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Newspaper Microfilm:
Paulding New Era, Feb 1883-Oct 1889 & Jan 1891-Feb 1893
Dallas New Era, Mar 1893-Sept 1908
Dallas New Era, June 1914-Dec 2000

Abstracts of Georgia Colonial Conveyance Book C I; Taylor Foundation; 95
Acworth, Georgia from Cherokee County to Suburbia; 144, 37
(Adair) Descendants of Bozeman Adair (Adare); Loudermilk, Rebecca Dale Jones; 372
Adcock Kinfolks Families of Ancestors; Adcock, Robert McClane; 262
Address Book for Germanic Genealogy; Thode, Ernest; 413
(Alabama) Heritage of Cherokee County, Alabama Vol 10; 129
An Index to Some of the Family Records of the Southern States; Kirkham, E. Kay; 255
Annals of Athens; Hull, Augustus Longstreet; 122
The Arkansas Gazette; 252
Arnold Family Association of the South; 265, 266
Atlanta History, A Journal of Georgia and the South; The Atlanta Historical Society; 16
Atlanta: Triumph of a People; Shavin, Norman and Galphin; 1
Auraria; Coulter, E. Merton; 31

(Baggett) America, An Era of Freedom, A History of America, Religion, and the Baggett Family; Baggett, J.M.; 267
(Bartlett) History and Genealogy of Bartlett and Rhoeana Flemister; 301
Bartow County, Georgia Formerly Cass Cemeteries Vol 1; 123
Bartow County Heritage Book Vol 1; 125
(Bartow) Historic Bartow County Circa 1828-1866; 35, 140
(Bent) Carson, Bent and Boggs Genealogy; 268
A Bit of History; Talbot, Virgil; 356
(Boggs) Carson, Bent and Boggs Genealogy; 268
Boon Genealogy, 1984 Part 2; 270
The Boyd, Brown Family from Ireland and Scotland to South Carolina and Paulding County; Motley, Suzi Lindsey; 371
Bradley Genealogy; Sheldon, Henry Olcott; 273
Bright Skin; Peterkin, Julia; 172
Broken Doll; Braly, Ed; 105
(Brooks) Descendants of Micajah Brooks 1790-1879; Hunter, Mary; 274
Brown's Guide to Georgia, Sept Oct 1977; 146
Building a Legend; 1990 Secretary; 182
(Buford) Some Descendants of Ezekiel P. Buford with the Associated Adair Families vol 1 & 2; Adair, Harold and Barbara; 271
(Buford) Some Descendants of Ezekiel P. Buford vol 1,2,3,4,; 272
(Bullock) Descendants of Captain Hugh Bullock; Loudermilk, Rebecca Dale Jones; 365

