Macon Messenger

6 July 1843

Died. 28 June,at Rollin's Chalybeate Springs,Meriwether Co...Mrs Martha
Lovett,wife of Napoleon B.Lovett..age 30 ..Native of Screwn Co..

13 July 1843

6 July  by J.R.Kendrick...John S.Ingraham to Miss Eleanor Fleming....

11 Rev. S.G.Bragg..John T. Harbaun to Miss Gertrude

Houston Co. 6 Mitchell Brown esq..Martin Kendrick to Miss Eliza

Died; Vineville...4 July  Mrs. Eliza Sims dau of Joseph Smith ,wife of
John H.Simms age 29..

Mr Holmes' School,Hayneville ,Houston Co.
Examining Committee;
Dr. Charles West
J.Quincy Perrine
William L. Coalson  esq
John A. Rentz
Eli Warren esq
James N.West
Dr.W.P. Clark
Dr. G.W.C. Trezevant

20 July 1843

"The Columbus Argus"  to William L.Jeter and is united with the "Times"

Jones Co. 1 July H.F.Williams,  age 40

At Pindertown,Dooly  Co. 18 July..William J.Foard esq..age 32..

27 July,1843

Legal Notices..
Monroe CO.
estate sale.
Property of Williams Phillips...Signed David M.Phillips,John

Houston Co.
Property of Francis Allen...signed John D.Winn..adrm'

Macon Co.
Property of    John Rushin..Signed William Rushin,John

10 Aug. 1843

Bibb Co.
Justices of Inferior Court
Jehu Campbell
William H.Calhoun
John H.Brantley

Coroner's inquest
John McLure,who died suddenly the previous night...The verdict of the
jury was,that he came to his death by an apoplectic fit..Age about
35..had been emplyed by James R Butts,for several years..

Died.Sumter Co. 12 July Joseph Douglass.age 75..Native of Mecklinburg
Co.NC..among the first settlers of Monroe Co..

17 Aug. 1843
Married 10 Aug. by Rev. Anthony. Thomas Richards to Miss Caroline A.

In Vineville.. 10 July. by J.C.Postell,Samuel P. Jones of Houston Co. to
Miss Elizabeth C. dau of the late Col. William Nixon...

21 Sept.1843

Killed...James Johnson,of Russell Co. Al. by lighting while crossing the
bridge in this city(Columbus) 18 Sept...

At Lanier,Macon Co. 10 Sept..Dr. John J.Miller

Monroe Co.
Grand Jury..Sept term 1843
Daniel Godard
John M.Taylor
Jojn L. Marlin
Abraham Lake
Jesse Pope
Andrew Zelner
McCurdy Sparks
Reuben Brown
Jonathan Ball
John Huddleston
Thomas Stewart
William McGinty
George W.Davis
John Moore
Robert McGough
Randolph M. Gilbert
Simeon Dennis
Sylvanus Bell
Thomas M. Speer
Thos. Dewberry
William Bryan
John P.Hardy
Alfred Middlebrooks
signed. E.G. Cabaniss, Clerk...Z.E.Harman, Solicitor General

William D. Rainey is a candidate for Reciever of Tax Returns of Bibb
Co.,in the next election..
John H. Offut,,,same as above...

28 Sept. 1843
19 the house of Mrs. Nancy J. Jordan,Crawford Co. by Rev.
Lemuel G.R.Wiggins
William T.Shirley to Miss Ann T.Jordan (dau of Nancy)..

18 Sept..
At the home of his son,James Horsley esq..Valentine Horsley,,age
85...Born in Maryland.At age of 15 removed to VA..Served Rev.War....

Legal Notices
Twiggs Co.
Estate sale..
Thomas W.  Anderson,dec'd...signed M.H.Bunn Admr'...

Irish Meeting
Bibb Co.
At a meeting of the Irish Citizens..
John P.Gaven
John O'Keffe
Thomas McNally
John Hogan
Thomas Sweeny
James Folliard
Michal Hanly
Martin Gaven
James Redmond
Patrick Cannon
Dominick Garraty

5 Oct. 1843

In Vineeville 28 Sept. by Rev. J.R.Kendrick..Gen Elias Beall to Mrs. Ann
G. Sanders..

