 1836
Married in Columbus 17 mar.1836 by Rev. Mr. O'Riley, James H. Short, to Miss Mary E. dau of George Hargraves, Sr. all of Columbus..

April 1836

1 April 1836

Election of the vestry of the Episcopal congregation at Columbus:
James H. Lloyd and John Peabody, wardens; Lewis C. Allen, Elbert Wells, James
Rhind, Dr. DeGraffenried, Dr. Unquhart, John E. Davis, and Charles
Peabody, Vestry.

Reported by J. J. Boswell, Health Officer for Columbus to the Mayor and
Alderman, list of cases of Small Pox occurring in the city..
Mr. Benton, case of Varialoid smallpox, recovered.
Mr. Bowdre, cured
Mr. Howard this case is in its insipient stage.

23 April 1836 
Rev. Alexander Speer of the Methodist Church plans to publish a weekly
paper in Macon, to be called the "Southern Christian Spectator"

Hon. James Polhill Judge of the Southern Circuit died at his home at

13 May 1836
Creek War and massacre--the editor writes "These misguided Indians
have-at length-commenced the work of death, which has so long been
apprehended by our settlers in the new counties of Ala." Naming, William
Flournoy, Hammond McKissne, wife and overseer, Davis, Hobbs, several
negroes, and in all probability many others, (we fear Dr. Wellborn among
them) have been killed...."

An appeal to the young men of Georgia and particularly those residing
near the Creek Nation, asks others to join them to go fight the
Creeks. signing were...
A. Abercrombie,  E. C. Bandy,  A. J. Brown,
Wm. N. Richardson,  J. B. Tate,  H. B. Green,
Jonathan Thomas, G. W. Elliott, John Vance,,
James W. Howard,  Perry Wimberly,  Isaac Mitchell,
Wm. H. Mitchell,  Francis Williams,  James Conner,
Wm P. McKeen, Felix Scroggins, E. Miles,
Mr. McLendon, Wm H. Underwood, N. R. Lewis,
Nimrod W. Long,  Isham Dorsey,  M. Turner,
F. G. Thomas,  David Covington,  D.A. Gallard,
Elijah S. Owens, Robert Calhoun,  Ulisses Lewis,
Jos. Abercrombie, Nat. H. Harris,  James E. Gleen, 
John Crowell Jr.,  Edward W. Wright,  A.M. Weathers,
Mr. Cameron,  Mr. Hull,  Mr. Henderson.

20 may 1836
Creek Indians have killed the family of Mr. Davis, 7 persons, a few miles
"above the Federal Road" presumably in Ala. The plantations below Fort
Mitchell have been sacked and negroes missing, Bridges of Big. Uchee and
Little Uchee were burned.

The Marshall settlement,15 miles above Selma, Al. was attacked but the
Indians were driven off. The Hitchetees, Uchee, and Tallassee Indians are all
on the warpath under their chief Neo Micco...

May 1836

13 May 1836

Drs. Thomas and Dr. Ellison offer remarkable medical cures at their
office, in Columbus, GA, "no cure no pay" "Botanic Medicines".
Testimonials were signed by Wilson Lumkin, ex- Gov of Ga. J.R. Culpepper, of Pike Co. Thomas Fourd, Baldwin, Co. J. McIntosh, Wilkes Co. John Hawkins, Oglethorpe Co. Thomas J. Brittain, Oglethorpe Co. Reuben Strozer, no Co. given

