Bible of Anna Olif Haygood Bartlett

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Family Register from the Bible of Anna Olif Haygood Bartlett

First page of the register.

Nathan Bartlett and Anna Olif Haygood was married the 1st day of August 1830

Mary Ann Susan born May 28th 1831

Anna Selina April 2nd 1833

Sally Louisa May the 25th 1835

Elizabeth Lucinda August the 17th 1835

Mahala Francis Bartlett was borned November 22nd A D 1839

T Emaline Samantha born December 24th 1843

Martha Caroline born June 14th 1845

John Pinckney William Bartlett was born Dec the 13th, in the year of our Lord 1847

Second page of the register.

Anna O. Bartlett died the 8th day of March in this year of our Lord 1863, Mother

Nathan Bartlett died December 26th 1874, Father

Sallie Louisa McNeal (Sallie L. Bartlett) died December the 29th 1862, Sister

Maryan Susan Paris (daughter of Nathan L. Bartlett) died October 24th 1855, Sister

John Haygood died October the 7th 1819, Grandfather

Polly Wadkins (widow of John Haygood deceased) died May the 7th 1863, Grandmother

Appleton Haygood died December the 26th 1865, Uncle

Aaron Haygood died April 6th 1881, Uncle

Martha Caroline Bartlett, died July 30th 1881, Sister

Francis Mahala Bartlett Paris, died 12:20 p.m. July 9th 1888, Sister

Anna Salina B. Turner died Jan 21st 1891, 4 miles South of Dallas, GA, Sister

John Pinkney W. Bartlett, died March 29th, 1912 at Watervalley, Miss, only brother

Elizabeth Loucinda Paris, Widow of O.C. Paris, daughter of Nathan Bartlett and Anna, died April the 4th 1922 at Mithville Tenn. Mother of A.B. Paris (Appleton B.)

Aaron Lafayette Bartlett died May 17th 1926 Dallas GA

Permelia Isabell Bartlett died June 7th 1932 Dallas GA

Third page of the register

Aaron L. Bartlett was born Feb the 15th 1851

Nathan Baggott was borned Sept the 26th 1868

George Rufus Hutchens died Aug 28, 1918

Marie Elizabeth Hutchens died Nov 12, 1931

Fourth page of the register

Abner B. Parris and Maryan Susan Bartlett was married April 26th in the year of our Lord 1849

Lafayette Bartlett and P. I. Watson was married the 18th day of December in the year of our Lord 1870

Abner B. Parris was born August 22nd in the year of our Lord 1826

In 1979 the Bible was in the possession of Ruth B. Hutchens and the pages were copied by Beavers & Perren, Attorneys at Law, Dallas GA.


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