3 Rev. S.G. Bragg..John Hollingsworth Jr. to Miss Mildred

In Russell Co. al. 28 Sept.. by Rev. R.T.Marks...James of
Burke Co. to Miss Elizabeth,youngest dau of the late Joel Hurt,esq...

30 Sept. Allen L.Luce,native of new Bedford, Mass.for several years a
resident of this city...

1 Oct....Mrs.Elizabeth Washington,wife of George H.Washington..

27 Sept..Jones Co. Thomas Lowe..age 48..

13 Sept. Russell Co.Al...Jonathan A. about 42..formerly
of this city,and the first sheriff of Bibb Co..
In this county,
At the home of his brother ,Lewis Beddingfield ,,Robert Beddingfield,of
Lowndes Co Miss.age about 50 .. formerly a merchant of Twiggs Co.

At his home,near Monticello,Fla...2 Oct. Co. John A. Cuthbert,age 54...

Crawford Co.
Sheriff sale
Lot # 303/ of Josiah favor of Hiram B.
Alexander N.Stuckey,security...signed E.H.Hicks.. sheriff
24 Aug. 1843

Legal Notices;

Bibb County;
Irwin Bullock,appiled for letter of Admr' on estate of Daniel
Hughes..Signed Benjamin E. Myrick.C.C.O.

Bibb Co.
Edmund Barnard  of admr'.. on estate of  John Barnard..signed..Myrick

At the home of Mrs. Sarah Cabansis,Jones Co. 17 Aug. 1843 by James Gray
esq..Robert O. Moreland to Miss Sarah  H. dau of the late Harrison

Houston Co. by Rev. Isaiah Langley...D.Porter Miss
Henrietta A.Callaway..dau of Edward Callaway,of Monroe...

Sheriff Sale;;
Crawford Co...
Lot # 219/2 of Frances favor of Bond &
Murdock..Signed by
William Campbell D.Sheriff

Legal Notices.
Twiggs Co.
Estate Sale
Property  of Peter B. Hopkins,late of Norfork Co.VA...Signed Thomas
B.Pace Admr'.

Baldwin Co.
Estate Sale
Property of George R.Clayton...signed..P.A.,George R. and

7 Sept 1843
Dooly Co. 3 Sept. of measles...Arthur A.Morgan age 42,late judge of the
Southern Circuit...

Thomaston,Upson Co.10 Oct. George Cary esq..Member of Congress...

Macon Co.29 Aug. John Hinnon,esq..age 60

Legal Notices
Houston Co.
estate sale..
Property of  Robert Coleman..signed William M.Pope,and John G.

Twiggs Co.
estate sale
Property of Jane Eldridge..signed Sarah  Eldridge..adm'x...

Upson Co.
estate sale
Property of H.W.Griffith...signed Nancy M.Griffith admx'..
20 April 1843

Charles R.Rothe..13 April...about 4 miles from Culloden,Monroe
Co....supposed to be a traveling German painter....

Married..11 April by Rev. Jonathan Neel,..James M.Davis of Twiggs,Co. to
Miss Obedience A. Tharp.of Bibb Co.

In Thomaston..13 Thomas Beall esq..Willaim H.Sterling of
Troup,Co.. to Miss Mary A.M. dau of Col.E.W. Womble...

12 April, by Rev. Anthony.. A.C.Morehouse..of Syracuse Miss
Rebecca Morgan of Macon..

Died.. At Mount Meigs,Al. 19 April ..Gen James C.Watson..of
Columbus..His remains were brought to Columbus for interrement...

4 May 1843

Married..30 April by Rev. F.Miller..James Lawrence King of
Charleston, Miss Sarah Ann ..eldest dau of Maj. A.B.Adams...

2 May... by Rev. Kendrick..Isham D.Sledge to Miss Maria A.,dau of

11 May 1843

Whig Meeting
Monroe Co.
Arthur Ginn
Wm McGinty
Littleton Johnson
Leonard T.Doyal
Josiah G.Jordan
David Ogletree

9 May by Rev. Murphy..Jackson Barnes to Miss Mary Degnan...
5 his home in Twiggs Co. Gen. Ezekiel Wimberly..age 60..He
served as a Col. in War 1812..