Endorsement of the candidacy of Hugh Lawson White of Tenn. for the
office of President and John Tyler of VA as Vice President is addressed
to the Republicans of Ga. and signed by the following persons at Milledgeville.
Henry G. Lamar,  S. Rockwell,  F. W. Delaunsy,  Wm F. Scott,
T. G. Holt,  R. W. Fort,  Edmund McDaniel,  Thos O. Carter
Sas R. McCord,  Thos. W. Bolton,  John Williams,  N.C. Barnett
James C. Branch,  W. G. Fullwood,  Thomas Hutson,  John Hall
Jonathan Ross,  Jas .A. Miller,  Richard Harvey,  Thos G.( Janes)*
H. Sanford Jr.,  A. Hutchinson ,Y. P. King , Elisha Winn,
Wm J. Russell , John B. Tripp,  S. F. Alexander,  J. C. Martin,
R. S. Hardwicke,  J. W. Rabun,  Irby Hudson,  A .E. Reeves
Wm C. Osborn, Wm Griggs ,Wm B. Pryor, Howell Cobb,
John Chain,  Henry Wimberly,  Wm Felton , A. Newton, 
E. Price,  David Meriwether,  Geo. Stapleton , Asa Holt, 
Patrick Conelly , A. Barron,  Wilson Whatley,  John R. Moore, 
John S. Zackery,  Bryan Allen,  James S. Moore,  Geo. W. Walthour, 
Samuel Spencer,  A. W. Redding,  Allen Cochran,  M. Lessueur, 
J. G Jordan,  John S. Woodard,  M. W. Warren,  Augustus Reese,
John Loyall,  Wm. W. Morgan,  Wm Porter,  Joel Colley, 
John Puckett,  Joel Branham,  J.M Chambers,  John H. Steel, 
H. T. Shaw , Andrew J. Miller,  N. W. Cocke,  C. B. Hill ?, 
Henry Mealing , D. Shelton,  Wm Moore , Wm B. Holt, 
J. C. Alford,  H. A. Haralson , John Kendrick,  E. Wimberly,
P. Cook,  R. Bunn ?,  A. Baldwin,  D. A. Allen, T. W. Goode,  Wm Hill ,
Elias Wilson,  Daniel Dennis,  John McGrary,  ? Skrine , ? Harrall,  ? Wright, 

*(this is the way it is spelled)

June 1836

3 June 1836
The Creek have crossed the river about a mile from Fort
McCreary, destroyed the plantations of Mr. Quarles and Mrs. Brewer,. The
Upson Cavalry under Major Howard, went to drive them off. Bridges between
Columbus and Fort Mitchell have been destroyed.

The Columbus Guards, under Capt. Urquhart ,the rifle company under Capt
Thomas C. Evans, artillery company under Capt Thomas Hoxey, all
volunteers,  have been mustered into the U. S. Service..

Fort Jones, one mile from Roanoke, May 28th.H.W.Jernigan,Major commanding
Volunteers, arrived with 150 men. Sgt Major Still and 70 mounted men went
to the Rivers place to spy on the enemy/

Died 17 May, Mrs. Sally Nicholas, wife  of William of Montgomery Co. Al. age
67.  She was ma in Edgefield Co. SC 26 June 1787.

Died, at his residence in Chambers Co. Al. 18 May Thomas Bilbro age
65, he was for many years a citizen of GA.

9 June 1836

Berry Edwards, formerly of Talbot co. GA. was murdered by Indians ,
about 20 miles NW of this place, (Columbus).

Another Rev. Patriot  gone... Married.. In Georgia by John McGehee, David
Hodge age 102 to Miss Elizabeth Baily, age 40 both of Columbus.
Mr. Hodge was at Braddock's defeat (French and Indian War) and served
throughout the war.

16 June 1836

Battle with Indians ;
Men of Stewart and Gwinnett Counties who died were..
James H. Holland, William Simms, James M. Allen,  J.V. Tate,
Robert T. Holland, James C. Martin, Henry W. Peden , Isaac Lacy
all of Gwinnett Cavalry.
Robert Billups, David Delk, Mr. Irwin, Mr. Hunter, of the
reinforcements from Fort Jones were killed.
Wounded of the Gwinnett troops were, 
Capt. Garmony,  Mr. Alexander, Mr. Hunt, Mr. Stepp .

5 June 1836.. 
Joseph W. Andrews just arrived from Texas gives the following names of prisoners taken by the Mexicans, whose lives were spared by their representing themselves as Mexicans..
Pearce Hammock, Macon, Ga Thomas Smith, Columbus, Ga
John O. Daniel, Montgomery GA ? Patterson, Montgomery Ga.
John Spillers, Milledgeville Ga. Capelo Wilkinson ,Macon Ga
? Barnwell, Savannah Ga.   Duke Green. Montgomery GA
John Kineymore, Columbus Ga.  John Callaham, Columbus, GA
? Calaghan, Columbus Ga. Joseph Hitchcock, Columbus GA
Thomas Stewart, Macon Ga. Thomas Horry, Columbus GA

7 July 1836

"The Cassville Pioneer" Cass Co. GA. reports from a gentleman from Walker
Co. Ga. an old gentleman named Burke and his family (of 3 ) was murdered
by the Cherokee. They were burned up in their house.

