Elba, Alabama
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Saturday, July 12, 1856

(Since many early Alabama settlers were former Georgians, we will use information from some old Alabama newspapers from time to time, and perhaps some "lost" Georgia ancestor will be "found" in these Alabama listings. We wish to express our appreciation to Mrs. Mary Hawkins, owner of these old newspapers, for permission to use them.)

Unclaimed Letters, Elba, Alabama, Post Office, July 12, 1856

Adams, Alfred 
Askins, John F. 
Blackman, Stephen 
Bryan, Giles 
Bryan, W. W. 
Carroll, Noah 
Chambers, John J. 
Coats, J. J. 
Courson, Alfred 
Cutts, William 
Dansby, Hardy 
Dauphin, James 

Davis, W. F. (2) 
Defee, John 
Dunn, Isaiah D. 
Frazier, Thomas 
Fulghum, Raford 
Gardner, T. B. 
Gray, William 
Hand, T. J. 
Harrison, John 
Hendricks, T. A. 
Herin, R. L. 
Holley, Dr. J. R. 
Holley, J. R., M. D. 
Holloway, Redin 
Jarret, Robert 
Job, Rials A. R. 
Killey, Jesse 
Knowles, Frederick 
Likeley, Amand Mrs. 
Lisco, Thomas 
Mack, Ezra 
Martin, E. W. (2) 
Minchew, Redin R. 
O'Neal, H. B. 
Philips, E. S. Mrs. 
Plant, Martha Mrs. 
Player, John D. 
Rialson, Esq. 
Roberts, Malcolm M. 
Rogers, Mark 
Scott, George J. 
Sharp, R. A. 
Shaw, M. M. 
Spence, Incil 
Spence, Martha Mrs. 
Thompson, N. P. Miss 
Walker, Joshua 
Watson, Isaac 
Webb, J. B. 
Wilkinson, Joseph S. 
Yawn, J. R. 

TAX COLLECTOR'S SALE: Owing to the former advertisement being incorrectly made, as Tax Collector of Coffee County, I will proceed to sell, before the Courthouse door in the town of Elba, on the 3rd Monday (18th day) of August next, the following real estate, or so much thereof as will pay the taxes due thereon for the year 1855:

W. T. Royals $2,95 $1,00 $1,00
John H. Stewart 11,74 1,00 1,00
J. B. Troutman 4,43 1,00 1,00
Osborn Willis 2,20 1,00 1,00
Nick Baker 90 1,00 1,00
Geo. W. Byrd 2,47 1,00 1,00
David Foster 10,12 1,00 1,00
Allen W. Hall 1,57 1,00 1,00
 John Fountai 1,57 1,00 1,00
Thos. Willis 45 1,00 1,00
 R. G. Tucker 45 1,00 1,00
Geo. Clark 1,80 1,00 1,00
L. Goodman (sold for cost) 1,00 1,00
William Parker do do 1,00 1,00
James Pugh 18 1,00 1,00
H. A. Alfred 9 1,00 1,00
A. Chauncy 1,46 1,00 1,00
J. F. Cummins 1,13 1,00 1,00
W. F. McCray 12 1,00 1,00
Jas. A. Smith 1,12 1,00 1,00
T. J. Terry - 1,00 1,00
J. G. Williams 72 1,00 1,00
John William 11 1,00 1,00
Wm. F. Davis 26,18 1,00 1,00
William Holloway 90 1,00 1,00
Leroy Henderson 1,80 1,00 1,00
Wm. G. Hambrick 7,02 1,00 1,00
Thomas Thompson 45 1,00 1,00
James Lee 72 1,00 1,00
James Paul 70 1,00 1,00
S. Sanderson 2,95 1,00 1,00
Isaac Thompson 1,81 1,00 1,00
John Waters 54 1,00 1,00
William Carroll 1,35 1,00 1,00
Thos. Sanderson 45 1,00 1,00
Walter Young 13,00 1,00 1,00
N. B. Webster 3,27 1,00 1,00
John G. Weatherford 2,25 1,00 1,00

 W. G. W. Harper, Tax Collector, C. C. 

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