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Mr. Henry G. Babb and Mr. Troup Partridge

Paulding New Era
October 29, 1886
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Another Sad Accident. Last Monday there was a fatal railroad accident about three miles this side of Silver Creek. It seems that Payne's ballast train had left the station coming south, but a short time when the south bound local freight started out. The ballast train made slow progress and was run into by the freight. Mr. Henry G. Babb was flagging on the back end of the ballast train. On the same train was Mr. Troup Partridge, besides the force of negro work hands. Mr. Babb was instantly killed and Mr. Partridge died in a few hours. It is reported that a negro who was badly bruised up has since died.
Reports vary slightly, but one is that Mr. Babb stood on the rear end of the hindmost car signaling the freight to stop; and that he held his post until he was knocked off by the engine. Another report is that he jumped off and was running along beside his car when the engine struck the engine struck the car loaded with rock and threw it over on him. It is known that Mr. Partridge jumped off. Mr. Babb's neck was broken and a part of the wreck and rock fell on his body.
Mr. Babb has lived in Dallas for several years, and was a popular young man. If he has left an enemy we have not heard it, and this very sad occurrence is generally regretted. Mr. Babb's parents live near Powder Springs, and were dispatched for at once. They went on the first train, and after the inquest, carried the corpse to Powder Springs for interment.

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