Campaign for Atlanta; Scaife, William R,; 222
Cambell County, Georgia Superior Court Deeds and Mortgages Grantee-Grantor Index 1829-1931; 34
(Cambell) Old Cambell County, Ga Land records 1828-1854 Deed Books, A, C, D, E; 213
(Carroll) The Heritage of Carroll County Georgia 1826-2001; 127
(Carroll) Looking Back, A Pictorial History of Carroll County; 220
(Carroll) Marriage Records for Carroll, Cass, Cherokee, Cobb, Bartow, DeKalb, Elbert, Henry; 226
(Carroll) Tracing the steps of the Carroll Clan, Bailey, Elsie Mae Carroll; 278
Carroll County, Georgia Abstract of Deed Book A and B 1827-1836; Word, Mary Florence Arthur; 39
Carroll's, The; Carroll, Snoie E.; 276
Carson, Bent and Boggs Genealogy; 268
(Catoosa) History in Catoosa County; Clark, William H.H.; 142
Census for Coweta, Fayette, Marion, Monroe, Pike, Sumter, Troup; 230
Chastain Kith and Kin; Hall, Mary Avilla Abel; 279
(Chastain) Virginia Chastain's Genealogy & family History; Chastain, Lowell B.; 280
Cherokee Blood Vol1; Hoskins, Shirley; 450
Cherokee by blood: Records of Eastern Cherokee ancestry in the U.S. Court of Claims 1906-1910, Vol1 Applications 1 to 1550; Jordan, Jerry Wright; 433
Cherokee by blood: Records of Eastern Cherokee ancestry in the U.S. Court of Claims 1906-1910, Vol2 Applications 1551-4200; Jordan, Jerry Wright; 434
Cherokee by blood: Records of Eastern Cherokee ancestry in the U.S. court of claims 1906-1910, Vol3 Apps 4201-7250; Jordan, Jerry, Wright; 435
Cherokee by blood: Records of Eastern Cherokee ancestry in the U.S. court of claims 1906-1910, Vol4 Apps 7251-10170; Jordan, Jerry Wright; 436
Cherokee by Blood; Vol 5; 437
Cherokee by Blood; Vol 6; 438
Cherokee by Blood; Vol 7; 439
Cherokee by Blood; Vol 8; 440
Cherokee County Land Records Vol 1/Deed Book A; 40
Cherokee County Land Records Vol2/Deed Book B; 41
Cherokee County Land Records Vol 3/Deed Book C; 42
Cherokee County Land Records Vol4/Deed Book D; 43
Cherokee County Land Records Vol5/Deed Book E; 44
Cherokee County Land Records Vol 6/Deed Book F; 45
Cherokee County Land Records Vol 7/Deed Book G; 46
Cherokee Drennen roll of 1851; 452
Cherokee Emigration Rolls 1817-1835; Transcribed by Baker, Jack D.; 427
Cherokee Roots Vol1; Blankenship, Bob; 448
Cherokee Roots Vol2: Western Cherokee Rolls; Blankenship, Bob; 449
Cherokee Woman; Daves, Francis; 443
(Cherokee) Eastern Band of Cherokees 1819-1900; Finger, John R.; 451
(Cherokee) Speech of Elias Boudinott, Chief of the Cherokees; 442
(Cherokee) The Heritage of Cherokee County, Georgia 1831-1998; 126
(Cherokee) Cemeteries of Cherokee County, Georgia; Morris, Shirley; 124
(Cherokee) Old Cherokee families, Notes of Dr. Emmet Starr, Vol I Letter books A-F; 429
(Cherokee) Unhallowed Intrusion, A history of Cherokee families in Forsyth Co, Ga; Shadburn, Don L.; 432
Childrens Genealogy School Reports on Their Families; 227
Children of Pride; 13
Children of Pride, A True Story of Georgia and the Civil War; Myers, Robert Manson; 184
Children of the Sun; Adolf and Beverly Wolf; 441
Church History; 382, 383
Church Register of the Smyrna Methodist Episcopal Church, South; 408
Cities Towns and Communities of Georgia between 1847-1962, 8500 Places and the county in which located; 3
(Clarke) Marriage Book A 1804-1821 Clarke County, Georgia; Warren, Mary Bondurant; 38
(Clarke) Records of Clarke County Georgia 1801-1892; 47
(Clinton) Cemetery Records of Clinton County, Ohio 1798-1999; 185
(Coats) Descendants of Moses Coats; 303
Cobb County at the Heart of Change; Hill, Jane; 219
(Cobb) List of genealogical materials in Cobb County Public Library System; 54
Cole Connections; Taylor, Virginia C.; 281
(Coleman) Famous Georgians Coleman and Erney; 115, 116
Colliers World Atlas and Gazetteer; 261
Colonial Georgia; Reese, Trevor; 97
Constitution of the State of Georgia; 22
Corbin Homesteaders, Leachmans of this Lost Community in Cass County, GA; Talor, Melissa Leachman; 362
Counties of Tennessee; Foster, Austin P.; 206
Courthouses in Georgia 1825-1983; Jordan, Robert H. and Puster, J. Gregg; 65
The Cousin Finder Directory; Robert, Maxine Bear; 254
Covered Bridges of Georgia; French, Thomas L.; 217
Coweta County Chronicles; 49
(Coweta) History of Coweta County, Georgia; 50
Coweta County Genealogical Society Magazine, Vol 5 no.3 Spring 1986; 51
Cry of the Eagle: History and Legends of the Cherokee Indians and their Buried Treasures; Wade, Forest C.; 431
Curing Ga Hams Country Style; Christian, A. James; 147