Legal Notice
Crawford Co.
All .indebeted to the estate of John Stovall,dec'd,must make immediate
payment..Signed John S. Williams Admr'.

8 June 1843
At Athens 25 Rev. Hoyt D.D....John J. Gresham esq,mayor of this Miss Mary E. dau of Thomas W.Baxter esq...

Estate sale...Macon Co...
estate of McKinney Melton...for the  purpose of laying off and
assingning unto Harriet Melton,widow...her dower...

15 June 1843

Bank of Hawkinsville
has been removed to Macon...directors
John Rawls
Thomas Bulter
Joshua G.Moore
William Gunn

Married..8 Rev. Anthony..E.R.Pease,of Henry Co. to Miss Martha
E.Curd,of this city...

Died.. In this city.....Mrs. Louisa Long..age 72,widow of Major Evans
Long of Baldwin Co..

Legal Notice
Upson Co.
Upson Superior Court
Libel for Divorce
Permelia Owens vs Nicholas Owens...

22 June
Vineville Academy
Thomas Hardeman
William Scott
Simeon L. Stevens
Nathan C. Munroe
William H.Reynolds

Sheriff's Sale
Sumter Co.
Lot # 192/30 dist..proverty of Thomas J.Baisden,in favor of Mark

Lot # 43/28 of James favor of James R.Rouse.
Lot # 226/28 of Thomas  M. favor of Thomas
signed A.G.Ronaldson..D.Sheriff...

A tribute by the Upson Cavalry,to the memory of John Z.Trice.13 may
1843...was signed by..Carey W.Allen and George L.F.Birdsong..

Died in Millgedgeville..22 June..George Steele..about 31 years...

Legal Notice
Macon Co.
Estate sale.
Warren W.Edge...signed Marlin Edge..Admr'.
23 Feb. 1843

15 Feb. Rev. W.W.Ronerson..George Sanders of Crawford Co. to
Miss Catharine M.Stubbs,of Bibb.

14 Feb. by Rev. Arnold..Franlklin S. Jenkins,of Eatonton,Putnam Co. to
Miss Martha A. Jackson of Hillsboro,Jasper Co.

Twiggs Co. 11 Jan. Edmund Hodges,age about 79 years..

Sheriff Sale
Sumter Co.
Lot in 28 of Wells Joiner,  in favor of Aldred R.Harvey
and James M.Barron;John Joiner security..

Lot # 27/27 of James favor of Ezekial

Upson Co..
Lot # 170/11 dist ..poperty of John favor of Centrak Bank of
Ga..Levi Bishop,security
Signed Samuel Caraway,D.Sheriff.

Houston Co.

13 of Jesse D. favor of David
R.Evans.assignee of J.D.Winn
signed George M.Duncan , sheriff.

Crawford Co.
6 of Samuel H. Harris in favor of Evans
L.Harris..signed O.M.Colbert.D.Sheriff

Monroe Co.
We are authorized to announce John K.Harman,as candidate for Clerk of
the inferior Court.

9 Mar.1843
Monroe Co. 9 March..Anderson Dedding,Rev. Soldier..age 80..Native of VA.
removed to Ga. in 1782.

Upson Co.
Grand Jury
Feb. term
Robert Collier
Carey W. Allen
Robert M.Jackson
Casper Howell
Thos. T. Wyche
Samuel Grantland
Davis Dawson
Thomas B.Greene
Jacob McGehee
Bulter B.King
Thomas G.Rose
Arthur Mathews
Carey Strickland
Elias Devore
Mark Snipes
Thos. W.Riveire
Geo. T.Torbert
Jordan Lyons
David Kendall
William Worthy
James W. Hightower
signed  P.E.Bowdre,Clerk     Z.E. Harman,Solicitor General

23 March 1843
Monroe Co. 19 Feb.  Simeon Brooks..age 28..wife and 2 children....

Sheriff sale
Sumter Co...
Lot # 169/26 dist of Benjamin Jenkins,,in favor of James K.