J. M. Miller has been spoken of as a man of no character. "He has lived
amongst us for near the last year, and has been received and respected by
us as a man of truth, honor and respectability'
Bryan Bedingfield,  M. Gresham,  Hollis Boynton,  Lovard Bryan
John Talbot,  A. S. Bryan C. B. Seymour Daniel Mathison,
P. B. Hargis, Eli  McKeithen,  John A .Burnett,  John Richardson, 
Stoddard Rockwell,  Joseph Glenn , E. T. Beall , O. P. Cheatham,
Solomon McGraw,  R. B. Whitfield,  M. M Fleming , Benjamin May,
William Sheilds,  John Russell,  G. B. Bal, l Nathaniel Duncan,

Mathew Sharp, Franklin Cowan,  John F. Ball, W. C. Speir,
John Croker Jr,  J.L. Yarborough,  Mason H. Bush , Thomas Simpson,
James Jones, James A. Rooks,  A. P. Rood,  J. L. Streetman,
Harris Dennard,  James N. Martin,  H. G. Thornton, Charles Crocker
John Crocker Sr., L. T. Andrews,  T. W. Pierce, Wesley Vinson,
William Rice, William Crocker,  Elijah Pearce,  Alex' Burnett,
Samuel H. Luckle,  Mathew Wright (no place was given) 

7 July 1836

Meriwether Minute Men have formed and elected officers of;
John Hodnett, Capt., H. D. Tucker 1st LT. J. B. Hogue, 2nd LT John White Ensign

Married; Athens 14 June, Col. Paul J. Semmes of Washington, Wilkes Co. GA.
to Miss Emily J. Hemphill of Athens

Died in Hamilton, Harris Co. GA. Carlos McKeney.

Washington H. Brown, teacher of penmanship, inserted testimonials on his
behalf signed by citizens of two Ga. towns.
From Newnan, Coweta Co.
James Wood, John M. Thomas,  John Ray,  Samuel B. Hutchinson, Enos Cleveland,  Thomas W. Hutchinson,  Wm .J.C. Kennedy, William C. Redwine , Charles S. Anderson,  
William R. Cowen,  Thomas H. Roberds, 

David Mosely,  Joseph J. Pinson,  Mark A. Burnett , William J. McRae, Ebenezer McKinley,
 King W. Perry , Thomas G. Carter,  Benjamin Selby, John Goodman , Amanda Hutchinson,
 Sarah S. Hutchinson,  Elizabeth Alston,  Ellen S. Smith,  Joseph V. Walker,  Mary Walker. 
 James W. Alston,
  Robert  S. Burch,  Ira E. Smith,  John G. Peniston,  John D. Hinton, 
(Justice of Inferior Court)
George Pentecost (Clerk of Superior Court)

From Greenville, Meriwether Co.
Hiram Warner,  Obadiah Warner,  W. B. Ector,  L. M. Adams,  B. Johnson,  Milton Holt,
 L. H. Fesrerston,  Lyman Trumbull,  William D. Tinsley,  Joseph Duncan , Gibson T. Hill,
 James Moor , Timothy Ford,  James McGibony Isaac C. Bell Thomas E. Hardway
John Hodges Mary F. Lynch Matthew D. Ector,  William McGibony
Henry Phelps,  William Law , Archibald D. McDonald , Robert Masters J. G. McLester,
 Jane D. McCurdy , Martha Low, Sarah Tinsley,  Olivia Jackson,  Mary D. Masters,  
Eliza J. C. Brown, Frances C. Sheppard , Sarah M .Edwards , Frances C. Low ,
Louisa M. Ames,  Hamilton, GA. Post master.. Isaac Partridge
Mulberry Grove, Harris Co. Post Master John Hubbard

14 July 1836

Married 30 June by Rev. George B. Davis, F. F. Page esq. of Coweta, to Miss
Mary A.H. Smith, dau of Stephen Smith of Fayette co.

Died in Gerard, Al. Capt. Davis Lane of Jasper Co. age 31 .His remains
were followed to the grave by Colo. Hardiman's regiment.
A memorial to Capt lane was prepared at Camp Roe, near Columbus .by
Colo. V. Hardeman Frederick H. Sanford , Robert C. Barnes
Lane was an affectionate husband.

Died at the home of Mrs.. Gresham in Greenville,21 June, Mrs. Elizabeth
, age 61.