Dahiscan Yearbook, Dallas High School 1961; 162
Dahiscan Yearbook, Dallas High school 1962; 163
Dahiscan Yearbook, Dallas High School 1968; 181
Dahiscan Yearbook, Dallas High School 1964; 165
Dahiscan Yearbook, Dallas High School 1965; 166
Dahiscan Yearbook, Dallas High School 1966; 167
Dahiscan Yearbook, Dallas High School 1967; 153
Dahiscan Yearbook, Dallas High School 1969; 171
Davis Families of the Savannah River Valley; Mentzel, Laura W; 282
Dawson County Georgia Heritage 1857-1996; 130
(Decker) The Family History of the Allen Whitfield Decker Family; 299
Dear Store; Sibley, Celestine; 107
(Dent) John Horry Dent; 302
Dictionary of International Biography 1966, vol3; Handley-Taylor, Geoffrey; 424
The Diplomatic History of Ga; John Tate Lanning; 92
Dobbins Middle School 1997; 150
Douglas county, Georgia From Indian Trail to Interstate 20; Davis, Fannie Mae; 53
Dynamic Gwinnett; Kirby, Bill; 223

Editorial Writings from the Primitive Baptist 1911-1915; 393
Editorial Writings from the Primitive Baptist 1916-1921; 398
Editorial Writings from the Primitive Baptist 1922-1927; 397
Editorial Writings from the Primitive Baptist 1928-1934; 396
Editorial Writings from the Primitive Baptist 1935-1939; 399
1832 Gold Lottery of Georgia; 89
Elementary History of Georgia; Brooks, R. P.; 211
The Empyrean yearbook 1950; 152
The Empyrean yearbook 1956; 164
The Empyrean yearbook 1959; 151
English Crown Grants in Christ Church Parish in Georgia 1755-1775; Hemperley, Marion R.; 401
English Crown Grants for Islands in Georgia, 1755-1775; Fortson, Ben W. Jr.; 407
English Crown Grants In St. Andrew Parish in Georgia 1755-1775; Bryant, Pat; 400
English Crown Grants in the Parishes St. David, St. Patrich, St. Thomas and St. Mary in Ga, 1755-1775; Fortson, Ben W. Jr.; 405
English Crown Grants in St. John Parish in Georgia 1755-1775; Fortson, Ben W. Jr.; 404
English Crown Grants in St. Matthew Parish in Georgia 1755-1775; Fortson, Ben W. Jr.; 403
English Crown Grants in St. Paul Parish in Georgia 1755-1775; Fortson, Ben W. Jr.; 402
English Crown Grants in St. Philip Parish in Georgia 1755-1775; Fortson, Ben W. Jr.; 406
(Elbert) Census Records of Elbert County 1820-1860, 1850 Census of Wilkes County; 52
(Elbert) History of Elbert County, Georgia 1790-1935; McIntosh, John H.; 55
(Elbert) State of Georgia Elbert County marriage records 1803-1850; 56
(Erney) Famous Georgians Coleman and Erney; 115, 116
Etowah Papers; Moorehead, Warren King; 57
(Eubanks) Descendants of John Eubanks; Thomason, June; 335
(Eubanks) The Family and Descendants of Selena Eubanks 1837-1907, Samuel F. Croker 1837-1907; 309
(Eubanks) History of Welsh Tract Church and the Life of Elder John Green Eubanks; 391

Family Puzzlers 1980; 283
Family Puzzlers 1981; 284
Family Puzzlers 1982; 285
Family Puzzlers 1983;286
Family Puzzlers 1984;287
Family Puzzlers 1985;288
Family Puzzlers 1986; 289
(Fayette) Genealogical and Personal History of Fayette County Vol 1; 87
(Fayette) Genealogical and Personal History of Fayette County Vol2; 88
Federation of Genealogical Societies 1995 Membership; 249
(Felton) Rebecca Latimer Felton Nine Stormy Decades; Talmadge, John E.; 104
First Hundred Years; Temple, Sarah Blackwell Gober; 48
Fitzgerald to Adair; Loudermilk, Rebecca Dale Jones; 368
Flood Insurance Study, Paulding County, Ga. U.S. Dept of Housing and Urban Development; 67
(Ford) Dr. John Perley Ford (1794-1869) His Life and Times Ancestors, Descendants and Allied Families 1635-1994; Ford, Robert W.; 304
(Forsyth) Pioneer History of Forsyth County Georgia; Don L. Shadburn; 58
(Forsyth) Unhallowed Intrusion, A history of Cherokee families in Forsyth Co, Georgia; Shadburn, Don L.; 432
Foxfire 10; George P. Reynolds and his students; 737
(Franklin) History of Franklin County, Georgia; 186
Frontier Claims in the Lower South; Lackey, Richard S; 264