Lot # 40/26 of Freeman Allen,,in favor of Coleman

Legal Notice..
Jones Co..
estate sale
Property of estate of James Wadsworth...signed.. Isaac Wadsworth Admr'

13 April 1843
Lowndes Co.Miss.  31 March,,Mrs Elizabeth Griffen,wife of L.L.Griffen...

Married.In Clinton 9 April by Rev. J.H. Campbell..William G.Starks.of
Alabama to Mrs. Mary T.Spinks of Clinton...

11 April,in Macon Co..Shadrack R.Felton to Miss Lavinia,dau of Major
John Young...

Macon co.
Grand Jury  March term
John Bryan
John A.Law
Josiah Holt
Perry Peacock
James Burton
Joel Chiles
Wiley T. Wilkes
Nathan Bryan
Joseph Mott
James Calhoun
Jacob Fudge
Jacob Klickley
Hohn E.Rogers
Burwell Greene
Samuel Deloach
John Sturdivant
Eleazer Russ
signed William O. Greene,Clerk       Adam A. Robinson,Solicitor General

Macon Co.
7 April
following were appointed Commissioners of health for the year of 1843
Rich McGoldrick
Edmund Blake
Isaac Holmes
James Wood
James Williams
Geo. T. Rogers
John Eanes
Henry Flanders
George Vigal
Signed A.R.Freeman,    city clerk of Macon
5 Jan. 1843

22 Dec. Rev. William H.Ellison,  Thomas J. Cater to Miss Amelia
Elizabeth Wimberly..

4 Jan. 1843  Newel Bud to Mrs. Jane Kimbro..

At the home of James T.White..21 Rev. C.Trussell..Turner Miss E.A. Odom...

26 Dec.. John C.Rylander age 72,formerly of Effingham Co.

17 Dec..Rev Graham,Pastor of the Roman Catholic Church.age 34...

Legal Notices
Monroe Co... Property belonging to the estate of Abednego
Turner,dec'd..Signed Meshack Turner,Abel Tatom,admr's..

Irwin Co..  Property belonging to the estate of George
Harper,dec'd...Signed George R. and Micajah Harper..admrs'..

Upson Co. Property belonging to the estate of Amos Rose,dec'd..
Signed..James Adams Admr'...
Sheriff sale
Bibb Co.   one negra of Levi favor of Tracy
&Gresham;William M.Hill,John A.Robinson and Joseph Holliman,security,...

Macon Co.  Lot # 40/15 of Giles favor of
the Bank of GA..pointed out by John M.Giles..

Lot # 35/13 of John H. favor of James
Bowie,pointed out by William H. Robinson..

Monroe Co. 8 acres land adj.. Benjamin of Norman favor of Ogletree Raiford..levy made by R.M.Gilbert..

Vineville Academy
Thomas Hardeman
Nathan C.Munroe
William H.Reynolds
Simeon L. Stevens
William Scott

12 Jan.1843
Legal Notices

Monroe Co..
Leonard T.Doyal applies for letters of adm'r...on estate of Alexander

Hazel Lunesford tolls before Robert Brown horse.Appraised by
Mead Lesueur.and Archibald Benton..signed E.G.Cabaniss D.C.I.C.

18 Jan.1843

At the home of Mrs Mary Cotten,in Monroe Co. 16 Jan
J.R.Kendrick..John J.B.Hoxey of Columbus to Miss Caroline E.Cotten..

2 Feb.1843

Sheriff Sale
Crawford Co.
Four of Lewis favor of George Moore..signed

Legal Notices..
Jones Co.  William R. May applies  for letters of admr' on estate of
John Simmons,dec'd..signed .Charles Macarty  C.C.O

at the house of Dr. R.A.Nash in Twiggs Co. 1 Jan 1843..William St.Leger
Musgrave..from Liverpool,England.. a school teacher in this state for 20

16 Feb.1843

Original Subscribers
The following persons have been subscribers of the "Messenger:
continously since it began in 1823.....
John W. Cowart,formerly of Jefferson Co/ now in Sumter,Co.
Robert Collins -Macon
Henry G.Ross-Macon
David Flaunders-Macon
William Cummings-Macon
Spencer Riley-Macon
Dr. Nathan Tucker,now of Laurens Co.
Francis H. Godfery,dec'd..continued by his widow
William N. Harman..Jefferson  Co., now of Washington Co.
John Murphey of Jefferson Co.,now Harris co.
Gen. E. Wimberly of Twiggs co.
ColThomas M. Berrien of Waynesboro..
Zachariah Holloman,Bibb Co.,now Crawford ,Co


In Houston Co. 2 Rev. James Hudson....Custis B.Nottingham
M.D...late of VA.. to Rebecca Frances,dau of Hezekiah Thomson,esq....