Died. 7 July at home of Uriah  Helms,  Newman Matthews of Wilkes Co. GA..
Mr. Matthews was stationed at Fort Twiggs. 

21 July 1836
LaGrange, GA Post Office James Herring, Post Master

The mail stages will resume their message daily through the Nation to
Montgomery, Al. according to George Plitt, Assistant P.O.
Department, Columbus...

28 July 1836
A recent publication in the Enquirer purporting to have come from the
members of the Church of Christ of Mount Olive ,Harris Co. GA. Cast a
cloud on the character of Nicholas Baker. 

Baker claims that Morrel Baker and Zilphey Baker are slandering him These citizens of Talbot and
Meriwether Cos., certify that they have known Nicholas Baker of Troup
Co., and always found him an honorable, upright man. Signed by
John Nobles, Henry C. Memacoy  ,B. L. Bruster, Joseph Buckhannon,
John Malphus, Burwill Connant, John M. Bruce , Wilson Park,  Anderson Robertson,
Benjamin Fulsom, E. M. Lawrence ,Thomas Stephenson, G. W. Darden ,Wm Hall,
A. L. Afee, John B. Darden, Jeremiah Bennett, Wm H. Lafoy,
Haywood Sherrard, J .E. Loyd ,Levi Justice, B. B. Kendrick,
John Spears, Owen Finley, Timothy Griggs, Benjamin Findley,
James L. Burks ,Robert H. Dixon, Hiram Merritt, John Irvin,
M.L. McFerson, Jas, S. Bonner, Moses Mote, Wright Sherrard,
John Avent, Thomas G. Chambliss, George Elder, Zack L. Chamliss,
Richardson Stephens, Adonijah*  Trewitt, James Beverley ,Benj. H. Wagner,
Davis Prewitt, Wm Jewin ,John D. Chambless, Appleton Justice Jr.,
L. Berry ,Morris Silas, M. Leverton, Joseph Lloyd, James M. Lloyd ,
Henry Dixon, John B. McCoy, F. Ranufree ,Pleasant Spears,
W. A. Noewood ,John R. Burks, C. M. Norwood.

* correct spelling.

28 July 1836
Married; by Rev. S. K. Hodges, the Rev. Asbury Chapple. presiding elder of
this district (Methodist) to Miss Eliza Ann H. .dau of Rev. Robert Adams.

Died. At the house of John Stewart in Early Co. 21 July 1836, John M.
, a native of KY but recently from Oglethorpe Co. GA. a millwright by
profession. It may perhaps be a consolation to his family and friends to
know that though he was amongst strangers, he received every care and
attention that could be desired for him.

11 Aug.1836
Died in Columbus 6 Aug.1836, Mrs. Ann Epps, consort of G. W. Epps age
28, Member of Baptist Church. Left husband and 4 small children.

Died 22 July in Jones co. Mrs. Rachel Amos age 81.Member of Baptist

Died 3 Aug. at house of John Worsham near Thomaston, Mr. David Melton of
Putnam Co. Wagon master of a detachment of transport wagons in the
public service. Left an affectionate family.

1 Sept 1836
Married , 24 Aug, by Rev. Dr. Goulding (Presbyterian) Capt. Richard W. Fox
of Morgan Co. GA. to Miss Lavinity A .Bons of Pike Co. GA.

29 Sept 1836
Tribute of respect to William Smith, deceased member of the Talbot
Calvalry. of Talbottom. Willis Menife ,chairman. T. Wilson, Sec. Robert
Holmes, D. Bush, C. T. Strong, committee.

Married at the house of Col. Caldwell in Talladega Co. Al.6 Sept 1836 by
Rev. Holman, William Easley to Miss Emily Ellinfton, dau of the late
John Ellington, of Abbeville co. SC.

Married. 14 Sept. at the house of Col. David Wright .by Rev. Jesse
Boring, Major John B. Wright, to Miss Clarisy Wright, of
Weathersfield, Conn.

Died in Columbus 25 Sept. Major Thomas L. Jackson formerly of Harris Co.
GA. ....

6 Oct. 1836
Another battle with the Indians in Fla.,17 Sept. near  Newnansville.

Jeremiah Burnett, died....Wounded.. Matthew Hindley, Jesse Long, Samuel
Russell, and ____ Weyman
. Troops commanded by Col. Warren. LT Col.
Mills, Capt D.D Tompkins, Adj. Gilliland
, Capts.  Beckham, Walker, Ward, Lts.
Prection and Hindley distinguished themselves.

