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Mr. E.W. Compton

Paulding New Era
January 23, 1891
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Died. We learn that Mr. E.W. Compton has departed this life, which will bring about a re-election for tax receiver, so it is our time on earth is short and we know not what moment we will have to bid farewell to earth and earthly comforts and pass away to a world unknown to us. We like Noah Webster are sorry when a good man dies, so the world goes on, and we should not trouble over our defeat nor rejoice over our gain for we don't know how long we will stay with it all things work for good to them that love God which should embrace ever one now living, so the work goes on.

In Same paper:

Died. E.W. Compton Dead. Departed this life on last Thursday, Mr. E.W. Compton at his home near Hiram. This will no doubt be sad news to many of our people, as well as a surprise to all who knew him, but a few days before in fine health and the best of humor. But it is only another reminder that our life is uncertain and that it is not in our own keeping but that when called there is no delay. He had just been elected tax receiver of this county of the second term over a clever and good citizen. This is an evidence that he had a place in the hearts of those among whom he lived. He was brought up to young manhood in Paulding county and when the battle sound was heard in our land his young spirit caught the sound and but a boy he enlisted in the first company that left the county and served during the war in the 7th Georgia Regiment and bore the name of a goodie(?) diev(?). He had joined the church had been ordained to preach the Gospel to Adam's fallen race and at his death had the oversight of seven churches. In his ___________ a good citizen, an upright man and a faithful officer. The church of which he was a member, a leader they loved and trusted. The widow and children a husband and father that no one else can fill like he. To the widow and children the NEW ERA trust the guiding hand of Providence way lead them in pleasant places.

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