21 Jan.1843  by Rev. B.M.Sanders..B.F.Tharp of Twiggs Co. to Miss Martha
A.Jackson og Greene Co.
22 Nov.1843
In Russell Co,Al.5 Nov. Benjamin Odom..age 29

Stewart Co.GA  10 Nov. at the home of  S.Harrell.....Reuben Turner..age
92...Served Rev War. in North and South Carolina...Left a large family..

Legal Notice
Morgan Co.GA..Alvan Myhand,admr' of James Myhand..has appilied for
letters of dismission from the estate...Signed E.L.Wittich, Ordinary..

29 Nov. 1843

Married..19 Nov. by Rev. J.P Centerville,Talbot
County..T.B.Gordan to Miss J.E. dau of  J. and S.Tooke..

Harris Co. GA..Asenath Bowles ..appiled for letters of Admr' of
Thomas Bowles..
signed,,William Johnson,ordinary

Sumter Co.GA.   Sarah McDonald appiled for letters of admr'. Estate of
Angus McDonald..Signed. Edmund Nunn,ordinary

6 Dec,1843

Died.. In Russell Co. Al.. 25 Nov..Frances Caroline,wife of Capt
Jeremiah T.Cloud..age 30.leaves 4 small children....

Sheriff Sale.
Marion Co.
Lots # 15,16/3 stock and of Sarah
favor of Matthew H.Myrick..Collin R. Lockett,sheriff.

13 Dec.1843

Married..12 this Rev. Goulding..Thomas Dann to Miss
Augusta C.Dozier..

Sheriff Sale

Troup Co.
Lots # 91,92/12 of William Hensley,,in favor of

Lot # 2.11 of Stephen favor of E.H.Strickland vs
Jehial Watson and said Ward,endorser..

20 Dec. 1843
Married..7 the home of Sterling Bass SR. by Rev. William D.
Cairnes..J.Randolph Spalding of McIntosh Co. to Miss Mary D.Bass of
Russell Co; Al.

Died,,In Milledgeville..22 Nov. Robert Christian,,age about 46...A
native of Lynchburg VA. Been a resident of this place 23 years...

27 Dec.1843
In Marion Co. by R.T.Marks,, 11 Dec.  William A. Whigam o Miss Sarah
Jane,dau of James Bigham esq...

At the house of DR. Gorman near Talbotton 11, Dec.. by Rev. T.F.
Montgomery..Andrew J.Orr of Macon to Miss Susan A.McCloud,neice of

Meriwether Co.  19 Dec. by Rev. Wallace..Benjamin F. Howard,attorney,of
Crawford,Al. to Miss Caroline C. dau of the late Dr. H.H.Tigner..

Near Lumpkin 19 Rev.Stigall..Edmund J. Harris of LaGrange to Miss
Martha Ann,,dau of Judge Bryan of  Stewart Co.

12 Rev.N.Smith..Robert Scandrett to Miss Mary G. Mathews,both of
Stewart co.

Eufaula,Barbour Co. Al..17 Nov.. Mrs Lucy Wellborn,wife of Gen.William
Wellborn..age 42..

Eufaula ,Al. 20 Nov. Mrs Caroline E.Cochran,consort of John
Cochran,esq..only dau.of Gen.William Wellborn..

Russell Co.Al..6 Dec..Kirbee 58.. Was raised in
Oglethorpe  Co.. and emigrated from Meriwether Co...

At the house of Joel Hood in Harris co. 14 Dec.Mrs Martha Hood..age 47..

