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Wm. Henry Bishop

Paulding New Era
September 30, 1887
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Died. Railway Accident. Last Monday morning about half past 2 Wm. Henry Bishop of the rock gang near Hamlet on the E.T., Va., & Ga, R., R., was struck on the right side of the head by the pilot buffer of the passenger train, while it is supposed he was on the corner of the low platform waiting to board that same train. Evidently he had fallen asleep in that position and his torch he intended to use in flagging the train having gone out was lying in front of him on the rail. He leaned forward and rested his head upon his hands, in which position no doubt he was struck. His skull was broken in the right temple and driven in on the brain, which rendered him unconscious and speechless.
The road surgeon of this place was wired and soon arrived and gave such relief as could be rendered and carried him to the hospital in Atlanta where the operation of treplining(?) was performed. He died that night at 9 o'clock p.m. Henry was a son of Mr. Izzy Bishop who lives on the Nancy Jones place on Pumpkinvine. He was a good boy about 21 years old and respected by all his acquaintance. His body was neatly prepared for burial by the company and returned to Dallas. He was buried at New Canaan Baptist church where he had his membership.

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