(Gann) Some Descendants of Nathan Gann; 324
Garden History of Georgia 1733-1933; 6
Genealogical & Local History Books in Print; 420, 421
Genealogical & Local History Books in Print Vol2; 423
Genealogical Material from Legal Notices in Early Georgia Newspapers; 103
Georgia A Guide to its Towns and Countryside; Leckie, George G; 102
Georgia Black Book; Davis, Robert Scott, Jr.; 7
Georgia Catalog Historic American Buildings Survey; Lindley, John; 8
Georgia Counties; Lenox T. Thornton; 69
Georgia Counties, Their Changing Boundaries; Bryabt, Pat
Georgia Dept of Education Final Exam Yr 1971-1972; 145
Georgia Freemasons 1861-1865, Georgia Lodge of Research; 218
Georgia Form Book and Procedure; Gober, Geo F. ; 26
The Georgia Genealogist; 224
Georgia Historical Markers; Scruggs; 10
Georgia Historical Quarterly; 14
Georgia: Know you America Program; Marcus, Robert B.; 23
Georgia's Land of the Golden Isles; Vanstory, Burnette; 98
Georgia Land Lottery Papers 1805-1914; 90, 91
Georgia Marriages Counties I-Z; 225
Georgia Obituaries 1740-1935; 134
Georgia Roster of the Revolution; Knight, Lucian Lamar; 101
Gilbert Family History; 305
Goggins; Goggins, Harry E.; 367
Gone to Georgia; Stewart, William C; 113
Gordon County Georgia Cemeteries; Sue Henderson, Jo B. Gladney, and J.L. Henderson; 59
(Gordas) Amelia Gayle Gordas; Johnston, Mary Tabb; 308
Griffin 1994 CFS School at Church Farm, 159
Griffin 1997, CFS School at Church Farm; 180
Griffin 1999, CFS School at Church Farm; 179
Griffin 2000 CFS School at Church Farm; 174
Guide to Genealogical Research in the National Archive; National Archives and Records Service; 259
Guide to Irishroots; Durning, William and Mary; 411

Hagan, A Family History; Sherwood, William H. III; 354
Hamilton County, TN Marriage Book 3 Sept 1874-May 1880; Douthat, James L.; 193
Handybook for Genealogists U.S. 8th Ed.; 248
Haralson County, Georgia. A History; Louis Owns Newman; 60
Haralson County, Georgia Marriage Records 1856-1940; Robertson, Elizabeth; 216, 221
The Hardys 1800-1996; 310
Harper S. Pictorial History of the Civil War; The Fairfax Press; 258
(Hart) Descendants of James Madison Hart; 315
(Hawkins) John Thomas Hawkins Family History with the allied Green, Lane, Barnes, Garrison, Eidson, Howell, and Ford Families; 316, 312
(Hawkins) Letters, Journals and Writings of Benjamin Hawkins Vol 1 1796-1901; 110
(Hemphill) Robert Hemphill and his decendents 1775-1985; McNew, June Coker; 313
Highlander, Magazine of Scottish Heritage; 417, 418
Historic Georgia Mothers 1776-1976; 112
History of Bethesda; Gamble, Thomas; 108
History of Georgia; Evans, Lawton; 96
History of Georgia and the Georgia People; Smith, Georgia, Gillman, D. D.; 30
History of the Baptist Denomination in Georgia; 379
History of Villa Rica (City of Gold); Anderson, Mary Talley; 141
(Hobbs) Journals of Thomas Hubbard Hobbs; Faye Hubbard Axford; 306
Hogan, Poss and Vernon Families of Paulding County, Ga and Franklin Co, Alabama; 314
Holland; 311
Holland; Austin, Jeannette Holland; 319
Holland; Loudermilk, Rebecca Dale Jones; 370
(Holt) Descendants of Richard Nathaniel Holt, Sr. and Mahala Paschal; Jackson, William E.; 373
How Georgia Got her Names; 93
(Hunt) William Henry Hunt and Nancy; Malinda Steward Hunt; 318
The Hymnnal of the Protestant Church in the U.S.A. 1940; 385