22 Nov.1843

Married;;Meriwether Co.
9 Nov. by E.B. Griffin,esq..James McDaniel to Miss Sarah,dau of

at the same time...James Bustian to Miss Elizabeth Frazier
"""""""""""              James Donaldson to Miss Martha Ann,dau of James
"""""""""""              by Rev. William D.Martin..John Morrison to Miss
Hester Murphy..
Near Augusta 11 Nov. William W.Garrard of Columbus Miss Isabel
F.Urquhart of Augusta..

In Corinth 5 Nov. at the house of Allen Williams by
F.D.Palmer,esq...Major F.Hamit of Troup Co. to Miss Lucinda Walston,of
the former place.

In Cuthbert Randolph Co.GA..9 Nov. by Martin H.Brown..Edward McDonald to
Miss Eliza H. dau of James L.Ross.

7 Nov. D.D.Ridenhour..John S.Marris of Harris Co. to Miss
Martha A,, dau of James Cook..Muscogee Co.

At Sherwood,near Waynesville,Wayne Co. 26 Oct. by Rev.
McIntosh..L.C.Plant  esq..of Macon to Miss Elizabeth M.dau of
R.Hazlenhurst esq...

At Harrison,NJ..18 Oct. by Rev. Samuel L. Southard..Rev. Rufus
M.White,late of Buffalo of Milledgeville,to Miss Elozabeth M.
dau of Judge Stryker of the former place...

In Athens,GA..3 nov. by Rev.William Arnold..Smallwood P.Allison,of
Gadsden Miss Oliver P. dau of Lewis H. Linch of Putnam Co.GA.

25 Oct. 1843

17 Rev. Payne...William S. Adams of Russell Co. Al. to
Miss Julia A.Minter of this city...

In New York ,12 Oct. by Rev. Chase..Thomas S.Carr of this Miss
Mary Elizabeth Jones of New York...

In Greenville,Meriwether Co. 17 Oct, Rev. L.W.Corbin..Stephen
Willis of Greene Co. to Miss Mary Elizabeth ,only dau of Nathan

In the same place 18 Oct... by Rev. William D.Martin..John Simington  of
Green Co. to Miss Catharine A. Jossey..

Meriwether Co. 19 Oct. by Rev. William D.Martin...Col Miss
Frances C. eldest dau of Major William Low..

LaFayette,Chambers Co. Al. 16 Oct 1843..Mrs. Augusta A.Walker..age
47..relict of the late John Walker of Morgan Co. Al.

also at the same place,13 Oct.1843 ,Oscar M.Willis,son of the above..age
about 30...

Legal notices
Muscogee Co.   Henry Crew..appiles for letters of adm' of
Margaret Ann Crew...signed N.McLester,ordinary

1 Nov. 1843
At the home of Col Van Leonard,  26 Oct. Rev.Lovick
Pierce..William E.Love to Miss Carolina Louisa,eldest dau of Hon.James
S. Calhoun..

At Fort Gaines 15 Rev. Mr.Purifoy..Christopher C.Green to Mrs.
Ann S.Kirkland...

27 Oct. at his Mother home in Russell Co. Al...John D.Redd..age 45..

At his home in Franklin Co. 17 Oct.  Rev.Dozier Thornton..age about
100..leaves widow and many children... horse..from me at Salem,Russell Co.Al. about 1 Sept.  I will
give $5 reward...signed G.W.Dallas,Salem...

Sheriff Sale.
Harris Co.
Lot # 72,71/3 of Thomas favor of Robert

Marion Co.
Lot # 295/5 of Charles favor of Benjamin Story

signed  C.R.Lockett,sheriff

Meriwether co..
Lot where Nancy Hamilton now lives..7 of of Moses favor of William G.Prichard vs Reuben Phillips and Robert
C.Fain,executors of the estate of Moses Hamilton,dec'd..

8 Nov. 1843
31 Oct.1843  by Rev. Noah Smith..Robert W.Greene of Russell
Miss Mary Ann,dau of Samuel Quarles esq..of Stewart Co.

24 Oct.. by Noah Smith ..Thomas Gilbert,Jr. to Miss Elizabeth P.
Ramey,all of Stewart Co.

Died..William J.Vincent of Charleston this city...

