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John Coursey and wife

Paulding New Era
July 9, 1886
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A Frightful Accident. There was another sad accident on the railroad some four miles below here last Saturday. A man and woman were both killed. The woman was torn literally to pieces. She was cut in two just below the breast, then again just below the hips. Her head was crushed to pieces, her legs broken and her arms cut off. The pieces were scattered along the road for several feet. The man was brought to the depot at Dallas where he received all the medical attention possible, but he lived only a few hours. It was some time before anyone could be found to identify the man. The woman was beyond recognition. It has since turned out to be John Coursey and wife.

Some three years ago the woman was married to a Mr. Baker, who for some reason, lived with her only ten days.  Recently she and John Coursey decided to marry and went to Atlanta, where they were married by a Justice of the Peace last Friday morning.  It seems that they started out immediately on foot for Hamlet, Polk county, and were walking the E.T. Va. And Ga. Railroad, some thirty miles on their way when the morning passenger train struck them, about 7:20 o'clock.  They were walking a trestle just this side of a cut and curve.  The trestle was only a few feet high and the ground was soft, so that both could have jumped off in safety.  A gentleman who was at work in a field near by says that it appeared to him as if the woman sat suddenly down when she saw the train coming.  Another witness states that when he saw her she was down on the trestle as if she had stopped through, and that the man was trying to pull her up with on hand, while he threw the other hand up as it to motion the engineer to stop.  As quick as thought the engineer was upon them, knocking them off and crushing her as above described.  

After the inquest, the road obtained coffins and sent the bodies to Hamlet for interment. No blame is attached to the road. By walking the trestle, the newly married couple of but twenty-two hours was ushered into eternity. The woman's maiden name was Nancy Taylor, and she was reared by a Mr. Henderson, near Stilesboro, Ga. Mr. Coursey was raised near Rockmart and Taylorsville.

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