Iriah American Genealogist Numbers 13, 14, 15, 16; 414
Irish American Genealogist Numbers 17, 18, 19, 20; 415
Irish American Genealogist Numbers 21-24; 416
In Search of your Canadian Roots, Tracing your family Tree in Canada; Baxter, Angus; 409
In Search of your German Roots, Complete Guide to Tracing Your Ancestors in Germanic Areas of Europe; Baxter, Angus; 410
In the Name of God, Amen, Georgia Wills 1733-1860; Brooke, Ted O.; 12
Index to Georgia's 1867-1868 Returns of Qualified Voters and Registration Oath Books (White); John David Brandenburg & Rita Binkley Worthy; 62
Index to Georgia Wills; Austin, Jeannette Holland; 11
Index to the 1830 census of GA register; Alvaretta, Kenan; 32
Index to the Headright and Bounty Grants of Ga; Ga Genealogical Reprints; 18
IO Med Lant 2-88 USS Semmes; 183, 176

Jackson County, Ga Cemetery Records; Mathis, James A. and Betty Ann Waddell; 187
Janes-Peek Family History; Dr. Reba Neighbors Collins; 321
(Janes-Peek) History of the Janes Peek Family; Dr. Reba Neighbors Collins; 320
Jefferson City School System Study, Jefferson, Ga; Barry L. Campbell, John D. Mitchell, Robert G. Pierson; 61
Johnson and Matthews family from VA and NC to Georgia and Paulding County; Motley, Suzi Lindsey; 375
(Johnson) Our Ancestors VolI, Johnson, Smith, Hampton, Payne, Pace; Johnson Glen and Delorean; 325
(Jones) Ancestors, Kin and Descendants of William Hershel Jones and Louvie Mae Sinyard; Loudermilk, Rebecca Dale Jones; 345
(Jones) Black Horseman, Saga of the Wiley Jones Family; Hardin, Pat; 70
(Jones) Descendants of Wiley Jones and Nancy Crumpton; 323
(Jones) Descendants of Wiley Jones and Nancy Crumpton of Paulding Co.Ga.; Locklear, Dale; 330
(Jones) Diggin' Up Bones Vol.1 Jones and Mountain With Allied Families; Henderson, Keith; 329
(Jones) A Lot of Kinfolks and Their Kinship to me Jones, Sinyard, Holland, Adair, Bullock, Parsons, Gann, Crumpton, Smith; Loudermilk, Rebecca; 327
Just Plain Me; Sullivan, Nancy Denton; 369

Kennesaw Junior College 1968; 158
Kennesaw College 1979 Montage Yearbook; 173
Kentucky Court and other records Vol I; Ardery ; 295
Kentucky Court " Vol II; Ardney;294
Kentucky Pioneer and Court Records; 298
(KY) Genealogies of KY Families; 290
(KY) History of Kentucky; 291
(KY) Index to the 1810 Census of KY; Wagstaff; 296
(KY) Second Census of KY 1800; 297

(Lagrange) History of Lagrange, Georgia 1828-1900 & Genealogical and Historical of Troup County, Ga.; 188
Land-Paris Families; 332
Laurens County Georgia Legal Records 1807-1832; Thomas, Allen; 190
Law is Land; 331
(Lawrence) Southern Branch of the Lawrence family 2nd edition; Pritchett, William Lawrence; 80
League of the Iroquois; Lewis Henry Morgan; 428
Leaves from the family tree; Allen, Penelope Johnson; 231
The Lees of Springdale Family History; Pool, Dorothy Rebecca Lee; 333
Legend 1979 Frederica Academy St. Simons Island, Ga Vol VIII; 177
Lessons from the Big House; Gaillard, Frye; 215
Lewis Land Family application for Membership to the National Society of the DAR; Lofgren, Barbara Register; 334
Lewis Land Family 1762 Va. Eleanor 1754-1805, Elizabeth 1799-1839, Obedience (Lemmons) West 1775-1857; 328
Light in the Mountains; Hancock, Carol Stevens; 29
Light in the Mountains; Hancock, Tallulah Stevens; 33
Lindsey and Mauldin Maulding Families of Paulding county; Motley, Suzi Lindsey; 374
A List of the Early Settlers of Georgia; Coulter and Saye; 94
Livingston Lines; Bertha Elizabeth Williams Whitten; 322
(Loudermilk) Descendants of George Washington Loudermilk; Quenon, Raymond H. and Aline; 336
Marriage and Deaths 1763-1820; Mary Bondurant Warren; 63
Marriages and Deaths 1820-1830; 131
The McAfee Family, A Family History and related Families; Harrell, Barbara Ellen Tucker; 337
McClung Genealogy; Rev. William McClung; 307
Melungeons Yesterday and today; Bible, Jean Patterson; 257
Memories Revisited:The Life and Family of W.W."Bill" Henley 1905-1982 & Reba Elizabeth Miars Henley 1905-1994 their descendants & ancestors; Vollenweider, Betty; 358, 359, 366
Millsapps family; 338
Modern Georgia; Meadows, John C.; 117
(Morris) Along the Way With Benjamin Morris 1757 1808, and His Wife Sarah of North Carolina From Before 1680 to 1996; Morris, Lewis E.; 376
Moon, Turner, Hopkins and related families; Moon, Hulon A., 341
(Moon) Fore Fathers and Descendants of William Cicero Moon; Moon, J.C.; 339
Mt. Harmony Baptist Church 125 Years; 389, 388, 390
My Melungeon Hertiage, A story of life on Newman's Ridge; Johnson, Mattie Ruth; 256