24 Oct...Mrs M.L.Reed..consort pf Murray Reed..age 30..left one small

Legal Notices;;
Talbot Co.   Joel Hough tolls before me H.H.Hammock,JP..0ne
horse...appraised by John Childers,Micaajah Long..signed Henry Jones,

Talbot Co...Thomas P.Jackson tolls before me G.B.Clay
horse,appraised by Seaborn L.Dean...

22 Nov. 1843
Meriwether Co.
22 Oct. E.LVardeman esq..Pendleton Fuller to Miss Miller..

Mr. Jones F.Miller to Miss Brown..22 Oct.1843

2 Nov....James Porch to Miss Martha O.Spratlin

same day and place...Wiley Ellis to Miss Sibby Gilmore..
'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''       Joseph Nail to Miss Watson

7th Nov in Greenville,bt Hon. James Render.Robert H.Taylor, Miss
Eppsey A. dau. of Thomas E.Hardaway,esq..

27 June 1844

Legal Notices
Upson Co.
Robert M. Jackson files for dismission from estate of Mary

Drakeford Lee Trammell applies for letters of admr' on estate of Josiah

Baker Co.
Estate Sale.
Daniel Bullock,dec'd.. signed Irwin Bullock,Henry G.Ross..adm'r...

Sheriff's Sale
Upson Co.
Lot # 113/15 of Alexander Johnson in favor of Elijah

Macon Co.
Lot # 192/13 of James favor of Jeremiah
Wilcher; security Eldridge H.Calhoun..

Bibb County
7 acers in Vineville adj. P.Solomon and Leroy of of
Thomas favor of Commercial Bank ofMacon...

Monroe County
Whig meeting;
Leonard T.Doyle
Arthur Ginn
B.T. Flewellen
D.W. Hammond
F.A. Thomas
Miron Frink
R.T. Flewellen
Mathew Jordan
Ales H.Beall

11 July 1844

Legal Notices
Crawford Co.
Estate Sale
Reuben B.Davis..signed William L. Johnson Adm'r...

Monroe Co.
Braxton Bird and Electra Ann Bird applies for letters of admr' on estate
of James Bird...

Ezra Johnston files for dismission from the estate of David

18 July 1844
Married..St Mary's Ga. 10 July by Rev. Baird..Miles G.Stephens of this
place to Miss Letitia S. Aldrich dau of Dr.W.Aldrich...

In this th Floyd House..15 July 1844.. James H.Wilson...about
35 years...A paper he  had ..was dated Savannah,10 July..signed Andrew
Folliard,recommending him to the attention of William H.Crawford esq..of

Died..16 July  Jonathan B.Morrell,book binder formerly of New Haven
Conn. age about 40 years...

H.B.Hudson's School
Joseph Took
John Hameter
George Williams
Elijah Williams
Charles F. Pattillo

25 July 1844

Legal Notices
Baker County
Estate sale
property of Robert Coleman...signed William M.Pope..John

Sudden Death
11 July
Dr. B.L.Franklin age about 26,formery of this city...killed at a mining
establishment in Cherokee the machinery in the works....

1 Aug. 1844
Savannah..20 July...Mrs. Martha Ann White wife of Joseph A. White of
this city..age 24...

Sheriff Sale
Macon Co.
0ne lot 28 of Wells favor of James M.Barron
and Alfred R.Harvey;John Joiner Sec...

15 Aug. 1844

7 Aug. by Rev. S.G.Bragg..George Payne to Miss Emily H.Simms dau of
Frederick Sims esq,all of this city...

7 Aug. 1844
By Rev.John Hedricks..Col. Jeremiah Leak of marietta,GA. to Miss Mary
T.Swift of Morgan Co...

22 Aug. 1844
Married  14 Aug.
Greenville,Meriwether Co. Marcus A. Johnson esq. of this city to Miss
Juvernia Rose,dau of David C.

19 Aug.  Anderson Rice esq,an old and esteemed citizen...

29 Aug. 1844
Married.. 20 Aug.  by Rev. C.F.Sturgis.Benjamin F.Taylor to Miss Mary F.
Durham ,all of Monroe County..

Lucas McCall,age about 37.Was a native of Lebanoa,Conn..A reident of
this vicinity for several years...

Died 18 Aug. in Culloden,Monroe Co. ..Major Henry S.Cotten..age 25...



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