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Miss Lela Foster

Paulding New Era
13 Feb 1885
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Dallas cemetery

Miss Lela, the fourteen year old daughter of Dr. T.J. Foster, died, after an illness of about six months, last Sunday morning at 6 o’clock.  She was an exceedingly interesting young girl, of a gentle and winning disposition.  Before her sickness she was the impersonation of ___ health, which gave promise of a long and useful life, but the “cell disease” laid hold of her young life and never relinquished its grasp until it had claimed it as its own.  During her long illness she bore her suffering with a fortitude above what could be expected of one of her age; and when she was brought to realize that she had not much longer to remain on earth, she fixed all her thoughts on heaven and calmly awaited the final summons to join her beloved mother, who had so shortly preceded her, in that land where there will be no more sickness nor sorrowing pain nor death.  She was buried at the Dallas cemetery Monday evening, surrounded by a large number of her playmates and friends of the family; and as the words of the pastor, W.R. Dale, recalled the sadness of the death of one so young and the bereavement of the family who have in so short a time lost a mother and a sister, a wife and a daughter, the tear of sympathy welled to the eye of nearly everyone present.

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