Natchez Court Records 1767-1805; May Wilson McBee; 292
Natchitoches; Mills; 293
National Genealocial Newsletter; 229
Natural Environments of Georgia; Wharton, Charles H.; 5
New Hope Baptist Church Assoc. Minutes; 381
(New Hope) History and Roots of New Hope First Baptist Church; McMichen, Lillie R.; 380
1995 Roster Board for Certification of Genealogists; 253
Ninetheenth Century Maps in the Collection of the Georgia Surveyor General Department 1800-1849; 21
North American Immigration to Brazil Tombstone Records of the Campo Cemetery; Betty Antunes De Oliveira; 86
Northside Elementary 1996; 149
Nottingham Mapp family of the Eastern Shore of Va; Grosso and Motley; 377
Nunnally: Smith Families; Motley, Suzi Lindsey; 344

(OK) History of Adair County, Historical Socieities of Adair County, Oklahoma; 121
""Vol II Letter Books G-L Index to letter Books; 430
Our Ancestors and Kingsmen, the Shelbys, Polks, McLartys, Perkersons, Tarpleys and Camps; Camp, Max W.; 353
Outdoor Recreation in Ga; 4
The Overseer, Plantation Management in the South; Scarborough, William Kauffman; 109

Pabst, Bobst, Pobst, Pope family in the south; Pope, Jennings Bland; 342
(Parsons) Descendants of George Parsons and Ruth Green; Loudermilk, Rebecca Dale Jones; 364
(Parsons) More of my Parsons Kin; Loudermilk, Rebecca Dale Jones; 343
(Paulding) Facts on Paulding County; 78
(Paulding) Heritage of Paulding County, Georgia 1832-1999; 128
(Paulding) History of Paulding County; 228
(Paulding) 1840 Paulding County Census Heads of Household; Jones, T. Ruben; 79
(Paulding) 1850 Federal Census Paulding County, Ga; 76
(Paulding) 1860 Paulding County, Ga census; Austin, Jane H.; 77
(Paulding) Cemeteries of Paulding County, GA; Paulding County Historical Society; 64
(Paulding) Marriages 1833-1899 of Paulding County, Ga
(Paulding) Reflections: People and Places in Dallas and Paulding in the 1930s; Byrd, Rev. Wm.F.(Billy); 84
Paulding County families, Adair, Bone, Bullock, Carruth, Cochran, Cooper, Elsberry, Gann, Hagin, Holland and Lawrence; Motley, Suzi Lindsey; 378
Paulding County Genealogical Society Newsletters; 81
Paulding County Georgia 1870 Federal Census; Sue Richter; 73
Paulding County High School 1976 Reflections Yearbook; 168
Paulding County High School 1977; 170
Paulding County High School 1978; 169
(Paulding) Reflections Paulding 1973; Irma Austin; 175
(Paulding) Reflections 99 Paulding Co High School; 160
Paulding County Its People and Places; W.A. Foster, Jr.; 71, 85, 72, 68
Paulding County Its People and Places Volume II- A Supplement; Foster, W.A. Jr; 82, 83
Paulding County oral Histories Eighth Grade Students EPMS- 1997; 75
Peace and War Recollections, A Memoir of a WWII Flight Surgeon; Alfred Colquitt; 66
People of Atlanta; McMahan, C.A.; 2
People of Georgia; Lane, Mills; 114, 118
(Perkerson) John Samuel Perkerson and his Descendants; Camp, Max W.; 347
Polish Roots; Chorzempa, Rosemary; 419
(Polk) Images of America Polk County Ga; Sargent, Gordon D.; 132
Pool Family Chronology; Poole, Thomas Hugh; 346, 349
(Poss) Hogan, Poss and Vernon Families of Paulding County, Ga and Franklin Co, Alabama; 314
A Preliminary Report of a Part of the Gold Deposits of Georgia; Yates, McCallie, and King; 17
Pruett, Pruitt family; Pruett, Haskell; 348