20 Oct. 1836

Married 6 Oct. by Rev. Robert Fleming, Edward F. Mahone of Talbotton to
Mrs. Malinda Ann Cox ,late consort of John T. Cox. of Talbotton.

Married 16 Oct. by Rev. R. Fleming, Robert Hunt of Talbot Co. to Miss
Elizabeth Connel of Meriwether Co.

Died 12 Oct. Columbus. Capt John J. Owens. Born Sc came to Ga. as a
infant. Left wife and 7 children.

November 1836

17 Nov. 1836
Married Harris Co. 8 Nov. 1836 by Rev, W. D. Mathews, Josiah Williams of
Washington Co. Ga. to Miss Elizabeth ,dau of Rev. Thomas Darley, deceased
of the former  place.24 Nov.1836

Married; 8 Nov. 1836.At Athens, by Rev. Doctor Church (Alonzo Church )  James
Watkins Harris of Columbus, to Miss Ann Hamilton, dau of Col. Thomas Hamilton.

1 Dec.1836

Married 27 Nov. 1836 in Talbotton by Rev. W. D. Mathews, Mr. James H. 
of Meriwether Co. to Miss Mary Maund, dau of Judge D.C. Maund.

Married 20 1836 by Rev. Willis D. Mathews, Nabor Marshall to Miss
Lucinda dau of George Williams,
all of Harris Co.

Married in Early Co. 19 Nov 1836 ,by Rev. Robert Stripling, Zodock Odom to
Mrs. Chilly Ritchie, widow of James Ritchie, all of Early Co. GA.

Married in Early Co. GA.24 Nov. by Richard Grist esq. Jonathan Roach to
Miss Mary W. Boon,dau of Joshua Boon all of Early Co.

Died in Blakey,24 Nov. William Phillips age 45.leaving an interesting

8 Dec.1836
Members of the Methodist protestant Church in annual Conference, at
Covington, Newton GA. State their determation to preserve the Union, yet
support anti-abolitionist activities of the south..
Signed by;
Gabriel Christian Robert P. Ward
B. R. Bray, Thomas Wiley, Epps Tucker, John Morris,
A. G. Brewer, John H. Howvan, R .A. Blount, Jack Wilburn,
James Hodge, W. S. Fears, G. G. Witherspoon, Richmond Barge,
James McErwin,  Chas.Kennon, Ethel Tucker Jr,. Wm Ray,
John Murrow, Leonard Factwell, Jer. R. Swain, Saml. K.Gates (X),
Saml. Robinson ,John Bass, Isaac Rosser, Beverly Ransom,
Philemon Ogletree ,Gustavus Hendrick, Absalom Harris, Wm. Wimbush,
Thos. Fowler, Arthur Lucas, George Wilson, John Webb,
McKendree Tucker, James O'Kelly.

Married 24 Nov. in Columbia Co. GA. by Rev. J. W. Reid, John Lamar esq. to
Miss Mary Luisa Hill.

Died at the house of George W. Thompson, Line Creek, Al. Mrs.. M. P. Boren
age 28, leaving a husband ( did not give name),2 small children.

15 Dec. 1836

Tribute of respect to the memory of Eli S. Shorter ,who died at his
residence 13 Dec.1836. 14 Dec. Muscogee County Superior Court .Committee from the Bar were;
G .E. Thomas ,W. T. Colquitt, J. Jones, T. F. Foster, H. Holt,
J. N. Bethune, A. McDougald , J. P. H. Campbell

22 Dec.1836

Married Putnam co. Ga. 15 Nov. 1836 by Rev. Dr. Purifoy ?, Winguit
M. Turner, merchant of Columbus, to Miss Laura C. Alexander of Putnam Co. 

29 DEc.1836

Married by Rev. Philemon Ogletree, Thomas H. Harper to Elizabeth dau. of
Col S. Taylor all of  Harris Co. Ga.


Jan. 1837

5 Jan. 1837

Married, in LaGrange 25 Dec. 1836 by Rev. Harrison, Francis S. Early of
Courtland,Al. to Miss Francis Lewis dau of Nicholas, of La Grange.

Married 29 Dec. 1836 by Rev. Benjamin BusseyDr. James McLester to Miss Lucinda C. Woolridge, all of Muscogee Co.

