Marietta Female College 
since 1874
Cobb County, Ga.



Marietta Female College
Cobb County, Georgia

Names of pupils matriculated since 1874 -
Alice Blackwell, J. B. Blackwell, Marietta; Mattie Branham, Rev. W.
R. Branham, Oxford, Georgia; Hattie Bisaner, Jos. Bisaner, Marietta,
Georgia; Jennie Boston, Mrs. Boston, Boston Station, Georgia;
Adela Branham, I. R. Branham, Marietta, Georgia; Lizzie
Clinkscales, Mrs. Clinkscales, Marietta, Georgia; Lula Dean, Dr. W.
H. Dean, Woodstock, Georgia; Leila Hurt, John Hurt, Atlanta,
Georgia; Lula Brintle, H. Reid, Marietta, Georgia; Minnie Iverson,
C. H. Smith, Rome, Georgia; Leila Walker, J. M. Walker, Marietta,
Georgia; Lula Whitehead, Mr. Whitehead, Marietta, Georgia; Lettie
Howell, A. Howell, Marietta, Georgia; Catherine Gable, R. W. Gable,
Marietta, Georgia; Allie McLellan, L. C. McLellan, Marietta,
Georgia; Beaurie McClesky, Mr. McClesky, Marietta, Georgia; Lily
Bennett, Mr. Bennett; Marietta, Georgia; Maud Cheney, John Cheney.

Alumnae, 1875 -
Annie Prescott, Alf. Prescott, Columbus, Mississippi; Ella Hammett, H.
M. Hammett, Marietta, Ga.

Undergraduates, Senior Class -
Rhoda Shockley, T. H. Shockley, Marietta, Ga; Lucie Harper, G. W.
Harper, Hickory, Mississippi.

Junior Class -
Lillie e. Dobbs, Colonel D. J. Dobbs, Marietta, Ga; Kate L. Williams,
Dr. G. W. Williams, Marietta, Ga; Nettie Kirkpatrick, Judge Thomas
Kirkpatrick, Marietta, Ga; Ellen E. Howell, A. Howell, Marietta,
Ga; Fannie J. Groves, W.F. Groves, Marietta, Ga; Annie L. Cartledge,
W. F. Groves, Marietta, Ga; Mary F. Rice, Mrs. Brumby, Marietta, Ga.

[Name and address of the parent or guardian follows each student's name]

Freshman Class of 1875

Jennie V. Northcutt, L. S. Northcutt, Marietta, Ga; Lottie T. Whitmore,
W. B. Whitmore, Marietta, Ga; Mattie P. Waddell, J. O. Waddell, Cedar
Town, Ga; Anna M. Wallace, M .B. Wallace, Davenport, Iowa; Anna V.
Northcutt, J. J. Northcutt, Marietta, Ga; Addie S. Setze, Dr. E. J.
Setze, Marietta, Ga; Susie M. Buttolph, Rev. D. Buttolph, Marietta,
Ga; Carrie L. Whitlock, M.G. Whitlock, Marietta, Ga; Florine J.
Mansfield and Roselle Mansfield, W. L. Mansfield, Marietta, Ga; Annie
D. Hammett, H. M. Hammett, Marietta, Ga; Nellie M. Winters, J.R.
Winters, Marietta, Ga; Gracie L. McLellan, L.C. McLellan, Marietta,
Ga; Nettie K. Williams, Dr. Williams, Marietta, Ga. Mollie Winn,
C.C. Winn, Marietta, Ga; May E. Adams, Dr. R. E. Cason, Marietta,
Ga; Emma Goss, Dr. Goss, Marietta, Ga.

Marietta Female College
Cobb County, Georgia

Sophomore Class -
Bessie Campbell, J. G. Campbell, Marietta, Ga; Ida E. Gable, R. W.
Gable, Marietta, Ga; Willie s. Howell, A. Howell, Marietta, Ga; Lula
E. Pursley, Dr. J. S. Pursley, Atlanta, Ga; Katie S. Winn, W. T. Winn,
Marietta, Ga; Alice M. York, A.W. York, Marietta, Ga; Alice
Matthews and Ida Matthews, Dr. J. Matthews, Marietta, Ga; Jennie
Stephens, W.P. Stephens, Marietta, Ga; Lillian McLellan, L.C.
McLellan, Marietta, Ga; Lizzie D. Whitmore, W. B. Whitmore, Marietta,
Ga; Nannie Snoddy and Mary Snoddy, Colonel S. M. Snoddy, Spartanburg,
South Carolina; Georgia Roberts, John S. Roberts, Marietta, Ga;
Mary G. Setze, Dr. E. J. Setze, Marietta, Ga; Kate Winn, C.C. Winn,
Marietta, Ga; Mary D. Cumpstey, W. J. Cumpstey, Marietta, Ga; Ella
K. Greer, Dr. J.C. Greer, Marietta, Ga; Ida M. Logan, B.C. Kerr,
Marietta, Ga.

Preparatory Department of 1875

Mary H. Freyer, F. L. Freyer, Marietta, Ga; Charlotte Gignilliat and
Helen M. Gignilliat, Norman Gignilliat, Marietta, Ga; Jessie
Montgomery, W.R. Montgomery, Marietta, Ga; Annie M. Gable, R. W.
Gable, Marietta, Ga; Mary L. Nicholes, H.J. Nicholes, Marietta,,
,Ga; Eliza N. Winters, J.R. Winters, Marietta, Ga; Cora P. Herndon,
A.D. Ruede, Marietta, Ga; Eugenia S. Wilson, J.M. Wilson, Marietta,
Ga; Ella S. Lewis, J. Q. Lewis, Marietta, Ga; Jessie M. Reynolds,
Dr. A. Reynolds, Powder Springs, Ga; Mattie J. Dobbs, Colonel D. J.
Dobbs, Marietta, Ga; Georgia C. York, A.W. York, Marietta, Ga;
Georgia Northcutt, L .S. Northcutt, Marietta, Ga; Eula Brown and
Lillie N. Brown, Mrs. L. Brown, Marietta, Ga; Mary A. Gartrell,
Colonel J. O. Gartrell, Marietta, Ga; Katie M. Roberson, Colonel J. W.
Robertson, Marietta, Ga; Julia B. Howell, A. Howell, Marietta, Ga.

President of Marietta Female College, Cobb Co. Ga in 1874 was Dr. I. R.
Branham, a Baptist minister. He came to Marietta from the Brownsville,
Tennessee, Female College.

[name of parent or guardian follows the student]

Among some of the private schools opened in Marietta during the
1870s/80s were those of Reverend J. J. Hunt, Sr.  and his daughter Mrs. T.
B. Ford, Mrs. Sarah E. Mullins, Miss Laura Snoddy, Mrs. Roper, H. A.
Dunwody, Mrs. C. E. Ormsby, Miss A.H. Curtis, Professor Victor J.
Manget, Miss Mary Chester, Miss Leila Richardson, W. F. Myers, E.H.
Myers and Mrs. Earle.

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