Rand McNally Atlas of the United States; 260
(Ray) The Wests and the Rays and Allied lines: southern families from the colonies to Texas; West, Nan Overton; 360
Reconstruction in Georgia; Thompson, Mildred C.; 15
Redbook American State, County and Town Sources; Eichholz, Alice; 250
(Reece) History of Me; Reece, Bonnie; 350
(Reese) Our Reese Family; 363
A Rememberance to Ma and Pa with Love; Taylor, Roy Albert; 210
A Researchers Library of Ga History, Genealogy and records sources, Davis, Robert Scott Jr.; 25, 27
Revival Songs Shaped Note Edution; Robert H. Coleman; 384
Revolutionary War Period Bible, family and marriage records gleaned from Pension Applications; Edmondson, Chan; 212
(Ross) John Ross, Cherokee Chief; Moulton, Gary E.; 446
Run with the Horsemen; Sams, Ferrol; 209

The Scottish Highlander, Carmichaels of the Carolinas; Carmichael, Major General Roderick L.; 275
Search of your European Roots; Baxter, Angus; 425
(Sequoyah) History of Sequoyah County 1828-1975; 143
Set Apart The Baptist Church at Woodstock 1837-1987; Hughes, Juanita; 394
Setting out to begin a new world; 28
Settlers of the Okefenokee; Mays, Lois Barefoot; 106
Silent Wings; Croy, Eugene; 447
A Simpler Time; Nancy Denton Sullivan; 739
Sinard; Lloudermilk, Rebecca Dale Jones and Sinyard, Donald Wayne; 326
Slate and Carroll, William Alonzo Slate 1868-1950 and Cordelia Carroll 1871-1933; 277
(Smith) Celena Jane Russell Smith Her Ancestors, Descendants and Collateral Kinsman; McHugh, Matthew Lee; 351
Some Early Tax Digests of Georia; 133
Some Georgia County records vol 1; Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr; 119
Some Georgia County records vol 2; Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr.; 120
Some Georgia County records vol 3; 135
Some Georgia County records vol 4; 136
Some Georgia County records vol 5; 137
Some Georgia County records vol 6; 138
Some Georgia County records vol 7; 139
South as it is 1865-1866; Dennett, John Richard; 263
South Paulding Middle School 1997; 148
South Paulding Middle School 1998; 154
(Starnes) Grandfathers of the Starnes Family; Starnes, Darryl F.; 352
(Stephens) History of Stephens County Georgia; Trogdan, Kathryn C.; 189
(Stirling) From Stirling to Sterling; Mildred Miller; 392
Story of Augusta; Cashin, Edward J.; 36
Surnames in Ireland; Matheson, Robert E. 412