19 Jan 1837

 John E. Gray was found murdered near the village of Talbottom Ga. 6 Jan.
1837..Coroner's inquest ruled ,by person or persons unknown.$1000

Married 27 Dec.1836 in Coweta Co. by Rev. James Bigby, Andrew J. Johnson
and Miss Sarah Frances, dau of Rev. Dabney P. Jones.

Married ,in this city ,by Rev. Dr. Pierce,  John C.Gray,merchant of
Hamilton to Miss Sarah J. Reid, dau of Col. Elisha Reid of this city.

Married in Macon, GA 10 Jan 1837 by Rev. Adam T. Holmes, Isaac Holmes of
Columbus to Miss Louisa I. Mott of Macon.

2 Feb.1837

Married at home of John Smith ,near Talbottom,12 Jan. by Rev. R.
Fleming, James Wimberly
of Al. to Miss Frances Wilkinson.

Married 29 Jan. 1837 at Talbottom by Rev. R. Fleming, Cullen Mayo to
Miss Elizabeth Booth dau of Zachariah Booth.

 Died 21 Jan 1837 at his home in Chambers co. Al.,  Jeremiah Peirson Sr.
formerly of Monroe Co. GA., of a chronic affliction of the viscera. He
left a numerous family.

Died in Montgomery (AL?) 21 Jan.1837 Stephen S. Garrett M.D. age 34.

9 Feb. 1837

Died 2 Feb. 1837 at her home near this city , Mrs. Jane Howard, widow of
Major John Howard, formerly of Milledgeville, age 68.she left several

16 Fe. 1837

Post Office established at "Society Hill" in Macon Co. Al. John U. Brown
is new postmaster.

Married in Talbot Co. GA. 7 Feb.1837 by James Wilson, William Mills of
Marion Co. to Miss Sarah Millsap, dau. of William Millsap of Talbot Co.A.

23 Feb. 1837
Died 12 Feb. 1837 at home of John Chewning in Monroe, Co. Ga  Mrs. Jackson
 age 94 years.

9 March 1837
Hiram Smoot of Upson Co. GA. was murdered, Smoot had ma the sister of
brothers Isaac, Henry, Malshar White, his murderers.

16 March 1837
Mr. Gregory, a Columbus citizen was found badly beaten, he died the
following day. Suspicion has fallen on Nelson a free boy of color.

Ma. 23 Feb. by Parlea Dawkins, esq.. Capt. Solomon W. Muse? to Miss Aliey
Purson ,dau of the widow Purson.

Married that same night Dr. George B. Macky to Miss Margaret White.

Died at the residence of George Granberry in Harris Co. Ga. 13 March ,age
28.Stephen Fulsom.

23 March.

Died in Sumter Co. Al. 11 March, Mrs. Sarah Ward, consort of Capt. Leonard
formerly a resident of Clarke Co. GA.

20 April 1837

Married by Rev. Dr. Pierce, Lewis Livingston to Miss Elizabeth R. Bass.

Died in Cassville (GA?) 21 March ,of a disease consequent upon a severe
attack of Bilious fever endured in Jones Co. GA. last fall, Joseph
J. Hamilton
esq. age 35 .Left wife and 3 children.

27 April 1837
Married 20 April . by Rev. W.H. Ellison, Samuel W. Harris of Coweta
Co., to Miss Susan, dau. of John Ellison of Talbot Co. GA.

Married in Athens, GA 4 April by Rev.  Dr. Church,  Robert B. Alexander to
Miss Ann Maria, third dau. of the late Hon. Stephen W. Harris

Died 15 April,  age 60, Major Solomon Groce?,  an old and highly respectable
citizen of Bibb Co. GA.

Died 15 April in Baldwin Co., Mrs. Jane M. Torrance ,age 34,wife of William
H. Torrance,  and dau. of the late Peter Crawford
of Columbia Co. GA.

11 may 1837

New Post Office in Cusseta, Chambers Co. Al. with Bird Culbertson, Post
Master, Located near "the Black Store"

New Post Office, 10th dist of Meriwether Co. GA. at Joseph Burke's

"Caution to Travelers "--  Travelers should be careful to deliver their
choice articles to proper persons,  as a gentleman, a few days
since,  alighting from a stage coach entrusted his wife to a stranger, and
he has not heard of her since" 

Married 3 May by Rev. W. D. Matthews, James W. Hunter, merchant, to Miss
Julia E. eldest dau. of Dr. H.  H. Tiger, all of Meriwether Co. GA.

