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Lindy Hard

Nov 1873

7 Nov 1873
Veterans of the Mexican War.
Ninety seven names were enrolled at the meeting of the veterans of the
Mexican war, in Macon, Thursday. A permanent organization was effected,
with Col. David S Johnson as President, and Col. W. G. McAdoo, of
Milledgeville, as Secretary and Treasurer. The following Vice
Presidents were then elected by the Association: Gen. E. L. Thomas, of
Covington; Capt. John Jones, of Atlanta; Col. W. J. Magill, of Atlanta;
Capt. H. J. Sargent, of Newnan; Capt. John McMahon, of Savannah, and
Capt. B. J. Smith, of Cuthbert. The following were appointed as an
Executive Committee: Capt. John Jones, Col. W. J. Magill, Major C. C.
Hammock and Gen. W. S. Walker,
of Atlanta; Gen. Alfred Iverson, of
Columbus; Gen. A. H. McLaws, of Augusta, and Capt. Charles A. Hamilton,
of Macon---three of whom may constitute a quorum to transact business."

From the Cuthbert Appeal, Randolph Co GA newspaper (10 Jan 1873-1 Sept 1876)

21 Feb 1873--quite a number of people are listed as dying within a few
hours after becoming sick & the Cuthbert/Randolph Co area is in a
panic--further articles indicate it is a meningitis epidemic--listed as
dying : Mrs. Mullins, Allison K Atkins, a daughter of Dr. Toombs, Mrs.
Margaret Toombs
, another daughter of Dr Toombs, Willie Taylor only son
of Joseph H Taylor, Willie McHan son of Rev W B McHan, a son of Mr.


Cuthbert Appeal [Cuthbert, Randolph Co GA newspaper]
30 June 1871
"The Georgia Dead at Gettysburg.-- Having been informed by a person who
has viisited the spot, that the following named Georgians are interred
at Gettysburg, and unless removed by fall, the owners of the ground have
given notice that they "intend ploughing up the land and grinding the
bones for fertilizing purposes," the Savannah Memorial Association asks
each of her sister associations in the State to come forward at once and
assist her in removing these remains to a resting place on her own
soil.  The names can be identified by original chart:
  W. S .Bruen, co. B., 16th Ga.; W. F. Nash, co. G, 9th Ga.; F.
Lawrence, co. G, 24th Ga.; T. B. Fowler, co. G, 24th Ga.; W. R.
Bracewell, co. G, 49th Ga.; Richard Gualt, co. E, 61st Ga.; E. P.
Johnson, co. G, 38th Ga.; R. C. Steel, co. I, 7th Ga.; J. S. Hayden,
co. E. 13th Ga.; James Ceens, co. H, 8th Ga.
Lieutenant C. A. Walker, co. F, 21st Ga.; Lieutenant C. A. Bailey, co.
A., 10th Ga.
Sergeant J. T. McCullough, Co. A, 3d Ga.; Sergeant L. W. Bremer, co. K,
51 Ga.
The earliest possible response is solicited, and will be acknowledged
with receipt, when money is sent at once.  Address J. R. Sneed, Esq.,
Editor Republican, for "Savannah Memorial Association."

29 Sept 1871
"The last remains of the Confederate dead, which had been discovered in
the cemetery at Gettysburg, were conveyed to their final resting place
at Savannah, on Sunday-- The scene was a most impressive, and the
procession one of the largest Savannah ever saw."


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