Taylors and their descendants; Hayes, David W.; 355
TN Civil War Veterans Questionnaires Vol 1; 236
TN Confederate widows and their families; 241
TN county maps; 247
TN Genealogical records, records of early settlers from state and county archives; 235
TN heros of the revolution; Armstrong, Zella; 242
TN mortality schedules; 244
TN wills and administrations 1779-1861; Sistler, Byron and Barbara; 243
(TN) 1880 Census Hamilton County, TN; 195
(TN) 1880 Census James County, TN; Sistler; 200
(TN) 1880 Census McMinn County, TN; Sistler; 204
(TN) 1880 Census Meigs County, TN; Sistler; 201
(TN) 1890 Civil War Veterans Census - TN; 245
(TN) Chancery Court Minutes, Greene County, TN Nov 1825-Jan 1831; Goldene Fillers Burgner; 199
(TN) Genealogical Abstracts from TN Newspapers 1791-1808; Eddlemon, Sherida K.; 233
(TN) Genealogical Abstracts from TN Newspapers 1803-1812; 233
(TN) Genealogical Abstracts from TN Newspapers 1821-1828; 234
(TN) Hamilton County, TN Entry Takers Book 1824-1897; 196
(TN) Hamilton County, TN Marriage Books 1-1 1853-1870; Douthat, James L.; 197
(TN) Hamilton County, TN Marriage Book 1864-1874; Douthat, James L.; 198
(TN) History of TN illustrated 30 East TN counties; Lucas, Jr. Rev. Silas Emmett; 208
(TN) Marriages of Sumner County, TN 1787-1838; Whitley, Edythe Rucker; 207
(TN) McMinn County, TN Records; 194
(TN) McMinn County, TN marriages, 1820-1870; Reba Bayless Boyer; 203
(TN) Meigs County, TN; Stewart, Lillard; 202
(TN) Places Names of TN; Fullerton, Ralph O., 246
(TN) Wills and Estate records of McMinn Co, TN 1820-1870; Boyer, Reba Bayless; 205
(Troup) History of Lagrange, Georgia 1828-1900 & Genealogical and Historical of Troup County, Ga.; 188
This is your Georgia; McCullar, Bernice; 111
Thomas Boone Immigrant deid 1723, Isle of Wight Co, VA and 1000 of his descendents part 1, 269
Thomas Howell Crayton and decendants; Minton, Robbie Hopper; 300
Thompson, Charles A.; 357
Those Who Cried, the 16000; 426
James and Cynthia Todd who resided in SC, GA and Southwestern Arkansas during the 1800s, their descendants and ancestors; 738
Trinity Hymnal, Great Commission Publications Philadelphia; 386
Union Elementary 1995; 157
Union Elementary 1996; 161
Union Elementary 1997; 155
United Methodist Chruch Villa Rica, Ga Wesley Chapel Church; 395
United States Ship Supply (AOE 6 ) 1996; 178

Vanishing Ga; 100
(Vernon) Hogan, Poss and Vernon Families of Paulding County, Ga and Franklin Co, Alabama; 314
Victorious Service Songs; 387
Virtual Roots; Guide to genealogy and local history on the world wide web; Kemp, Thomas Jay; 251
Wayfarers in Walton; Sams, Anita B.; 24
W.C. Abney Elementary School 1995-1996; 156
Welsh Family History, a guide to research; Rowlands, John; 422
West Georgia College Studies in the social sciences georgraphic perspectives on southern development; 20
The Wests and the Rays and Allied lines: southern families from the colonies to texas; West, Nan Overton; 360
Wilkes County Papers 1773-1833; 192, 191
(Wilkes) Census Records of Elbert County 1820-1860, 1850 Census of Wilkes County; 52
Willoughby; Willouhby, Cleo Twilley; 361
Yesterday's Atlanta; Gerrett, Franklin M.; 19
Yonder She Comes, A once told li'bry tale; Edith Foster; 9


Confederate Veteran Magazines (includes biographical info and photos)
Connector Magazines (Genealogical)
Daughters of the American Revoution Magazines
Foxfire Magazines; published quarterly by student of the Raburn County High School in Clayton, Georgia.
Georgia Magazines
Georgia Genealogy Magazines
Going Snake Messenger Magazines


DAR Patriot Index Centennial Edition Part 1, 2 and 3.
DAR misc. material.
(Georgia) History of Georgia, Biographical Volumes 1-4
(Paulding) DAR scrapbook with misc. newspaper clippings and photographs, the DAR, Capt. Edward Hagin Chapter in Paulding County began 5 May 1981.


Georgia Death Index 1919-1993
Paulding County Probate Court-Administrators, Guardian Bonds, 12 months support    1885-1912 (& Testamentary 1856-1866, Book B. 1866-1882 Indexed)
Paulding County Ordinary Inventories & Appraisements Book A 1896-1894
Annual Returns Book A. 1885-1890
Paulding County Superior Court deeds & Mortgages 1857-1858, 1858-1860, 1869-1878 & 1878-1881.
Paulding County Ordinary Confederate Pension Roll 1890-1920, 1920-1929 & 1931- 1940
Paulding County Ordinary Letters of Administrators Book 1 1899-1962
Letters of Guardianship Book 1 1899-1962
Paulding County Ordinary Bastardy Bonds 1880-1911
Confederate Pension Applications
Cherokee Indian Letters talks and Treaties




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