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Rev. John M. Dorris

Paulding New Era

20 June 1884

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Rev. John M. Dorris died in Paulding county, Ga., May 12th, 1884.  He was born in Abbeville Dist, S.C., in 1806.  Joined the M.E. Church in his 16th year, and after a long pilgrimage of more than three score years and ten, at the bidding of his Redeemer, he crossed the dark river, to find the loved ones who were watching and waiting.  In early life he was left an orphan, and lived with Rev. Robert L. Edwards, of precious memory.  He was licensed to preach, admitted into the Conference and traveled for a time.  He was a local preacher for a number of years.  He loved the church and ministry-the communion of kindred minds, and always seemed so glad when on his bed of suffering to see his old companions-his brethren of the long ago, and partners in the glorious strife. 

His last years were years of suffering, but he patiently endured, as seeing him who is invisible, and expecting the far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory.  His severe suffering for so long a time was caused by a fall, which rendered him almost as helpless as infancy; but he was kindly cared for by his children.  Day and night they censed not to minister to his wants.  He had not lived so long as to become sour and morose.  He expressed himself as having lived in a good age of the world.  Thus in love with God and his fellowman he approached his end.  Knowing that he could not live, yet he had no fears.  Patient and resigned, he was ready for the summons to depart.  He gave directions about his funeral, and talked like one that was done with earth, and was going home. Thus our beloved old brother was not, for God took him.  He sleeps by the side of the old companion of his early love, waiting to hear the voice of the resurrection Angel.  The influence of his good example and teaching will outlive him.  His sons and daughters are all members of the church, highly respected, and ornaments of society.  The memory of the just is blessed. 

J.B.C. Quillian  Douglasville, Ga., June 17, 1884.

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