Married May 3,by Rev Matthews ,Dr. Peter W. Lesley of Troup Co. GA. to
Miss Sarah Maffett of Meriwether Co. Ga.

Married in Newman,GA.2 may by Rev. J. Y. Alexander, Joseph J. Pierson, to
Miss Mary Ann Reynolds, eldest dau. of Silas Reynolds.

Died in Hamilton, GA 22 April Mrs. Mary Wells age 26 .consort of Robert
B. Wells..

1 June 1837

Governor Clay of Al offers a reward of $300 for the apprehension of
William Bragg who murdered Hezekiah Mullihax (Mullinax?) in Benton Co.
20 March 1837.

Married in Meriwether Co. GA. 29 May by Rev. William Sharp, W. H. Lewis
to Elizabeth A. dau of Bennet Crawford
of Decatur Co. GA.

Died , this city, 30 May 1837 Mrs. Ellen Emeline, consort of Dr. Austin
M. Walker
age 25. 2 children.

8 June 1837

Died in La Grange 31 May 1837, Mrs Frances M. Dugger, wife of Sampson
, age 53. Member of Methodist Church 27 years.

15 June 1837

"VOICE OF SUMTER", AL. Reported the death of Asa W. Turner in the
vicinity, of Jones Bluff, of that Co., in a deer hunting accident. Was shot
by his overseer  Mr. Dabney.

Died 24 may 1837 in Courtland Al. age 19, Mrs. Frances S. Early, dau. of
Nicholas Lewis of LaGrange, GA.

Died Meriwether Co.GA.4 June 1837, Dr. H. Higner, age 45 years, member of
Methodist Episcopal Church. "Macon and Milledgeville papers please copy"

22 June 1837
Mr. Hugh Ware, murdered in West Wetumpka, Al. by Abner Cody and his boy
John, who were committed for the murder to jail.

29 June 1837
Died in Columbus 27 June Mrs. Winnifred, consort of Wiley Williams of

13 July 1837

Married Jan 1837, no place given, James Anderson to Miss Anna Bread.

Married at the residence of Jacob Barrow. by Rev. Pierce, G. B. Peele? to
Jeanett, eldest dau of Mrs. Susan M. Crenshaw all of Columbus..

Married in Athens, 28 June by Rev. Jeremiah Shannon, Rev. James
, President of the College of Louisiana, to Miss Frances
Caroline, dau of Mr. Asa Moore
of Athens.

Married in Coweta Co. GA 7 July at house of Joshua Elders, by
A. Hardy, J. P. Flemming to Miss Martha H. Marry? or Mabry all of that Co.

Died at his residence 4 may 1837 in Troup Co. GA. Col. Thomas Worthy, age
45 leaving wife and 5 children.

3 Aug. 1837

Married in this city, by Rev. Golding, John Johnson ,to Miss Hannah
, both of this city.

Married in Troup Co. 13 July by Rev. Sanford, Dr. William P. Beasley of
LaGrange to Miss Maria Louisa
eldest dau. of Dr. A. Edwards of Troup co.

Died at his residence in Troup Co, near LaGrange 24 July 1837, Rev. Henry
age 56 .Native of Halifax Co. NC. Came to Wilkes Co. GA May 1817
,removed to this Co. Dec 1831.Ordained minister/Widow and 9 children.

Married 18 July D. H.Reese, of Rocky Mount, Autauga Co. Al. to Miss
L. A. Crowder
of Meriwether Co. GA.

Died Elisha Brown ,formerly of this state, recently of Wetumpka, Al.,10
July 1837, while on his way to Mobile.


23 Nov. 1837
Married. in Meriwether Co. 14 Nov. by Rev. W.D. Matthews,William
Allgood to Miss Eliza B. Christian,all of Meriwether Co.

30 Nov. 1837
John McNairy,former Judge of the Circuit Court of U.S. the First Dist of
TN.died 10 Nov. Nashville.age 75

William D.Pickett,Judge of the 8th Judicial Circuit,ala. died in

Married,Harris Co. 21 Nov. by Rev. George A. Chappell,John B. Bilbro 
,of Columbus,to Miss Ann L. Rutledge of Harris Co.

Married,Russell Co. Ala. Moses Padgett of Harris Co. GA to Miss Sarah M.
Mills,of the former place.

Married. 16 Nov. by Joesl Joiner,William J. Sims to Miss Clarisa A.S.
Riggins,dau of Thomas Riggins,all of Sumpter Co. GA.

11 Jan 1838


These men were named as Aids-de camp to the Commander-in Chief (Governor) with rank of Colonel;
Edward J. Hardin, Chatham Co. Benjamin Hopkins, Camden, Co
George W. Evans, Burke ,Co. Melmon H. Butt, Warren Co.
John Milledge, Richmond, Co. Benjamin F. Hadreman, Oglethrope Co.
Miller Grieve, Baldwin Co. Aldred S. Allen Franklin Co.
Peter Lamar, Lincoln Co. Edward Y Hill, Jasper Co.
Charles J. Malone, Washington, Co. Robert C. Mayes Butts Co.
John L. Hodges Twiggs Co. William H. Reynolds, Thomas Co.
Benjamin Patton, Habersham Co. Reuben Thornton, Hall Co.
Andrew J. Hansell, Lumpkin Co. Edmund J. McGehee Houston Co.
John Lamar, Bibb, Co. James L W. Pinckard, Monroe Co.
Kinchen Haralson Troup Co. John Bowen, Coweta Co.
William Taylor Randolph Co. Henry W. Jernigan Stewart, Co.
Hines Holt, Muscogee Co Joel W. Perry, Early Co.
Thomas C. Sullivan, Sumter Co. James M. Calhoun DeKalb Co.
John Floyd, Newton Co. David Irwin, Cass Co.
John T. Storey, Walker Co. 
by N.M. Crawford, Sec. Executive Dept.

7 Dec. 1837
Married; 30 Nov.1837, by Rev. Dr. Pierce,  Augustus Lawrence, to Miss Elenora McCall all of this city.

Married; At the residence of A. Treadwell by Rev. Roberts, Daniel T. Driggars, of this city to Miss Frances Colson of Augusta.

Married in Meriwether co. 23 Nov. by Rev. W. D Mathews, Henry Ware of Chambers Co. Al. to Miss Martha A. W. Everett.

Married in Troup co. Ga. 28 Nov. by Rev. W. D. Mathews, Rev. Thomas Jefferson Williamson of the Georgia Methodist Conference, to Miss Martha C. Bailey.

Married; by Rev. Mathews, in Meriwether Co. GA. Milo B.Mathews of Talbot Co., to Miss Eliza E. Sharp, youngest dau of Rev. William Sharp.

Married in Greenville,Ga. 28 Nov. by Rev. Willis D.Mathews,Stephen Wood, of Meriwether Co. to Miss Ann C. McGill

8 Feb. 1838
Post Offices; 
Pennfield, Greene Co. Ga. New Office. William Richards;
Post Oak Level Post Office ,Pike Co. Ga. discontinued.

New post masters appointed;
John B. Martin, Madison, Morgan Co.
Edmund Bacon, Francisville, Crawford, Co.
Levin Mitchell, Hopewell Crawford, Co.
John W. Graves, Mount Pleasant, Newton Co.
James B. Hall, Farmers, Meriwether Co.

Married ,Harris Co. by Judge Mahone, Daniel Brinson and Miss Frances

Died; Eatonton, Ga. 13 Jan. Mrs. Zilpha Wright, consort of major James
Wright, dau of Dr. Allen of Meriwether Co, age 45. survived by husband
and 8 children.

1 March 1838 
Mr. Augustus Owens of Girard, Al. was killed near the race track ,by a
man named Fox.

Married; 20 Feb. by Magirt Ivy, Patrick Conniff,of Wetumkia,Al. to Miss
Frances Flynn, of this city...

Married; 20 Feb. in Talbotton,by Robert Flemming, John G. Anderson,to
Miss Lavinia Berry.

Died; 23 Feb. Mrs. Maria E. Bandy wife of E.C. Bandy,age 37.member of
Presbyterian Church.

Another Rev. Soldier Gone; 24 Jan. ,in Gwinnett Co.Ga.,Mr. Joseph
Gouge, 109 years. From Va. moved to NC,ma 1/w at age 23 years, he served
in the Scotch campaign,served 3 months under the command of
N.Wilks.Moved to SC.Abbeville dist. 1785.1827 moved to GA.



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